The author and cook, Heather

Orange Chicken Wings

Mister Jiu's in Chinatown

These were the best wings I've ever made myself, definitely. Crispy, juicy, savory, sweet, and tangy all at once. But it was kind of an epic journey to make them. I mean, it took me several stores, plus the internet, to try to find all of the ingredients (and I'm still not sure I found long grain glutinous rice flour) and it was almost a year after my initial decision to make these that I actually got to do it. In part, that's because the recipe is a little bit daunting.

On the first day, we made a brine and prepped the chicken wings (separating them into segments), and then made the sweet and sour orange sauce. While a lot of that is not hands-on time, you do need to check on the sauce periodically over the course of at least 2 hours. The wings need at least 2 hours in the brine and the sauce is fine in the fridge for a week, and we made other plans for dinner so we decided an overnight soak was fine with us.

The second day, we made the wok salt (, then we made a charred orange vinaigrette (my pan did not approve) for the fennel salad that goes with the wings, shaved the fennel, put together our breading, and fried the wings once. Then our leftover breading became a batter and we fried the wings again. Last, we tossed the hot wings with the warmed sauce and could finally eat!

Don't worry, even though there are habanero peppers in the sauce, my spice-hating kids didn't complain. If you eat too many in a row, you might notice a little tingle, but they're really not spicy.

Serving Sizeserves 6, approx 1/2 lb per person, not including oil used for frying but including all breading, even though some is discarded
Carbohydrates136g (3g fiber, 68g sugar)


[00:04]: hello and welcome to cooking the books
[00:06]: with Heather today we're going to be
[00:08]: making a recipe that I have been
[00:10]: preparing for for I swear it's been
[00:13]: about a year because I had some problems
[00:15]: finding
[00:17]: some of the ingredients and eventually I
[00:19]: found them and then
[00:21]: it's it's a recipe that's going to take
[00:23]: a little while and it involves frying
[00:25]: and so it just never happened during the
[00:28]: summer last year and now finally it's
[00:32]: going to happen we're going to be making
[00:34]: orange chicken wings from uh Mr Jews in
[00:39]: Chinatown by Brandon Jew and tianlon ho
[00:44]: um
[00:45]: and this is I mean it says that it's
[00:49]: two hours oh active time is only an hour
[00:53]: and 15 minutes only but
[00:57]: the chicken wings are brined and there's
[00:60]: a sauce and there's like a little salad
[01:02]: thing to go with it and so
[01:06]: it just seems very very daunting
[01:09]: but we're gonna do it
[01:12]: so
[01:13]: the first thing we have to do is
[01:15]: actually brine our chicken wings so
[01:16]: we're going to start the brine I have
[01:19]: some water here
[01:21]: no problem uh we're going to add kosher
[01:25]: salt I've already pre-measured
[01:27]: everything
[01:29]: um just a little bit of regular white
[01:32]: granulated sugar
[01:33]: and then
[01:35]: here are the spices we have some
[01:38]: coriander seeds whole fennel seeds whole
[01:42]: and two star anise pods and these are
[01:47]: going to go in here
[01:48]: and
[01:50]: now we're going to over high heat
[01:53]: we are going to bring this to a boil
[01:57]: uh
[01:59]: basically just until the salt and the
[02:01]: sugar uh com are fully dissolved
[02:06]: um
[02:09]: it doesn't say to boil it for any length
[02:11]: of time I don't know how much of those
[02:13]: herbs will be in there because we're
[02:15]: going to strain it after that so
[02:18]: let me get this
[02:20]: um
[02:21]: boiled
[02:24]: fully dissolved and we'll show you what
[02:26]: we're going to do next
[02:28]: it took about five minutes for this to
[02:31]: come to a boil over high heat and now I
[02:34]: have a fine mesh strainer over a large
[02:36]: bowl and we're going to strain out all
[02:39]: of those
[02:40]: um
[02:43]: seeds and pods that we put in there
[02:47]: it didn't feel like there was a whole
[02:49]: lot of time so I let it I did let it
[02:51]: come to a full boil
[02:55]: um
[02:56]: just because I didn't know if there was
[02:58]: you know I figured that would take
[03:00]: it would take some time for the seeds
[03:02]: and maybe the temperature for the seeds
[03:04]: and stuff to give a little bit of flavor
[03:06]: to the brine but
[03:09]: um
[03:10]: I mean it looks
[03:13]: you can kind of see it looks like let me
[03:16]: get that last seed that's hot last seed
[03:20]: well okay so you can see that it's taken
[03:24]: on a little bit of a golden color so I
[03:27]: assume it's got some flavor from all of
[03:29]: that and all the seeds in there
