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Classic Deviled Eggs

Poole's: Recipes and Stories from a Modern Diner

There are definitely ingredients and techniques in this recipe I've never used before. Are they worth the effort?

This recipe uses the basic cider mayo recipe, which you can find here:

I found this recipe (or very close to it) here:

Serving Size1/2 egg


[00:01]: [Music]
[00:04]: hi guys and welcome back to cooking the
[00:07]: books with Heather I'm still working
[00:10]: from the pools diner cookbook here and I
[00:14]: was looking through and noticed that I
[00:15]: had made the basic cider Mayo for the
[00:18]: pimento cheese recipe that you've
[00:19]: hopefully already seen if not I'll link
[00:22]: it below or maybe in one of the little
[00:25]: cool things up here so this calls for
[00:29]: cider Mayo but also another recipe in
[00:31]: the book countertop creme fraiche so I
[00:35]: decided I was going to make classic
[00:38]: deviled eggs picture here they look
[00:42]: beautiful mine probably won't look that
[00:44]: beautiful but we'll see one thing about
[00:48]: this recipe is even though it's
[00:51]: relatively I mean it's it's a it's a
[00:54]: deviled egg recipe but it uses mostly
[00:57]: creme fraiche instead of mostly mayo
[00:59]: which is how I usually make it as mostly
[01:01]: Mayo so that'll be interesting it also
[01:05]: includes some different different
[01:08]: ingredients like instead of regular
[01:09]: pickles or relish like I usually use
[01:11]: it's got cornichon which is a French
[01:14]: tiny little pickle and then there are
[01:18]: the garnishes so pickled green tomato
[01:23]: slivers for garnish ground permit des
[01:27]: palette which is basically a red pepper
[01:30]: like I like a permit compliment of
[01:32]: paprika or chives for garnish those are
[01:36]: all optional I have everything but the
[01:39]: particular kind of paprika but I'll
[01:43]: probably put some paprika on it just
[01:44]: because we don't love you that but come
[01:47]: along and see how easy or difficult this
[01:49]: is hi guys so next recipe that I decided
[01:56]: to do was the deviled eggs from the pool
[01:59]: Center cookbook and then I noticed that
[02:01]: while you can use sour cream that you
[02:04]: buy there's also a recipe for creme
[02:07]: fraiche and that's the preferred
[02:09]: ingredient so I decided I was going to
[02:12]: make creme fraiche
[02:13]: I had buttermilk around I always have
[02:15]: heavy cream around and all you have to
[02:18]: do is mix it together and let it sit on
[02:19]: the counter for a couple days but he
[02:23]: have to mix it together and let it sit
[02:24]: on the counter for a couple days so
[02:25]: that's what I'm gonna do now I have made
[02:27]: tried to make countertop creme fraiche
[02:29]: before from another recipe in another
[02:32]: book and it's been probably 15 years at
[02:34]: this point and it didn't work so I'm
[02:38]: really interested to see if this does
[02:39]: but so I've got quite a bit of heavy
[02:43]: cream here I'm just pouring it into a
[02:45]: mason jar let's try to get as much out
[02:50]: as I can and then I'm going to add the
[02:59]: buttermilk same buttermilk as I used for
[03:02]: the Strawberry Shortcake biscuits and
[03:09]: then I'm gonna mix that together and
[03:12]: that is it
[03:14]: this really now she says to cover the
[03:21]: top with cheesecloth I could not find
[03:25]: any cheesecloth I know I had some at
[03:27]: some point but who knows where it went
[03:29]: or if we just threw it out because we
[03:31]: did something gross with it who knows so
[03:34]: I'm gonna put just a paper towel over it
[03:36]: and she also says to tie it with twine
[03:39]: but I don't really see a reason to do
[03:41]: that when you can just use the lid so
[03:44]: that's it hopefully in a couple days
[03:47]: we'll have creme fraiche so it's been
[03:51]: two days since we started the creme
[03:53]: fraiche the counter top creme fraiche
[03:55]: for our deviled eggs and I'm going to
[03:58]: check to see what's going on in the jar
[04:01]: I'm kind of excited because it actually
[04:03]: feels like it's dueling to some thing so
[04:06]: unlike last time I tried this kind of
[04:08]: thing so I'm gonna stir it up and see
[04:11]: what happened mmm it is definitely thick
[04:17]: thick all the way through you see that
[04:21]: it's not falling off
[04:24]: I think we have creme fraiche I'm not
[04:28]: sure how thick this should be the book
