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Fiona's Cinnamon Scones

Outlander Kitchen

We're not big on scones around here, to tell the truth. In the southern US, biscuits are the thing, and scones usually just seem to me to be a slightly-worse version of those. They tend to be more dry, and they are rarely served warm in my experience. These, however, were nothing like that! Instead, they are more of a non-yeasted version of a cinnamon roll. Which means they're much quicker to make!

The author offers alternative options, if in fact you don't like cinnamon. (Who doesn't like cinnamon? My daughter, that's who...unless it's on a snickerdoodle.) Lemon and blueberry sounds delicious, but the additions to the standard cinnamon ones intrigue me more. Pecans or walnuts? Yes, please! Whisky-soaked raisins? Well, I'd risk the raisins (I'm picky about those) to add some whisky for sure. Go wild, and let me know your favorite combinations!

The full recipe can be found at the author's website here:

Serving Sizeper scone
Carbohydrates51g (1g fiber, 32g sugar)


[00:00]: [Music]
[00:05]: hello and welcome to cooking books with
[00:07]: heather today we are going to be
[00:09]: continuing to work out of teresa carl
[00:11]: sanders outlander kitchen cookbook
[00:13]: because
[00:15]: outlander season six is currently airing
[00:17]: and i'm i'm super excited about it um so
[00:21]: today we're going to be making fiona's
[00:23]: cinnamon scones
[00:25]: um i that's how we say it here in the
[00:28]: united states i don't know how anybody
[00:30]: else might say scones scones i think
[00:32]: whatever sconies
[00:36]: what
[00:40]: so i saw this and it looked really great
[00:42]: and there's no fruits in there my kids
[00:44]: won't eat and they like cinnamon so
[00:46]: we're going to be making these for
[00:48]: brunch today
[00:50]: and i've got everything almost
[00:52]: everything all measured out here
[00:54]: and we have several different steps so
[00:57]: we're going to get started
[00:59]: my oven is heated to 425 degrees
[01:03]: fahrenheit and i have a rack in the
[01:05]: middle of the oven
[01:08]: for
[01:09]: baking
[01:10]: and i also have a parchment on my baking
[01:13]: sheet because that's how i
[01:17]: yeah that's how i do it usually and that
[01:19]: is what she suggests as well so
[01:21]: everything's all prepared there
[01:24]: first thing we need to do is have some
[01:27]: this is dark brown sugar
[01:30]: and
[01:31]: the cinnamon that's going to go in our
[01:33]: cinnamon scones so we're going to mix
[01:35]: these things together in this bowl
[01:39]: and i'm just going to
[01:40]: use a spoon because why not
[01:43]: i just want to get these mixed together
[01:45]: so that it is evenly
[01:47]: distributed
[01:50]: that is good enough for me set that
[01:52]: aside
[01:54]: and then
[01:56]: we have
[01:58]: our flour just this is just all-purpose
[02:00]: flour pre-measured
[02:04]: some regular
[02:05]: granulated white sugar
[02:11]: and then in here we have some kosher
[02:14]: salt some
[02:16]: baking soda
[02:18]: and some baking powder
[02:20]: this all goes in here
[02:22]: [Music]
[02:23]: and we're supposed to
[02:25]: mix
[02:26]: mix this up
[02:31]: and now i need to get
[02:33]: my
[02:34]: cold
[02:35]: butter which i have not got out here
[02:37]: because it does need to be cold be right
[02:39]: back
[02:40]: i've got a crater here and we're going
[02:43]: to just grate this butter in into
[02:46]: um
[02:47]: this flour mixture and move this out of
[02:50]: my way so i don't knock it over
[02:54]: so
[02:56]: i'm just going to
[02:58]: take my cold butter
[03:01]: and
[03:02]: grate it
[03:04]: this is why it needs to be cold
[03:14]: i know that we have done this once
[03:16]: before i will have to look and uh see
[03:20]: which recipe that was for because i
[03:22]: don't remember but um
[03:24]: when i find it i'll link it up here
[03:27]: it's probably biscuits but i don't
[03:28]: remember which biscuits
[03:31]: it's not the ones from this book
[03:36]: all right now i'm just trying not to
[03:40]: um
[03:41]: break my fingers
[03:45]: that's good
[03:46]: now
[03:48]: get all of this butter
[03:50]: off
[03:52]: and now we just mix this in to get it
[03:54]: sort of get the butter coated
[03:56]: with the flour mixture
