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Watermelon with Avocado, Basil, Chevre and Sweet Onion Vinaigrette

Poole's: Recipes and Stories from a Modern Diner

This is a rare no-cook recipe! It sounds like an odd combination, but does it work?

You can find the full recipe for this here:

You can find the video I made for the sweet onion vinaigrette here:

Serving Sizefor 1/4 recipe
Carbohydrates40g (34g sugar, 5g fiber)


[00:00]: [Music]
[00:03]: hi guys welcome to cooking the books
[00:05]: with Heather today we've decided to make
[00:08]: a recipe out of the pools diner cookbook
[00:10]: and this is watermelon with with avocado
[00:14]: chef basil and sweet onion vinaigrette
[00:18]: one of the ingredients for this is
[00:20]: another back-pocket recipe that we've
[00:22]: talked about before we've gone ahead and
[00:24]: separated that out and so that should be
[00:25]: available before we get to this and
[00:27]: that's just sort of a basic vinaigrette
[00:28]: with some changes from her basic red
[00:31]: wine vinaigrette so they'll all follow
[00:33]: the same sort of flow but we'll have
[00:37]: that so we'll have that recipe before
[00:39]: this one but this is just a very simple
[00:43]: recipe with some slices of watermelon
[00:45]: and some cheese and some herbs and some
[00:48]: vinaigrette oh and avocado for our
[00:50]: watermelon salad recipe what we need is
[00:53]: a thick slice of about 2 inch thick
[00:57]: slice of watermelon so I'm gonna try to
[01:01]: slice this and I've got my cleaver
[01:05]: here to try and help me I'm not sure how
[01:11]: well this is gonna go we'll see but the
[01:16]: way the picture is says for our slices
[01:18]: like that but the way the picture is
[01:19]: it's basically a thick slice cut into
[01:21]: quarters so we're gonna go with that cuz
[01:23]: I don't think any of us need a whole
[01:26]: slice of this watermelon two inches
[01:28]: thick with our meal so
[01:55]: that wasn't too bad
[02:11]: I think it's not gonna be evenly two
[02:13]: inches thick but we'll see oh no it's
[02:17]: not
[02:42]: not too bad
[02:44]: so what I'm gonna do now is I'm off a
[02:50]: bit of that she should never cut towards
[02:53]: yourself by the way more likely to hurt
[02:58]: yourself that way and then I'm going to
[03:04]: cut this into quarters because this
[03:09]: recipe is supposed to serve or so there
[03:16]: we go
[03:16]: we've got our watermelon cut so
[03:19]: basically this recipe is just assembled
[03:21]: on the plates so I'm just gonna put
[03:23]: these slices onto a plate
[03:28]: nice sides up and when we have
[03:33]: everything else done we will add them to
[03:36]: these plates all right we'll be back in
[03:39]: a bit with the rest oh now we're about
[03:41]: ready to eat so I'm gonna go ahead and
[03:44]: finish off our watermelon salad I was
[03:49]: gonna show you guys how I cut avocados
[03:51]: because I know a lot of people have
[03:52]: problems with that and it seems
[03:54]: relatively easy to me however there's a
[03:56]: part of this recipe where she makes them
[03:59]: very pretty and fans them out and we'll
[04:03]: see if that works I'm not sure about
[04:04]: that I've never done that for but just
[04:07]: basically start at the top cut around
[04:12]: the whole thing twist it and it comes
[04:15]: open be very careful with your knife get
[04:20]: it stuck into the pit and it comes out
[04:23]: on your knife and then I like to do is
[04:25]: use your thumb to push that pit off I'll
[04:29]: do that with the other one each one of
[04:31]: these gets a whole half of an avocado so
[04:36]: that's generous and my children will
[04:38]: love it
[04:49]: all right so now what we're supposed to
[04:53]: do is slice these very thinly but leave
[04:55]: some space at the top where it's
[04:57]: connected so that you can fan it out
[05:02]: prettily on your rear plate so it's
[05:10]: always beautiful at the restaurant if
[05:12]: you've ever been to the pools diner
[05:13]: restaurant also be very careful if your
[05:16]: knife has a sharp tip you might hurt
[05:18]: yourself doing this because it will go
[05:24]: through the back of the avocado if you
[05:28]: are not careful that's okay I like to do