[03:32]: um
[03:34]: smells a little bit like it not super
[03:37]: much like it but I did bring it up to a
[03:39]: full boil about five minutes total
[03:42]: and now I'm just going to rinse this out
[03:44]: because we're going to use this pot for
[03:46]: another thing but we can discard these
[03:48]: but this needs to come back to room
[03:51]: temperature before we can put the
[03:54]: chicken in because we don't want to
[03:55]: start cooking the chicken and we don't
[03:57]: want to have any of the bad
[03:60]: um
[04:03]: germs bacteria any of that to grow on
[04:07]: the chicken so I'm just gonna move this
[04:11]: to the side
[04:12]: while we deal with our chicken I don't
[04:16]: know how long that's going to take to
[04:17]: come to room temperature but it seems
[04:19]: like it'll be a while
[04:21]: but
[04:22]: we're going to deal with our chicken
[04:23]: wings and I'm just going to put them
[04:24]: back into this bowl after I'm done with
[04:26]: them
[04:27]: these are whole chicken wings you can
[04:30]: buy them pre-separated if you'd like and
[04:33]: that's fine
[04:35]: um I've got a bag because I'm going to
[04:38]: save the tips
[04:40]: I'm going to put them in the freezer and
[04:42]: then anytime I have little bits of
[04:44]: chicken to use for stock like when I
[04:47]: spatchcock a chicken and I take out the
[04:49]: uh
[04:51]: the backbone I'll put that in here the
[04:54]: neck if I buy a whole chicken the neck
[04:56]: or any of those parts that I don't want
[04:58]: to use at that time I'll put in this bag
[05:01]: in the freezer and eventually I'll have
[05:02]: enough for a whole batch of stock in
[05:05]: fact I have one already in the other
[05:06]: freezer
[05:07]: so I need to make a batch of stock but I
[05:10]: think there's plenty in that one so I'm
[05:11]: going to start a new one
[05:13]: um
[05:14]: so we're going to
[05:17]: just cut the wingtips off
[05:20]: and
[05:23]: cut these into
[05:26]: flats and drums
[05:29]: and just put them back into
[05:33]: the bowl
[05:45]: gotten all of the chicken
[05:47]: cut
[05:49]: won't you wash my hands and
[05:53]: put this in the freezer take my cutting
[05:55]: board away make sure my surfaces are
[05:57]: clean and
[05:59]: my brine is still steaming so I'm
[06:02]: probably going to stick the chicken in
[06:03]: the refrigerator while we wait for that
[06:05]: to come room temperature
[06:08]: still very very hot see I like
[06:12]: the recipes where you start with about
[06:15]: half the water and then you add ice at
[06:17]: the end because that cools it down
[06:18]: really quickly
[06:19]: that is not this recipe you could do it
[06:22]: that way however because it will not be
[06:24]: hard it would not be hard at all to
[06:26]: dissolve all that in half of the water
[06:29]: and this is just going to take forever
[06:31]: to get back down to room temperature
[06:32]: because it is still steaming
[06:35]: anyway we do have another thing we have
[06:39]: to do at this point we're making an
[06:41]: orange sauce I don't have everything all
[06:45]: ready yet
[06:47]: um
[06:48]: but you guys can just follow along
[06:51]: so I've got the same pot just rinsed
[06:55]: new knife and a new cutting board
[06:58]: and let's see we're going to start with
[07:02]: some rice vinegar that is a lot of rice
[07:05]: vinegar and I cannot buy it in this
[07:08]: quantity in one container locally I mean
[07:11]: I probably could somewhere
[07:13]: but
[07:16]: I did not have access to that for today
[07:18]: and that was something I was not
[07:20]: actually too worried about uh there are
[07:23]: other
[07:23]: things that were much more difficult to
[07:25]: find
[07:26]: uh so let me go get another ingredient
[07:30]: this is rice wine not rice vinegar
[07:34]: so I'm going to
[07:37]: hope I have enough of this because I did
[07:40]: have been using stuff from this I think
[07:43]: it'll be enough
[07:56]: that is so lucky I had exactly the right
[07:60]: amount
[08:02]: this recipe is like totally
[08:07]: uh one of the hardest ones for me so far
[08:11]: to get everything and
[08:14]: that I have not realized that I needed
[08:17]: so much of some of the things so that
[08:20]: was that's been difficult
[08:22]: anyway so we're going to add
[08:25]: we're just adding all of this I'm pretty
[08:27]: sure
[08:29]: yep
[08:32]: into our pan
[08:35]: next this is orange
[08:39]: uh sauce so I need oranges
[08:44]: start with these ones
[08:48]: and this is supposed to be fresh orange
[08:52]: juice not the stuff from
[08:56]: a bottle
[09:20]: is close to enough
[09:22]: we're going to check for some reason we
[09:25]: need to strain this even though we're
[09:27]: going to strain the end results but
[09:29]: whatever I'm going to go ahead and