[03:60]: this
[04:00]: means we don't have to sort of cut the
[04:03]: uh butter into the flour and we'll get
[04:06]: nice
[04:07]: little pieces of butter mixed in the
[04:09]: flour to hopefully make it a little more
[04:11]: flaky
[04:14]: with less work
[04:18]: there we go
[04:19]: and now
[04:20]: yet another
[04:22]: mixture
[04:23]: i have some whole milk well
[04:26]: approximated whole milk and some plain
[04:29]: yogurt
[04:30]: mine is
[04:31]: greek because that is what i could find
[04:35]: in a relatively small
[04:39]: container because we don't use a lot of
[04:42]: plain yogurt around here
[04:44]: and i'm just going to mix this up in
[04:48]: my measuring cup here
[04:51]: with a small whisk
[04:54]: [Music]
[05:01]: okay so i've got this all mixed together
[05:05]: and
[05:07]: now we just add this to our flour
[05:10]: mixture
[05:12]: and that is our dough
[05:15]: she says it should be a slightly sticky
[05:19]: ball of dough when we are done
[05:27]: there we go
[05:37]: [Music]
[05:46]: so i think i'm going to
[05:48]: uh put a little more milk in
[05:51]: just to make up for that um
[05:54]: yogurt being so thick
[05:57]: i'm actually going with half and half
[05:58]: since i used two percent milk plus a
[06:00]: little half and half
[06:12]: oh that's because i was missing
[06:15]: okay the recipe has the milk
[06:19]: measured as
[06:21]: a certain amount plus two tablespoons
[06:23]: and later you use two tablespoons for
[06:26]: the glaze that we're making
[06:29]: [Music]
[06:31]: but
[06:34]: it doesn't say only the half cup here
[06:38]: sorry it doesn't it doesn't say to only
[06:41]: use the first measurement here
[06:45]: just says stir the milk and yogurt
[06:47]: together so i don't know
[06:50]: trying to add maybe a couple tablespoons
[06:52]: and
[06:53]: hopefully that will be right
[06:57]: i try not to
[06:58]: research these um
[07:00]: like if she has a website and i will
[07:02]: link that below
[07:04]: um and often the recipes are there but i
[07:08]: try not i try to only go buy the book on
[07:10]: this um
[07:13]: channel just so you know
[07:15]: we see how well the book recipes work
[07:20]: all right i think this will be
[07:23]: i think this will be okay
[07:24]: now it is a slightly sticky dough
[07:28]: we're gonna call that good i think i've
[07:30]: added about two tablespoons
[07:35]: not sure
[07:36]: but now
[07:38]: we need to chill this in the
[07:39]: refrigerator for 10 to 15 minutes so
[07:43]: i'll do that and
[07:45]: we'll be back
[07:46]: okay
[07:47]: so now my
[07:49]: dough has been rested in the
[07:50]: refrigerator for about 15 minutes
[07:53]: and we're gonna roll them out um i have
[07:55]: my flour
[07:58]: flower over here so on a lightly floured
[08:01]: board
[08:06]: we're going to turn this out
[08:15]: i almost lost some
[08:19]: so we're supposed to put a little bit
[08:20]: more flour on here and
[08:22]: lightly knead it five or six times i
[08:25]: think we're just kind of
[08:27]: helping it come
[08:39]: together right i'm gonna call that good
[08:42]: put a little more flour underneath it
[08:45]: because it is pretty sticky now
[08:48]: um and
[08:54]: and we were supposed to do this before
[08:55]: we chilled it
[08:57]: i'm gonna call this done whatever we
[08:59]: were supposed to do this part before we
[09:00]: chilled it i did not read very well
[09:04]: anyway so that's done
[09:07]: um and now we're going to
[09:10]: roll this out into a 12 by 12 square
[09:18]: i'm just estimating this
[09:21]: [Music]
[09:27]: that is close enough
[09:30]: so now we're going to
[09:34]: sprinkle our cinnamon sugar over in a
[09:37]: thick layer
[09:39]: i assume we use all of it
[09:42]: now
[09:43]: sort of press it
[09:47]: in
[09:48]: with our palms supposedly lightly
[09:53]: there we go
[09:54]: and now
[09:56]: i'm going to roll it up
[09:59]: tightly into a log
[10:01]: she says that you can use a bench
[10:03]: scraper if you need to to release it
[10:07]: from
[10:10]: your surface mine seems okay
[10:26]: all right i think that's
[10:28]: pretty
[10:29]: tightly into a log
[10:32]: only lost a little bit of our
[10:34]: filling so this at this point it kind of
[10:36]: feels like um cinnamon rolls but it's
[10:38]: not
[10:39]: once you pat it out to about
[10:43]: four
[10:45]: inches by 12.
