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Easy, Baby...Back Ribs

This Will Make It Taste Good

I haven't made ribs in the oven since my husband got a smoker, but it's super simple and the results are still delicious! This recipe uses the Sweet Potential we made recently ( and not very much else. If you don't have that, you could easily thin some jam with water until you get a syrup consistency and use that instead.

You could take some extra steps with this recipe if you want a thicker sauce, or a smoky flavor, but it still works great as simple as it is.

I refer to a similar Alton Brown recipe at the end of this video; you can see that one here:

Serving Sizeserves 4
Carbohydrates19g (12g sugar)


[00:00]: [Music]
[00:04]: hello and welcome to cooking the books
[00:06]: with Heather today I'm not feeling the
[00:09]: best had a little breakdown because
[00:11]: Communications have been a difficult
[00:13]: thing
[00:14]: but
[00:16]: we're going to be using the sweet
[00:17]: potential that we made recently from
[00:20]: this will make it taste good by Vivian
[00:22]: Howard
[00:23]: um and we're going to be making easy
[00:25]: baby
[00:26]: back ribs so these got we've got some
[00:29]: she says to use a slab of baby back ribs
[00:32]: I assume that's what this is my husband
[00:34]: bought it
[00:36]: um
[00:37]: and it's going to be very simple in the
[00:40]: oven recipe most often we smoke our ribs
[00:43]: and my husband does it all by himself so
[00:46]: I'm not sure exactly what happens
[00:48]: but
[00:49]: um
[00:50]: we're gonna be doing in the oven today
[00:52]: and it's supposed to take about two
[00:53]: hours so first thing I'm gonna do is
[00:58]: salt and pepper both sides and yes I
[01:01]: have
[01:02]: um
[01:03]: a really large piece of extra wide
[01:06]: aluminum foil
[01:08]: she does give you measurements for this
[01:10]: I'm not measuring the salt and pepper
[01:11]: I'm just putting it on there the way I
[01:13]: normally would
[01:21]: so you need I think she says about two
[01:24]: feet of aluminum foil because we're
[01:27]: going to be putting this in an envelope
[01:31]: I am currently seasoning the meaty side
[01:36]: because we're gonna
[01:37]: cook them with the meaty side down
[01:43]: so
[01:45]: that means I don't have to turn them
[01:46]: over again
[01:58]: if you are not comfortable with
[01:60]: seasoning like this please feel free to
[02:02]: use the measurements that she has on
[02:04]: there because
[02:06]: um what's left in here is going to be
[02:07]: your sauce so you don't need too salty
[02:12]: but it will sort of all be incorporated
[02:18]: there we go
[02:20]: so now we've salted and peppered
[02:22]: um and now
[02:25]: we are going to fold this up I don't
[02:29]: need this anymore
[02:31]: so we're gonna fold
[02:33]: this over
[02:38]: nice
[02:42]: we're going to make this
[02:44]: fold these toward the top hold the sides
[02:48]: towards the top so that you won't lose
[02:50]: any of your
[02:51]: stuff out of
[02:54]: those edges
[03:03]: okay
[03:05]: now we have kind of like an envelope
[03:07]: where we can put things in this side and
[03:11]: now we're going to put things in there's
[03:12]: one thing else one thing other thing I
[03:14]: need that I haven't taken care of yet
[03:15]: but I will
[03:17]: um let's take care of that first
[03:19]: we need some garlic that is just
[03:21]: basically
[03:23]: smashed and peeled
[03:30]: it's hard to find
[03:34]: a couple of decent cloves
[03:43]: there we go
[03:49]: I'm gonna
[03:50]: toss these in
[03:58]: they're all in the same place right now
[03:59]: but that doesn't matter we'll be moving
[04:01]: around and now
[04:03]: here's our sweet potential it's probably
[04:05]: a little more than she calls for because
[04:06]: I didn't feel like
[04:08]: I didn't feel like measuring it um
[04:11]: perfectly because you know it looked
[04:14]: like the right amount but then there
[04:16]: were some on my spoon so whatever
[04:18]: kind of
[04:23]: run in
[04:26]: and then
[04:29]: um
[04:31]: I've got some apple cider vinegar she