[09:31]: strain it as requested at this point
[09:38]: oh yeah
[09:40]: not enough yet I'm going to go ahead and
[09:44]: dump all this pulp
[09:46]: in there so maybe
[09:49]: get a little bit more from that
[09:51]: I'm gonna try another half first
[09:59]: that should be
[10:01]: good
[10:03]: not going to bother too much with
[10:06]: worrying about not getting every little
[10:08]: bit of Pulp out because like I said
[10:10]: restraining this again
[10:12]: I'm gonna add that to our
[10:15]: sauce pan
[10:19]: and now
[10:21]: I will be needing oranges again so I
[10:23]: will just save that half for another
[10:26]: step
[10:27]: um
[10:29]: we've got some honey
[10:30]: uh please excuse oops luckily that's not
[10:35]: open it's from several different kinds
[10:38]: of Honey because that was another thing
[10:40]: that I was like
[10:41]: um I don't have enough I thought I had
[10:44]: plenty but I did not
[10:46]: I did have several different
[10:51]: containers of honey
[10:54]: including some honey cream which is I
[10:56]: think is just kind of whipped honey but
[10:58]: anyway that would have to do
[11:02]: I like to measure a whole Cup in this
[11:04]: one because it's kind of
[11:06]: iffy
[11:08]: oh it's already open
[11:11]: that's embarrassing
[11:14]: so this is brown rice syrup
[11:19]: I found it at a
[11:22]: local Asian market and we need quite a
[11:25]: lot of it but I know I have enough of it
[11:27]: because I hadn't opened it yet
[11:29]: it's just
[11:34]: all right so that's going in as well
[11:39]: I love these plunger Style
[11:44]: um
[11:45]: measuring cups for stuff like honey and
[11:48]: syrup
[11:49]: it's great
[11:52]: okay
[11:54]: easiest one which will be garlic
[11:58]: we need quite a lot of it but it just
[12:00]: has to be
[12:02]: um
[12:02]: coarsely chopped so
[12:05]: I'm going to actually I'm going to
[12:08]: remove this
[12:11]: put it somewhere else
[12:13]: and
[12:16]: basically just
[12:20]: take all the skin off of this now I've
[12:22]: tried the um
[12:25]: trick where you sort of shake it in a
[12:27]: bowl or a jar to try to get that the
[12:30]: paper off and it didn't work for me if
[12:32]: it works for you
[12:33]: that would be great when you need to do
[12:37]: this much garlic
[12:52]: so now we've got probably a little more
[12:54]: than it calls for
[12:56]: I don't care about that
[12:58]: not enough to make a difference
[13:03]: go
[13:05]: garlic
[13:08]: now my Ginger was frozen
[13:14]: but I've had it out long enough that
[13:18]: it cuts okay and we're just again
[13:22]: coarsely chopping This Ginger
[13:30]: that'll be fine
[13:36]: I'm just going to dump all of this in
[13:38]: there
[13:41]: okay
[13:43]: so I've got one more ingredient and I
[13:45]: have to do a little bit more preparation
[13:46]: for that so I'm going to clean
[13:48]: all of this up a bit
[13:51]: um
[13:51]: this is cooling off a little
[13:56]: not quite room temperature but much
[13:58]: cooler than it was
[14:00]: let me clean up a little bit and I'll
[14:01]: show you our last ingredient for this
[14:04]: Orange
[14:05]: sauce
[14:07]: so
[14:09]: I have
[14:11]: some habanero chiles
[14:14]: we are supposed to take the seeds out of
[14:16]: these but I am not going to cut them
[14:19]: without
[14:21]: wearing gloves and my hands are damp so
[14:24]: they're going to be kind of annoying to
[14:25]: put on but that's okay because I do not
[14:28]: want to
[14:30]: touch these and then touch my eyes or
[14:33]: anything else any other sensitive bits
[14:36]: because I know that will hurt
[14:38]: these are very spicy peppers so
[14:41]: the orange sauce is going to go on the
[14:43]: outside of the wings so we're definitely
[14:46]: going to try the sauce and see if the
[14:49]: kids
[14:51]: if we think the kids will have a problem
[14:52]: with it
[14:54]: um
[14:56]: before we sauce all of the Wings
[15:01]: but
[15:03]: for right now
[15:06]: we are definitely going to use
[15:08]: Habaneros Habaneros excuse me there is
[15:12]: no
[15:15]: Accent on that end
[15:18]: because it I don't think it would be the
[15:20]: same without them
[15:24]: and we are already taking out the seeds
[15:26]: so
[15:31]: I'm going to take out as much of the
[15:32]: membrane and make sure I get all the
[15:35]: seeds out
[15:36]: and then they are just going in
[15:39]: not whole but halved but without
[15:41]: chopping them at all
[15:44]: I do expect this to be spicy even
[15:47]: without the seeds
[15:50]: but habanero has a nice flavor as well
[15:54]: okay
[15:56]: there we go and now I'm going to put all
[15:58]: of this in my sink
[16:00]: and clean up before I take these off get
[16:04]: this in the trash we'll have to clean up
[16:06]: the floor as well don't want the dog to
[16:08]: get that so now we have all of the