[04:32]: just says until thickened this is
[04:38]: slightly looser than the most sour cream
[04:44]: but not by a whole lot so I think we're
[04:48]: gonna stop here and I'm gonna put it in
[04:51]: a refrigerator and it'll be all ready
[04:53]: for me to make the classic deviled eggs
[04:57]: from the pool starter cookbook so that
[04:60]: should be coming up okay so the next
[05:02]: step for making the classic deviled eggs
[05:06]: from Ashley Christensen spools diner
[05:08]: cookbook is to boil the eggs make
[05:11]: hard-boiled eggs the method that she
[05:13]: suggests is actually the one that I use
[05:15]: all the time her timing is a little bit
[05:17]: different I'm gonna go with her timing
[05:18]: because that's what she says but you
[05:21]: start the eggs I've got a dozen eggs
[05:23]: here in cold water with covered with by
[05:28]: one inch so and then you bring it to a
[05:32]: rolling boil I'm not gonna do power boil
[05:35]: because that just goes really fast and I
[05:37]: feel like that doesn't work as well
[05:39]: anyway got it on high and so we're gonna
[05:41]: wait for this to boil very fast and then
[05:46]: you turn off the heat come you cover it
[05:49]: you turn off the heat and you wait for 8
[05:51]: minutes I usually go for about 10 but
[05:57]: we'll try it so now we're just waiting
[06:02]: for it to boil
[06:04]: okay so we're just about to a good
[06:07]: rolling boil I think we're almost there
[06:09]: and I'd like to give it a little extra
[06:12]: you can see that one of my eggs has
[06:14]: already cracked a little bit and a
[06:16]: little bit of the white has come out so
[06:17]: that one won't be beautiful but whatever
[06:21]: put on the lid turn off the heat and
[06:25]: I've got a timer here for eight minutes
[06:28]: so her suggestion for trying to make the
[06:32]: eggs easier to peel is to prick the
[06:34]: shells with a straight pin that scares
[06:37]: me I didn't do it and that's one of the
[06:40]: reasons that it scares me as you could
[06:44]: see the the white one had a little crack
[06:47]: or cracked a little bit as the heat came
[06:48]: up and egg white started coming out and
[06:50]: I'm just afraid they would all do that
[06:53]: another method so somebody else I follow
[06:57]: and I think those really great food
[07:00]: science is Kenji Lopez alt he's with
[07:03]: serious eats and he has a restaurant in
[07:06]: somewhere in California so he has done
[07:11]: lots of experiments about how to make
[07:13]: hard-boiled eggs easier to peel and he
[07:16]: says that the best way is to put your
[07:22]: eggs into already boiling water and that
[07:25]: sort of shocks the outside more quickly
[07:28]: and makes them easier to peel I think
[07:30]: that's that's the general gist of it
[07:33]: I've not tried that because generally I
[07:36]: don't care if my eggs look beautiful
[07:39]: because it's just me eating them
[07:41]: although for deviled eggs usually you
[07:43]: want them to be pretty both one won't be
[07:46]: pretty for sure and we'll see how the
[07:48]: other ones peel it seems to be kind of
[07:50]: just luck of the draw
[07:52]: they also say older eggs are easier to
[07:54]: peel these are relatively new eggs I got
[07:60]: them at the grocery store last weekend
[08:01]: so we'll see so we've got six and a half
[08:06]: minutes left and we'll come back and I'm
[08:10]: gonna go ahead and get ready they're
[08:11]: supposed to put these into ice water for
[08:13]: ten minutes before you peel them
[08:21]: okay it's been eight minutes I do want
[08:26]: to say if you have a coil stove that
[08:29]: stays really really hot you might want
[08:30]: to take it off of the burner I don't
[08:32]: bother with that on my stove it's
[08:34]: induction and it doesn't stay very hot
[08:36]: so this is the poor little egg that
[08:44]: cracked a little bit that is the chef's
[08:49]: tester that's what I call it the ugly
[08:52]: ones I get to eat
[08:54]: so I'm putting these into an ice water
[08:57]: bath and they're gonna sit for ten
[09:01]: minutes not make you sit there and watch
[09:07]: ten minutes or even fast-forward through
[09:09]: this we'll set up somewhere else to show
[09:12]: you how these peels I guess we'll see a
[09:17]: little concerned sometimes eggs are
[09:20]: stubborn all right I'm gonna set a timer
[09:23]: for 10 minutes
[09:27]: and we'll be right back
[09:30]: so my eggs have been in the ice water
[09:33]: bath which is not very icy anymore for
[09:36]: ten minutes plus a little bit I'm going
