The author and cook, Heather

Scones with Preserved Lemon

Outlander Kitchen

Here in the southern US, we're much more likely to make biscuits than scones. They are similar, for sure, but not the same things! To me, scones are usually a bit dry, where biscuits are moist. Scones are rarely served hot from the oven (though I'm sure you could), while biscuits are usually served up that way, dripping with butter and jam or covered in sausage gravy. (At least, those are my favorite ways to eat biscuits.)

But this video is not about biscuits, it's about scones. My family doesn't usually love scones. I've made at least one other version of them on this channel, but I've never made any that have been a big hit in my house...until these. Everyone loved them! The preserved lemon definitely adds a hint of citrus flavor, but I'm not positive that you couldn't get the same from just some non-preserved lemon zest. (I would have to test that theory.) They're not super sweet like the cinnamon ones we made from the first Outlander Kitchen book (, which is not a bad thing at all. Sometimes, you just don't want a sugar bomb.

You should try these out if you have made (or bought) preserved lemons! The author has the full recipe on her website here:

Serving Size1 scone
Carbohydrates43g (1g fiber, 7g sugar)