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Short Rib Pot Pie

Poole's: Recipes and Stories from a Modern Diner

This was A Lot Of Work. It was good, but perhaps not exactly to our tastes. (I prefer a thicker gravy, for one...)

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Here are ALL of the sub-recipes we made to go into this one:

Short Ribs:

Roasted Garlic Butter:

Rich Beef Stock:

Cornmeal Crust:

Charred Onions:

Serving Size1/8 recipe, filling only
Carbohydrates25g (5g sugar, 3g fiber)


[00:00]: [Music]
[00:05]: hello and welcome to cooking books with
[00:07]: Heather today we are going to be making
[00:11]: short rib potpie out of Ashley person
[00:14]: sends pools diner cookbook this recipe I
[00:17]: think has a record number of other
[00:21]: recipes that it refers to in the recipe
[00:24]: it's built so besides making the crust
[00:30]: which is in this recipe and the filling
[00:34]: they're pieces of the filling that are
[00:38]: complete separate recipes in the book
[00:41]: now
[00:42]: therefore for recipes the short ribs the
[00:49]: easy way which we have already made and
[00:52]: I will refer to that below if you want
[00:54]: to take a look
[00:55]: there's diced charred onion which we
[00:58]: haven't made it from the book but it was
[00:59]: sort of part of two other recipes that
[01:03]: we've done so I don't think I'm going to
[01:06]: make that separately I'm probably not
[01:08]: going to show you guys what I did with
[01:10]: it with that but I will link the what
[01:12]: we've done what we did for the I think
[01:15]: it was a summer squash that also had
[01:20]: charred onion in it so there's that and
[01:23]: then there is the rich beef stock which
[01:27]: I am currently making still simmering
[01:31]: away it is like 8:30 at night and we've
[01:35]: been making it since about noon it takes
[01:37]: I don't it'll take something like 10
[01:39]: hours and excuse my mixologists in
[01:42]: corner out of frame and then there is
[01:47]: roasted garlic butter which not super
[01:51]: difficult but also a little bit more
[01:54]: difficult than I would have expected and
[01:55]: required lots of machinery so you'll see
[02:01]: the recipes for the rich beef stock and
[02:04]: the roasted garlic butter separately
[02:06]: before this
[02:08]: but we are making them for this recipe
[02:11]: now I can actually start so while my
[02:17]: crust is resting in the freezer before I
[02:20]: bake it I'm going to use that time to
[02:22]: prepare the vegetables I've already
[02:24]: sliced up an onion I'm not going to show
[02:26]: you we're going to char the onion like
[02:28]: we did for a summer squash recipe which
[02:31]: I'll link down below but now we have
[02:34]: some sweet potatoes or to peel and dice
[02:37]: them into half inch cubes I've got a
[02:39]: bowl of water to put the sweet potatoes
[02:41]: in so they don't get brown before I am
[02:44]: ready and after these are done we're
[02:53]: going to we're going to do that with the
[02:54]: sweet potatoes and also some rutabaga
[02:57]: and then we have to roast it that's not
[03:02]: even a separate recipe that's part of
[03:04]: this the preparing the ingredients for
[03:07]: this recipe so there is making the crust
[03:12]: and baking the crust making the onion
[03:15]: and baking the onions and making these
[03:22]: the short ribs and cooling them and
[03:29]: cutting them off it's a lot of work so
[03:35]: the next thing is rutabaga also need to
[03:39]: peel it and trim it and cut it into half
[03:43]: inch squares cubes this is a lot more
[03:48]: than I need I'm going to go ahead and
[03:50]: cut it all up and then measure what I
[03:52]: need afterwards because I got a huge one
[03:56]: from my produce box
[04:16]: Thank You letting up rutabaga because
[04:33]: then we have to roast rutabaga and the
[04:40]: sweet potato let's see if that's at the
[04:42]: same temperature it doesn't say
[04:48]: different temperatures of that part
[04:50]: we're okay we can roast those why are we
[04:54]: doing the crust so the next ingredient
[05:02]: is this lacinato kale or also known as
[05:06]: Dino kale it is as you can see the
[05:09]: leaves are not curly like the
[05:11]: traditional kale and it calls for the
[05:14]: whole bunch cut up into 1-inch squares
[05:17]: roughly so I'm gonna wash this and cut
[05:22]: it up and put that in a bowl to be ready
