The author and cook, Heather

Welcome to Cooking the Books with Heather

A brief introduction to Cooking the Books with Heather.

On this channel, I'm cooking recipes from the cookbooks of restaurant chefs to show you how easy (or hard) they are for a home cook.


[00:05]: Hi, and welcome to Cooking the Books with Heather.
[00:09]: I'm Heather.
[00:11]: I am a relatively accomplished home cook, and I love eating out, and a lot of my favorite
[00:16]: restaurants (or restauranteurs) have come out with cookbooks.
[00:21]: So what I'm going to do for you on this channel is to make those recipes and let you know
[00:27]: just how easily you can do them at home.
[00:31]: Or maybe not so easily.
[00:33]: Join me.
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