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I Wish I Was a Cheese Baller (Cheese Dip)

This Will Make It Taste Good

A cheese ball is one of our New Year's Eve standards, but this year we went with this cheese dip instead. If you like blue cheese, you'll LOVE this dip! It even neutralized the goat cheese flavor that my husband tends to find offensive. The Sweet Potential adds a sweet note, which is a departure from the more savory cheese balls we've made in the past.

Sweet Potential:

Salt and Butter Roasted Pecans:

Party Magnet:

The Best Cheese Ball I Ever Ate:

Serving Sizeserves 6
Carbohydrates20g (3g fiber, 11g sugar)


[00:00]: [Music]
[00:04]: hello and welcome to cooking the books
[00:07]: with Heather as you may be able to tell
[00:08]: I'm still a little bit sick it is New
[00:11]: Year's Eve and as I've said before on
[00:13]: this channel we usually like to have
[00:14]: some snacks
[00:16]: um around midnight
[00:18]: and today for that we are going to be
[00:21]: having I wish I was a cheese baller from
[00:24]: Vivian Howard's this will make it taste
[00:26]: good now this um is going to use two
[00:30]: recipes we've made before uh one
[00:32]: recently we made the um
[00:36]: sweet potential ours is Apple but
[00:39]: to use whatever in this recipe
[00:41]: apparently talking is not great
[00:44]: for me right now
[00:48]: anyway
[00:50]: so we're using the sweet potential we
[00:52]: are also going to be using
[00:54]: um
[00:56]: salt and butter roasted pecans I think
[00:59]: that's what it's called I'll link them
[01:00]: both up here when I talk about them
[01:03]: um
[01:04]: there is
[01:07]: uh in the recipe it calls for
[01:11]: either Raw
[01:14]: pecans roughly chopped so I've roughly
[01:16]: chopped the the ones that we've already
[01:18]: roasted
[01:19]: or these nuts which is in here
[01:23]: um which are a lot like the
[01:26]: spicy ones I think viv's addiction is
[01:28]: what she called them in the other
[01:30]: book I'll link that up here too
[01:34]: because we have made it um
[01:36]: but I'm not using that for this recipe
[01:38]: I'm just going to use
[01:40]: um the salt and butter roasted one there
[01:43]: is like I said a method to do that in
[01:47]: this book so you don't have to refer to
[01:49]: the other book anyway they're basically
[01:51]: exactly the same thing
[01:53]: um
[01:56]: so uh
[01:58]: those were things that we're using
[02:00]: already we are not going to be using a
[02:03]: mixer or a blender or anything with this
[02:06]: I've just got a bowl a sturdy spoon
[02:10]: this is going to help me get everything
[02:11]: out of my other bowls
[02:14]: um so what I'm going to start with is
[02:17]: the sweet potential which I have already
[02:20]: measured
[02:21]: like I said ours is Apple
[02:26]: and the cheeses since you know I wish I
[02:30]: was a cheese baller there's lots of
[02:31]: cheese in here it's all supposed to be
[02:33]: at room temperature so it might have
[02:35]: been sitting out for quite a while
[02:39]: um
[02:41]: foreign
[02:49]: so they should all be at room
[02:50]: temperature
[02:52]: um this is hot sauce I'm using Frank's
[02:56]: because that's what I generally have on
[02:59]: hand right now
[03:01]: and I like it
[03:03]: um
[03:05]: the next thing oh this is goat cheese so
[03:08]: interestingly enough I'm sure you guys
[03:11]: have heard me say it before my husband
[03:12]: does not like cheese
[03:15]: but he does like
[03:18]: blue cheese so we'll be I'll be
[03:21]: interested to see if those sort of
[03:22]: cancel each other out in this
[03:26]: in this recipe
[03:29]: and now I have some cream cheese which
[03:31]: is usually the base of most cheese balls
[03:33]: this is not going to be a cheese ball in
[03:36]: fact we are going to
[03:38]: bake this so this is going to be a
[03:41]: cheese dip so that I guess that's why it
[03:43]: wishes it was a cheese ball but it's a
[03:46]: dip
[03:47]: so this is
[03:49]: so this is a warm cheese ball basically
[03:60]: if I was smart I would have taken this
[04:02]: out of the package when it was still
[04:04]: cold and just let it in my thaw and let
[04:06]: it warm up in my bowl but oh well
[04:11]: never said I was always
[04:21]: there we go and then the only other
[04:23]: thing I have to add here is some
[04:25]: scallions some sliced green onions the
[04:28]: green Parts Only
[04:31]: um it's hard to tell when it's green and
[04:33]: when it's white because it kind of
[04:34]: grasses
[04:35]: that gradually changes
[04:38]: whatever
[04:40]: so oh and we need some salt
[04:47]: and that is it for this
[04:50]: but now I'm going to try to mix this up
[04:53]: she says it does not matter if you have
[04:56]: some
[04:60]: uh
[05:03]: chunks of blue cheese in there but