[05:33]: the same part to each of the avocados
[05:38]: before I move on to the next part just
[05:40]: because that makes sense to me these are
[05:46]: not all perfect but they will do I think
[05:50]: [Music]
[05:52]: so now just got a large spoon here and
[05:55]: I'm going to scoop them out and try to
[05:59]: keep them pretty and connected I said
[06:04]: I've never tried to do that part before
[06:14]: [Music]
[06:19]: well
[06:27]: maybe I should have done one and figured
[06:31]: it out but oh well well they won't be as
[06:39]: pretty as the picture so what I'm
[06:42]: supposed to do now is just salt and
[06:44]: pepper these separately
[07:01]: all right we're gonna put one on each of
[07:04]: these points you guys probably can't see
[07:07]: all of them but I'm gonna go ahead and
[07:08]: put put the avocado on and then I'll
[07:12]: dress one plate fully so you guys can
[07:16]: see
[07:28]: actually I can probably move it
[07:33]: all right so now we're going to crumble
[07:36]: ounce of this goat cheese on each plate
[07:41]: this is really not too expensive I found
[07:44]: it at my regular grocery store la bonne
[07:46]: ve goat cheese soft chef and so we're
[07:51]: just gonna crumble it came in a 4 ounce
[07:55]: package was just what we needed for this
[07:58]: recipe so I'm just gonna crumble it on
[08:02]: top on each of these four plates so now
[08:11]: we have some basil we're just gonna tear
[08:15]: over top of each plate
[08:27]: there are little wilty because they've
[08:30]: been sitting out for a while and they
[08:32]: wilt pretty quickly but they are fresh I
[08:38]: have fresh basil in a pot on my deck
[08:49]: okay and now all I have to do is top
[08:54]: this with some this is sweet onion
[08:59]: vinaigrette that we made there's a
[09:00]: recipe for this should have shown up
[09:03]: before on our channel before this recipe
[09:05]: so it's pretty good looks still pretty
[09:08]: emulsified so I'm just going to drizzle
[09:10]: some on each portion all right and
[09:20]: that's it
[09:22]: that's the watermelon with avocado
[09:25]: chevre and goat cheese basil and sweet
[09:31]: onion vinaigrette it's a really long
[09:33]: name so we're gonna eat
[09:46]: hi guys today we made watermelon with
[09:51]: avocado chef or basil and sweet onion
[09:54]: vinaigrette from the pool's diner
[09:55]: cookbook and I'll let you know
[09:58]: first was much more beautiful than mine
[10:01]: but mine was still pretty and it was
[10:07]: delicious and for a recipe that was
[10:10]: basically just cutting up some raw
[10:13]: ingredients had to make the vinaigrette
[10:17]: that's still not that that difficult and
[10:20]: it's a good good technique to know you
[10:22]: should see the video for the vinaigrette
[10:24]: right before this one it was it was
[10:28]: really easy you cut up some raw
[10:29]: ingredients combine them drizzle some
[10:31]: vinaigrette on top of it
[10:33]: how could that be difficult and really
[10:38]: you don't you don't have to make it as
[10:40]: pretty it's hers is and it's gonna still
[10:42]: taste really good
[10:45]: we loved it my kids had different pieces
[10:49]: and parts that they didn't like one
[10:51]: doesn't like goat cheese one doesn't
[10:54]: really like watermelon but they ate most
[10:56]: of it and they enjoyed the other parts
[10:59]: together for sure they are always really
[11:03]: happy to eat half of an avocado and my
[11:07]: husband doesn't actually like goat
[11:09]: cheese but he still ate it and thought
[11:11]: it was delicious oh he thought it was
[11:13]: good and if he like goat cheese it would
[11:14]: probably have been better but it was
[11:16]: still really good all of the flavors
[11:18]: just came together really nicely in my
[11:21]: opinion and it was a sum that was
[11:26]: greater than all of its pieces I however
[11:30]: really liked all of like all of the
[11:32]: pieces separately so you know take that
[11:34]: for what it's worth anyway if you
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[12:03]: me make so thanks for watching cooking
[12:05]: the books with Heather it's pretty sweet
[12:18]: when you talk when you have liquid in
[12:20]: your mouth
[12:21]: sometimes you choke