[16:10]: ingredients for our orange sauce and we
[16:13]: are going to
[16:15]: um
[16:18]: bring this up
[16:20]: to a simmer over medium heat I'm going
[16:24]: to watch it because the honey and the
[16:27]: brown
[16:28]: sugar syrup are all on the bottom but we
[16:31]: are supposed to cook this for
[16:34]: excuse me we are supposed to cook this
[16:36]: for about
[16:37]: two hours
[16:41]: um
[16:41]: until it is reduced and to the
[16:44]: consistency and color of warm molasses
[16:48]: so yeah that's what I'm going to be
[16:51]: doing I'm going to go put this on the
[16:53]: heat
[16:54]: and then I'm going to check to see
[16:57]: I think we're gonna have to do something
[16:59]: about this because it's still not quite
[17:00]: room temperature I don't think
[17:03]: it's a little above room temperature
[17:05]: so instead of putting ice in my bowl
[17:09]: I've got some ice water and a larger
[17:12]: Bowl
[17:13]: and these are both metal so they will
[17:15]: transfer the heat pretty well but I'm
[17:18]: going to just stir this for a little
[17:19]: while until
[17:22]: um
[17:22]: the brine has chilled
[17:26]: and I feel safe putting the chicken in
[17:29]: it
[17:30]: just a couple minutes of that and I
[17:31]: would call that room temperature
[17:35]: I'm going to remove this from the bath
[17:37]: like almost all of the ice has melted
[17:40]: from the from the ice bath that I
[17:43]: created so that's good
[17:46]: um I'm not going to need this anymore
[17:52]: I'm going to just put my chicken
[17:56]: in here
[17:59]: both of my hands are going to be
[18:01]: chickeny but that's okay
[18:04]: we just want to make sure that this is
[18:06]: all
[18:07]: um
[18:08]: covered
[18:15]: there we go
[18:18]: so there we go we have
[18:20]: our chicken wings in the brine we're
[18:23]: going to cover this with plastic wrap
[18:25]: and it needs to go into the refrigerator
[18:28]: for at least two hours or up to three
[18:30]: days so I could have done this in
[18:31]: advance
[18:33]: um
[18:34]: I think we're gonna eat tonight so
[18:36]: uh I'm gonna wash my hands
[18:39]: get this in the refrigerator and uh
[18:42]: we'll see you back here
[18:44]: probably in about two hours when that
[18:46]: sauce is done this has been on the stove
[18:48]: for two hours
[18:50]: but I don't think it's reduced anywhere
[18:52]: near enough it still seems very thin
[18:55]: not anywhere near
[18:57]: molasses in my opinion
[18:60]: but I did turn it down because I tried
[19:03]: to just keep it at a simmer and I think
[19:06]: we really should have just kept it at
[19:07]: medium heat the whole time so it's been
[19:10]: back up to medium heat for about an hour
[19:12]: I'm gonna
[19:13]: try another half an hour and see where
[19:16]: we are at that point I'll keep an eye on
[19:18]: it though because
[19:20]: want to
[19:22]: overdo it or burn it so
[19:24]: we'll let you know how long this takes
[19:25]: okay so excuse my really loud
[19:28]: refrigerator
[19:30]: um this has been going for another 30
[19:32]: minutes and I think it is so almost
[19:34]: there
[19:36]: um
[19:38]: it gets to a point where it doesn't even
[19:42]: stop boiling while I'm stirring
[19:46]: um and I put a little bit on this plate
[19:47]: and let it cool and it's
[19:50]: pretty thick so when it's cool it's
[19:53]: pretty thick I'm gonna let it go for I
[19:55]: don't know
[19:56]: a couple more minutes
[19:58]: but I think we're just about there
[19:60]: honestly
[20:02]: um and then I'm going to strain it
[20:05]: into this bowl satellite only has a
[20:08]: really big strainer currently clean
[20:11]: um strain out the solids and then we've
[20:13]: decided we're going to have these
[20:15]: tomorrow because the chicken can brine
[20:18]: for up to three days
[20:20]: so we're going to leave it in in there
[20:22]: overnight and we can just refrigerate
[20:26]: this sauce
[20:28]: um yeah if you see at this point it
[20:30]: won't
[20:32]: won't stop boiling while I'm stirring
[20:35]: anyway so
[20:37]: we can refrigerate the sauce for I think
[20:39]: she he says up to a week
[20:41]: but
[20:43]: um
[20:44]: we'll just have it tomorrow so
[20:46]: seeing that you know cooler sauce yeah I
[20:51]: like that better
[20:52]: I think that's pretty much done so
[20:55]: uh total time two and a half hours
[20:58]: after it came up to us to a boil
[21:01]: uh totem time probably about three hours
[21:04]: given that because it took it quite a
[21:05]: while to
[21:07]: come up to a boil at medium heat so
[21:11]: that's where we are now
[21:13]: we will see you tomorrow for
[21:17]: uh the rest of this recipe we still have
[21:21]: um a vinaigrette we have to fry some
[21:23]: chicken and make a little salad with the
[21:26]: vinaigrette so
[21:28]: we'll see you tomorrow okay it's now the
