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Sweet Barbecue Sauce AKA Bean Sauce

Whole Hog BBQ

I've made several different sweet barbecue sauces in my life (even a few on this channel), but I don't think I've ever made one that I didn't have to cook, at least a little bit, before. But there's always a first!

We originally made this for the baked beans, also from this book, (video to come shortly) but you can use it anywhere you might want a sweet barbecue sauce. We tried it on grilled chicken and it was delicious! I'm sure it would be just as good on ribs, or with barbecued beef, or even as a dipping sauce for your nuggets. And, of course, for barbecue baked beans.

I found this recipe here:

Serving Sizeper cup
Carbohydrates71g (64g sugar)


[00:00]: [Music]
[00:04]: hello and welcome to cooking the books
[00:06]: with Heather
[00:08]: today we're going to be working again
[00:09]: from Sam Jones's book Whole Hog Barbecue
[00:12]: we're not going to be doing the whole
[00:14]: hog part we've done that already I'll
[00:17]: link that up here
[00:18]: um and we made the eastern North
[00:20]: Carolina Barbecue Sauce in that one
[00:24]: but he's got a bunch of recipes from his
[00:28]: different restaurants and then sort of a
[00:30]: traditional recipe in the area
[00:32]: uh this is the sweet barbecue sauce AKA
[00:38]: bean sauce and so I think this is from
[00:41]: the Sam Jones barbecue section of the
[00:44]: book not the
[00:46]: um
[00:47]: Skylight in section because they don't
[00:50]: serve this there
[00:52]: but
[00:55]: this is a very simple
[00:57]: sweet
[00:59]: tomato based barbecue sauce
[01:03]: so we're making a small batch there's
[01:06]: not a big batch of this one so for a lot
[01:08]: of them it's for a whole hog party you
[01:09]: can make a bunch but that's not this
[01:12]: recipe although it does make six cups
[01:15]: so
[01:16]: there is
[01:18]: an obscene amount of sugar in this
[01:21]: but okay
[01:23]: so starting here we're going to mix
[01:25]: everything in this bowl but I already
[01:27]: have brown sugar light brown sugar
[01:29]: measured and we're going to be adding
[01:33]: granulated white sugar
[01:35]: already measured
[01:37]: and to this we're just adding everything
[01:38]: into this bowl and mixing it up and we
[01:40]: don't even have to heat this so that's
[01:42]: great uh we're just supposed to mix it
[01:44]: up until the sugars are well dissolved
[01:46]: so
[01:48]: um I'm going to put a ton of ketchup in
[01:52]: here
[01:54]: he does not call for a particular brand
[01:57]: but you know I use
[01:60]: what I always use here what is which is
[02:03]: what probably a lot of people always use
[02:07]: so it just is what it is
[02:10]: and then
[02:12]: I'm going to use this to measure out
[02:16]: some craft barbecue sauce
[02:20]: yes we're adding barbecue sauce to our
[02:22]: barbecue sauce recipe he says he's not
[02:24]: even sure why they do it
[02:27]: um but they've been doing it the whole
[02:29]: time so
[02:36]: I'm gonna be guesstimating this because
[02:37]: I didn't realize
[02:39]: it doesn't have the right measurement
[02:43]: on this larger that's good enough
[02:47]: I chose the original
[02:50]: barbecue sauce instead of any of the
[02:53]: other
[02:55]: sort of flavors of barbecue sauce that
[02:57]: Kraft has
[02:59]: um but I'm sure whatever
[03:01]: you like will probably be fine it's not
[03:04]: yeah
[03:05]: a main component of this
[03:08]: it's mainly ketchup and sugar
[03:10]: and then I've already measured out some
[03:13]: yellow mustard
[03:21]: and
[03:23]: only thing I have to measure now is some
[03:26]: Worcestershire sauce
[03:30]: so
[03:37]: and I got some more anger that's okay
[03:41]: there we go
[03:43]: and that's all of the ingredients and we
[03:46]: don't even have to heat it like I said
[03:49]: so we just have to whisk everything up
[03:51]: until the sugar is all
[03:54]: hopefully dissolved in
[03:59]: this
[04:02]: and everything's all mixed
[04:05]: [Music]
[04:12]: okay
[04:15]: I'm about done whisking um
[04:19]: take some serious whisking until I felt
[04:22]: like the it stopped sounding gritty or
[04:26]: at least mostly stop sounding gritty
[04:29]: so that is it for this he says this will
[04:33]: keep in the refrigerator for weeks
[04:36]: there's a ton of sugar and um
[04:39]: vinegar from the ketchup and all of that
[04:43]: I think you'll be fine keeping this for
[04:44]: as long as you need to
[04:46]: um but so I have to go find something to
[04:48]: put this in
[04:49]: and probably measure out the amount I
[04:52]: need for my other recipe
[04:55]: so will
[04:57]: have it all done um
[04:59]: we will let you know what we think of
[05:01]: this
[05:02]: in just a minute
[05:08]: on this episode of cooking the books
[05:10]: with Heather you watch me make sweet
[05:12]: barbecue sauce AKA bean sauce from Sam
[05:17]: Jones's cookbook Whole Hog Barbecue
[05:21]: this is probably one of the easiest
[05:23]: barbecue sauces you can make well the
[05:26]: easiest sweet barbecue sauce you can
[05:28]: make because you don't even have to heat
[05:30]: this up you mix everything up in with a
[05:35]: whisk it took quite a lot of whisking
[05:38]: for it to not feel like
[05:41]: there was still sugar
[05:43]: granules in it so that did take a bit of
[05:48]: of effort
[05:50]: you could do that with your mixer if you
[05:53]: really wanted to
[05:55]: um
[05:55]: but yeah just mix it all up
[05:58]: put it in a jar in the refrigerator and
[06:03]: you're done
[06:04]: um
[06:05]: hours made
[06:07]: I think less was it less than six cups
[06:12]: like the recipe says it makes six cups I
[06:14]: feel like ours made
[06:16]: less than that because we were able to
[06:19]: fit it
[06:21]: all into a one quart jar
[06:25]: so just if if you need six whole cups
[06:29]: you probably aren't going to get that
[06:30]: out of this recipe
[06:33]: but it was it's fine we we used it for
[06:36]: the beans which we'll talk about in a
[06:39]: minute in another video
[06:42]: um and that was good but we also tried
[06:45]: this on Chicken on grilled chicken
[06:47]: adding it to uh the chicken and sort of
[06:51]: the last
[06:52]: 15 minutes or so cooking once it's
[06:54]: mostly cooked just to like you do with
[06:57]: most barbecue sauce right
[06:59]: um and it was really good it was
[07:02]: sweet the kids liked it we liked it
[07:06]: our wings were smoked so we they made
[07:09]: wings and I didn't I didn't cook the
[07:11]: chicken I just made the sauce but they
[07:13]: made wings and legs and they cooked
[07:16]: those with a little bit of smoke on a
[07:18]: grill and
[07:20]: also made some buffalo style and with
[07:22]: the buffalo style I did not taste the
[07:24]: smoke as much but with this
[07:28]: sauce I tasted the smoke and it went
[07:30]: really well with the sauce so on a smoky
[07:33]: wing
[07:35]: I would I would certainly
[07:37]: um
[07:38]: use this sauce so and I have more in the
[07:42]: refrigerator still so we'll be using it
[07:44]: for some other things and I'll let you
[07:46]: know
[07:46]: what we think of it but so far so good
[07:48]: we really like it
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