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Sweet Coleslaw

Whole Hog BBQ

I have never made a coleslaw recipe like this before, despite having grown up here in the land of Sweet Coleslaw. Sure, I've added a little sugar to my coleslaw before, but this much? Never. I had no clue.

But this does taste just like the slaw you get at many barbecue restaurants around here. It would be perfect on a bbq sandwich, especially with a tangy, spicy Eastern NC style sauce on it.

I definitely suggest using a food processor for preparing this cabbage! It would take forever to cut it small enough by hand, that's for sure. In mine, though, it took much less time than the recipe suggests it might to get small enough. I think if I went much longer we would be looking at cabbage paste instead of slaw.

I found the full recipe here:

Serving Sizeserves 8, very generously
Carbohydrates37g (2g fiber, 35g sugar)


[00:00]: foreign
[00:05]: hello and welcome to cooking the books
[00:07]: with Heather today we're going to be
[00:09]: working again from Sam Jones's
[00:11]: um cookbook called Whole Hog Barbecue
[00:14]: and we are going to be making sweet
[00:17]: coleslaw
[00:18]: and when I tell you this is sweet it's
[00:20]: going to be sweet
[00:22]: um I have never made a super sweet
[00:25]: coleslaw before it's very standard here
[00:28]: in North Carolina it's it's not unusual
[00:30]: but
[00:33]: I was a little shocked by the amount of
[00:35]: sugar in this recipe
[00:37]: I think I've said that for like two
[00:39]: recipes in a row from this book
[00:41]: but
[00:42]: anyway so we are going to first make the
[00:46]: dressing so he says to make the dressing
[00:48]: in a separate bowl and then put chop up
[00:50]: the cabbage and and then put it on top
[00:52]: I'm just gonna make the dressing and
[00:54]: then as I chop up the Cabbage because
[00:55]: we're going to have to do it in batches
[00:57]: um
[00:58]: put it in here so I've already got my
[01:01]: cabbage uh
[01:03]: Wade because he says a head of cabbage
[01:06]: my cabbage was pretty large so he also
[01:09]: gave a pound measurement so I took a
[01:12]: portion of my very large head of cabbage
[01:14]: and cut them into basically sort of one
[01:17]: inch
[01:19]: chunks so that we don't overwork the
[01:22]: food processor that we're going to use
[01:24]: to chop it which is a lot easier than
[01:26]: doing this by hand trust me
[01:28]: um
[01:29]: and so I'm going to make the dressing in
[01:31]: here and it's very simple I've got
[01:34]: a little bit of mayonnaise I use Dukes
[01:36]: very surprised
[01:39]: um how little of this dressing there is
[01:42]: for that amount of cabbage but we'll see
[01:44]: how it works I'm sure it will anyway
[01:47]: um and then this is Miracle Whip so it's
[01:52]: salad dressing such as Miracle Whip
[01:54]: I mean miracle Whip's the only one I
[01:57]: know so that's what we're using here
[02:02]: so we've got both in this recipe which
[02:04]: is interesting
[02:07]: um
[02:07]: now we have
[02:09]: like I said quite a lot of granulated
[02:12]: sugar
[02:16]: and the only other thing we need to add
[02:18]: is some
[02:21]: uh
[02:22]: yellow mustard just a little bit of that
[02:24]: so
[02:30]: I'd already used
[02:32]: my
[02:36]: my plungy thing
[02:39]: so I'm just
[02:43]: this way
[02:45]: ah great
[02:50]: so
[02:52]: and
[02:55]: I've also used my whisk
[02:59]: which I may need to wash and use again
[03:01]: but I'm going to try just mix it up with
[03:03]: this one
[03:10]: once you add the sugar that really bulks
[03:12]: up that dressing doesn't it
[03:14]: kind of makes sense I mean
[03:16]: sugar is generally treated as a
[03:19]: wet ingredient
[03:21]: baking
[03:23]: all right shockingly there's no salt in
[03:27]: this recipe it's just sugar
[03:30]: and of course whatever little bits of
[03:32]: salt are in the
[03:34]: Miracle Whip mayonnaise and
[03:37]: mustard
[03:39]: so I want to call that good
[03:41]: and we're going to get out the food
[03:42]: processor
[03:44]: okay so we're supposed to fill this uh
[03:46]: to the halfway point
[03:49]: no more
[03:57]: so I think that's about it
[04:00]: um
[04:01]: pulse six times then run it for 30 to 60
[04:05]: seconds until it's finely chopped
[04:07]: um
[04:08]: we we are not going for like a very fine
[04:12]: minced paste but pretty finely chopped
