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Poole's Steak

Poole's: Recipes and Stories from a Modern Diner

This is a butter-basted steak recipe, which I'd never actually done before. Let's see how I did...

I can't find the actual recipe anywhere, but it's a very forgiving recipe with regards to amounts, and the time really depends on how you like your steak, and how thick it is.

The nutrition details on this are highly dependent on the type and size of steak you choose.


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[00:04]: hi and welcome to cooking the books with
[00:07]: Heather on today's episode we are going
[00:09]: to be making a relatively simple recipe
[00:12]: we're going to be doing pool steak from
[00:15]: the pools diner cookbook I've got the
[00:16]: book open here because I'm going to need
[00:18]: to reference it probably a lot while I'm
[00:22]: cooking but it's all gonna happen right
[00:25]: here on the stove in the oven so first
[00:27]: I'm going to heat up my cast-iron pan to
[00:32]: medium high and I've got some neutral
[00:35]: vegetable oil to heat in the pan as it
[00:39]: heats up when it let's see when the oil
[00:47]: begins to shimmer we can put the steak
[00:49]: in
[00:50]: so first before we put thicken though I
[00:54]: need to season it liberally with salt
[00:56]: and pepper and that is that's all the
[00:59]: seasoning that goes directly on the
[01:00]: steak so I'm just putting quite a bit of
[01:03]: salt on here this is a super huge I
[01:11]: think it's two and a half pound bone-in
[01:15]: ribeye I mentioned a half to two inches
[01:20]: thick excuse me and it's going to eat
[01:25]: the whole family so got to get this
[01:30]: season on both side also it's been out
[01:33]: of the refrigerator for about an hour at
[01:37]: least an hour it won't quite come up to
[01:40]: room temperature but it at least won't
[01:41]: be you know shockingly cold
[01:52]: a good amount of salt and pepper on
[01:57]: there and our oil it's not quite sure
[02:02]: mine yet but oh this is heavy it's gonna
[02:06]: be even heavier once the mistake isn't
[02:09]: it okay so we also have some butter
[02:15]: that's going to go in a little bit later
[02:18]: and we have a whole head of garlic
[02:22]: that's been sliced in half along the
[02:25]: equator and some thyme and this is all
[02:28]: gonna go in the pan different points and
[02:31]: we have some red wine and that's all
[02:33]: that goes into this recipe so I think
[02:37]: we're just our oil is almost there
[02:44]: trying to have to lift it up too much so
[02:47]: it doesn't
[02:50]: see if it's shimmering you know once
[02:52]: it's real hot we'll be ready and it
[02:55]: doesn't cook for that long on the on the
[02:59]: stove I think about four minutes on one
[03:05]: side and about two on the other so we're
[03:07]: gonna it's gonna be kind of a quick
[03:12]: thing
[03:13]: be careful so start to smoke so I'm
[03:17]: gonna go ahead and put my stake in the
[03:29]: garlic and the herb you wanna let that
[03:38]: sit for about four minutes we want to
[03:42]: get a good crust on that side just want
[03:47]: to mention right now I have my oven
[03:49]: preheated to 450 convection so we're
[03:56]: going to start it on here on the
[03:58]: stovetop and we're gonna finish it in
[03:59]: the oven I think my husband is trying to
[04:02]: get these Pro fluorometer ready so we
[04:06]: can just take it out when it's done but
[04:08]: I have an instant-read as well if we
[04:12]: need that
[04:15]: letting you go at this point okay then
[04:19]: four minutes I'm going to put in some
[04:22]: butter cold unsalted butter or cut into
[04:26]: cubes boil this around the bit pieces
[04:31]: because that'll release it'll stop the
[04:35]: cooking a little bit it'll slow down the
[04:37]: cooking that'll help
[04:52]: alright using our phones we're going to
[04:55]: flip it over
[05:16]: we put the garlic and the thyme on top
[05:21]: of the state
[05:26]: and add another tablespoon of butter to
[05:30]: the pan now we tilt the phone face
[05:38]: for basting the feared side with these
[05:46]: for the grounding of butter for two
[05:52]: minutes
[05:54]: now let's turn this off because we're
[05:59]: about to put it in the oven I have this
[06:01]: broken monitor where is this part
[06:03]: sitting out of the oven and this part
[06:05]: and when you try to put and then I'm
[06:15]: going to stick this in the oven and it
[06:18]: will beat when it's ready hands for this
[06:33]: okay
[06:35]: so this pens on how you like your meat
[06:38]: but she says 8 to 12 minutes for
[06:41]: medium-rare depends on how thick it is
[06:43]: but this will beep when we're at 125
[06:46]: which I think is a little bit below
[06:48]: medium rare so can come up to like 130
[06:51]: ish which i think is where we like it so
