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Barbecue Baked Beans

Whole Hog BBQ

Baked beans are one of my favorite summer-y foods. Nothing beats a good, sweet and meaty side of baked beans to go with a hot dog or hamburger, or of course any kind of barbecue. We don't eat them much in the winter, but almost every cook out, bbq, or picnic gathering in the warm months has a version.

This one, which starts with canned beans, adds ground beef and sautéed peppers and onions along with the sweet barbecue sauce we made last week ( is very much like my favorite version ever.

The author has this recipe on his website here:

Serving Sizeserves 8
Carbohydrates41g (5g fiber, 25g sugar)


[00:00]: foreign
[00:05]: hello and welcome to cooking the books
[00:07]: with Heather today we're going to be
[00:09]: working once again out of Sam Jones's
[00:12]: um whole hug BBQ book and we're going to
[00:15]: be making barbecue baked beans
[00:18]: um
[00:19]: I've Got My Pan
[00:21]: on medium high and I'm going to go ahead
[00:23]: and put in
[00:24]: excuse my dog some ground beef
[00:30]: a minute
[00:34]: so I'm going to kind of spread that out
[00:36]: and let it
[00:38]: start to Brown that's not going to take
[00:40]: very long it's just this amount of
[00:42]: ground beef but
[00:44]: use my yelling uh to this I'm going to
[00:48]: add some
[00:50]: bell pepper he didn't say what color I
[00:52]: chose to green and some red onion both
[00:55]: in a pretty small I think you said
[00:57]: quarter inch dice
[00:59]: [Music]
[01:04]: and we're just going to cook these until
[01:07]: the beef is fully cooked
[01:09]: and
[01:12]: the vegetables are
[01:16]: wilted so they want to be fully cooked
[01:18]: but we do want them to be sort of
[01:21]: cooking
[01:34]: it smells so good peppers and onions
[01:37]: cooking it's always smells delicious get
[01:40]: the beef into kind of small bits while
[01:42]: it's cooking and we're just gonna let
[01:43]: that cook for a little bit
[01:46]: perfect
[01:49]: I'm going to call this done
[01:51]: um the beef is cooked through these
[01:55]: vegetables are definitely starting to
[01:59]: Wilt the onions are getting a little bit
[02:02]: translucent they don't have to be fully
[02:04]: cooked now
[02:07]: he says to strain the fat drain the fat
[02:11]: off of this but I don't have a ton of
[02:14]: fat and and the ground beef I use
[02:16]: honestly I don't know what percentage it
[02:18]: was but it never gives off a ton of
[02:20]: Grease when I cook it so I'm not going
[02:23]: to bother even trying because there
[02:25]: won't be much of anything so uh let me
[02:30]: move my pan over here we're going to
[02:34]: bake this in a 9 by 13 so I have that
[02:38]: here we're going to bake it tomorrow
[02:42]: um and he says to bake it
[02:44]: at 375 for about 40 minutes ours is
[02:48]: going to take a little bit longer
[02:49]: because I'm going to put this in the
[02:50]: refrigerator
[02:51]: when I'm done so baking it sort of from
[02:55]: cold but
[02:58]: so we'll see how long it takes us like
[03:00]: that but I figured this was a good way
[03:02]: to get stuff started a little early
[03:06]: so what we're adding to this
[03:09]: is
[03:10]: some canned pork and beans which is
[03:13]: exactly what he calls for in this recipe
[03:15]: is pork and beans
[03:17]: so and the size of the can he calls for
[03:21]: leads me to believe that he uses
[03:24]: this brand band camps because the other
[03:27]: ones I could find were slightly
[03:30]: different ounces although it probably
[03:32]: doesn't really matter and I'm sure you
[03:34]: could use any sort of baked beans you
[03:37]: like
[03:39]: but
[03:41]: this is what the recipe calls for
[03:44]: so
[03:45]: it's what I'm using
