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Sweet Heat Side of Salmon

This Will Make It Taste Good

My children ADORE salmon, so this recipe for whole side of salmon cooked on the grill and topped with a sweet, tangy, and potentially spicy glaze seemed like a home run. It was! I left out the jalapeño seeds just in case, but I don't think it would be very spicy even with them. The sweetness of the Sweet Potential (we used apple) should help offset a lot of the heat from the chiles. I'll try it next time with them for sure.

I cooked this on the grill, and the skin crisped up beautifully. If you don't have access to a grill, you can certainly roast it in the oven instead. The skin won't get crispy that way, but the salmon will still be delicious!

Interestingly, this recipe I found online seems to be mostly halved, except for the arugula:

Serving Sizeserves 8
Carbohydrates34g (1g fiber, 31g sugar)


[00:00]: [Music]
[00:04]: hello and welcome to cooking the books
[00:07]: with Heather on this episode we're going
[00:09]: to be working from uh Vivian Howard's
[00:12]: this will make it taste good and we're
[00:13]: going to be making
[00:15]: something once again with the
[00:17]: sweet potential the Apple sweet
[00:19]: potential that we made recently I'll
[00:21]: link that up here it's basically sort of
[00:25]: fruit and syrup
[00:26]: if you don't have it you could use a jam
[00:29]: or fruit preserves it'll be fine
[00:33]: uh basically want something very sweet
[00:35]: uh like I said ours is Apple but it also
[00:38]: has some lemons in there and I'm using
[00:40]: these here uh I didn't bother taking
[00:42]: those out because we're going to first
[00:45]: puree this so I'm going to do that right
[00:48]: now
[00:49]: um she says in a blender so I have
[00:53]: uh
[00:54]: there we go
[00:56]: lock that in place whatever we'll see if
[00:60]: I can get that to come down I'm just
[01:02]: going to puree it as much as I can
[01:07]: thank you
[01:12]: looks pretty good that's an interesting
[01:14]: uh
[01:16]: color it's almost like applesauce
[01:20]: now let me take this away and we'll
[01:23]: continue making what is basically a
[01:27]: glaze that's going to go on our salmon
[01:30]: um
[01:31]: pretty sure I said we're making these
[01:33]: sweet heat side of salmon so it's a
[01:35]: whole side of salmon
[01:37]: and we're making this a little bit early
[01:39]: because we want it to be light outside
[01:40]: because we're going to be working on the
[01:43]: grill so now we're going to combine
[01:47]: some things with our sweet potential
[01:50]: that has been pureed that I'm going to
[01:53]: try to get as much out of
[01:56]: this as I can
[01:59]: answer it
[02:04]: this is a nice
[02:06]: thick
[02:08]: mixture now
[02:14]: one of the things we're adding here is
[02:16]: some water which I just used the same
[02:18]: measuring cup that I used to measure
[02:20]: this so I'm just going to put the water
[02:22]: in here to try to
[02:24]: uh
[02:26]: get some more out
[02:28]: clean it up a little bit
[02:36]: that's better that makes me feel better
[02:38]: so we've got water and sweet potential
[02:41]: and the only other things we need to add
[02:43]: to this are some is is our
[02:47]: it's um uh roughly chopped garlic I may
[02:51]: have a little bit more than she calls
[02:53]: for but it's okay
[02:56]: um and then
[02:57]: some thinly sliced jalapenos now she
[03:02]: does not say to take the seeds out
[03:05]: I however did I cut them in half took
[03:07]: the seeds and membranes out
[03:09]: I think it would probably be great with
[03:11]: the spice but I'm trying to make uh as
[03:14]: make sure that my children will eat this
[03:17]: and they do not like spicy so I'm trying
[03:21]: to make this uh have the flavor of the
[03:24]: jalapenos without the spice because yes