[10:55]: that's
[10:57]: about right
[11:01]: i'm going to use you can use a sharp
[11:03]: knife or a bench scraper we're going to
[11:06]: cut it into
[11:07]: quarters
[11:10]: sort of
[11:12]: approximate
[11:18]: there we go
[11:23]: and then each one of these
[11:25]: cut
[11:27]: along the diagonal
[11:29]: it's going to make eight
[11:31]: scones i guess
[11:39]: now
[11:40]: we're going to
[11:42]: put this on our baking sheet
[11:45]: it doesn't say how far apart but
[11:48]: i assume that they will
[11:50]: rise
[11:52]: a bit like biscuits
[11:59]: now
[12:01]: this part was not in the ingredients
[12:05]: but i need to melt
[12:07]: uh some butter to
[12:11]: brush over the tops so i'm going to get
[12:13]: that
[12:14]: done
[12:15]: okay
[12:16]: so
[12:17]: i've got my melted butter i went with
[12:19]: unsalted
[12:21]: just because
[12:22]: this is a relatively sweet application a
[12:25]: little bit of salt wouldn't hurt though
[12:26]: i don't think it really matters for this
[12:28]: step
[12:29]: i'm going to brush them pretty liberally
[12:32]: with butter
[12:40]: okay so these go into my 425 degree oven
[12:44]: for 18 to 22 minutes and after they come
[12:48]: out i don't want to go ahead i don't
[12:50]: want to make this um too far ahead
[12:52]: because i don't want it to get all
[12:54]: crunchy but when after they come out
[12:55]: while they're cooling we're going to
[12:57]: make a
[12:58]: um
[12:59]: a glaze to go on top of these
[13:01]: so we will see you in 18 to 22 minutes
[13:05]: when these are all done
[13:07]: okay
[13:09]: so i think these look nicely brown
[13:12]: some of them have sort of
[13:14]: slid apart which is
[13:18]: not great we're gonna let these cool and
[13:20]: i'm really glad we had um
[13:23]: parchment down because there's gonna be
[13:25]: one place where we have some sugar all
[13:27]: on my pan but other than that it should
[13:29]: all be easy to get off anyway we're
[13:32]: gonna put this on a rack let them cool
[13:34]: and we're going to make a glaze to go on
[13:36]: them
[13:37]: excuse the sizzling in the background
[13:39]: i'm making some sausages to have with
[13:41]: these
[13:46]: she says to let them cool for about 20
[13:48]: minutes but you do want to serve them
[13:51]: warm so while they're still slightly
[13:53]: warm
[13:54]: so one second
[13:56]: so
[13:57]: we're just going to stir up some
[13:59]: confectioners sugar with this is
[14:01]: supposed to be whole milk but i'm going
[14:02]: to use half and half because
[14:05]: um well
[14:06]: it's what i have
[14:08]: um and
[14:09]: i didn't i wasn't super
[14:13]: um
[14:14]: precise when i measured my sugar so i
[14:17]: might need a little bit more but we'll
[14:19]: see
[14:20]: we just want to glaze we don't want it
[14:22]: to be
[14:23]: too thick or too thin
[14:26]: and i think this will actually be okay
[14:32]: all right
[14:36]: i might get just a
[14:38]: tiny bit more
[14:41]: but we'll see um i'm gonna let this sit
[14:44]: until our
[14:46]: uh
[14:47]: scones are
[14:50]: ready and if it dries up a little bit
[14:53]: too much i think that's a good that's a
[14:54]: good texture that's a good consistency
[14:56]: to sort of drizzle over
[14:60]: but
[15:00]: if it dries up a bit too much i'll put a
[15:02]: tiny bit more of this in there
[15:06]: but that's it we're gonna wait for those
[15:08]: to cool a little bit so we can take them
[15:10]: off of that tray
[15:12]: and hopefully not fall apart and we're
[15:15]: going to drizzle them
[15:16]: with our glaze and
[15:18]: serve them so we'll show you what they
