The author and cook, Heather

Strawberry Shortcakes with Rhubarb Marmalade

Poole's: Recipes and Stories from a Modern Diner

My usual strawberry shortcake involves poundcake (homemade or store bought, I'm not picky) and strawberries with just enough sugar to bring out the juice. Can this win me over?

(Yes, I "cheated" and used canned whipped cream, but there were no instructions for it in the book, so I maintain I am still following my own rules.)

This is the rhubarb I used for this recipe; you can use the "Where to Buy" link to find some if you have problems finding fresh rhubarb like I did.

This is a similar recipe for the rhubarb marmalade, though it makes much more and is cooked much longer -- and of course you don't have to actually can it!

Here's a similar recipe for a biscuit that includes the same sort of ingredients:

You can adjust the sugar in your strawberries based on how sweet they already are.

Serving Size1/12 of recipe, not including whipped cream topping
Carbohydrates54g (35g sugar, 2g fiber)


[00:00]: [Music]
[00:03]: hi guys welcome back to cooking the
[00:06]: books with Heather and the next recipe
[00:08]: that I've decided to do for this is also
[00:11]: from the pools diner cookbook I needed
[00:16]: to make a dessert for a group dinner and
[00:23]: since it is strawberry season I decided
[00:25]: to go with the Strawberry Shortcake's
[00:28]: with rhubarb marmalade
[00:31]: it has a shortcake that's really a
[00:35]: biscuit that you serve this with you
[00:38]: make a marmalade out of rhubarb
[00:41]: basically you make a kind of like a
[00:44]: fresh jam with marmalade and then add
[00:48]: strawberries and whipped cream seems
[00:49]: pretty easy so decided I would do that
[00:53]: let's see how it turns out hi right now
[00:58]: we're gonna make the rhubarb marmalade
[01:00]: that goes with the pool Steiner
[01:04]: strawberry shortcake with rhubarb
[01:07]: marmalade so sadly it's a little bit
[01:11]: early in the season here
[01:13]: she says the season is from April to
[01:15]: June but now it's the mid April could
[01:21]: not find any fresh rhubarb so I got
[01:25]: frozen rhubarb I took a picture of the
[01:28]: bag hopefully that will be more readily
[01:30]: available my local grocery store does
[01:34]: usually have rhubarb in season but did
[01:37]: not yet so I'm gonna have to chop this
[01:40]: up a little bit more it's still a little
[01:42]: bit cold hopefully that will chop well
[01:45]: but some other little preparatory bits I
[01:48]: have to have the skin what do they call
[01:54]: that the peel the peel and this the
[01:57]: juice from half of a lemon so I'm going
[02:00]: to do that first
[02:01]: cuz that's super easy part I'm going to
[02:03]: go ahead I'm using this just microplane
[02:06]: grater just estimate
[02:11]: laughs all you want is the yellow part
[02:13]: for this oh and I'm going to put the
[02:37]: lemon juice in that bowl as well just in
[02:44]: half and I have this a little strainer
[02:48]: here that's very useful I'm gonna strain
[02:51]: because I know this has some seeds in it
[02:56]: so and then we'll just have it all in
[02:59]: one bowl ready to go when we start to
[03:02]: cook the marmalade all right so that
[03:09]: parts done the only other thing we have
[03:11]: to do in preparation is chop the rhubarb
[03:15]: and so these pieces are a little big I
[03:20]: think we're gonna cook them but I'm
[03:21]: gonna go ahead and chop them into about
[03:24]: thirds since we are cooking this it
[03:31]: doesn't really matter that it's frozen
[03:36]: it's fine
[03:48]: I'm measuring it because when I measured
[03:51]: it as it was cut right out of the bag it
[03:57]: was a about three cups but I don't need
[04:01]: quite three cups so I just want to make
[04:06]: sure I don't get too much
[04:10]: [Music]
[04:45]: I'm gonna say that's right so about a
[04:48]: pound was right I can probably just go
[04:53]: ahead and put that in in fact I don't
[04:55]: have to eat the waste so it won't be
[04:57]: quite three cups all right there you go
[05:11]: and next welcome come back and cook the
[05:15]: rhubarb marmalade okay now we're all
[05:20]: ready to actually cook the marmalade jam
[05:24]: for the robbery Shortcake with marmalade
[05:29]: jam from the pool's diner cookbook so I