[03:28]: jalapenos are not very spicy
[03:31]: but they're children anyway so we should
[03:34]: get the flavor but less of the spice
[03:36]: here
[03:37]: now
[03:39]: all we're going to do with this I'm not
[03:41]: going to show you it because it's just
[03:43]: boiling so we're going to bring this to
[03:44]: a boil and we're going to boil it for
[03:46]: about 15 minutes actually pretty much
[03:48]: exactly 15 minutes she says until most
[03:50]: of the water is cooked out and things
[03:52]: look glazy
[03:55]: so we'll be back to do a little more to
[03:57]: this
[03:59]: after 15 minutes
[04:00]: all right so this has been cooking a
[04:02]: little less than 15 minutes because I
[04:04]: cooked it a little bit higher than she
[04:06]: said she says
[04:07]: um
[04:09]: medium heat a little above medium but
[04:12]: that's okay uh it's not burnt but it is
[04:15]: pretty uh
[04:17]: glazy pretty reduced so now I'm going to
[04:21]: add some soy sauce
[04:25]: and quite a bit of apple cider vinegar
[04:28]: she says you can also use white wine
[04:31]: vinegar I think it's what yeah white
[04:33]: wine vinegar if you prefer but since we
[04:34]: used apples why not go with the apple
[04:38]: cider of vinegar
[04:41]: and now we're going to reduce this we're
[04:43]: going to put this back on medium heat
[04:45]: and uh
[04:48]: reduce it some more until it is again
[04:52]: glazy so I'll let you know how long that
[04:55]: takes she says just a couple minutes so
[04:57]: I'll keep an eye on it this time
[04:60]: okay while
[05:02]: the glaze is glazing
[05:04]: uh I've got my salmon here my side of
[05:07]: salmon and I'm going to basically just
[05:09]: rub it down with some olive oil I think
[05:12]: all of it
[05:14]: so I'm going to use as much of this as
[05:16]: I've measured it out but I'm gonna use
[05:18]: as much as I think it it needs I think I
[05:21]: might wipe it down or like put some
[05:23]: paper towels on it because it was frozen
[05:25]: when I got it so it might be a little
[05:27]: have a little moisture on the outside
[05:29]: I'm going to cover both sides
[05:33]: with oil
[05:35]: I've got our Grill
[05:38]: heating she says to 400 it's already
[05:42]: heated I I have my
[05:44]: stagehand
[05:46]: uh doing that for me we're going to do
[05:50]: it on a gas grill she says you can do
[05:52]: this in the oven but it'll just be
[05:55]: missing a little something so I'm going
[05:58]: to go ahead and get this all covered
[06:01]: and that's pretty good there's aren't
[06:03]: aren't uh sometimes
[06:05]: salmon I've been getting lately has a
[06:08]: lot of scales on it this does not seem
[06:11]: to which is great
[06:13]: and now uh
[06:24]: there we go and then I'm going to use
[06:26]: the rest of this I'm going to put a
[06:28]: paper towel in it and
[06:32]: oil the grill grates right before we put
[06:35]: this on
[06:36]: um but
[06:39]: let's see if we're ready to finish up
[06:42]: our glaze
[06:43]: all right
[06:44]: so I'm going to add the last ingredient
[06:46]: I'm going to call this pretty much done
[06:48]: but I'm going to keep it warm I'm gonna
[06:51]: I was gonna leave the lid on
[06:53]: to keep in as much liquid as I can she
[06:56]: says to take it off the heat whatever
[06:57]: it's supposed to be warm when we put it
[06:59]: on our fish I'm going to just keep it on
[07:01]: my low keep warm setting the last thing
[07:04]: we need to add to this is some lemon or
[07:06]: lime juice this is lime juice
[07:09]: if I remembered that there was lemon in
[07:11]: the
[07:12]: sweet potential I probably would have
[07:15]: chosen lemon but it's all right it'll be
[07:16]: fine uh so
[07:19]: we have
[07:20]: our glaze ready I'm gonna put it back on
[07:22]: the stove just to keep warm but I'm
[07:24]: going to leave it
[07:25]: open so it might reduce a little bit
