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Deviled Eggs

Deep Run Roots

This recipe is pretty basic, but you can dress it up any way you'd like. Like the ones I made from the Poole's cookbook (, you can do that by adding different things to the top, or you can chop them up fairly well and mix them into the filling. (You probably won't want to use a decorating tip if you do that, because your mix-ins might clog it up.) I personally like to add chopped up sweet pickles, but next time I will probably add some of the green tomato relish I made with the last of the green tomatoes from the garden, since I now have a ton of that to use up, and it's pretty similar (and pre-chopped!)

For me, the vinegar was a bit too much, too punchy, but it might be just your thing -- one of my kids loved them, the other only ate one. I'd try cutting that in half next time, though it might need a touch more mayo to loosen up the yolk mixture. And, I definitely won't be forcing it through a sieve unless I want to REALLY impress someone with the light, lump-free texture. My family does not care one bit about a few lumps in their deviled egg filling.

Though the instructions are slightly different from the ones in the book (and calls for way less vinegar, making me wonder if the book measurement is a typo), the basic recipe can be found here:

Serving Size1 half of an egg


[00:00]: foreign
[00:05]: cooking the books with Heather today
[00:08]: we're going to be making a recipe I want
[00:10]: a sworn we've made before
[00:12]: but apparently we haven't we've made at
[00:16]: least two recipes for this before on my
[00:19]: channel
[00:20]: um but today we're going to be making
[00:22]: the deviled eggs out of Deep Run roots
[00:25]: so
[00:26]: Vivian Howard's cookbook this is from
[00:29]: the eggs section she has it all sort of
[00:31]: divided by ingredient
[00:33]: and I'm actually shocked we hadn't made
[00:36]: this before
[00:37]: um there's another recipe I found that I
[00:39]: was shocked we hadn't made because I
[00:40]: would have sworn we did but
[00:43]: anyway
[00:44]: the first thing we need to do for
[00:46]: deviled eggs is hard boil some eggs
[00:49]: um
[00:50]: this recipe is supposed to make 12 but
[00:54]: we're boiling eight eggs because we're
[00:57]: going to get rid of
[00:59]: um all but the prettiest 12 we're not
[01:02]: going to use the whites for those we're
[01:04]: going to use the
[01:06]: yolks but not the whites so it's going
[01:08]: to be a lot of yolk a lot of filling to
[01:11]: uh to White
[01:13]: which is good in my opinion so
[01:17]: she says to use a this is the
[01:20]: hard-boiled egg
[01:21]: part is from a different recipe but she
[01:23]: says go ahead and make it as for that
[01:26]: recipe and that says to use a two quart
[01:30]: saucepan
[01:31]: but you're supposed to cover the eggs by
[01:34]: an inch
[01:36]: my smaller saucepan did not work for
[01:39]: that so I've got a pretty large pretty
[01:41]: deep saucepan here and I've got the eggs
[01:43]: covered by at least an inch
[01:46]: and the next thing we need to do we're
[01:47]: not going to really show you but it's
[01:49]: the method in the book which I'm going
[01:51]: to follow to make sure to see if it
[01:53]: works as I as it should I guess
[01:57]: um
[01:58]: is to cover them with the cool water not
[02:02]: hot water
[02:03]: uh
[02:05]: bring it to a boil on the stove boil it
[02:08]: for one minute
[02:10]: remove it from the heat put the lid on
[02:12]: and let it sit for 10 minutes
[02:14]: so that's what we're going to go do
[02:16]: right now and we'll be back when that
[02:19]: part's all done to show you
[02:20]: the rest
[02:24]: so after 10 minutes of sitting in the
[02:28]: previously boiling water with the lid on
[02:31]: I have a little tip for peeling eggs
[02:34]: what I do is I empty out all of the hot
[02:37]: water
[02:38]: so I have an empty pan shake them around
[02:41]: real good to get them broken get the
[02:43]: shells started to break and then fill it
[02:46]: up with cold water
[02:48]: um I think I usually end up
[02:50]: uh dumping out that water once and
[02:53]: refilling it with cold water to cool it
[02:55]: off
[02:55]: and that helps
[02:58]: sometimes uh get them peeled well mine
[03:02]: didn't do too bad this time found a
[03:06]: little bit of a shell
[03:08]: um
[03:09]: but we're going to be keeping only the
[03:11]: prettiest eight so I'm not going to get
[03:15]: out my pretty platter for this because
[03:18]: it's just us today so
[03:21]: uh the next thing we do I peeled them
[03:23]: already we're going to slice them in
