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Wok Salt

Mister Jiu's in Chinatown

This is a simple blend of kosher salt and three different kinds of pepper. It's used as an ingredient in several recipes in this book, so we made a short video on how to make it that we can link to for those recipes. Stay tuned to see how we use it!


[00:00]: foreign
[00:06]: hello and welcome to cooking the books
[00:08]: with Heather today we're going to be
[00:10]: doing a real quick spice blend we're
[00:13]: going to make this a separate video
[00:14]: because I'm sure there are other recipes
[00:17]: in this book that use this
[00:20]: um and so we just want to be able to
[00:22]: refer to it very quickly in our other
[00:25]: videos and we won't talk about how it
[00:27]: tastes or flavor because it's really an
[00:29]: ingredient not its own thing
[00:33]: but today we're going to be making Wok
[00:36]: salt from Mr Jews in Chinatown because
[00:38]: we need it to make another recipe so
[00:43]: um this is a pretty simple mix it's
[00:47]: peppercorns and salt
[00:49]: the first thing we're going to do is
[00:50]: toast our peppercorns on a medium heat
[00:55]: on the stove for about two minutes so
[00:57]: I'm not going to really show you that
[00:59]: part but we're going to put the
[01:00]: Peppercorns in the pan over here and
[01:03]: tell you about them so we have
[01:05]: Szechuan peppercorns uh he says Red
[01:09]: Szechuan peppercorns there's quite a lot
[01:12]: of those that's the most we have regular
[01:14]: black peppercorns
[01:17]: and then we have white peppercorns
[01:20]: relatively few of those now Szechuan
[01:23]: peppercorns are they give their
[01:27]: they're not supers they're not really
[01:29]: spicy they're a different kind of spicy
[01:31]: they have like a numbing spicy
[01:35]: to it so that's interesting
[01:38]: um
[01:38]: and I'm hoping that the end result is
[01:40]: not too spicy for my kids but we'll see
[01:42]: but this makes way more than we need for
[01:44]: the recipe so when we're done we can
[01:46]: just put it into a an airtight container
[01:48]: and keep it
[01:50]: like we do other things it's also going
[01:53]: to have salt in it but we don't need to
[01:55]: toast that so I'm going to take this and
[01:58]: put it on medium Heat
[01:60]: for about two minutes stirring
[02:02]: frequently or tossing until it's
[02:04]: fragrant we do not want to see more than
[02:08]: a wisp of smoke we don't want to burn it
[02:12]: so this is going to be something I watch
[02:15]: closely so two minutes
[02:19]: two minutes medium heat it certainly got
[02:21]: fragrant I'm gonna go ahead and transfer
[02:23]: them to this bowl because it will be
[02:24]: easier
[02:26]: to transfer them to my spice grinder
[02:33]: um
[02:35]: [Music]
[02:36]: they're not that they're not that warm
[02:38]: it's good
[02:40]: um didn't see any smoke certainly got
[02:43]: fragrant
[02:44]: I have a coffee grinder that I just use
[02:47]: for a spice grinder you can do this with
[02:50]: a mortar and pestle if you want but
[02:52]: that's a lot of work
[02:53]: so I'm just going to transfer
[02:56]: these in here now I'm not gonna put
[02:59]: the kosher salt in there for this
[03:02]: mixture specifically
[03:05]: um
[03:06]: there are different
[03:08]: he says most of the spice Blends should
[03:12]: be a fine powder however the wok salt
[03:15]: should be coarse like Cracked Pepper so
[03:19]: I'm just gonna not
[03:22]: um my my
[03:24]: kosher salt is not super coarse so I
[03:27]: don't think I really want to uh grind
[03:30]: that up at all but I do want to sort of
[03:32]: crack these peppercorns so I'm just
[03:34]: gonna
[03:37]: pulse it a few times and we'll see how
[03:39]: we are
[03:44]: I really just tried to make sure that
[03:46]: all of them got cracked at least a
[03:49]: little bit no white peppercorns need to
[03:51]: be the ones that are holding out
[03:56]: there we go
[03:58]: I see a lot
[04:00]: a lot less
[04:03]: um
[04:04]: whole peppercorns here still a few but
[04:07]: I'm gonna call that good because I don't
[04:09]: want it to be too fine because
[04:11]: he says it shouldn't be
[04:13]: so I'm just stirring this up
[04:19]: and now we have a kind of coarse mixture
[04:23]: of peppercorns and salt and this is Wok
[04:27]: salt so there's our our Wok salt
[04:32]: we will post this before we make post
[04:36]: the recipe that we use it in but uh it
[04:39]: will be here for you guys to reference
[04:42]: it's a nice course
[04:44]: fixture
[04:46]: all right
[04:48]: [Music]
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