[07:28]: more but not a lot
[07:30]: this is our Grill it's a charcoal grill
[07:33]: I'm gonna take this off
[07:35]: put it down here
[07:37]: and
[07:39]: got the rest of my olive oil that I'm
[07:40]: going to so I'm going to put the salmon
[07:43]: on the
[07:45]: non-hot side well the the side where the
[07:48]: charcoal is not so the charcoal is on
[07:49]: one side I'm going to put the salmon as
[07:51]: close well as far away as I can but you
[07:53]: know it is what it is
[07:55]: I'm gonna try to get some oil on this
[07:57]: and I probably should have brought the
[07:59]: uh tongs but whatever
[08:02]: I'm going to
[08:04]: brush the grates
[08:08]: oh
[08:11]: with the oil
[08:14]: it's hot
[08:16]: um
[08:18]: and the last thing I'm going to do is
[08:20]: salt the salmon so I've got
[08:24]: quite a bit of salt
[08:26]: I'm just gonna put it all over the top
[08:28]: I'm not going to worry about salting the
[08:30]: skin
[08:32]: I'm
[08:34]: despairing of any of the skin actually
[08:37]: coming off of the grill but we will see
[08:40]: how what happens she says it's fine
[08:44]: because in the end
[08:47]: we're gonna put a glaze on this and a
[08:51]: bunch of salad green type things and it
[08:55]: will cover up any of those mistakes
[08:58]: so
[09:01]: now
[09:03]: pick this up
[09:07]: and
[09:10]: put the
[09:11]: okay I've got the uh thicker side sort
[09:14]: of towards the Heat and we're going to
[09:19]: I think um since
[09:22]: I have yucky hands I'm going to get my
[09:24]: assistant to put the lid on this
[09:29]: pretty much as far away as I could get
[09:31]: it
[09:32]: and now my Grill Master
[09:35]: uh is gonna watch this actually we're
[09:37]: gonna do nothing to this we're gonna let
[09:39]: it go for 20 minutes
[09:42]: and then it will be done
[09:44]: so we'll show you what it looks like in
[09:45]: 20 minutes and I'm gonna go wash my
[09:47]: hands and
[09:49]: get prepared for this being all done
[09:52]: this is supposed to be at 400 degrees or
[09:54]: a little higher than that so he's gonna
[09:57]: adjust
[10:00]: as much as we can
[10:03]: to take the temperature down a little
[10:06]: bit so
[10:08]: it's been 20 minutes
[10:10]: my girl guy was kind of baby in this to
[10:13]: try to keep the temperature around 400
[10:15]: because it was going up pretty high so
[10:18]: here we go
[10:21]: I think
[10:23]: it looks pretty good
[10:26]: oh yeah
[10:27]: so she says the edges the sides will be
[10:30]: a little more done in the middle be a
[10:32]: little more rare honestly I don't think
[10:33]: any of it's too rare
[10:37]: and now
[10:39]: we have to take this off
[10:41]: so this is gonna be the scariest thing
[10:42]: you do all day and she's not wrong
[10:46]: use two of your biggest spatulas
[10:49]: and
[10:50]: uh
[10:54]: if it falls apart it's okay anyway so I
[10:57]: don't have
[10:58]: a good uh you take this I don't have a
[11:03]: really good serving platter so we're
[11:05]: just going with this
[11:07]: so I'm gonna try to oh
[11:12]: it's actually coming off pretty easily
[11:15]: I'm shocked okay I think this is gonna
[11:18]: work
[11:22]: there we go
[11:23]: we have it
[11:25]: off the grill
[11:27]: so we'll see you inside
[11:30]: to finish this up
[11:32]: so while both of these things are warm
[11:35]: our glaze which looks like this and our
[11:39]: salmon I'm going to slather
[11:43]: the salmon with the glaze I'm just going
[11:46]: to put a bunch on top
[11:49]: and then use this to kind of
[11:55]: just spread it around
[11:60]: make sure it all gets covered I'm going
[12:01]: to keep I'm not going to use all of it
[12:03]: because I don't think we need all of it
[12:06]: but
[12:09]: um we'll have extra for for serving
[12:14]: dipping
[12:16]: leftovers could get a little extra
[12:18]: we'll see all right
[12:21]: so that is it for the salmon itself