[21:31]: next day because we decided to let the
[21:33]: wings brine overnight
[21:36]: and we're ready to finish our orange
[21:38]: chicken wings and it's time to make a
[21:41]: chard I think they call it I'm annoyed
[21:44]: because the instructions are on this
[21:45]: page but the ingredients are on this
[21:47]: page yes we're making a chard orange
[21:49]: vinaigrette so I have some quarter inch
[21:53]: ish slices of
[21:56]: navel orange
[21:59]: um no seeds that I'm going to char on
[22:04]: both sides I have a
[22:08]: stainless steel Skillet and I'm hoping
[22:10]: it doesn't completely just
[22:13]: stick
[22:14]: she says about two minutes per side on
[22:16]: medium high heat so I'm going to put
[22:17]: that on medium high heat Char those up
[22:19]: and then come back over here and show
[22:23]: you what they look like
[22:26]: so this is what they look like
[22:29]: um
[22:30]: a little bit of Blackness a little bit
[22:32]: of brown
[22:34]: I assume that's kind of what they're
[22:36]: supposed to look like my pan was very
[22:38]: black so I put some water in it
[22:41]: and we're gonna let that soak on the
[22:44]: stove and heat it up if necessarily and
[22:45]: scrape that off
[22:47]: so what we're supposed to do now is
[22:50]: um
[22:51]: let these cool
[22:53]: and then mince them
[22:55]: so while uh
[23:00]: while we're waiting for those cool I'm
[23:02]: going to go ahead and put the rest of
[23:03]: the stuff in this bowl
[23:06]: I'm going to turn the page
[23:11]: it's annoying
[23:12]: okay
[23:13]: so we have some more rice vinegar and
[23:17]: you don't want the seasoned you just
[23:18]: want the natural because the season has
[23:20]: like sugar and salt in it I think
[23:23]: so we're not gonna we just have natural
[23:30]: um we have some fresh orange juice and
[23:33]: I'm hoping it's enough
[23:35]: and I'm not gonna
[23:37]: it is almost perfect maybe there's a
[23:39]: little extra it's okay
[23:42]: um
[23:44]: so we need some neutral oil
[23:50]: so I'm using grapeseed oil as I often do
[23:53]: and this is just the rest from where I
[23:56]: measured
[23:57]: and almost emptied out my container
[24:00]: for the frying part so I'm just gonna
[24:05]: measure it here and put the rest
[24:08]: in with
[24:11]: the frying oil because
[24:14]: I don't need a little bit for anything
[24:16]: else
[24:17]: and we also need a little bit of salt
[24:20]: not a whole lot really
[24:24]: and
[24:26]: um
[24:27]: these are fennel seeds that I have just
[24:31]: crushed in my mortar intestinal I just
[24:34]: put a some in there and now I'm going to
[24:37]: try to fit them into the
[24:41]: it's hard to scoop all that in here so
[24:43]: some of them are a little bit smaller
[24:45]: than others it'll be okay
[24:48]: there we go
[24:49]: so that's the same kind of fennel seed
[24:51]: that we used in
[24:54]: the brine I believe
[25:03]: I believe right so
[25:12]: all we have to do is mince these up
[25:14]: they're cooler now so I'm just going to
[25:23]: foreign
[25:36]: whisk it up
[25:39]: and we can put this in
[25:43]: the refrigerator just to
[25:46]: um save it until we're ready for it
[25:49]: a little bit later so I'm going to do
[25:51]: that clean up my station and get started
[25:53]: on the wings
[25:55]: now it's time to make our dredge which
[25:58]: will become our batter I'm pretty sure
[26:01]: so basically we make a dredge we fry
[26:06]: the wings we toss the wings in it fry
[26:10]: them one time
[26:12]: in that
[26:14]: then we take some of that mixed water
[26:17]: make a batter dip those and fry them
[26:20]: again so this is kind of a thing but so
[26:22]: I'm going to
[26:24]: um
[26:24]: measure all of this with uh
[26:29]: with a scale just because of so much
[26:31]: easier especially in these types of
[26:34]: containers there we go so I'm going to
[26:37]: have to say that this is
[26:40]: the part where I had the most problems
[26:45]: finding things so this one was really
[26:46]: easy to find this is he calls it a
[26:49]: short grain glutinous rice flour such as
[26:53]: mochico like this so let's go ahead and
[26:56]: measure that
[27:06]: okay there we go this is the one that I
[27:10]: had a hard time finding so I'm not sure
[27:12]: that this is exactly what he asks for
[27:17]: um he says this is he wants long grain
[27:21]: glutinous rice flour so couldn't find
[27:24]: that locally couldn't even find it on
[27:26]: like Amazon or anything
[27:29]: this nothing that says it is that so
[27:31]: this is this is what I could find so I'm
[27:33]: gonna assume it had one of the symbols
[27:37]: was correct as far as what's on here not
[27:40]: in it was it was almost right I did so I
[27:44]: just don't know
[27:45]: but we're gonna go with it and it's
[27:47]: gonna be fine and I'm going to get
[27:49]: scissors to open this
[27:51]: hopefully it's right if it's not please
[27:53]: tell me but it's what I could find so
[27:56]: it's what we're going with
[27:57]: um he does say that
[27:59]: they each bring a different property to
[28:02]: it I can I'm not going to go back and
[28:03]: read it right now for you guys but um
[28:07]: yeah
[28:11]: so that's why he calls for
[28:13]: both types
[28:20]: they look different
[28:23]: it's a little bit too much
[28:26]: that's better
[28:31]: honestly I'm sure it would be fine even
[28:33]: with you know a few grams too much
[28:36]: and next we're going to add some
[28:40]: cornstarch
[28:43]: right I'm just making sure
[28:46]: so we need
[28:53]: I gotta be careful here because I
[28:54]: certainly couldn't get
[28:56]: some of this out
[28:59]: put too much in I would not have any
[29:00]: idea
[29:02]: so
[29:03]: probably easier to measure them
[29:06]: separately but it is what it is
[29:11]: okay so now we just have to mix this up
[29:17]: with a whisk
[29:23]: there we go
[29:25]: so I'm going to
[29:27]: put my stuff away because I shouldn't
[29:29]: need this anymore
[29:31]: so I'm going to put all of this away
[29:33]: figure out how I'm going to close this
[29:35]: oil
[29:36]: this kind of janky setup for my first
[29:40]: fry that don't need to go in the oven
[29:43]: I have my oven preheated
[29:46]: foreign
[29:48]: to warm and hold uh he says about 200
[29:52]: degrees I think that's about what it is
[29:53]: and I'm going to put this one which is a
[29:56]: little bit better in the oven for the
[29:58]: fully finished
[29:59]: uh chicken wings
[30:03]: so after the second fry they're going to
[30:04]: go in here
[30:07]: and I'm going to
[30:09]: I'm heating up my oil
[30:10]: it's pretty deep in a dutch oven so it
[30:14]: should hold its heat pretty well we're
[30:16]: going to go for
[30:18]: 375 degrees I believe it's 375 degrees
[30:23]: um
[30:25]: and we're ready
[30:26]: for the wings
[30:28]: ah
[30:30]: there's gonna be a thing
[30:32]: here are the wings that have been in the
[30:34]: brine all night
[30:37]: for a whole day
[30:39]: just brought it out of the refrigerator
[30:42]: and we were supposed to drain these
[30:47]: I'm just going to scoop them out with
[30:49]: this
[30:51]: put them in here
[30:56]: in this bowl
[30:59]: foreign
[31:04]: so the goal is to toss about a third of
[31:08]: these at a time in
[31:11]: the dredge
[31:13]: put them in here Shake all the rest back
[31:17]: in here then put them on the plate to be
[31:20]: fried my oil is nowhere near at the
[31:23]: right temperature yet
[31:25]: but we're going to get started with this
[31:26]: so
[31:30]: foreign
[32:00]: so it's gonna be super messy
[32:39]: okay
[32:48]: okay so there
[32:51]: these have their first dredge
[32:55]: I decided about six was the right number
[32:60]: so one go
[33:08]: okay I'm gonna leave these right here
[33:10]: for now because this plate is pretty
[33:12]: full
[33:13]: check my oil again
[33:15]: I'm going to start working on my batter
[33:18]: because what I need to do is measure a
[33:20]: certain amount of this to keep and the
[33:22]: rest is
[33:24]: we don't need anymore
[33:26]: okay let's hope we have enough
[33:30]: okay
[33:35]: so I'm gonna
[33:36]: drop this in another Bowl just because I
[33:39]: want to use the same bowl and just in
[33:41]: case
[33:42]: just in case I end up needing a little
[33:44]: bit more
[33:45]: I have it
[33:47]: so this is supposed to be discard I'll
[33:50]: put it somewhere else
[33:51]: another thing he tells me that I don't
[33:54]: have to do until later is warm up my
[33:56]: orange sauce I'm gonna get that uh with
[33:59]: the lid on in this just on very low heat
[34:03]: to warm up he says to do this toward the
[34:06]: end
[34:07]: uh when you're doing when you're frying
[34:10]: the last batch
[34:11]: I'm just going to go ahead and get it
[34:12]: going because I know it's going to take
[34:14]: my stove a while at the low heat to warm
[34:16]: it up so I'm going to put it in here put
[34:18]: a lid on
[34:20]: just leave it there the whole time
[34:22]: I'm going to start putting stuff in here
[34:24]: because I don't want to get too
[34:26]: hot while we're getting the other one
[34:29]: ready
[34:30]: so I'm gonna drop in a few pieces
[34:34]: because my oil hit the right temperature
[34:45]: this is a really hot fries
[34:55]: foreign
[35:08]: but this is just to set
[35:12]: the
[35:13]: dredge
[35:15]: so and he says three to four minutes so
[35:19]: I'm gonna kind of keep it and it won't
[35:20]: be brown and it won't be done
[35:24]: um
[35:24]: but we're gonna go ahead and do all of
[35:26]: our boxes
[35:28]: and try to keep an eye on the
[35:30]: temperature