[09:40]: to open this one up and well there it
[09:43]: goes and see if I can peel it and make
[09:46]: sure that it is done like I said I
[09:49]: usually go a little bit longer so I am
[09:57]: excused the potential background noise
[09:60]: there but I'm gonna so I'm gonna test
[10:05]: this one first to make sure that it is
[10:08]: hard-boiled since this is my ugly one
[10:11]: that's the perfect tester
[10:17]: so here we go dry it off since it was in
[10:26]: the in the water and had this little hmm
[10:30]: that's shut off my fingers that's an
[10:36]: interesting little honeycomb effect so
[10:40]: this is perfect way to test to see if
[10:42]: this is hard-boiled or not and it is
[10:48]: that seems pretty perfect okay I'm not
[10:51]: gonna make you watch me actually peel
[10:56]: all these eggs relatively
[10:59]: self-explanatory I have no tricks to
[11:01]: help you peel them and make them
[11:03]: beautiful so we'll be back when they're
[11:06]: all done okay so we peeled all the eggs
[11:10]: and some of them feels great some of
[11:12]: them didn't so you know some won't be
[11:14]: pretty some of them won't but they'll
[11:15]: all taste good we have the yolks right
[11:18]: here and the whites I've put on my
[11:20]: deviled egg tray just waiting for the
[11:24]: yolks to be done so the method here is
[11:26]: we combine some of the stuff in a food
[11:29]: processor and get it very smooth and
[11:32]: then we pass it through a sieve to make
[11:34]: sure it's really really smooth and then
[11:36]: we add the other stuff so first we're
[11:37]: gonna add our yolks to the food
[11:42]: processor
[11:47]: and then we've got our creme fraiche
[11:51]: that we made it's been in our
[11:54]: refrigerator has another one of these
[11:58]: lovely plunge e measuring cups and I
[12:05]: need I'm gonna do this okay anything do
[12:10]: this every time I need a tablespoon of
[12:12]: this I'm not going to be too precise
[12:17]: about that and then need to put some
[12:26]: some of the juice from the corniche all
[12:28]: in here okay so now I puree this until
[12:56]: it's very smooth
[13:03]: I'm gonna stop and scrape it at least
[13:07]: once make sure we get everything
[13:10]: incorporated well
[13:28]: okay I think that's probably about as
[13:32]: smooth as we're going to get with that
[13:35]: so I have my sieve and wool ready here
[13:45]: scrape all this into the bowl
[13:48]: get a hold though hold the blade so it
[13:52]: doesn't fall out on you okay and now
[14:02]: we're just going to force this through
[14:12]: [Music]
[14:14]: spatula here just scrape the other side
[14:26]: I actually went through fairly easily
[14:53]: I'm right-handed so I want to switch so
[15:01]: I got our yolks and now we add some
[15:06]: cornichon we chopped these up and ended
[15:10]: up being I think about four of these
[15:12]: little guys I found these at Whole Foods
[15:16]: but I think just about any grocery store
[15:19]: has those these days I think I saw them
[15:22]: at my regular grocery store as well some
[15:26]: shallots that I minced and it's really
[15:29]: fine and some butter some melted
[15:37]: unsalted butter I've never put butter in
[15:43]: my in my eggs before my deviled eggs
[15:50]: before but you know I've also never put
[15:52]: sour cream or creme fraiche in there
[15:53]: before so that's new and then that was
[15:57]: the cider mayo that we made already
[15:60]: there's another recipe another video for
[16:03]: that if you want to know how to make
[16:04]: that some salt then ten twists of pepper
[16:14]: and then you just fold this together
[16:33]: so you fold that up together get it all
[16:36]: mixed in and that is the filling done
[16:40]: I'm gonna take a quick break and clean
[16:45]: up a little bit and get the yolks over
[16:48]: here and fill them up with our mixture
[16:53]: all right done some cleanup and I have
[16:56]: my egg whites the yolk mixture and some
[17:02]: of the garnishes here speaking of she
[17:06]: suggests pickled green tomatoes I was
[17:09]: able to find this also at Whole Foods
[17:12]: they are due south
[17:15]: all natural mean green tomatoes pickled
[17:18]: green tomatoes so there is not a recipe
[17:20]: for pickled green tomatoes in the book
[17:22]: so I did not feel the need to make those
[17:24]: myself but I found some I have I don't
[17:28]: have the kind of pepper that she
[17:29]: suggests to garnish with but we have
[17:32]: both smoked and regular sweet paprika
[17:35]: you're like pansies in case you couldn't