[03:25]: half she says you can slice them in half
[03:29]: the sh the other way the short way but I
[03:32]: think that's weird
[03:34]: so I'm gonna go with the standard way
[03:36]: and you can see that these are
[03:41]: well cooked but there's no gray so that
[03:44]: is exactly what I look for
[03:47]: um
[03:49]: and we're just going to empty all of the
[03:52]: uh
[03:54]: yellows the yolks
[03:56]: into this bowl
[04:11]: I've picked out
[04:13]: the four I didn't want to use and I'm
[04:16]: just going to put these
[04:19]: away for the moment while we make the
[04:21]: filling
[04:24]: all right
[04:26]: so to these yolks we're going to add a
[04:31]: few ingredients I'm going to go with the
[04:32]: driest ingredients first just because
[04:37]: I don't want to have to get wet
[04:39]: ingredients and then dry ingredients in
[04:40]: my things
[04:42]: my measuring spoons so this is unusual
[04:46]: to me but there's a little bit of
[04:48]: granulated sugar
[04:51]: and of course there's salt
[04:57]: and then uh very little bit of pepper
[05:08]: um
[05:09]: this is an unusual one for me this is
[05:12]: softened butter I'm using unsalted sorry
[05:15]: I'm using unsalted just because that's
[05:18]: it doesn't say salted or unsalted but
[05:21]: I usually assume unsalted
[05:25]: um that's why it's it was in the
[05:26]: refrigerator so I cut it up small on the
[05:29]: plate to kind of let it soften better
[05:36]: I found my way
[05:39]: and then of course we have mayonnaise
[05:41]: she says
[05:42]: um
[05:43]: her mother likes Miracle Whip
[05:46]: but she uses dukes and that is what I
[05:49]: generally have available so I've got
[05:51]: Dukes in here
[05:53]: um
[05:55]: I have some Cupid Mayo that I don't
[05:57]: usually have
[05:59]: which I think it would be an interesting
[06:03]: experiment to try that but anyway
[06:06]: um
[06:08]: now this also is unusual for me there's
[06:11]: some
[06:12]: white wine vinegar
[06:15]: have nothing super special but be very
[06:18]: careful not to
[06:19]: overdo this
[06:26]: there we go
[06:28]: and then
[06:31]: some hot sauce
[06:34]: just a little bit of hot sauce
[06:39]: I'm using Franks because that's what I
[06:41]: have available at the moment
[06:48]: okay I have some really really spicy
[06:50]: stuff but this is what I have available
[06:52]: that I like
[06:54]: all right
[06:57]: and that is it and now
[07:01]: um let's see
[07:05]: she says just stir it together with the
[07:08]: yolks for right now so
[07:13]: usually I end up getting a fork
[07:15]: try to mash the yolks but that is not
[07:18]: what she says to do here however
[07:22]: there's another step
[07:35]: there are definitely some pieces that
[07:37]: don't want to get mixed up very well
[07:38]: right now but
[07:42]: we've got
[07:44]: a fix for that because the next thing we
[07:48]: need to do is pass this through a fine
[07:52]: uh mesh sieve
[07:57]: so what I'm going to do
[07:59]: is transfer all of this
[08:02]: into my sieve
[08:05]: none of it's going to want to come out
[08:07]: until I force it through because that's
[08:12]: what it is
[08:15]: like
[08:17]: super thick
[08:22]: so I'm just going to
[08:25]: put it back into this bowl
[08:27]: um
[08:28]: so she says that this will make it extra
[08:30]: fluffy I would never bother to do this
[08:34]: but
[08:36]: um
[08:38]: she says this makes it fluffier than
[08:40]: using a blender or a food processor or
[08:42]: matching it with a fork so
[08:47]: through
[08:49]: the sieve
[08:51]: we go
[09:01]: all right
[09:07]: move this out of my way
[09:10]: before I create the problem and then I'm
[09:12]: going to use
[09:14]: something a little bit stiffer
[09:17]: okay the last bits of yolk
[09:28]: good enough
[09:30]: so now I'm just going to
[09:33]: scrape all that off the bottom
[09:48]: there we go give it a little bit more of
[09:51]: a stir because we had a few places where
[09:53]: it was
[09:54]: mostly just
[09:57]: egg yolk there we go
[09:60]: that's good just go into my sink
[10:03]: and now she apparently likes the same
[10:06]: method I do which is to put it into a
[10:10]: zip top bag
[10:15]: it's my kitchen
[10:18]: um and then
[10:20]: she says to pipe this right before you
[10:22]: serve it
[10:24]: just cut off the corner
[10:26]: um
[10:30]: and then you can squeeze it into the
[10:34]: egg whites
[10:36]: and she does say to serve these at room
[10:38]: temperature which in my opinion is when
[10:40]: they taste the best so I also agree with
[10:44]: that
[10:45]: um
[10:45]: now she says she's a purist and doesn't
[10:48]: like adding a bunch of extra stuff to