[12:25]: now we're going to make a bit of a salad
[12:28]: to go on top
[12:30]: so I'm going to move this out of the way
[12:34]: and I've got
[12:38]: that's good uh arugula
[12:42]: and some radishes so these have been
[12:45]: very thinly sliced I used my mandolin
[12:48]: and it's quite a bit of them
[12:55]: and
[12:56]: some mint leaves so this is one of the
[12:59]: few times in these books that one of the
[13:02]: little things that you get from the
[13:04]: grocery store
[13:06]: is enough herbs
[13:08]: and then we're going to add
[13:11]: some more lime juice
[13:16]: oops
[13:19]: let's have a little bit left over
[13:22]: and a little bit of salt
[13:30]: there we go and I am just going to toss
[13:34]: this with my hands
[13:36]: because why not there's no oil in this
[13:40]: but
[13:42]: I don't think some would would be a Miss
[13:44]: if you know you wanted to add some olive
[13:47]: oil
[13:48]: but there is you know
[13:50]: some on the the salmon so
[13:53]: trying to
[13:55]: spread out those
[14:00]: and there's
[14:01]: no pepper in this recipe at all but
[14:04]: you'll get pepperiness from the radishes
[14:07]: which really want to stick together
[14:09]: I use my mandolin cut them really really
[14:12]: thin you can just use a knife and it's
[14:14]: fine and so we're gonna
[14:17]: pile this on top and I'm gonna take some
[14:21]: pictures before I do that and after and
[14:23]: so you'll see what it looks like in just
[14:25]: a minute
[14:27]: [Music]
[14:38]: on this episode of cooking the books
[14:39]: with Heather you watched me make sweet
[14:42]: heat side of salmon from Vivian Howard's
[14:45]: this will make it taste good and this
[14:46]: used our sweet potential that we made
[14:49]: previously ours was Apple you can use
[14:51]: whatever kind you have
[14:53]: um
[14:54]: and we made it on the grill so it is now
[14:57]: like 5 30 and we are done with dinner so
[15:00]: we had an early dinner
[15:02]: so we could film outside while there was
[15:04]: still light
[15:05]: um
[15:07]: this was really delicious everybody in
[15:10]: the family loved it the salmon came off
[15:13]: of the grill
[15:15]: perfectly I was absolutely shocked this
[15:18]: never happens for me
[15:20]: um it all came off on one in one piece
[15:23]: the skin was super crispy which we love
[15:25]: we love a crispy salmon skin
[15:28]: um and the
[15:31]: glaze was sweet and it was a little
[15:34]: Tangy because of the
[15:35]: vinegar ours didn't have any heat the
[15:39]: kids did not complain at all about that
[15:41]: although one of them complained about
[15:42]: the radishes being spicy I don't
[15:44]: understand they're a little peppery
[15:45]: certainly not spicy
[15:48]: um
[15:49]: if you do keep the seeds it might be a
[15:52]: little bit spicy but the sweetness
[15:54]: generally helps balance the spice I just
[15:58]: didn't want to potentially waste
[16:01]: a good bit of salmon
[16:04]: by having the the glaze be too spicy for
[16:06]: the children
[16:08]: um next time I might try it with the
[16:12]: jalapenos
[16:13]: and just see I mean with the seeds from
[16:16]: the jalapenos and just see but
[16:19]: um if you do try that let me know in the
[16:21]: comments down below what you thought if
[16:23]: you thought it was at all spicy and you
[16:25]: know what your heat tolerance level is
[16:28]: because if you
[16:30]: can tolerate heat very well
[16:33]: sometimes you don't taste it when others
[16:36]: do we'll just say that because my
[16:38]: husband
[16:39]: has a higher heat tolerance than I do
[16:42]: anyway we really enjoyed it
[16:45]: uh I thought it was perfect as far as
[16:49]: timing goes for the salmon
[16:52]: so I would definitely make this again so
[16:55]: if you enjoyed watching me make this
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