[06:55]: now we're just waiting for that after
[06:58]: this we're going to use the pan sauces
[07:00]: the pan juices to make a pan sauce with
[07:04]: some red wine so be back in about 8
[07:07]: minutes all right it's really been about
[07:10]: oh no 19 minutes or so but my
[07:16]: thermometer just went off
[07:29]: I did look it up I did look it up and
[07:40]: medium rare is usually 130 to 135 hours
[07:44]: I set you on for 125 now for some reason
[08:16]: we make a pan sauce in a different pan
[08:19]: so we're going to transfer all of the
[08:22]: juices the butter the time the garlic
[08:27]: everything to this pan a stainless steel
[08:31]: pan which she specifically calls for and
[08:34]: oh my goodness it's hot even this
[08:36]: silicone heating pad is just taking a
[08:44]: beating I can feel it
[08:45]: so we're gonna get as much out here as
[08:48]: we can and I think I'm gonna switch to
[08:50]: the other one which get all man
[08:57]: so what heavy so heavy so hot all right
[09:03]: that will just have to do
[09:06]: so now we put this on high heat I think
[09:11]: she says yes I placed it over high heat
[09:16]: and once it starts to sizzle we're going
[09:20]: to add some red wine and then we're
[09:24]: gonna let that reduce by half and then
[09:27]: we're gonna add some more butter so now
[09:29]: we're just waiting for the sizzle it was
[09:30]: sizzling up and there's a sizzle
[09:41]: spoon I'm gonna add my red wine
[09:52]: that was fiddly and what this reduced by
[09:55]: half
[10:01]: the state needs to rest for about ten
[10:03]: minutes before you slice it so we've got
[10:05]: plenty of time and now we're going to go
[10:15]: ahead and put in our last bit of butter
[10:21]: [Music]
[10:25]: and whirl this in and then all we do is
[10:29]: season to taste with salt if we think it
[10:31]: needs more salt and this is our pan
[10:34]: sauce that we serve over our steak
[10:37]: after it has been sliced so you you're
[10:41]: done this mistake when the steak is
[10:44]: rested you just slice it in serve slices
[10:46]: because that is a huge steak for anyone
[10:48]: to eat by themselves and yeah it got up
[10:52]: to 138 already so definitely pulling it
[10:58]: early is the way to go now I'm going to
[11:04]: test it for salt
[11:10]: a lot of flavor from that
[11:19]: it's very hot
[11:27]: this moon is very hot juice a little
[11:32]: salt salt
[11:39]: and we'll serve that with our state
[11:45]: well show you what it looks like once
[11:47]: it's all sliced up
[11:51]: [Music]
[12:02]: on this episode of cooking the books
[12:05]: with Heather you watch me make the
[12:07]: spools of steak from the pools diner
[12:10]: cookbook by Ashley Christensen it was
[12:14]: really really delicious whole family
[12:16]: enjoyed it enough steak to feed the
[12:19]: whole family because you know a very
[12:21]: thick steak sliced up worked very well
[12:25]: for that I did slightly overcook mine
[12:29]: for our tastes but that was entirely on
[12:31]: me I went longer than she said in the
[12:34]: recipe trying to cook it to temperature
[12:36]: and then it went farther past the
[12:39]: temperature than I expected it's just
[12:41]: not a method that I've used recently so
[12:44]: I think if I had actually followed this
[12:48]: timewise even at the higher end of the
[12:50]: time I probably would have been closer
[12:52]: to the way we prefer our meat cooked
[12:54]: which is medium rare so yeah it's a very
[13:00]: I think it's a very impressive steak
[13:04]: with the herbs and the butter and
[13:07]: everything it's a little it's a little
[13:12]: more difficult than some other steak
[13:13]: methods I mean it's not hard it's it's
[13:15]: in a cast-iron skillet and in the oven
[13:17]: and it's just kind of a little bit more
[13:19]: difficult because you whenever you cook
[13:21]: something in the oven and you have to
[13:22]: take it out to check it and to sort of
[13:24]: gauge whether it's done or not that for
[13:27]: steak in my opinion that's just a little
[13:29]: bit more difficult it takes a little
[13:32]: getting used to
[13:34]: we lately have been preferring the
[13:37]: reverse sear method especially it on the
[13:39]: smoker we will smoke a steak to a
[13:42]: specific temperature and then grill it
[13:46]: smoke it at a low temperature for a
[13:49]: longer amount of time and then grill it
[13:51]: to sear it afterwards love that but this
[13:56]: is this is this is great as well and
[13:58]: it's impressive and you know it's a very
[14:03]: restaurant style steak in my opinion so
[14:08]: certainly recommend doing it this way
[14:10]: has little extra flavor from the herbs
[14:13]: and the garlic so do that impress
[14:18]: impress your your friends with that and
[14:21]: if you enjoyed watching me cook this
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