[05:24]: to use it later my cut the thick part of
[05:30]: the stem off of this doesn't tell you
[05:32]: you have to I don't think but I'm gonna
[05:34]: cut the thick part of the stem off and
[05:36]: then just cut up the rest into one-inch
[05:39]: pieces it does say the tough stems
[05:42]: removed so I'm so I'm doing the right
[05:45]: thing so I just sort of cut it like that
[05:51]: everything else is fine I do a few
[05:53]: pieces at a time
[05:57]: cut stems off and then I'm gonna be able
[06:03]: to cut them all up together I think it
[06:06]: saves a little bit of time today I'm
[06:15]: just kind of kind of roughly chop this
[06:17]: into 1-inch pieces parts where I've all
[06:23]: right cut it in half it's fine my prep
[06:47]: is pretty much entirely done at least
[06:50]: all of the vegetables are chopped
[06:52]: everything else I think is at the stove
[06:56]: more or less so we'll see you there our
[07:01]: crust is almost done and I can cook the
[07:05]: crust and roast these vegetables at the
[07:07]: same time so that's what I'm going to do
[07:09]: I'm just gonna add some olive oil and
[07:12]: then you guys can't see this here but
[07:14]: I'll show you what it looks like but
[07:15]: I've got mine measured out vegetables in
[07:17]: this bowl I'm gonna add olive oil as
[07:22]: instructed
[07:26]: is some salt salt just gonna toss this
[07:48]: up and then we're gonna roast it in the
[07:53]: same 350 degrees convection or 375 non
[07:58]: convection oven for 10 to 15 minutes so
[08:02]: put this on a parchment lined baking
[08:05]: sheet she does say to lie on the
[08:07]: parchment so I am doing so as suggested
[08:15]: [Music]
[08:19]: it's relatively warm later I don't think
[08:24]: we need to roast these until they're
[08:27]: brown 10 to 15 minutes probably won't do
[08:30]: that but they do need to be tender and
[08:34]: pretty much cooked through so I think
[08:36]: that is the goal here so into the oven
[08:42]: they go I'm gonna set a timer for 15
[08:47]: minutes I'm pretty sure 10 minutes won't
[08:50]: do it so instead of timer for 15 minutes
[08:53]: so this has been in the freezer for an
[08:56]: hour this is my crust I'm gonna put it
[08:58]: in the oven underneath on the rack
[09:02]: underneath the vegetables and we cook it
[09:05]: for about 20 minutes but we rotated
[09:08]: every 5 minutes I guess to make sure it
[09:11]: cooks really evenly so that'll be fun so
[09:16]: this is the pan we're gonna make the
[09:18]: filling in where to that point now
[09:21]: finally so I'm going to put some
[09:26]: vegetable oil in here
[09:30]: and heat it and while I'm doing that I'm
[09:35]: going to measure out the amount of short
[09:38]: ribs that we're supposed to put in here
[09:40]: I made the whole batch but I'm not sure
[09:45]: how much that is because a lot of a lot
[09:49]: of the short ribs are fat and bone so
[09:55]: she calls for one and a half pounds of
[09:60]: meat so I am going to use my scale and
[10:07]: just the dish that I plan to cook it in
[10:11]: because that'll be fine turn on and so I
[10:15]: have took I took a lot of the fat off
[10:21]: just because I didn't want big pieces of
[10:23]: fat and cubed up the short ribs that we
[10:31]: made according to the other recipe and
[10:32]: now we're gonna see how much that is
[10:36]: and hopefully well let's see well it
[10:41]: looks like the whole recipe is a little
[10:42]: less than a pound and a half after I've
[10:44]: trimmed it so there we go
[10:46]: basically the whole recipe five pounds
[10:49]: of short ribs in the end yields about a
[10:52]: pound and a half meat so perfect when
[10:58]: this starts simmering I'm going to put
[11:00]: in the single garlic clove that I still
[11:04]: have after making the short ribs which
[11:12]: took a whole head of garlic and the
[11:18]: garlic butter for this recipe you should
[11:21]: see a link down below even though I
[11:26]: thought I had plenty of heads of garlic
[11:29]: like I did not one of one of mine that I
[11:32]: already had was very bad so but we had
[11:37]: one clove of garlic instead of the three
[11:39]: that it calls for I'm sure it will be
[11:40]: fine we're adding garlic butter late
[11:42]: later we're just gonna go with at this
[11:46]: point she does not tell you to cut it up
[11:50]: in any way ivory checked and rechecked
[11:54]: the recipe and the ingredients and it
