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Strawberry Lemonade

Brown Sugar Kitchen

Strawberry lemonade is one of the non-alcoholic drinks I will indulge in at a restaurant if they have it, but this one is a great homemade version! Squeeze some lemons, cut up some strawberries, whir everything up in a blender, and let it chill. Super easy and a delicious result!

We've made an alcoholic version of strawberry lemonade before, from Drinking French. You can find that one here: But I must say, this takes the addition of a bit of alcohol very, very well. We tried it with vodka, rum, and bourbon, and all were equally delicious. (I'm sure if you like gin it would be good too, but we don't.) I bet tequila would make it taste like the best strawberry margarita you've ever had!

You can find the full recipe here:

Serving Sizeper 1 cup serving
Carbohydrates46g (2g sugar, 1g fiber)


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[00:05]: hello and welcome to cooking the books
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[00:08]: on this episode we're going to be making
[00:10]: strawberry lemonade
[00:11]: from tonya holland's brown sugar kitchen
[00:13]: book but
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[00:18]: be really quick
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[00:33]: every day around here different things
[00:35]: that i'm cooking or
[00:37]: even buying around my area but let's get
[00:40]: ready
[00:41]: for some strawberry lemonade it's
[00:43]: strawberry season and we are
[00:45]: so so excited it's our family's favorite
[00:48]: fruit so
[00:49]: um the first thing we need to do for
[00:52]: this and i'm not sure why we're doing it
[00:54]: honestly considering what happens next
[00:56]: but we're making some
[00:57]: lemon sugar i have some lemon zest
[01:01]: that i use the microplane for if you
[01:02]: don't have one of those
[01:04]: just finely diced or whatever would or
[01:06]: even strings would be fine because we
[01:08]: are going to be putting this in the
[01:11]: blender in a little bit
[01:13]: so all of your any pieces that you have
[01:15]: that are too big will
[01:16]: should get blended up but we're sort of
[01:19]: mixing this
[01:20]: in the sugar and i'm not gonna be
[01:24]: too um i don't know
[01:28]: uh perfect about trying to get it all
[01:30]: mixed in just because like i said i know
[01:32]: we're going to be
[01:34]: blending it but she says that you can
[01:36]: make this ahead of time and have it
[01:38]: um store it probably in the refrigerator
[01:41]: for about three days
[01:43]: seems like it would it would last longer
[01:46]: but whatever
[01:47]: all right that's pretty well mixed up
[01:50]: then we have our blender you could also
[01:52]: use a food processor and i'm going to
[01:53]: put in my strawberries
[01:55]: that i've already mine are fresh you
[01:57]: could also use frozen
[01:59]: i just washed them cut the hole off cut
[02:02]: the green part off
[02:03]: and then i just made them into like
[02:05]: halved or quartered depending on how big
[02:07]: they were
[02:08]: that's not in the recipe but i just
[02:10]: thought that they would blend better
[02:11]: that way
[02:12]: and we're going to put all of our lemon
[02:13]: sugar in here
[02:21]: all right and we're going to blend this
[02:26]: uh yeah we're going to blend this
[02:29]: until uh everything's sort of liquefied
[02:32]: and the sugar is dissolved and it's all
[02:36]: oh
[02:37]: it would help if i plug it in so
[02:41]: i am let's see it's just process so i'm
[02:44]: just going to hit
[02:46]: puree on my machine
[02:50]: i let that go a pretty long time just to
[02:51]: make sure that our everything is all
[02:54]: liquefied and i think
[02:57]: we're good and one of the things is
[03:00]: we're not straining out the seeds in
[03:03]: this but you could if those bother you
[03:06]: um strawberry seeds are kind of little
[03:09]: and get stuck in your teeth which
[03:11]: it's a little bit annoying but i'm sure
[03:13]: it will be fine
[03:14]: so like i said we're not straining out
[03:16]: the seeds but i am going to strain out
[03:18]: um
[03:18]: the we're not sure about the strawberry
[03:20]: seeds but i am going to make sure i
[03:21]: don't get any lemon seeds in here so
[03:23]: i'm putting this in a two quart pitcher
[03:27]: i'm just gonna pour it in
[03:31]: try to get as much out as i can
[03:36]: smells delicious like strawberries
[03:42]: okay
[03:45]: and then we stir in our
[03:48]: lemon juice which i've squeezed from a
[03:51]: lot
[03:52]: of fresh lemons and i'm just gonna
[03:57]: get the pulp and the seeds
[04:02]: into this fine mesh strainer
[04:10]: and carefully without
[04:13]: let me go over the edge of my
[04:17]: picture just make sure it gets all
[04:19]: through there
[04:20]: the pulp will kind of keep it from going
[04:22]: through as easily
[04:27]: this was more than a full bag of lemons
[04:30]: so
[04:30]: that we had so there's a lot of lemons
[04:36]: i don't care about the pulp but i do
[04:37]: care about the seeds so
[04:40]: make sure get it all off the bottom
[04:44]: and then we add some water
[04:53]: we're going to stir this up and we're
[04:54]: going to put it in the refrigerator and
[04:56]: let it chill
[04:58]: and that will be it and we'll let you
[04:59]: know what it looks like and we're gonna
[05:01]: serve it with
[05:02]: uh some fresh strawberries as garnish
[05:06]: all right we'll let you know in just a
[05:07]: second what we think
[05:12]: on this episode of cooking the books
[05:14]: with heather you watched me make
[05:15]: strawberry lemonade
[05:16]: from tonya holland's brown sugar kitchen
[05:19]: cookbook
[05:20]: i have to say i loved it it was
[05:23]: delicious
[05:24]: it was slightly
[05:28]: tart for most of the members of my
[05:31]: family we added
[05:33]: a little bit of simple syrup to two
[05:36]: hours
[05:37]: because it just felt a little tart our
[05:38]: lemons might have been just extra tart
[05:40]: right then
[05:41]: who knows um so
[05:44]: it but one member of our family liked it
[05:46]: just fine as it was
[05:48]: my son which is kind of odd but he liked
[05:51]: it just fine as it was but it's easy to
[05:54]: add a little more sweetness if you want
[05:55]: and then you can't take
[05:57]: you can't take it away so
[05:60]: uh it does require like a blender or a
[06:02]: food processor to blend the strawberries
[06:04]: all
[06:04]: up but uh it was really really good we
[06:08]: enjoyed it
[06:08]: um the kids enjoyed it and then the
[06:11]: adults enjoyed it sometimes with a
[06:13]: little addition
[06:14]: of alcohol so it was a great sort of
[06:16]: mixer
[06:17]: base tasted we tried it with rum vodka
[06:21]: and i think bourbon
[06:22]: and all of those were good in it so if
[06:25]: you want to make sort of a
[06:26]: summery adult drink you could make a big
[06:30]: batch of this
[06:31]: and have it by the pool and
[06:35]: with a little bit of alcohol in it for
[06:36]: the adults or
[06:38]: not for the kids and you know it's
[06:41]: it doesn't take very long and all it is
[06:44]: is
[06:45]: strawberries and lemonade or
[06:48]: strawberries and lemon juice and a
[06:51]: little bit of sugar
[06:51]: and lemon zest um so it's
[06:55]: not that hard and it's uh it it makes a
[06:58]: good batch so
[07:00]: yeah i would i will definitely be making
[07:02]: this one again
[07:04]: so i hope that you will too let me know
[07:07]: if you do down in the comments
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