[10:50]: this but you can if you like you know
[10:53]: put some pickles on top or onion or
[10:57]: whatever but we're gonna go with
[11:00]: or bacon Bacon's delicious we're gonna
[11:02]: go with just the usual we're going to
[11:04]: sprinkle with some paprika
[11:06]: and call it a day so let me
[11:09]: clean up a little bit
[11:12]: now because we have taken out two whole
[11:15]: eggs worth of
[11:18]: yo of white so we're only going to fill
[11:21]: uh you know eight instead of 12.
[11:25]: or
[11:28]: 12 halves instead of 16 halves yeah
[11:31]: that's right
[11:33]: um we should be able to overfill these
[11:36]: fill fill them generously let's just say
[11:39]: so I just cut off the tip
[11:43]: and she says if you're just going to put
[11:45]: them on a plate I put down a paper towel
[11:47]: just so they won't
[11:51]: move around but if you're going to put
[11:53]: them on a plate
[11:54]: you may have to cut a little bit of
[11:57]: a little sliver of white off
[12:05]: to make them lay flat if you don't have
[12:08]: the
[12:09]: pretty
[12:11]: deviled egg
[12:16]: server which I do have and just did not
[12:19]: want to get out
[12:29]: she does have uh pictures of using a
[12:33]: spoon
[12:34]: to fill instead of this
[12:38]: but that seems too fiddly for me
[13:09]: nicely filled
[13:13]: very tiny from the from the vinegar
[13:18]: very last step
[13:20]: is to
[13:23]: have egg all over me is to sprinkle it
[13:27]: with Paprika which is very common if
[13:29]: you've ever had these in the uh in the
[13:33]: south
[13:37]: I'm not measuring it she does have a
[13:39]: measurement but it is generous
[13:43]: so
[13:49]: this is just plain sweet paprika
[13:55]: not a lot of flavor
[13:58]: but pretty
[14:03]: so we do like smoked paprika and that
[14:05]: would also be good here if you want to
[14:06]: add a little bit of a smoked flavor
[14:10]: all right
[14:12]: I'm gonna see if I can plate these up a
[14:14]: little bit nicer take some pictures and
[14:16]: then we'll let you know what we think
[14:26]: on this episode of cooking the books
[14:28]: with Heather you watched me make deviled
[14:30]: eggs from Vivian Howard's Deep Run Roots
[14:33]: cookbook which I couldn't believe I
[14:34]: hadn't made before honestly but this is
[14:37]: a very basic recipe which you can dress
[14:41]: up however you'd like
[14:43]: um for me in particular it was a little
[14:47]: bit
[14:48]: Tangy
[14:50]: um there's quite a bit of vinegar in the
[14:53]: mixture
[14:55]: which I didn't it's not my favorite uh
[14:59]: we tend to put
[15:01]: like sweet pickles
[15:03]: um
[15:04]: I don't know if they're bread and butter
[15:07]: whatever they're they're a sweet pickle
[15:09]: usually that we get from
[15:11]: my husband's mother so
[15:15]: I don't know how to buy those in the
[15:17]: grocery store we just get them but
[15:18]: they're very sweet but we chop I chop
[15:20]: those up and add it to mine and so ours
[15:23]: tend to be a little bit a little bit on
[15:25]: the sweet and tangy side and not so much
[15:27]: on the Tangy side as this
[15:30]: um so I might try it with like maybe
[15:32]: half of the vinegar next time but I
[15:35]: certainly would try it again it's a
[15:37]: great method
[15:38]: I don't think I'm gonna be putting
[15:42]: my uh filling through a sieve again
[15:46]: because that's just a little bit too
[15:47]: fussy for me
[15:49]: um and I think it's fine without that so
[15:52]: the boiling method worked fine
[15:55]: um
[15:56]: I tend to do mine a little bit
[15:59]: differently just dropping them into the
[16:02]: boiling water because I think they peel
[16:05]: a little bit better that way so I boil
[16:07]: the water first and then I put the eggs
[16:08]: in but I do like the boil them for a
[16:12]: little bit and then let them sit in the
[16:14]: hot water method it tends to not
[16:15]: overcook the eggs I do
[16:19]: hard-boiled eggs for myself for
[16:21]: breakfast that way in general but I do
[16:24]: it a little bit differently but it only
[16:26]: works really well for like two eggs if I
[16:28]: do any more eggs in the same pan
[16:32]: they end up a little bit underdone for
[16:35]: me but these were perfectly done
[16:37]: and so I think for the number of eggs
[16:39]: and everything it worked out great
[16:42]: um
[16:44]: so it's a great recipe it's a great base
[16:47]: recipe if you decide to try it let me
[16:49]: know in the comments down below
[16:52]: and if you enjoyed watching me make this
[16:54]: give me a thumbs up hit the Subscribe
[16:56]: button and come back and watch me make
[16:58]: something else next week