[35:50]: probably need to keep it medium high
[35:53]: I I did drop down quite a bit when I
[35:57]: added the chicken
[35:59]: that's okay
[36:01]: to be expected
[36:17]: so I'm just keeping an eye on time right
[36:19]: now
[36:22]: it looks like for this
[36:24]: for my plan for everything it'll be
[36:27]: about five to six pieces so I'll have
[36:30]: four batches where he says three
[36:32]: directions but that's a came down quite
[36:34]: a bit so I'm gonna so I'm gonna call
[36:37]: these done they're actually starting to
[36:39]: get a little bit Brown
[36:43]: so they have a nice mix like a nice
[36:45]: crispy
[36:47]: uh crunchy crust starting area
[36:52]: I'm gonna leave it at the
[36:54]: um
[36:56]: medium high heat I'm going to put some
[36:59]: more in here
[37:06]: and I'm gonna let it heat up a little
[37:08]: bit more and get the rest of my chicken
[37:33]: foreign
[38:03]: oh
[38:05]: another three or four minutes
[38:08]: about time for another batch
[38:28]: I should probably let this come up to
[38:30]: temperature a little bit more
[38:32]: I'm chopping my Clementines and I'm
[38:34]: going to put them in the big bowl with
[38:36]: the wok salt
[38:39]: and
[38:41]: uh the rest of the dredge that I
[38:44]: measured
[38:46]: I want to give this a couple minutes
[38:58]: that's gonna be good enough for me
[39:01]: for right now
[39:03]: foreign
[39:16]: so this should be our last
[39:19]: um
[39:20]: batch
[39:21]: on the first fry
[39:35]: okay uh we're just about there I'm going
[39:39]: to go ahead and add the water
[39:42]: to uh my dry ingredients and whisk it up
[39:46]: so it'll be ready
[39:48]: because we're going to need it in just a
[39:50]: couple minutes
[39:52]: so luckily these can hold a little bit
[39:55]: um but I have my oil coming back up to
[39:60]: temperature I'm going to dip
[40:03]: uh you know my my usual batch so
[40:08]: toss these in there oh yeah sure
[40:13]: and then
[40:17]: I'm gonna need another
[40:22]: and then we're gonna fry them with the
[40:25]: batter
[40:26]: there we go that's good
[40:30]: more tones more tones all right so these
[40:34]: are going to go in the batter and
[40:35]: they're going to fry until they're done
[40:37]: and I have not
[40:38]: checked to see like
[40:41]: how long that should take
[40:44]: I should do that
[40:46]: five to six minutes golden brown and
[40:48]: cooked through and then they go into
[40:52]: the um
[40:54]: the oven
[40:56]: at 200 degrees or keep warm
[41:00]: and hopefully they will keep warm
[41:07]: it's gonna take me a little while to get
[41:08]: everything else ready
[41:11]: okay we're at six minutes
[41:13]: I have uh my helper in the background
[41:17]: but we're going to take these out they
[41:19]: look
[41:21]: golden brown to me like they'll be done
[41:27]: I'm calling those done they seem super
[41:29]: tricky I'm hoping for delicious
[41:38]: here we go
[41:44]: there we go
[41:46]: back in the oven
[41:49]: there we go
[41:51]: and we have two more batch no three more
[41:55]: batches of that to do but uh yeah okay
[41:59]: I'm sure this has been long enough I've
[42:01]: been busy cleaning up
[42:04]: yeah do you want good
[42:07]: I'm going to get them out using
[42:11]: two hands this time and luckily I have
[42:13]: space
[42:35]: all right let's turn
[42:38]: that oh
[42:45]: this off of
[42:47]: the Heat
[42:49]: help it cool down a little faster put
[42:52]: these back in the oven
[43:03]: all right I need to check this to see if
[43:05]: it is at all warm enough
[43:11]: it's gonna
[43:15]: basically just warm
[43:19]: which is probably fine
[43:21]: for what we need it for
[43:24]: so messy oh my goodness okay
[43:28]: we need to move you guys around again
[43:32]: last thing you have the fennel that my
[43:37]: uh
[43:39]: assistant
[43:41]: save for us using the mandolin we have
[43:44]: our charred orange vinaigrette I'm going
[43:47]: to
[43:50]: dress that with as much as I think it
[43:53]: needs he gives a measurement
[43:57]: but I'm not gonna
[44:01]: tell
[44:03]: sometimes that when I start
[44:06]: just being done and I really hate frying
[44:10]: I am just
[44:13]: about done
[44:15]: with this recipe
[44:17]: luckily we are just about done and able
[44:20]: to eat so
[44:23]: I'm gonna put a little bit more
[44:27]: of this on there
[44:34]: and then I'm going to taste it
[44:42]: taste orangey
[44:44]: yeah
[44:46]: I think
[44:48]: that'll be good and then
[44:51]: we need a few garnishes so I'm going to
[44:54]: slice up
[44:56]: some green onions
[45:01]: thinly sliced
[45:04]: all right
[45:05]: and then we have a jalapeno I'm supposed
[45:09]: to thinly slice into rounds and take
[45:13]: seeds out
[45:16]: thank you
[45:20]: so taking the seeds out after it's
[45:23]: thinly sliced is going to be a problem