[05:32]: have my rhubarb that we chopped up and
[05:36]: so basically all the ingredients just go
[05:38]: right in I'm gonna go ahead and turn
[05:42]: this on a little bit warmer but so now
[05:54]: we have the lemon juice and the lemon
[05:57]: zest that we that we made earlier we
[06:06]: have a little bit of this champagne wine
[06:10]: vinegar this brand I just bought it at
[06:13]: my regular grocery store I have it in
[06:15]: the cabinet it's been there for you know
[06:16]: a while but still good so we have that
[06:22]: have some sugar so we're going to be
[06:39]: sort of cooking this until it is a stew
[06:45]: like consistency with some chunks
[06:50]: remaining that's that's our our
[06:54]: instructions for this I've made Jam
[07:00]: before so I think I know what it looks
[07:02]: like but I don't think I've ever made
[07:04]: rhubarb jam or marmalade before so we'll
[07:09]: see how well this goes twenty to thirty
[07:11]: minutes seems like not enough to me but
[07:14]: you know we'll see I'll probably turn
[07:20]: the heat down a little bit after it
[07:22]: comes up to a boil just because it's
[07:25]: supposed to be medium-low
[07:27]: I just wanted to get it up there a
[07:28]: little bit faster because it's frozen
[07:30]: treat
[07:34]: okay so this has been cooking for about
[07:37]: 20 minutes and I'm actually about to say
[07:41]: it's done honestly um I was a little
[07:44]: skeptical and I did turn it up a little
[07:46]: bit higher than she said to at ten
[07:51]: minutes it had it hadn't even boiled so
[07:53]: I turned it up a little bit I'm sure
[07:54]: you'll see in the video and but then
[08:02]: once it started boiling everything went
[08:03]: along as expected it's pretty
[08:06]: stewey at this point I would say and
[08:09]: still has some pieces the pieces are
[08:12]: kind of soft and so I think we're there
[08:17]: next we'll cut up the strawberries and
[08:20]: get those sugared and ready to go and
[08:23]: then we'll make biscuits to put
[08:26]: everything on
[08:28]: we're actually serving this tomorrow so
[08:31]: we went ahead and made this today so
[08:32]: it'll be cool and ready learned a little
[08:34]: bit of a lesson from last time and then
[08:38]: we'll do the strawberries in the morning
[08:39]: and then the biscuits probably right
[08:42]: before we eat okay so now it is the
[08:46]: second day made the marmalade yesterday
[08:50]: and right now we're going to assemble
[08:52]: the biscuits for the Strawberry
[08:54]: Shortcake with marmalade rhubarb
[08:57]: marmalade that's what it is
[08:60]: so it's a really basic biscuit recipe
[09:02]: but a method I've not used before so
[09:08]: hopefully it'll turn out well I'm gonna
[09:11]: be making a batch and a half because I
[09:13]: need to feed at least 14 people the
[09:16]: recipe feeds 12 so while the marmalade
[09:19]: will be okay I think there's extra of
[09:21]: that I need to make more biscuits and
[09:24]: probably more strawberries so I'm doing
[09:26]: sort of a batch and a half so I'm adding
[09:30]: all my dry ingredients here I've got
[09:32]: self-rising flour in the bowl I've got
[09:36]: my measured cornmeal this is supposed to
[09:38]: be coarse cornmeal I did the best I
[09:41]: could with what I could find at the
[09:42]: grocery store so it's relatively fine
[09:45]: but not superfine I guess if
[09:47]: stone-ground I think I use house autry
[09:49]: brand my flower is white lily which is
[09:53]: what I almost always use for biscuits
[09:55]: there's some sugar because it's a sweet
[09:59]: biscuit and then salt and this is where
[10:05]: the batch and a half is a little bit
[10:07]: more difficult because the salt it's not
[10:13]: easily divided into half but that should
[10:18]: be fine and now we're going to whisk all
[10:20]: of the ingredients together this is sort
[10:22]: of in lieu of sifting I do this a lot
[10:26]: because it's just a lot easier than
[10:28]: getting out the sifter and then having
[10:29]: to wash all the dry ingredients mixed
[10:36]: together if they might be able to see so
[10:40]: after a brief technical difficulty so
[10:43]: I'm whisking the dry ingredients to mix
[10:47]: them up and you might be able to see
[10:49]: there's the flour is very fine the the
[10:52]: self-rising flour I use is very fine