[04:14]: so
[04:27]: all right that was way less than 30
[04:30]: seconds but I think that is fine because
[04:32]: we're getting really close to immense
[04:34]: and then
[04:36]: we're just gonna
[04:39]: probably get another
[04:41]: spatula to help me get this out of here
[04:43]: so I don't kill myself with that blade
[04:46]: so I've got one that's already got some
[04:50]: Nicks and scratches on it so
[04:55]: worry too much about scratching it up
[04:58]: again
[05:00]: there we go and I'm just going to keep
[05:03]: doing that
[05:05]: until we get through this whole Bowl
[05:09]: of uh cabbage and maybe even go a little
[05:13]: bit less time
[05:15]: than that because that looks really
[05:17]: small to me
[05:18]: close to what he has very close so not
[05:21]: too much less
[05:25]: [Music]
[05:33]: all right now we're just mixing
[05:38]: that into
[05:50]: the very sweet dressing
[05:57]: that's it I think that's a decent amount
[05:59]: of dressing it will probably start
[06:01]: leaching a little bit of
[06:03]: fluid gets a little bit wet you can see
[06:06]: that in the picture where there's a
[06:08]: little bit of like
[06:09]: wateriness in the bottom and he says
[06:12]: this is best day of
[06:16]: because it loses its crispness overnight
[06:18]: we are going to be serving it tomorrow
[06:20]: but I might give it a taste
[06:21]: tonight to see what we think and what
[06:24]: the difference is if it's a you know a
[06:26]: big difference just because I didn't
[06:28]: want to have to do this tomorrow
[06:30]: so
[06:32]: there we go
[06:33]: we will let you know what we think
[06:36]: in just a minute
[06:37]: [Music]
[06:44]: instead of cooking the books with
[06:45]: Heather you watched me make sweet
[06:47]: coleslaw from Sam Jones's cookbook
[06:52]: um
[06:53]: Whole Hog Barbecue
[06:55]: so
[06:57]: I've never made this particular coleslaw
[06:59]: before and I was
[07:03]: shocked to say the least at the amount
[07:05]: of sugar in it I knew that a lot of
[07:09]: Southern Cooks made a very sweet
[07:11]: coleslaw
[07:14]: um but I personally have never made that
[07:16]: before sometimes I'll put a little sugar
[07:18]: in mine but not usually that much
[07:20]: there was more sugar in this than
[07:22]: mayonnaise
[07:23]: plus Miracle Whip
[07:25]: so
[07:27]: that's a lot
[07:29]: um but it turns out pretty much exactly
[07:32]: like the coleslaw you get at most
[07:35]: barbecue places here when you're when
[07:37]: you get a mayonnaise-based sweet
[07:40]: coleslaw there are several kinds of
[07:43]: coleslaw that you can get in this in
[07:45]: North Carolina in the general vicinity
[07:47]: but sweet coleslaw I think is the most
[07:50]: prevalent and so
[07:52]: um it tasted just like say the coleslaw
[07:55]: that we would get at
[07:57]: um I think Smithfield chicken and
[07:58]: barbecue tasted just like that
[08:01]: um tastes just like the coleslaw that
[08:04]: you would put on a barbecue sandwich
[08:05]: sandwich that you would get on a
[08:08]: barbecue sandwich at almost any barbecue
[08:11]: restaurant
[08:13]: um so it was exactly what I expected the
[08:16]: only thing I have to say about it is
[08:19]: about the recipe itself is that it did
[08:21]: not take nearly
[08:24]: 30 seconds
[08:26]: to in my food processor to get it to a
[08:30]: very small size if I had gone more than
[08:32]: like
[08:33]: about 10 seconds I think it was I talked
[08:36]: about it when when I was doing it but
[08:38]: it was getting close to Pace
[08:42]: in my food processor so
[08:45]: you certainly don't have to do it that
[08:48]: long
[08:49]: I would use a food processor though it
[08:52]: would be really
[08:54]: time consuming and
[08:57]: uh I need a lot of muscle
[08:60]: to
[09:01]: get it to this consistency without that
[09:05]: you can grade it using like a box grater
[09:08]: but that gets a little dangerous because
[09:11]: cabbage is made up a bunch of a bunch of
[09:14]: leaves and it tends to move around so
[09:18]: I do suggest using a food processor for
[09:22]: this but
[09:23]: yeah if if you're looking for that kind
[09:25]: of coleslaw this is the perfect recipe
[09:27]: for you you should give it a try and if
[09:29]: you do let me know in the comments down
[09:31]: below what you think and
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