[45:26]: all right so there we go
[45:29]: I'm going to move and clean up again
[45:33]: so I'm going to get some in here
[45:35]: we're going to toss them with that
[45:38]: orange sauce we made yesterday and
[45:39]: that's been heating on the stove
[45:42]: put a few on here in the bowl
[45:46]: put some sauce on it
[45:57]: and there we go
[45:59]: there's our wings let's plate them up
[46:03]: all right
[46:05]: sauce in there if I feel
[46:21]: there we go
[46:23]: plate these up with a little bit of our
[46:27]: slaw that I probably should have put on
[46:29]: the plate first
[46:46]: there we go
[46:48]: and garnish with some green onions
[46:57]: and
[46:59]: a few
[47:01]: pieces
[47:03]: of fresh jalapeno
[47:06]: and
[47:08]: there you have it orange wings that took
[47:11]: two days to make
[47:13]: sure it really didn't but you know
[47:17]: it took a long time
[47:19]: so
[47:20]: we'll be back in just a second to let
[47:22]: you know if we think it was all worth it
[47:32]: on this episode of cooking the books
[47:35]: with Heather you watched me make orange
[47:37]: chicken wings from Brandon Jew and Tien
[47:40]: lawn hose
[47:41]: uh Mr Jews in Chinatown that's it
[47:45]: um
[47:47]: first they were delicious
[47:50]: the
[47:52]: batter was super crispy it was fried
[47:56]: perfectly they were all
[47:59]: um done they were you know done all the
[48:02]: way through uh with the two fries and
[48:05]: and the second some of the batches
[48:09]: seem to fry pretty fast but they were
[48:11]: all done
[48:13]: enough that was good they were all um
[48:16]: the meat Was Juicy the batter was crispy
[48:20]: it had good flavor
[48:24]: it was not spicy
[48:26]: so I was a little concerned about the
[48:30]: habanero peppers in the sauce and the
[48:35]: Sichuan Peppercorns in the wok salt I
[48:39]: was afraid it might get a little too
[48:40]: spicy the kids did not complain at all
[48:44]: if you have a low tolerance for spice it
[48:47]: does kind of build a little bit so after
[48:51]: like three I could tell that you know my
[48:54]: mouth felt a little like there was spice
[48:56]: but it was never overwhelming
[48:59]: it was just right uh if you as long as
[49:02]: you didn't eat the fresh jalapenos that
[49:05]: were on
[49:07]: the top as a garnish
[49:10]: they were great
[49:12]: will I ever make them again
[49:15]: unlike me
[49:16]: so
[49:18]: the act of time being an hour and 15
[49:20]: minutes is a complete lie
[49:25]: maybe in the restaurant setting where
[49:27]: you have a big fryer and you can do all
[49:29]: of that in like one batch I mean if you
[49:32]: think about it
[49:35]: um
[49:36]: frying I had to do four batches
[49:39]: I had to do four batches and each one of
[49:41]: the each batch is
[49:43]: about 10 minutes because the first fry
[49:47]: is like three to four and the second fry
[49:49]: is you know five or six
[49:53]: so that's 40 minutes right there not
[49:55]: even counting in between times and
[49:57]: letting the oil come back up to
[49:59]: temperature so
[50:01]: that was a long time now the sauce took
[50:04]: a little bit longer to reduce for me
[50:09]: but that was probably partially my fault
[50:12]: for turning it a little turning it down
[50:14]: when he didn't say but when he says to
[50:16]: put it at a simmer I kind of didn't want
[50:19]: it to be a full boil which it was at
[50:22]: medium heat on my stove
[50:24]: anyway
[50:26]: it took a really long time it was super
[50:28]: messy it used a lot of
[50:32]: bowls and
[50:34]: equipment just general kitchen equipment
[50:38]: that
[50:42]: so there was a lot of cleanup
[50:45]: uh plus you know the general frying is
[50:49]: very messy to begin with
[50:52]: I'm not sorry I did it
[50:54]: and
[50:56]: if I really wanted to impress someone I
[50:58]: would make these because they were
[51:02]: delicious impressive uh I don't think
[51:06]: I've ever had a chicken wing quite like
[51:09]: this
[51:10]: um
[51:12]: so
[51:13]: uh
[51:16]: I loved them
[51:17]: probably won't make them again
[51:19]: I do I generally just
[51:24]: bake chicken wings when I make them at
[51:26]: home and and there are ways that you can
[51:29]: bake them to make the skin crispy enough
[51:31]: that it's okay it won't be ever quite
[51:33]: like this but
[51:35]: now I have some leftover sauce that I
[51:37]: will probably put in the freezer and I
[51:40]: can you can always put that on uh toss
[51:44]: nuggets in that or
[51:47]: chicken wings that you buy from the
[51:49]: grocery store that are you know all you
[51:50]: have to do is heat in the oven you know
[51:53]: make it a little bit nicer
[51:55]: anyway if you decide to make this please
[51:58]: tell me what you think of the recipe
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