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Sweet Onion Vinaigrette

Poole's: Recipes and Stories from a Modern Diner

This is another one of the Poole's Diner cookbook's back pocket recipes. The main recipe is a red wine vinaigrette, with the sweet onion being a small variation on that.

Once you learn good proportions for a vinaigrette, you can vary it as much as you like, and throw one together in a snap!

You can find the vinaigrette recipe here, along with the "salad" we're using it for in the next video:

Serving Sizefor 1/3 cup
Carbohydrates6g (6g sugar)


[00:00]: [Music]
[00:03]: hi guys and welcome to cooking the books
[00:06]: with Heather today we have decided to
[00:09]: make a salad recipe but before that we
[00:13]: have to make a vinaigrette recipe so
[00:15]: we're gonna separate these out the
[00:18]: vinaigrette recipe she has a basic red
[00:20]: wine vinaigrette oh this is from the
[00:26]: pool's diner cookbook just we've been
[00:29]: working from this a lot and one of her
[00:33]: back pocket recipes is a red wine
[00:35]: vinaigrette so there are several
[00:39]: variations on this there's one with
[00:41]: thyme in it then different different
[00:44]: vinegars but it's all just sort of a
[00:45]: basic vinaigrette for another recipe
[00:48]: we're going to be making later I need
[00:51]: some Vidalia onions and I only need
[00:55]: three tablespoons for this sweet onion
[00:58]: vinaigrette so what I'm gonna do is just
[01:01]: slice a little bit off of these and and
[01:04]: steal a little bit from that recipe
[01:06]: because I don't really need a whole
[01:08]: other onion for that so I'm gonna take
[01:13]: probably two standard slices and we have
[01:16]: to mince these up pretty finely for the
[01:18]: vinaigrette so this is just our first
[01:20]: step
[01:23]: [Applause]
[01:48]: I always forget that when I'm mincing
[01:50]: things kind of go everywhere so really I
[01:53]: should have gotten a larger cutting
[01:54]: board here but it's fine
[01:56]: we'll just have more coming up but I'm
[01:57]: gonna go ahead and measure out the
[01:59]: amount I need for my vinaigrette it
[02:02]: looks like I will have had plenty yep
[02:06]: probably would have been fine with one
[02:08]: slice but just want to made sure to make
[02:10]: sure I have enough all right so that is
[02:12]: it for the for the Vidalia onions that
[02:16]: we need for this recipe I'm gonna gather
[02:18]: everything else I need and make a
[02:19]: vinaigrette the first step after we've
[02:24]: chopped our onions for the sweet onion
[02:26]: vinaigrette is to combine the vinegar
[02:29]: and the onions and let them marinate for
[02:33]: about 15 minutes it's sort of lessens
[02:34]: the sharpness of the onion and gets some
[02:38]: of the vinegar flavor into the onion so
[02:40]: I'm just going to put these into the
[02:42]: bowl that I plan to whisk my vinaigrette
[02:46]: in later and add this is champagne
[02:50]: vinegar all right so those are all
[02:56]: covered and we're gonna wait for 15
[02:58]: minutes be right back
[03:01]: okay we're we've been about 15 minutes
[03:05]: marinating our our sweet onions in the
[03:09]: champagne vinegar and one difference
[03:12]: with this recipe versus the other
[03:13]: vinaigrette recipes in the book is that
[03:15]: we omit the Dijon mustard because I
[03:18]: think it just wants to be sweet but we
[03:20]: add some honey so I'm gonna whisk the
[03:25]: honey in at this point you get that
[03:29]: incorporated
[03:33]: and usually the Dijon mustard helps to
[03:36]: emulsify the dressing so I'll be
[03:39]: interested to see how this works without
[03:40]: it and to tell the truth I don't usually
[03:45]: whisk my my vinaigrette I make them in a
[03:50]: little Dijon mustard jar that's you've
[03:52]: been cleaned out and I shake them up and
[03:54]: that's all I do but we're gonna whisk
[03:58]: because that's what the recipe says to
[03:60]: do so all we have to do now is to slowly
[04:03]: drizzle this in while we whisk she says
[04:08]: to aim for the side of the bowl oh and
[04:11]: you'll see I have this little nonstick
[04:13]: pad underneath my bowl so the bowl
[04:15]: doesn't go crazy and I don't have to
[04:16]: hold it that was a lot of whisking all
[04:40]: the HP now is salted to taste
[04:46]: [Music]
[05:10]: that's pretty good all right so that is
[05:18]: the dressing done we'll see if it if it
[05:22]: separates before we actually need to use
[05:25]: it but it emulsified pretty well so far
[05:29]: we'll see
[05:35]: so this time we made a variation on the
[05:39]: red wine vinaigrette from Ashley
[05:42]: Christensen spools diner cookbook the
[05:45]: sweet onion vinaigrette it just is the
[05:49]: same basic recipe but swap out a few
[05:52]: things add honey take out the mustard
[05:56]: add Vidalia onions instead of shallots
[06:01]: champagne vinegar instead of red wine
[06:04]: vinegar but it's a basic vinaigrette and
[06:06]: as she says in the book once you have
[06:08]: the idea for a basic vinaigrette once
[06:10]: you realize how to put together you can
[06:13]: adjust those in all sorts of ways with
[06:16]: different vinegars and different
[06:17]: additions different types of onions or
[06:19]: garlic or whatever you like and so I've
[06:24]: got here the leftovers this is how I
[06:26]: generally make a vinaigrette so usually
[06:29]: don't need a whole lot in fact there was
[06:32]: this plus another 1/2 of one of these
[06:33]: left after we used what we needed for
[06:37]: the other recipe so we'll be having a
[06:39]: sweet onion vinaigrette on salads for a
[06:41]: row I guess but it was delicious and it
[06:44]: was it was great on the recipe that we
[06:48]: made it for so certainly suggest
[06:52]: learning to make a vinaigrette either
[06:56]: that way or you know maybe a little bit
[06:59]: easier on the arm shaking it up in a jar
[07:01]: but it's in the jar it's basically the
[07:04]: same you add the vinegar and your herbs
[07:08]: or onions and let that sit for a while
[07:11]: and add some mustard and shake it up and
[07:13]: get that emulsified before you add the
[07:15]: oil same sort of thing and I generally
[07:19]: need smaller batches because I don't
[07:23]: have a restaurant and I only have four
[07:25]: people to feed generally so if you
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