[11:57]: just seems like it should be thrown in
[11:60]: whole three of them still wouldn't be
[12:04]: like all over the place but it goes in
[12:07]: first before even the meat so if it were
[12:10]: sliced or minced that would burn so the
[12:15]: only thing I could think is that it goes
[12:16]: in hole so that's what we're gonna do
[12:18]: when this shimmers we put that in let it
[12:25]: get nice and toasty and then we put the
[12:28]: meat in and let it brown a bit so almost
[12:33]: there
[12:33]: I think this is ready and I need to stir
[12:36]: this and okay before I do this I'm gonna
[12:42]: go ahead and rotate my crust I think my
[12:47]: pan is small enough that I can just
[12:49]: rotate the pan
[12:51]: oh yeah pan rotated another five minute
[13:05]: timer and I'm going to throw in my
[13:07]: garlic clove and it's doing little to
[13:10]: nothing right now but it's supposed to
[13:17]: go for about three minutes so there we
[13:19]: go it's starting to do a little bit of
[13:21]: something it's getting a little toasty
[13:25]: which i think is what's supposed to
[13:27]: happen maybe I'm doing something right
[13:31]: all right it really has been three
[13:34]: minutes now and I'm gonna add this and
[13:35]: try to get it into 102 add the butter
[13:53]: and then we're trying to get the short
[14:00]: ribs into a single layer in this pan and
[14:05]: then we cook them undisturbed kind of
[14:08]: let them crisp up and heat up and yeah
[14:12]: so that is my goal now single layer and
[14:19]: we let it go for a few minutes I'll
[14:22]: check the pot undisturbed two minutes
[14:26]: the time when my vegetables was done but
[14:29]: I just realized I was supposed to roast
[14:31]: those at 375 convection or 409
[14:37]: protection and I don't think they're
[14:39]: quite done some time ago those it longer
[14:44]: but it is time to stir my definitely
[14:52]: getting a little bit caramelize which is
[14:56]: nice see something happening as it's
[14:59]: supposed to and now we salt this lightly
[15:12]: and keep cooking and caramelizing for
[15:17]: another two minutes all right
[15:21]: rotating my press one more time supposed
[15:31]: to be done after this I don't know that
[15:32]: it will be but now it's time to add
[15:39]: these are charred onions like I said
[15:43]: before we made them with the summer
[15:48]: squash recipe I just it's more and we
[15:56]: stir that up we also add in some sprigs
[16:01]: of thyme and she does not say to take it
[16:03]: off the sprigs I simply pick it out
[16:05]: later we'll see
[16:18]: and now now we're going to fold in the
[16:22]: kale probably a little bit at a time
[16:25]: because I don't think it's all going to
[16:26]: fit in here and until it all wilts and
[16:30]: so that's sort of the next big step it
[16:34]: will seem like a lot it will cook down I
[16:40]: think that this kale is slightly more
[16:44]: tender than the curly kale and doesn't
[16:48]: take quite as long to cook so hopefully
[16:53]: that's the case but just keep stirring
[16:59]: let it wilt
[17:05]: I'm surprised she says a medium heat cuz
[17:08]: forget that again
[17:10]: my husband says her medium heat is
[17:12]: higher than my medium heat because I'm
[17:14]: not getting out as much caramelization
[17:18]: on the bottom of the pan as I would have
[17:20]: expected so you will see it'll still all
[17:29]: be cooked though I'm sure because after
[17:31]: we cook it like this then we cook it in
[17:34]: the oven for a little while so now she
[17:37]: also says that you can bake this in a
[17:40]: nine inch pie plate for suggest that you
[17:44]: can she does not tell you basically what
[17:46]: kind of pot or pan or whatever to cook
[17:54]: this pot pie in just says that you know
[17:59]: cut your cut your crust slightly smaller
[18:06]: looking at this it feels like it would
[18:09]: not fit in a 9-inch pie pan even now
[18:20]: but I've chosen that's why I've chosen a
[18:22]: slightly deeper dish here hopefully
[18:26]: everything will fit in there last of the
[18:30]: kale in and it does all fit now my crust
[18:37]: is supposed to be done I'm not sure is
[18:49]: [Music]
[18:56]: [Music]
[19:08]: almost maybe five minutes on those oh
[19:16]: actually now I need another five minutes
[19:18]: so anyway it's supposed to be brown and
[19:23]: puffed around me it's like it's starting
[19:25]: to get a little puffy I'm gonna put it
