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Creative Mode Munchies

The Minecrafter's Cookbook

My son has wanted to make something for my channel for a while, and we finally filmed something! We decided to go with this no-cook recipe from a cookbook with recipes from his favorite game (#minecraft, of course) for his first video, because it seemed really fun and I knew he would enjoy the result. This one really encourages you to play with your food. Use what you like and build with your food-blocks before you eat them!

Actually...we filmed this a long time ago, my editor only just go around to editing it for me. But that's okay!

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[00:03]: [Music]
[00:05]: hello and welcome to cooking the books
[00:07]: with heather today we're going to be
[00:08]: cooking from
[00:09]: a kids book because uh this is my son
[00:12]: and he's been wanting to cook from this
[00:14]: book and record it so
[00:17]: that's what we're going to do
[00:18]: and he's picked out a actually no cook
[00:21]: recipe we don't have to use any heat
[00:22]: we're just going to be cutting some
[00:23]: things up today and it is from the
[00:26]: minecrafters cookbook by tara theo
[00:28]: harris
[00:29]: so
[00:31]: that's what we're going to be doing
[00:32]: today we're going to be making what is
[00:33]: it
[00:34]: crave mode munchies right
[00:37]: so we don't have exactly
[00:40]: what they say to to
[00:42]: use here because
[00:44]: my family doesn't really like melons and
[00:47]: so instead of
[00:48]: the melons for fruit we have an apple
[00:53]: and a melon nope
[00:55]: i can't
[00:58]: instead of melons we have apple
[01:02]: mango that's right because one of my
[01:04]: kids really loves apples and this one
[01:06]: really loves mango and we happen to have
[01:08]: it around and it is perfectly fine to
[01:10]: use whatever you have for this recipe so
[01:14]: what else are we going to be
[01:16]: doing today what else we're going to be
[01:18]: cutting up
[01:19]: cheese
[01:22]: and some salami
[01:24]: yep
[01:26]: and what are we gonna do oh and also
[01:28]: a baguette that's right it says to use
[01:31]: half of a french baguette and we have
[01:35]: yep something different we love this
[01:37]: it's a french baguette but it also has
[01:40]: cheese and meat
[01:42]: in it right it has some aged cheddar and
[01:44]: some chorizo in it and hopefully we'll
[01:46]: be able to link that recipe up here our
[01:48]: baker of the house made it for us
[01:51]: so
[01:53]: yes my
[01:55]: behind the scenes usually
[01:58]: cameraman sound man video editor made
[02:01]: this for us and we're going to be using
[02:02]: this as well
[02:04]: so
[02:06]: what are we going to do first we are
[02:08]: going to cut the cheese
[02:10]: that's what i know how to cut
[02:14]: and how are we going to be cutting these
[02:16]: into cubes
[02:17]: because what do the cubes look like
[02:19]: minecraft
[02:22]: all right
[02:24]: let's see it's a little damp let's
[02:26]: let's dry it off let's dry it off a
[02:28]: little bit
[02:29]: okay
[02:31]: you can use your hand
[02:33]: on top
[02:34]: make sure you keep your fingers away
[02:36]: good job
[02:40]: okay
[02:54]: be careful with that blade
[02:56]: one it doesn't matter if they're perfect
[02:58]: right
[03:04]: since minecraft isn't perfect cubes
[03:08]: actually it is yeah minecraft has
[03:10]: perfect cubes but it's a little more
[03:11]: difficult to make perfect cubes in real
[03:13]: life with different ingredients
[03:18]: [Music]
[03:22]: and i've already cut the mango out of
[03:25]: the mango skin because that is
[03:27]: definitely an adult job
[03:31]: you need a sharp knife and you need to
[03:32]: know what you're doing with that
[03:37]: and we have first what did we do
[03:40]: we
[03:42]: before we were on camera we
[03:45]: preparated
[03:46]: we
[03:47]: we prepared but first we did what with
[03:49]: these
[03:51]: wash them yes if you're gonna be playing
[03:53]: with your food especially
[03:55]: if other people might be eating it you
[03:57]: wash your hands with soap first
[03:59]: right
[04:03]: [Music]
[04:08]: oh and the book says when you're
[04:09]: building uh use a cracker for a door if
[04:12]: you want to make a house
[04:15]: that's actually in the cooking teak so
[04:18]: i'm going to just
[04:19]: put all of these little bits
[04:22]: in a bowl
[04:23]: scrape them off the
[04:27]: just so we can keep those and maybe
[04:29]: maybe use those to to to treat the dog
[04:32]: later
[04:33]: i'm gonna cut off wear it up a little
[04:36]: bit to make it easier
[04:38]: on knees yes
[04:41]: because salami
[04:44]: is a tough ground
[04:47]: and it's off meat apparently a little
[04:49]: bit tough
[04:52]: they're
[04:53]: they're tougher meats
[04:57]: listen to parents
[04:59]: let them do
[05:00]: what they want to do
[05:02]: all right
[05:04]: so once we cut off the rounded edges
[05:06]: it's easier to make cubes so what i'm
[05:08]: going to do let me do this nah
[05:10]: well i'm going to cut it lengthwise like
[05:12]: this
[05:13]: thanks
[05:15]: and then
[05:17]: adults are smart lengthwise like this
[05:21]: and then
[05:23]: you can make cubes
[05:25]: more easily do it with just two at a
[05:26]: time because that will be easier
[05:35]: [Music]
[05:38]: let's get the bread knife out
[05:40]: and see what we can do with this what do
[05:41]: you think yeah sure
[05:44]: oh bread
[05:46]: well let's we're going to cut up half of
[05:47]: it how's that
[05:49]: so i'm going to just cut it in slices