[17:37]: tell we have some chives that I cut up a
[17:43]: little bit and so those are the three
[17:45]: optional garnishes that she suggests
[17:51]: let's see she also suggests using you
[17:55]: know a piping bag with a star tip I do
[17:57]: not have a star tip that's big enough
[18:00]: really to let the even the minced
[18:04]: peppers go through and so I'm just not
[18:07]: gonna worry about that I usually use a
[18:10]: sandwich bag I put all this in there cut
[18:13]: off the corner and then fill them up
[18:15]: with that so that's what we're gonna do
[18:17]: now
[18:19]: [Music]
[18:28]: holding down the top of your bag is a
[18:31]: good idea though if you're gonna use
[18:32]: this keeps it from getting too messy
[18:37]: when you go to close it
[18:46]: and if you want to if you need to you
[18:50]: know if you want to have these later you
[18:53]: can store these separately store the
[18:56]: whites I usually would store them in a
[18:59]: plastic container with some paper towels
[19:02]: because they will give off some water or
[19:05]: in a plastic bag with paper towels and
[19:09]: then you can store this just like it is
[19:12]: in the refrigerator and then when you're
[19:13]: ready slip it off and be ready to go
[19:16]: alright so here we go
[19:25]: [Music]
[19:43]: and now we have huh I'm going to go
[19:48]: ahead and say let's do a few with the
[19:51]: smoked paprika my husband were you enjoy
[19:53]: stuff Rica I suggested that I do that so
[19:58]: I'll do a few
[20:13]: do some over here sweet paprika
[20:27]: the smoked paprika isn't spicy it's just
[20:30]: smoky I really like it in chilies and
[20:33]: things like that I usually have some one
[20:37]: hand do you see that my think is right
[20:43]: there so I can just put things in there
[20:51]: [Music]
[21:03]: I am quite obviously not a food stylist
[21:07]: but you know it's always taste good
[21:20]: just
[21:30]: okay and then the rest I'm going to put
[21:34]: some of these slivers of pickled green
[21:38]: tomato on there and you could I'm sure
[21:44]: you could combine them one or the other
[21:48]: or both and put some tomato and some
[21:53]: peppery go on whatever you like this
[21:58]: part is entirely up to you
[22:09]: all right
[22:12]: and there we have the classic deviled
[22:15]: eggs from pool the pools diner cookbook
[22:19]: [Music]
[22:32]: so we made the classic deviled eggs from
[22:36]: the pools diner cookbook and I have to
[22:42]: say they were fairly easy a few more
[22:47]: steps than my usual recipe though so but
[22:52]: there were no no big gotchas besides the
[22:54]: usual eggs are hard to peel sometimes
[22:57]: and there's not a great method to get
[23:01]: around that although I guess I haven't
[23:03]: tried poking a hole in it yet maybe I
[23:06]: will try it next time I did learn that
[23:08]: eight minutes was perfectly fine on my
[23:10]: stove bring it to a boil and cover it
[23:13]: but with the with the heat off for eight
[23:15]: minutes perfect hard-boiled eggs the
[23:17]: center's were nice no gray ring around
[23:21]: the yolk very good that was that was
[23:24]: good but my family did not love them I
[23:29]: thought they were they were good but I
[23:32]: think we all prefer my usual recipe
[23:35]: which is not really a recipe I kind of
[23:37]: just throw things in usually some sweet
[23:41]: pickles instead of the much saltier and
[23:47]: then a more vinegary cornichon that that
[23:51]: she calls for my husband who does not
[23:53]: like pickles very much at all thought
[23:57]: they were very they were too pickling
[23:59]: and he thinks that the they didn't need
[24:01]: the the juice from the pickles in them
[24:05]: it was good I may incorporate some of
[24:09]: the things that she did into my recipe
[24:13]: maybe I'll use sour cream or creme
[24:17]: fraiche with Mayo in my other recipe and
[24:21]: tried to try that out and see if we like
[24:23]: that better but probably won't make
[24:25]: these as is again but it was it was
[24:29]: probably the first recipe that we've
[24:32]: made that did not have anything really
[24:36]: difficult in it or anything that gave me
[24:40]: any stumbling blocks
[24:41]: and I was very happy that the counter
[24:43]: countertop creme fraiche worked because
[24:45]: I try to make that before and it didn't
[24:47]: so all in all worth it probably won't
[24:51]: make again thanks for watching okay
[24:59]: definitely a rolling boil so I'm going
[25:02]: to I got the wrong lid oh my goodness