The author and cook, Heather

The Easiest Way To Make Mayonnaise at Home

Poole's: Recipes and Stories from a Modern Diner

This method only takes an immersion blender and whatever jar you have that will a) fit the end of the blender, and b) hold the amount of mayo you'll end up with -- even better, it's already in a jar for storage.

You can use this method with almost any mayonnaise recipe you want, you can switch up the vinegar, add flavorings like garlic for an aioli vibe, use more flavorful oils, it's all up to you.

The only recipe I've made that I am not sure it would work well with is the Smoked Corn mayo from the Elbow Lick Tomato Sandwich I made from Deep Run Roots (, and that's just because of the added corn. (I haven't tried, it might work fine! I didn't have great success with my blender, so I don't think it could be much worse.)

You can see the previous video here:

Serving Sizeper 1/4 cup


[00:00]: [Music]
[00:05]: hello and welcome to cooking the books
[00:06]: with heather today i was about to make
[00:08]: another recipe that required
[00:11]: the basic cider mayo from the pools
[00:13]: diner cookbook and i know that i've
[00:14]: already got
[00:15]: a recipe on my channel making the basic
[00:19]: cider mayo in the way that she tells you
[00:21]: to do it with a food processor
[00:23]: but i've also told you guys that my
[00:24]: favorite way to make mayo is
[00:26]: with my immersion blender and since we
[00:29]: had to make it again today
[00:30]: and i don't think i've actually made it
[00:32]: on video
[00:33]: we're gonna make this a separate video
[00:35]: so it's easy for you guys to see
[00:37]: how i like to make mayo you can make any
[00:39]: sort of mayonnaise you like
[00:41]: in this way it's my favorite
[00:44]: so um i've already got the salt
[00:48]: in my pork jar the
[00:51]: important part here is that my immersion
[00:53]: blender goes directly into my pork jar
[00:55]: so
[00:56]: you know i think this is a wide mouth
[00:58]: one i don't know if this fits into a
[01:00]: non-wide mouth one i don't think i've
[01:02]: tried it but it might as long as it goes
[01:03]: through you're fine though
[01:05]: so just like in a food processor we're
[01:08]: going to put all of the ingredients
[01:10]: except for the oil in here so for this
[01:12]: recipe i need
[01:14]: cider vinegar because it's basic cider
[01:16]: mayo
[01:18]: i need some
[01:21]: dijon mustard and
[01:25]: hopefully i'll be able to get it out of
[01:27]: here without
[01:29]: um too much problem
[01:36]: yeah this is gonna be a problem because
[01:37]: i decided to
[01:40]: go uh lazy and only use one
[01:44]: measuring spoon but
[01:48]: try to get all this stuff out of the
[01:50]: measuring spoon is a problem
[01:52]: anyway got most of it out that's fine
[01:57]: there we go so that is our dijon mustard
[02:01]: and again just trying to get it out of
[02:04]: the spoon
[02:09]: that's fine and then we need an egg yolk
[02:13]: and so like i always do
[02:16]: i'm gonna keep my fingers crossed that
[02:18]: this
[02:20]: opens up well and does not break the
[02:22]: yolk
[02:23]: and there we go a little bit of white is
[02:25]: fine
[02:26]: there we go and so we're going to blend
[02:28]: this up using my immersion blender
[02:30]: before we add the oil
[02:37]: all right that's just all mixed up and
[02:40]: just as she says
[02:41]: in the recipe in your regular food
[02:44]: processor i'm going to just slowly
[02:45]: drizzle this in while this is running
[03:03]: i'm just going to get the last little
[03:04]: bit that's on top mixed in
[03:05]: [Applause]
[03:12]: and there we go we have basic cider mayo
[03:16]: already in the jar we can just put it in
[03:18]: the refrigerator and we're ready
[03:20]: to use it so if you don't have one of
[03:22]: these i do
[03:23]: highly recommend these for blended soups
[03:25]: for um
[03:27]: making mayo anything that you
[03:30]: would like to blend without transferring
[03:33]: it to
[03:33]: a food processor or a blender
[03:36]: i love it i really do so there we go
[03:40]: basic cider mayo all ready i'm just
[03:43]: going to clean this off
[03:44]: and this goes directly this part comes
[03:47]: off
[03:48]: go and goes directly in the dishwasher
[03:50]: so
[03:51]: oops now i have mail on my counter well
[03:54]: uh i hope you enjoyed watching me make
[03:56]: this we're about to use it for another
[03:57]: recipe and
[03:58]: you should see that tomorrow
[03:60]: [Music]