[19:28]: [Music]
[19:30]: on the top layer and let it go for
[19:33]: another five minutes or a couple minutes
[19:35]: and we'll see and we'll put these under
[19:39]: to bake definitely need just a couple
[19:42]: more minutes
[19:52]: now we're just making sure all of our
[19:56]: kale is wilted
[20:08]: I still don't know how I'm gonna fit all
[20:10]: that in your book give it a try
[20:60]: right
[21:03]: one here for
[21:40]: I'd say our tail is mostly wilted it's
[21:43]: not fully cooked yet I would say but it
[21:47]: is wilted and it's time to add the rich
[21:51]: beef stock now I made this yesterday I'm
[21:59]: just going to use the same thing I used
[22:01]: to measure the onions it's fine
[22:03]: I made this yesterday and it takes all
[22:08]: day all right now we turn the heat up
[22:17]: now to bring it to a boil and then we
[22:21]: simmer it and let it let it thicken a
[22:30]: little bit for a while let me see when
[22:35]: do we add the other recipes we don't
[22:38]: fold into vegetables until the very end
[22:40]: so
[22:47]: we've got a pretty good boil going just
[22:53]: in the middle I'm gonna reduce the heat
[22:56]: manner and let it simmer for a bit
[23:03]: [Music]
[23:09]: [Music]
[23:15]: golden and crisp around the edges is
[23:19]: what we're going for with this crust I
[23:24]: think we're definitely golden around the
[23:27]: edges
[23:28]: I think we're probably done here see I'm
[23:34]: gonna call that done it does get a
[23:36]: little bit more of a baked on top of
[23:39]: everything
[23:51]: yes I could get my my knife my butter
[23:54]: knife here at least one of these so I
[24:02]: think the rutabagas are done the sweet
[24:04]: taters are definitely done and we are
[24:07]: almost ready I need some melted butter
[24:14]: just realize to brush the crust luckily
[24:17]: my husband baked some of the crust
[24:21]: crumbs with some melted butter so I'm
[24:23]: just there use his container and we're
[24:28]: gonna melt that right now
[24:36]: this recipe y'all
[24:39]: now there is no thickener for this I'm
[24:44]: gonna turn it up a little bit more
[24:45]: because I want this to cook down a
[24:47]: little bit more
[24:48]: there's no thickener for the gravy but
[24:53]: we are gonna mount it with some garlic
[24:56]: butter might help a little bit it's not
[25:01]: supposed to take that long maybe five
[25:02]: minutes but again I think our heats are
[25:08]: different I can't think that money make
[25:10]: a difference plus I'm not sure what I'm
[25:12]: going for here to tell the truth I'm
[25:15]: gonna turn it back down a little bit and
[25:17]: we're going to swirl in this is roasted
[25:24]: garlic butter it is not salted at all it
[25:28]: is another recipe that you will find
[25:31]: linked down below I've added maybe a
[25:34]: tiny bit more then it calls for just
[25:38]: because I didn't have all of the cloves
[25:41]: of garlic that I was supposed to have so
[25:49]: we're just supposed to swirl this until
[25:53]: it's all melty and it will make the
[25:55]: sauce a little bit saucy or a little bit
[25:57]: thicker
[26:00]: go now think turn this off and I fold in
[26:10]: these vegetable
[26:29]: oh there we go fold these vegetables in
[26:36]: there's a beautiful colors against the
[26:39]: darker colors of the meat and the greens
[26:43]: the help suggested I taste this for salt
[26:46]: content which is actually not a bad idea
[26:47]: honestly a lot of this was unsalted like
[26:52]: me the stock is completely unsalted and
[26:56]: the greens were unsalted the butter was
[26:60]: on the garlic butter was unsalted butter
[27:01]: unsalted actually pretty good salt level
[27:10]: so I'm gonna call it good
[27:15]: and she does say to use a you can use a
[27:18]: two-port dish this is only a quart and a
[27:22]: half I'm gonna put however much fits in
[27:23]: there I don't care at this point or not
[27:26]: in a half inch deep dish pie pan which I
[27:29]: swear holds less than two ports so we're
[27:33]: gonna see how much goes in here and just
[27:39]: going to do it with a spoon because this
[27:40]: is a really heavy pan full of food right
[27:43]: now I think that's about all I can fit
[27:49]: comfortably in that pan and put the pie
[27:55]: crust on top of it all right
[28:01]: pre-baked crust which does not seem
[28:03]: fully baked but enough it kind of sits
[28:06]: on top there and I am going to remove