[10:54]: very sort of soft flour kind of makes a
[10:56]: little bit of a powder comes up when you
[10:60]: sift it but that's all done and now the
[11:04]: part I have not done before and I'm
[11:06]: afraid I'm going to cut myself with I
[11:08]: have my box grater which is very sharp I
[11:11]: have my butter and we're going to grate
[11:12]: this and I have to be very careful
[11:14]: because I have cut myself on this before
[11:16]: my butter is still it was frozen I took
[11:22]: it out of the freezer this morning and
[11:26]: put it in the refrigerator and just took
[11:27]: it out for this so it's supposed to be
[11:29]: cold unsalted butter you're supposed to
[11:34]: use the largest holes on your box grater
[11:41]: [Music]
[11:58]: probably good for that without hurting
[12:01]: myself I'm gonna get all of it out of
[12:08]: the box crater at this point is kind of
[12:12]: difficult all the little pieces that
[12:16]: fell inside and hit the inside
[12:19]: luckily the inside is not sharp so good
[12:29]: for that I'm just gonna break these up
[12:33]: with my fingers a little bit
[12:41]: and then we mix this up to break up all
[12:45]: the bits of butter and mix it into the
[12:49]: dry ingredients and make sure we don't
[13:00]: have any big clumps I think the big
[13:04]: clumps we have are probably from that
[13:05]: but I did not great I certainly see the
[13:08]: clouds of flour but okay that looks good
[13:13]: to me and now this has to go in the
[13:16]: refrigerator for an hour so we'll do
[13:21]: that and then we'll be back so now we're
[13:25]: going to mix up the strawberry the
[13:28]: strawberries that I've already chopped I
[13:30]: figure you guys know how to chop up
[13:32]: strawberries into bite-sized pieces you
[13:35]: can't really mess that up so we're going
[13:38]: to get these mixed with a little bit of
[13:39]: salt and some sugar and then they're
[13:42]: going to macerate for a little while I
[13:44]: think 20 to 30 minutes is fine but I've
[13:47]: got everything pre measured here like I
[13:51]: said I'm doing about one and a half
[13:53]: recipes so my strawberries were not as
[13:58]: sweet as I would have liked them to be
[14:02]: we're still I don't know I'm sort of
[14:05]: early in the season and we had sort of a
[14:07]: wet time right before I got them which
[14:10]: generally makes the strawberries a
[14:13]: little bit less flavorful but they sure
[14:14]: with the sugar they'll be delicious and
[14:16]: they look beautiful so I've got all
[14:22]: sugar in there and this will allow the
[14:28]: juices to come out of the strawberries
[14:30]: and you'll have a nice liquid to soak up
[14:35]: in the biscuit so we're gonna come back
[14:39]: in about an hour and finish up with the
[14:41]: biscuits okay so this has been this is
[14:47]: the mixture of flour and all the other
[14:49]: right dry ingredients and butter and
[14:52]: it's been in the refrigerator for at
[14:53]: least an hour and I've got my buttermilk
[14:55]: here and so now we're just going to mix
[14:57]: that together and then roll it out and
[14:59]: form biscuits so try to get as much of
[15:04]: that as I can you just mix it up until
[15:07]: it's sort of just incorporated this
[15:16]: everything is very cold I think that's
[15:19]: supposed to get you a better rise on
[15:23]: your biscuits we'll see how well it
[15:26]: works not too worried about getting
[15:36]: flour on my countertop because I'm about
[15:39]: to put an awful lot of flour on it to
[15:40]: roll them out I think that's probably
[15:42]: good everything else don't probably have
[15:45]: to use my hands for the rest of this but
[15:46]: that's decent slightly to the side I'm
[15:53]: going for a 12 by 12 square here for for
[16:01]: the amount of biscuits I'm making so I'm
[16:05]: trying to flour at least that much of
[16:12]: the surface that looks even worse than
[16:16]: just putting it out there oh well all
[16:18]: right now I'm gonna get my hands dirty
[16:25]: get this incorporated I know you guys
[16:28]: can't see that but I'm making sure all
[16:33]: the little bits of flour that didn't get
[16:35]: incorporated at the bottom do this is
[16:38]: very sticky right now but then again
[16:42]: there are also some pieces here at the
[16:44]: bottom that are dry so now I'm going to
