The author and cook, Heather

Pinch Me, Frenchie (French Onion Soup Pinch Bread)

This Will Make It Taste Good

I loved this bread!

My favorite part of French onion soup is the toast on top, soaking up the broth and covered in gooey broiled cheese. So...who needs the soup part? This bread is like that part of the soup, except the bread is soft and buttery instead of toasted and soaked in broth.

It's a yeast bread, but a simple one, and I think it's pretty forgiving. It doesn't take forever to rise and, while it's very messy to put together it's not all that difficult...once you have the caramelized onions (that she calls R-Rated Onions, here: anyway. So make those, then make this, and enjoy!

I found the full recipe for this on the publisher's website here:

Serving Size1/12 recipe
Carbohydrates30g (1g fiber, 1g sugar)