The author and cook, Heather

Wet Cured Ham


Cooking a perfect ham is more difficult than I thought it would be. It doesn't help that it's something most people only make a couple times a year, so they don't get much practice. (It's me, I'm most people, and I don't get enough practice.)

I'd never made a ham on the grill before, but it's pretty similar to the techniques used for oven roasting. Low and slow, covered and with extra moisture so as not to dry it out too much. (For this recipe, you use some of the glaze mixed with chicken broth as a mop.) And then high heat for a short period of time, brushing with a glaze for maximum flavor.

I will definitely be cooking a ham like this again, but next time I would choose one that is not pre-sliced. They're convenient for serving, but really hard to keep together when you need to move and rotate the ham to get all of the sides nice and crispy at the end. I'll save those for the oven, and choose a whole one for the grill.

This is a very similar method detailed on the author's website:

You can watch me make the glaze here: