The author and cook, Heather

Ménage à Quatre

Drinking French

This is a simple mix of four things, thus the name! There are no complicated syrups; the hardest thing you need to do is squeeze some lemon juice.

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[00:00]: foreign
[00:05]: hello and welcome to cooking the books
[00:07]: with Heather today we're going to be
[00:09]: working again from drinking French David
[00:11]: liebovitz's book with drinks cocktails
[00:14]: mostly but some non-alcoholic and snacks
[00:17]: that they have in these sort of drink
[00:19]: our in France
[00:21]: and today we're going to be making what
[00:23]: they what he calls a menajah catch he
[00:26]: says this is kind of like a classic
[00:27]: Negroni but that has three ingredients
[00:30]: that are sort of equally matched equal
[00:33]: amounts in that one whereas this one has
[00:36]: four ingredients
[00:38]: and it does have gin which is not our
[00:40]: favorite
[00:41]: but we found this um
[00:45]: Bourbon Barrel aged gin which we like a
[00:47]: little bit better so we're going to be
[00:49]: using that in this so
[00:52]: I'm going to go ahead and get started in
[00:54]: a cocktail shaker I've already added ice
[00:56]: to this one and we're going to add
[00:60]: still smells like gin but we're going to
[01:02]: be adding our gin
[01:04]: um and they are I'm gonna making a
[01:07]: double recipe so if think I've left
[01:10]: enough room for a double recipe I've got
[01:12]: my coop classes uh with some ice water
[01:15]: in them chilling ready to go when we're
[01:19]: done so
[01:21]: so we've got gin
[01:29]: there we go
[01:32]: okay
[01:33]: so now I'm going to add my freshly
[01:36]: squeezed lemon juice
[01:38]: and I hope that there is not
[01:42]: any seeds in this
[01:44]: because I am not planning on straining
[01:47]: it any further
[01:48]: there we go fresh this piece lemon juice
[01:51]: and
[01:53]: so oh next we have some Grand Marnier or
[01:57]: Cointreau or Triple Sec whatever you
[01:60]: have I found some Cointreau first
[02:07]: that was not great
[02:09]: here we go
[02:15]: what's up cuentro
[02:23]: I'm just gonna kill this bottle
[02:32]: there we go
[02:36]: and the reason we decided to make this
[02:38]: was the Lele Blanc which we were finally
[02:41]: able to find locally
[02:43]: um
[02:45]: it is a
[02:46]: product of France uh it is a sort of
[02:50]: like
[02:51]: vermouth it's kind of a sweet bread this
[02:54]: is white wine this is Lily Blanc they
[02:56]: also make Lele Rouge which is you know
[02:59]: red
[03:02]: there we go
[03:09]: and now I'm going to shake it
[03:22]: pretty cold it gets called on this side
[03:25]: not down here but up here it gets very
[03:28]: very all right so I'm going to dump out
[03:30]: my ice and water
[03:34]: and I'm going to strain into the glass
[03:35]: and he does not include any garnishes
[03:39]: for this so we're just going to have it
[03:41]: as is
[03:45]: [Music]
[03:52]: there we go
[03:55]: foreign
[03:59]: [Music]
[04:01]: looks looks like lemon juice let's see
[04:04]: what I think of it
[04:14]: tastes a lot like the gin
[04:18]: lemon juice comes through
[04:20]: but it's very sort of refreshing which I
[04:24]: think gin is a more
[04:26]: tastes sort of
[04:29]: more refreshing to me I don't know what
[04:31]: I mean by that
[04:33]: um
[04:33]: but it's it's a good cocktail
[04:37]: so
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[04:45]: me make something else next week
[04:48]: [Music]