[05:06]: that is the sort of hardest
[05:09]: cheese in this mixture I used a mild
[05:13]: blue cheese
[05:15]: but
[05:17]: I'm gonna try mixed up as as well as I
[05:19]: can
[05:25]: is a not super appetizing color I don't
[05:30]: know how hers is is very orange when
[05:33]: mine is not
[05:35]: but maybe it was because it looks like
[05:37]: she used
[05:39]: uh strawberry sweet potential so maybe
[05:42]: that's what
[05:43]: gave it the orange color
[05:52]: because mine is sort of a
[05:54]: little bit a little bit orange but
[05:57]: mostly kind of gray but you know
[06:00]: we're that's where the toppings we're
[06:04]: gonna come in handy
[06:07]: um because we're not going to put these
[06:09]: in the pecans in the mix we are going to
[06:14]: bake it first and then top it with
[06:16]: pecans and um
[06:18]: some parsley which I don't have here
[06:21]: oh which I will be uh chopping up and
[06:25]: putting on top just for mostly
[06:27]: prettiness I think that's
[06:30]: optional
[06:32]: so she says yes the chopped fresh
[06:33]: parsley is optional
[06:36]: but I will be using it just to make it
[06:38]: look a little bit nicer
[06:41]: so mine is kind of lumpy that's okay
[06:45]: because we're going to bake it
[06:48]: um
[06:49]: let me move some stuff out of the way
[06:51]: here
[06:53]: so now I have
[06:55]: this small dish she says to use an 8 by
[07:01]: 12 inch baking dish
[07:04]: this is probably I think it's a nine by
[07:08]: five whatever but this is not an awful
[07:11]: lot of stuff and I really didn't want it
[07:13]: too thin
[07:16]: so that's what we're going to put this
[07:18]: in
[07:19]: um
[07:26]: and
[07:28]: you'll probably notice that my
[07:33]: well besides the fact that my kitchen is
[07:35]: a mess my um
[07:37]: oven is not preheated because we're not
[07:39]: going to be baking this immediately I'm
[07:41]: going to leave this just out all the
[07:44]: cheeses were already out in room
[07:45]: temperature
[07:47]: so I'm just going to leave this out and
[07:48]: then about 20 minutes before we want to
[07:51]: serve this
[07:52]: I'm going to put it in the oven at 400
[07:55]: degrees so I'll probably you know about
[07:57]: 30 minutes before we want to eat it I
[07:59]: will turn on the oven at 400 and we'll
[08:03]: bake it for about 20 minutes
[08:06]: at 400 degrees
[08:08]: and when it comes out we will Top it
[08:10]: with the pecans and serve it with um
[08:14]: butter crackers basically Ritz which I
[08:17]: have plenty of
[08:19]: and that will be it so
[08:23]: we will show you what it looks like when
[08:26]: it comes out of the oven
[08:28]: and let you know what we think in just a
[08:31]: minute
[08:32]: [Music]
[08:38]: on this episode of cooking the books
[08:41]: with Heather you watched me make I wish
[08:43]: I was a cheese baller from Vivian
[08:45]: Howard's this will make it taste good
[08:47]: and this use the sweet potential that we
[08:51]: made previously in this book and
[08:54]: um so we had that last night I think
[08:58]: that it was really good we enjoyed it
[09:01]: but if you don't like blue cheese you
[09:03]: will not like this the blue cheese
[09:05]: flavor was
[09:06]: the predominant flavor it had a little
[09:09]: bit of sweetness like I said from the
[09:11]: from the sweet potential
[09:13]: um but it was very blue cheesy
[09:17]: um my husband did not couldn't tell that
[09:20]: there was goat cheese in it and that is
[09:21]: eight feet I'm telling you
[09:24]: he can tell
[09:27]: all the time like I don't think there's
[09:29]: any other recipe that I've had that had
[09:31]: goat cheese in it where he could not
[09:33]: tell at all so
[09:36]: um I think there were way too many
[09:39]: chopped pecans required for this recipe
[09:43]: or at least in the ingredient list
[09:45]: but that's okay because they're great to
[09:48]: eat separately I mean unless you really
[09:50]: want to completely cover the whole top
[09:53]: of the dish with it
[09:58]: um you don't need that many pecans
[10:02]: um
[10:04]: it does tell you how to how to make
[10:07]: those we didn't do that like I said
[10:10]: but they're delicious all by themselves
[10:12]: I do think with the sweetness in this
[10:16]: dip the spicier nuts like the this
[10:20]: addiction or these nuts that are also in
[10:23]: this book that we haven't made yet would
[10:26]: be a good addition so really easy you
[10:28]: don't even need a mixer and all you have
[10:32]: to do is mix everything up and put it in
[10:34]: the oven so this is a great
[10:37]: great little cheese dip
[10:39]: I'll probably be making it again if you
[10:41]: enjoyed watching me make this give me a
[10:43]: thumbs up hit the Subscribe button and
[10:45]: come back and watch me make something
[10:47]: else next week
[10:48]: [Music]