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Rub Potion Number Swine

Whole Hog BBQ

This is a pretty standard rub, used often for pork or chicken before it goes on the smoker. It includes both sugar and salt; some rubs don't have salt so you can salt appropriately in other ways without over-salting. We have used this on both pork and chicken now, and both were first brined in a salt and sugar mixture. Neither ended up too salty, so that worked out fine, but the recipes we used them for were specifically for this rub. Use caution with added salt, but it's not a particularly salty rub, in my opinion.

Sam Jones has this recipe on his site here:

Serving Sizeper 1/4 cup
Carbohydrates32g (6g fiber, 2g sugar)


[00:00]: [Music]
[00:04]: hello and welcome to cooking the books
[00:06]: with Heather today we're doing sort of a
[00:09]: recipe that we need for other things in
[00:13]: the Sam Jones uh book Whole Hog Barbecue
[00:18]: um
[00:18]: and we're going to be making a robe he
[00:21]: calls this rub Potion Number swine
[00:25]: uh and he uses it for obviously
[00:29]: pork but also chicken so we'll probably
[00:34]: post this first and then you'll see what
[00:36]: we use it for and I'll hopefully
[00:38]: remember to come back and Link that up
[00:39]: here but uh it's just
[00:42]: a standard sort of rub that you put on
[00:46]: Meats before you smoke them or barbecue
[00:49]: them or whatever
[00:52]: it's got
[00:53]: nine ingredients
[00:56]: interesting so
[00:59]: first thing I'm going to put in here is
[01:03]: brown sugar this is light brown sugar
[01:07]: and then we have paprika
[01:10]: there's this makes a very large batch he
[01:12]: says it makes three and a half cups so I
[01:16]: will probably put it all into a like a
[01:19]: quart
[01:20]: uh Ziploc bag when we're done and this
[01:25]: is salt I went with iodized
[01:28]: salt because that's what I had but like
[01:30]: table salt not kosher
[01:33]: there's uh no indication of what to use
[01:37]: here not particular type of salt so
[01:40]: table salt is usually what he goes with
[01:42]: I believe that's what he puts on
[01:44]: the whole hog when he does that
[01:47]: and then we have
[01:49]: a lot of ground black pepper we started
[01:53]: trying to Fresh grind it and that was
[01:55]: taking for absolute ever even with my
[01:58]: um battery operated grinder so we did
[02:01]: end up going with some pre-ground stuff
[02:02]: we had so that was mostly what it is
[02:06]: um
[02:07]: mustard so this is just ground mustard
[02:10]: powder
[02:13]: chili powder
[02:15]: this is just a mix of you know chilies
[02:17]: and
[02:18]: cumin and a bunch of stuff
[02:21]: um let's see what's next oh we have a
[02:24]: little bit of onion powder
[02:28]: uh I missed the garlic powder mine is
[02:31]: very powdery this batch this one that I
[02:35]: got is a super fine grind
[02:38]: um and cayenne pepper so it's
[02:43]: not a lot of cayenne but it might be a
[02:46]: little bit spicy but there is sugar in
[02:48]: it to sort of
[02:49]: help that along and I'm going to just
[02:53]: whisk it all together until it's
[02:55]: completely mixed up
[02:59]: yeah sure
[03:03]: all right I think that's the best we're
[03:05]: gonna do there are a few little lumps in
[03:07]: it but that's okay
[03:10]: and it did make me sneeze at least once
[03:12]: and it's trying to make me see skin
[03:14]: oh
[03:16]: but
[03:18]: that is it for this recipe
[03:20]: um
[03:21]: hopefully be very short you can take a
[03:24]: look at it and just refer to it when we
[03:27]: use it
[03:28]: other times so hope you enjoyed watching
[03:31]: it
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