[28:09]: the parchment from that pan and use it
[28:13]: underneath this one because it's going
[28:18]: to overflow I know that'll fit so here
[28:27]: do I have to recheck the book because it
[28:28]: does not say whether to cook this at 350
[28:33]: or 375 but the most recent thing you
[28:37]: were supposed to have cooked was at 375
[28:41]: so I'm gonna go 375 but I'm gonna put it
[28:50]: in now even though it's not quite there
[28:52]: yet we're gonna bake it for this is
[29:02]: we're gonna bake it for 10 minutes and
[29:05]: then we're gonna turn it around and bake
[29:06]: it for another 5 so how those there and
[29:12]: I'm going to brush it with some melted
[29:14]: unsalted mostly butter just the top
[29:32]: so blessedly
[29:34]: this is the finished product this is it
[29:47]: this is what we've spent three days now
[29:50]: making I hope it's worth it
[29:54]: we'll let you know real soon
[29:57]: one thing I am supposed to brush the top
[30:00]: with butter again cleanup crew was a
[30:04]: little jumping the gun and I didn't
[30:06]: realize that so my butter dish has been
[30:09]: cleaned up and I'm just not gonna do
[30:11]: that I'm not gonna no sorry whatever it
[30:14]: will be fine
[30:16]: so we'll let you know how it turned out
[30:18]: in just a minute
[30:21]: [Music]
[30:32]: on this episode of cooking the books
[30:35]: with Heather you watch me make pools
[30:37]: diner short rib potpie this was probably
[30:41]: the most complicated recipe that we've
[30:45]: made for this channel it required I
[30:47]: think it was three sub recipes plus
[30:52]: there was the crust recipe and the
[30:54]: filling recipe in this recipe this in
[30:59]: the book so yeah and it was very
[31:03]: time-consuming so partially because of
[31:07]: the sub recipes because stock just takes
[31:09]: a long time to simmer the garlic butter
[31:13]: took you know not too long but it was it
[31:16]: was kind of a process because she uses
[31:19]: it to finish the sauce to get it really
[31:20]: smooth that was a bit of a bit of a
[31:23]: process the crust in her crust recipes
[31:27]: are always a lot of do this and freeze
[31:30]: it do this and and freeze it and all
[31:32]: that so it was very complicated didn't
[31:39]: require too much specialized equipment
[31:42]: but sort of some judgment and some a lot
[31:48]: of time it was a lot of time and we we
[31:54]: thought it was slightly disappointing
[31:56]: for as much time as we put into it I
[31:58]: mean the stock was good everything was
[32:00]: was good but was not sort of blow your
[32:03]: socks off good and maybe that was my
[32:06]: fault maybe you know if I didn't salt it
[32:08]: quite enough or whatever but we thought
[32:10]: we were just it was just not as good as
[32:13]: we were expecting for all of the work so
[32:15]: and I will say that we had scraps left
[32:21]: of the crust that before before we
[32:25]: actually baked it for the potpie
[32:28]: we baked them baked up the scraps with
[32:31]: little cinnamon sugar which I do a lot
[32:33]: of times with leftover pie crusts those
[32:35]: puffed up really nicely and
[32:39]: were really good and and I expected the
[32:42]: crust on top to puff but they didn't and
[32:46]: I don't know if that's because we baked
[32:47]: it from frozen and so it didn't have a
[32:49]: chance to puff as much as per the recipe
[32:52]: we baked it from frozen but the other
[32:56]: stuff we just took them you know rear
[32:59]: old them cut them up and baked them
[33:01]: immediately and those puffed up and were
[33:04]: really nice but we're really tasty so I
[33:06]: was a little disappointed with the crust
[33:07]: on the potpie even though the crust
[33:10]: recipe was really good and very puffy so
[33:14]: I kind of expected to be a little bit
[33:16]: more like a rough puff after what
[33:18]: happened with those with the scraps but
[33:22]: it wasn't so you know little
[33:25]: disappointing took a long time
[33:28]: we definitely have used some of the
[33:30]: ingredients for other things and been
[33:32]: perfectly happy with those the the stock
[33:34]: and the garlic butter but for this we
[33:38]: won't be making it again if you enjoyed
[33:41]: watching me make this please give me a
[33:43]: thumbs up and hit the subscribe button
[33:47]: to come back and watch me cook something
[33:49]: else next week
[33:52]: [Music]