[03:47]: and then all we have to add to this is
[03:51]: our sweet barbecue sauce AKA bean sauce
[03:55]: which we have already made and I will
[03:57]: link that up there
[03:59]: um it is a very very sweet sauce and
[04:03]: a lot of ketchup
[04:06]: a few other things a lot of sugar
[04:12]: there we go and then
[04:15]: we just sort of mixed this up
[04:17]: and bake it and serve it directly out of
[04:21]: the oven
[04:23]: um so we're
[04:25]: just about done with this it's not going
[04:27]: to be it's going to be a relatively thin
[04:30]: layer on here it looks like
[04:32]: but
[04:34]: that will mean it will bake
[04:35]: pretty quickly
[04:38]: all right
[04:39]: there we go we have our beans
[04:43]: some onion and pepper some ground beef
[04:45]: and some barbecue sauce
[04:48]: I'm going to get the lid for this and
[04:50]: find room in my refrigerator for it and
[04:55]: we'll let you know what we think in just
[04:57]: a minute
[04:58]: [Music]
[05:06]: on this episode of cooking the books
[05:08]: with Heather you watch me make barbecue
[05:10]: baked beans from Sam Jones's Whole Hog
[05:13]: barbecue cookbook
[05:16]: and
[05:18]: said three times now well twice before
[05:20]: because we've had problems filming this
[05:23]: video
[05:24]: this is exactly what I want when I'm
[05:27]: looking for barbecue baked beans I will
[05:30]: I like the the little flavor of the
[05:34]: green pepper I like the ground beef in
[05:37]: it I like the sweet sauce and
[05:41]: the beans were fine they were cooked
[05:45]: well I don't like it when they're a
[05:46]: little undercooked at all sometimes you
[05:48]: get that at you know restaurants I don't
[05:50]: know why
[05:52]: um but this was my idea of the perfect
[05:55]: barbecue baked beans not so much my
[05:57]: husband's apparently
[05:58]: whatever I don't care I like it he ate
[06:01]: it kids liked it fine
[06:04]: um in fact
[06:05]: I think as I said another time I have a
[06:08]: friend who makes barbecue baked beans I
[06:10]: don't know what she puts in hers besides
[06:11]: I know she puts um ground beef in it
[06:14]: like in these ones and I really like
[06:17]: those so I asked her to bring those a
[06:19]: lot but so now I guess I could make some
[06:20]: that I like myself
[06:23]: and it is
[06:25]: very common in the South where I live
[06:30]: for people not to make baked beans
[06:35]: from a you know dried Bean or a canned
[06:39]: Bean that has not already been you know
[06:41]: flavored in some way usually you take a
[06:45]: can of you know Bush's Baked Beans or
[06:47]: whatever
[06:48]: and you Doctor them up to make them more
[06:50]: like you like them
[06:52]: so the fact that this uses pork and
[06:54]: beans
[06:55]: that is perfectly normal and what most
[06:58]: Cooks in the home would do here just so
[07:02]: you know so it also makes it really
[07:04]: really easy really really quick to put
[07:06]: together and
[07:07]: um
[07:09]: I enjoyed it uh I did notice that I was
[07:12]: supposed to drain the pork and beans I
[07:15]: didn't
[07:16]: I missed that step
[07:18]: um
[07:19]: and I don't think it's necessary my
[07:21]: beans were not too Saucy they were not
[07:23]: too loose they were absolutely perfect
[07:25]: so
[07:26]: you probably don't have to worry about
[07:27]: that part unless yours happened to have
[07:30]: a lot of extra sort of water on top
[07:32]: sometimes that happens
[07:36]: I think they'll be fine if you got the
[07:38]: kind that I got the brand that I got you
[07:40]: probably would be fine
[07:42]: um
[07:43]: anyway
[07:45]: let me know in the comments down below
[07:47]: what your perfect barbecue baked beans
[07:50]: if this isn't it let me know what you
[07:52]: like
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