[16:57]: put this all oh my goodness my hands are
[17:02]: very sticky with biscuit dough
[17:12]: we'll fix that in just a moment get all
[17:17]: of this out of here and then get the
[17:19]: bowl out of my way
[17:32]: [Music]
[17:52]: so I have my rolling pin here just gonna
[17:57]: sort of try to roll it out to a 12 by 12
[18:02]: square
[18:04]: [Music]
[18:13]: that's good so my plan is divide it in
[18:16]: half both directions decent get
[18:34]: three sets
[18:39]: I'm going for I think this is right they
[18:46]: are not all the right size but that's
[18:52]: okay all right I'm gonna use a spatula
[19:12]: to get these off of the countertop
[19:15]: because I'm pretty sure they're a little
[19:17]: sticky they're supposed to be almost
[19:22]: touching and I try to make sure any one
[19:24]: I'm gonna keep off some of the smaller
[19:26]: ones and maybe recombine them so we have
[19:35]: a little discussion here and yes I
[19:37]: believe I did this all wrong
[19:41]: and right now I can't think straight so
[19:48]: what I'm doing is just we're gonna go
[19:51]: roll with it and they're probably gonna
[19:52]: be a little bit small and if we need to
[19:56]: we'll have two per per serving or
[20:02]: whatever that's just how it's gonna be
[20:06]: trying to see that trying to arrange
[20:10]: these relatively close together on the
[20:15]: baking sheet told you I wasn't gonna do
[20:20]: this over again if I do it wrong I'd do
[20:23]: it wrong cuz it's probably what you guys
[20:25]: are gonna do maybe
[20:30]: [Music]
[20:44]: this is all that's gonna fit on this
[20:46]: sheet so I have 1 2 3 4 6 times 4 so
[20:51]: there's 24 of these yeah I definitely
[20:54]: got a little bit more than I was
[20:56]: supposed to here so we'll probably have
[20:57]: to do like 2 per serving here or one and
[20:60]: a half or something
[21:00]: we'll figure that out but these go in
[21:02]: the oven convection oven at 400 nan
[21:07]: convection at 425 for like 15 minutes so
[21:10]: we'll show you what they look like when
[21:12]: they're done okay these are my cooked
[21:21]: biscuits they baked for about 15 minutes
[21:24]: in a 400-degree convection oven and
[21:28]: they're supposed to be dark golden brown
[21:30]: I think that fits the bill there they
[21:33]: look done to me these are the biscuits
[21:38]: that I had leftover that I'm just gonna
[21:40]: bake on in another batch after after
[21:45]: some discussion we realized that the
[21:49]: original recipe does say to roll it into
[21:52]: an 8 by 12 square and then cut them into
[21:55]: two inch squares which is 24 biscuits
[21:60]: even though the recipe says it serves 12
[22:03]: and tells you to serve one biscuit per
[22:07]: person I'm not sure how that works
[22:10]: because the math does not work out on
[22:13]: that and I wish I'd done that before I
[22:15]: actually cut the biscuits but there we
[22:19]: go
[22:21]: next you'll probably see just a picture
[22:23]: of the plated biscuit but this is
[22:25]: everything we needed to do for this
[22:27]: recipe
[22:33]: okay so we've just finished making the
[22:36]: strawberry shortcakes with rhubarb
[22:37]: marmalade from the pool designer
[22:38]: cookbook and I do have to say the
[22:42]: biscuits were delicious the strawberries
[22:45]: were good
[22:46]: I mean strawberries with sugar can't
[22:49]: really go wrong there the marmalade was
[22:50]: good it was a nice addition the the
[22:54]: instructions for the biscuits were a
[22:57]: little confusing because the recipe says
[23:02]: it serves twelve the biscuits however
[23:06]: tell you to roll it into an eight by
[23:11]: twelve inch rectangle and cut into two
[23:13]: inch squares which doing the math which
[23:16]: I didn't do before I rolled it out means
[23:19]: that's 24 biscuits but each but to serve
[23:24]: it it says you serve one biscuit so that
[23:29]: part was a little confusing I would like
[23:33]: to see the biscuits thicker so if I had
[23:36]: done them
[23:36]: [Music]
[23:39]: well not rolled them out as wide and or
[23:43]: as big and and left them you know a
[23:45]: thicker biscuit I think that would have
[23:47]: been better but all in all it was
[23:50]: delicious and it was not very difficult
[23:52]: comparatively so we enjoyed it thanks
[23:58]: for watching
[23:60]: [Music]