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Strawberry Spiked Limonade

Drinking French

You get two recipes in one here! There's the basic limonade, which is a sparkling lemonade, and then we spike it with some of the strawberry liqueur we made from the same book previously.

Strawberry Liqueur recipe video:


[00:00]: [Music]
[00:05]: so chilled our strawberry liqueur
[00:08]: overnight and we're just fun taste it as
[00:11]: is we did make it for another recipe
[00:13]: which we're going to show you now we
[00:15]: made this partially because we wanted to
[00:17]: have the strawberry spiked lemonade
[00:20]: Lehman odd which is a sparkling lemonade
[00:23]: that's also in the book to make this we
[00:26]: have to make a lemon syrup and then we
[00:30]: have to chill it before we add sparkling
[00:33]: water and and then per drink you can add
[00:38]: the strawberry liqueur you drink it as
[00:44]: it is obviously our children will be
[00:46]: trying it as is see what they think
[00:48]: we're gonna try it probably spiked with
[00:50]: the strawberry of the court but to make
[00:52]: the syrup
[00:54]: we're gonna go heavy on the sugar he has
[00:57]: if you like a Tartar lemonade he says
[01:00]: you know go a little bit less we're
[01:03]: gonna go a little bit higher because we
[01:06]: like our lemonade a little bit on the
[01:07]: sweet side so this is the sugar I
[01:12]: squeeze the lemons and I use this juicer
[01:18]: but it does have some kind of large
[01:20]: holes so a few of the smaller seeds got
[01:22]: in I'm going to add about half of the
[01:26]: lemon juice but I'm going to strain it
[01:31]: so it doesn't get the beads
[01:44]: that's good enough and then we'll strain
[01:47]: the rest before we add it too but I
[01:49]: should learn to make sure I strained it
[01:52]: just because as you can see there's a
[01:54]: few seeds hands are of course clean as
[01:58]: they always are these days all right and
[02:02]: then to this we also add it this is
[02:07]: lemon zest he does not say how to make
[02:11]: this lemon zest whether to microplane it
[02:15]: or to cut it off in strips and I decided
[02:17]: it was going to be easiest for me just
[02:19]: to cut it off in strips rather than
[02:20]: microplane all of it and should be fine
[02:25]: so we're gonna put this in here and all
[02:27]: that we have to do here is to I don't
[02:30]: think there's any water no no water till
[02:33]: we add the sparkling water we're going
[02:34]: to bring this up to temperature just
[02:38]: just enough so that the sugar dissolves
[02:42]: completely and then we're gonna let it
[02:44]: cool to room temperature we're gonna
[02:46]: strain it and then we're gonna put it in
[02:49]: the refrigerator and we'll be back and
[02:50]: show you at that step when it's cold
[02:53]: what we're gonna do with it so I
[02:55]: strained the lemon syrup that we made
[03:00]: took you got the lemon zest out of it
[03:03]: after it cooled to room temperature into
[03:05]: this pitcher I just added and I chilled
[03:09]: it and now I've just added also the rest
[03:11]: of the lemon juice that I also chilled
[03:14]: and now because this recipe does not
[03:18]: call for a an amount that is equal to
[03:22]: the amount of sparkling water that is
[03:24]: equal to the sparkling water bottles
[03:27]: that I have it's it's different I am
[03:30]: going to measure that on my scale
[03:37]: because it's one full bottle plus some
[03:40]: so we're gonna add this is just
[03:42]: sparkling water or just carbonated water
[03:44]: if you have like a SodaStream or
[03:46]: whatever that will do that for you
[03:47]: that's great use
[03:49]: less less plastic but this is we're not
[03:55]: we're not big on carbonated water so
[03:57]: we're just using these bottles and we
[04:05]: get the right amount and this has also
[04:08]: been chilled so all of this will be cold
[04:16]: there we go it's a little bit more it's
[04:18]: fine and that is it for the sparkling
[04:24]: lemonade the Lima nod from drinking
[04:28]: French we are going to make the
[04:32]: strawberry spiked lemonade a little bit
[04:37]: later but everyone let the kids try it
[04:38]: as is let's know how they like it
[04:42]: [Music]
[04:51]: we've made our Lima nod the sparkling
[04:56]: lemonade
[04:56]: we've made our strawberry liqueur and
[04:60]: now we're going to combine those two
[05:02]: things in a strawberry spiked lemonade
[05:05]: also from drinking French first we're
[05:09]: going to I'm gonna make one serving of
[05:11]: this so just because you have to muddle
[05:15]: strawberries and anyway so to medium
[05:19]: strawberries in this I'm going to cut
[05:23]: them up a little bit so that they will
[05:27]: muddle easier because you are basically
[05:31]: going to liquefy these medium sure and
[05:40]: you're going to add to this some of the
[05:43]: strawberry liqueur from the recipe but
[05:46]: not all this is gonna be fun
[05:60]: go I've got my muddler and I am going to
[06:05]: just basically found this try to get
[06:14]: them I got my I don't try to get these
[06:20]: liquefied maybe I shouldn't have sliced
[06:27]: them up because now they're kind of kind
[06:30]: of chasing them around with the muddler
[06:36]: so that's not fun that's why next time
[06:42]: we're gonna try it without that now see
[06:45]: what works better with some effort I've
[06:53]: gotten that done and now we're going to
[06:56]: um let's see he does this in the glass
[07:01]: it's hard to muddle things in our
[07:04]: glasses and eaten my husband's afraid
[07:05]: I'm gonna break it so I'm gonna do it in
[07:07]: here even though I'm not gonna shake it
[07:08]: just about that we're gonna add the rest
[07:13]: of our strawberry liqueur yeah not too
[07:24]: bad and the sparkly lemonade that we
[07:30]: made
[07:39]: and you should drink the sparkling
[07:41]: lemonade you know close to when you make
[07:43]: it because it has fizz in it so and I
[07:49]: think you just yeah he says if you're
[07:52]: you can use store-bought lemonade for
[07:55]: this and if you do you might want to add
[07:56]: some extra lemon but just serve this
[08:02]: perfect in a glass you can garnish it
[08:09]: with a strawberry if you want
[08:12]: I'm not going to right now but there we
[08:16]: go strawberries spiked lemonade that's
[08:25]: pretty good
[08:26]: [Music]
[08:34]: if you yeah if you want a little more
[08:37]: lemon or a little more sugar you can add
[08:38]: some more simple syrup but I think this
[08:41]: is pretty good I'm enjoying it we really
[08:43]: did the kids didn't so much like the
[08:48]: sparkling lemonade but they don't like
[08:52]: fizzy drinks in general plus it may have
[08:56]: been a little tart for them I'm glad I
[08:58]: went with the entire amount of sugar
[09:01]: that he requested that he suggested
[09:04]: instead of half of it which is expect
[09:06]: between half and this whole amount we
[09:09]: went with the whole amount because it is
[09:12]: a little bit tart it was kind of tart
[09:14]: kind of sweet I mean it was great for me
[09:17]: the kids didn't love it but we're going
[09:20]: to enjoy these and if you enjoyed
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