[15:20]: look like and let you know what we think
[15:21]: in just a minute
[15:29]: [Music]
[15:30]: on this episode of cooking the books
[15:32]: with heather you watched me make fiona's
[15:34]: cinnamon scones from teresa carl sanders
[15:36]: outlander kitchen cookbook
[15:39]: and these were really
[15:41]: almost like a
[15:43]: quick bread version of cinnamon rolls so
[15:47]: it's not yeasted you use you know baking
[15:49]: soda baking powder baking soda um and
[15:52]: it's sort of a biscuit method scone
[15:55]: method but you do sort of fold up
[15:58]: the um or roll up the
[16:02]: cinnamon and sugar in the middle and
[16:03]: then it kind of turns out like a
[16:05]: cinnamon roll
[16:05]: [Music]
[16:07]: so the three of my family who like
[16:10]: cinnamon rolls
[16:11]: really liked them had no problem with
[16:12]: them
[16:13]: one of my children doesn't love cinnamon
[16:15]: rolls so she ate it but was not very
[16:17]: pleased with it so if you like cinnamon
[16:20]: rolls you will like these
[16:23]: mine did some of them sort of slid and
[16:26]: became a little bit messy
[16:28]: um
[16:30]: i don't know if that's because i didn't
[16:31]: roll it tight enough or
[16:34]: i did put um
[16:35]: when i was making the final
[16:38]: rectangle i put my scene side up i
[16:41]: probably should have put that on the
[16:42]: bottom
[16:44]: don't know that that would have helped
[16:45]: with the sliding
[16:47]: but
[16:48]: maybe might have helped them look a
[16:50]: little bit prettier but they still all
[16:51]: tasted really good
[16:55]: it's not super difficult
[16:57]: i really like
[16:59]: grating the butter into
[17:01]: the batter because that means you work
[17:03]: it less to get it into small pieces
[17:05]: so i like that method we've used it a
[17:08]: couple of other times
[17:10]: i'll link them when i can
[17:14]: i'm not sure if one will be before or
[17:17]: after this because we've done it very
[17:18]: recently so we'll see
[17:21]: um
[17:23]: they're i mean they're they're really
[17:25]: simple scones
[17:26]: and i was gonna tell you that she
[17:30]: includes
[17:31]: lots of options for making them
[17:34]: different than a cinnamon scone um
[17:37]: or adding things to them like you could
[17:39]: add pecans or walnuts um you could add
[17:42]: raisins if you want oh she also says
[17:45]: raisins soaked in
[17:47]: some whiskey that would be delicious
[17:50]: although we're not huge raisin fans i
[17:51]: think
[17:52]: the whiskey would probably help that
[17:55]: or
[17:56]: blueberries
[17:58]: um and some sugar regular sugar with
[18:02]: lemon zest so basically you could fill
[18:04]: these with anything that you think
[18:07]: would go well
[18:08]: in them um
[18:11]: and i i think we will probably try
[18:13]: something else
[18:15]: just to see if you know something that
[18:17]: the whole family likes probably not
[18:19]: blueberries because the same child who
[18:21]: doesn't like cinnamon rolls also really
[18:23]: hates blueberries
[18:26]: but the rest of us would so maybe
[18:29]: um
[18:30]: ooh it's strawberry season i wonder if
[18:32]: we could do something with strawberries
[18:34]: there or if they would be
[18:36]: have too much liquid in them
[18:40]: we'll see what i come up with and if i
[18:41]: come up with anything i'll let you know
[18:43]: down below
[18:44]: anyway if you enjoyed watching me make
[18:46]: this please give me a thumbs up hit the
[18:48]: subscribe button and come back and watch
[18:51]: me make something else next week
[18:53]: [Music]