[04:33]: says you can use red wine vinegar or
[04:35]: apple cider vinegar
[04:37]: but what I'm going to do now
[04:39]: is try to
[04:46]: tie that up
[04:48]: and then
[04:50]: all that liquid you can kind of move
[04:52]: around
[04:53]: there we go
[04:56]: um and so it's all closed up
[04:60]: we're going to slide this on the middle
[05:01]: rack of our oven
[05:03]: it's set to 350 and
[05:06]: in two hours we'll be done
[05:08]: so we'll see you in two hours to show
[05:10]: you what it looks like at that point my
[05:13]: ribs have been in the oven for exactly
[05:15]: two hours and we're gonna open them up
[05:19]: let me see
[05:21]: what's going on in here
[05:32]: foreign
[05:44]: well
[05:55]: let me go ahead and turn these over
[05:60]: to get nice pretty neat side up they
[06:02]: look like they are super tender the
[06:05]: Bones have
[06:08]: um
[06:09]: the meat has shrunk up on the bone so
[06:12]: you can kind of see
[06:13]: that she says I'm kind of putting some
[06:17]: of the apples on Top Cut that's what she
[06:19]: does in the recipe or in the pictures in
[06:22]: the book
[06:24]: um and she says to
[06:27]: basically just use this as your sauce
[06:31]: and baste it
[06:34]: and that is that is the recipe
[06:37]: um
[06:38]: if you want a thicker barbecue type
[06:42]: sauce what you can do is
[06:45]: um
[06:47]: uh
[06:48]: pour all this off into a pan and
[06:53]: um
[06:54]: thicken it boil it down until it is you
[06:57]: know the consistency you prefer but
[06:60]: we're going to try it this way
[07:02]: um and I'll probably save the rest of
[07:05]: this juice that's you know
[07:08]: our sweet potential plus the juices from
[07:11]: the pork
[07:12]: um and and maybe when we have we usually
[07:15]: have leftovers from a rack of ribs so I
[07:18]: might try that at that point but yeah
[07:21]: that's it for this recipe it was super
[07:23]: easy and we'll let you know what we
[07:25]: think in just a minute foreign
[07:34]: [Music]
[07:35]: of cooking the books with Heather you
[07:37]: watch me make easy baby back ribs from
[07:42]: Vivian Howard's this will make it taste
[07:44]: good it used the sweet potential that we
[07:46]: made previously that will be definitely
[07:49]: linked all over the place in this video
[07:52]: um
[07:53]: and it was a very good
[07:55]: basic
[07:57]: rib recipe
[07:59]: um it seemed it was very similar to me
[08:01]: to an Alton Brown recipe that I've made
[08:05]: a long long time ago I would
[08:08]: I kind of prefer a thick a thicker sauce
[08:12]: whereas this was just sort of the it
[08:15]: doesn't thicken up since it's all
[08:17]: wrapped up in the aluminum foil that
[08:19]: sauce doesn't ever thicken up or really
[08:22]: Brown because it's it's
[08:24]: moist it's keeping all the moisture
[08:26]: inside
[08:28]: you could fix that
[08:29]: with other
[08:31]: methods
[08:33]: um either pre or post
[08:36]: cook but
[08:38]: it did cook them almost exactly
[08:40]: perfectly they were kind of falling off
[08:42]: the bone but not so much that they were
[08:45]: hard to
[08:48]: um to to cut I was able to cut between
[08:50]: the bones and serve them they didn't
[08:51]: completely fall apart
[08:53]: um which is generally how you want your
[08:55]: ribs but if you like yours falling apart
[08:57]: you could cook them a little bit longer
[08:59]: you could use this is for baby back ribs
[09:01]: you could use any other
[09:03]: ribs you like but the cooking time would
[09:06]: probably
[09:07]: differ
[09:10]: um
[09:11]: I would definitely make this again but I
[09:13]: think if we do we will probably smoke
[09:16]: them first that's what we usually do
[09:18]: with ribs and then it went after we wrap
[09:21]: them we would add some of the sweet
[09:23]: potential and vinegar to to sort of do
[09:27]: the same thing but but add some smoke
[09:30]: flavor but if you don't have access to
[09:32]: that this is a great way to make ribs in
[09:35]: your oven and they'll turn out delicious
[09:38]: so
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