[05:52]: and then once it's in slices you're
[05:55]: gonna cut it like that
[05:57]: we can cube it up
[05:60]: okay
[06:05]: like that
[06:08]: they're not all perfect because it's not
[06:09]: as oops oh
[06:11]: eat that one
[06:15]: do you want to cut some slices thick
[06:18]: slices sure
[06:20]: now see look turn it around this way and
[06:22]: then your your fingers can be further
[06:24]: away
[06:29]: okay another slice
[06:34]: [Music]
[06:42]: okay
[06:43]: uh
[06:44]: i'm gonna cut up this apple because it's
[06:48]: kind of hard to make an apple into
[06:51]: cubes and
[06:54]: we're going to leave the skin on because
[06:56]: we don't care
[06:57]: but i'm going to use
[06:59]: a
[07:00]: melon baller to get out the the core so
[07:04]: so we keep as much of the apple as we
[07:06]: can
[07:11]: apple delish
[07:14]: there we go
[07:16]: me out there's better
[07:22]: putting all these pieces over here we
[07:24]: can either eat them separately just
[07:25]: because it doesn't matter
[07:27]: or can we eat that salami raw yes
[07:30]: we're eating right over here you always
[07:32]: eat salami raw anyway uh or we can use
[07:36]: them because the dog loves all of this
[07:38]: so we could use bits of it for dog
[07:40]: treats if we want or we can just snack
[07:42]: on it later
[07:43]: or we could put it on her food as a
[07:45]: little sprinkling or we could put it on
[07:46]: her food as a little
[07:48]: treat for being a good dog
[07:51]: there we go we have some of the best the
[07:53]: best dog hashtag truffle office
[07:57]: jones she does have her own
[08:00]: youtube channel but annabelle doesn't or
[08:04]: my sister doesn't get too uh
[08:07]: edited a lot because i'm always on the
[08:10]: thing that can add it
[08:13]: honestly she could just ask before me
[08:16]: but no
[08:20]: so they're not all perfect cubes but
[08:24]: that's
[08:25]: okay there's gonna be a lot of cubes
[08:30]: and guess what i'm gonna build a house
[08:32]: at the end
[08:33]: and you got it and then i'm gonna eat it
[08:35]: because we have
[08:37]: toothpicks
[08:40]: behind
[08:41]: the thing
[08:51]: i definitely could good what
[08:55]: i'm going to need a bit of that salami
[08:56]: cut into thinner pieces of water i'm
[08:59]: going to make a
[09:00]: zombie salami
[09:07]: a zombie salami
[09:09]: salami zombie
[09:17]: why are all most fruits round
[09:20]: and not cubes
[09:23]: well you know they have
[09:27]: uh grown
[09:28]: square apples
[09:31]: cubic um
[09:33]: veggies
[09:36]: melons watermelons
[09:38]: but you have to plan for it and it takes
[09:40]: a while all right last thing we're going
[09:42]: to cut up is some izzy mango and we're
[09:45]: going to leave something for me to eat
[09:47]: here you can eat that bit because it's
[09:48]: not going to be squared
[09:51]: [Music]
[09:53]: i know it's delicious
[09:59]: if you like mangoes
[10:02]: type in mango in the comments below
[10:06]: grab that piece too
[10:10]: these are the big sides
[10:13]: so i'm gonna do kind of what i did with
[10:15]: the apple
[10:18]: i'm going to cut a bit of this right you
[10:20]: do
[10:21]: yeah mango is delicious it's my favorite
[10:23]: food well that doesn't mean you have to
[10:25]: cut it
[10:26]: you just want to eat it
[10:28]: hey
[10:31]: rude
[10:33]: but true
[10:34]: and true
[10:38]: if this is making you hungry i'm sorry
[10:42]: well then you can
[10:44]: do this yourself right
[10:46]: it only takes a few things and i bet you
[10:49]: can do it by yourself
[10:57]: so what do you think you need to be able
[10:58]: to do this yourself
[11:01]: well the tools you need
[11:03]: are
[11:05]: a sharp knife and some toothpicks now
[11:08]: what you need
[11:09]: what you need is some some practice with
[11:12]: your knife right yeah which is why i
[11:14]: want to do this
[11:16]: all right well you want to cut these
[11:17]: yeah sure sure it's not that hard to cut
[11:20]: they're just a little slippery so
[11:27]: [Music]
[11:42]: we're going to clean this up a little
[11:43]: bit and
[11:45]: he's going to show you what he's going
[11:47]: to make with his new blocks that we made
[11:51]: wash my hands always wash your hands
[11:53]: before and after eating
[11:56]: [Music]
[12:05]: so we have what do we have here we have
[12:07]: salon
[12:09]: cheese bread
[12:11]: mango and apple and we're going to build
[12:15]: something or
[12:16]: he's going to build something not me
[12:19]: we have some toothpicks to hold things
[12:21]: together if necessary but you might just
[12:23]: be able to build it without depending on
[12:25]: what you're building
[12:29]: [Music]
[12:42]: there okay
[12:44]: our house we made a house
[12:46]: all right
[12:49]: well what do you think of this
[12:51]: it's good now let's eat it we will just
[12:53]: a second
[12:55]: so you can see you can build whatever
[12:57]: you want out of your blocks and if
[12:58]: you're a little bit better than we are
[13:00]: at cutting them the same size they might
[13:02]: build a little bit better but
[13:06]: this guy likes to eat all of his stuff
[13:07]: separate
[13:08]: so this is perfect for him he can eat a
[13:10]: block and
[13:12]: then a different block and doesn't have
[13:13]: to worry about putting cheese on the
[13:15]: on the bread
[13:18]: or meat on the bread because he eats
[13:19]: them separate anyway
[13:21]: so
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[13:47]: another kids cook episode
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[13:59]: [Music]
[15:54]: you