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Short Rib Pot Pie Cornmeal Crust

Poole's: Recipes and Stories from a Modern Diner

We loved this pastry recipe! We baked up the scraps coated in cinnamon sugar and it puffed nicely and tasted delicious.

Serving Size1/8 recipe
Carbohydrates19g (1g fiber)


[00:00]: [Music]
[00:05]: hello and welcome to cooking books with
[00:07]: Heather today we are going to be making
[00:11]: short rib potpie out of Ashley person
[00:14]: sends pools diner cookbook this recipe I
[00:17]: think has a record number of other
[00:21]: recipes that it refers to in the recipe
[00:24]: it's built so besides making the crust
[00:30]: which is in this recipe and the filling
[00:34]: they're pieces of the filling that are
[00:38]: complete separate recipes in the book
[00:41]: now
[00:42]: therefore for recipes the short ribs the
[00:49]: easy way which we have already made and
[00:52]: I will refer to that below if you want
[00:54]: to take a look
[00:55]: there's diced charred onion which we
[00:58]: haven't made it from the book but it was
[00:59]: sort of part of two other recipes that
[01:03]: we've done so I don't think I'm going to
[01:06]: make that separately I'm probably not
[01:08]: going to show you guys what I did with
[01:10]: it with that but I will link the what
[01:12]: we've done what we did for the I think
[01:15]: it was a summer squash that also had
[01:20]: charred onion in it so there's that and
[01:23]: then there is the rich beef stock which
[01:27]: I am currently making still simmering
[01:31]: away it is like 8:30 at night and we've
[01:35]: been making it since about noon it takes
[01:37]: I don't it'll take something like 10
[01:39]: hours and excuse my mixologists in
[01:42]: corner out of frame and then there is
[01:47]: roasted garlic butter which not super
[01:51]: difficult but also a little bit more
[01:54]: difficult than I would have expected and
[01:55]: required lots of machinery so you'll see
[02:01]: the recipes for the rich beef stock and
[02:04]: the roasted garlic butter separately
[02:06]: before this
[02:08]: but we are making them for this recipe
[02:11]: now I can actually start what I'm doing
[02:16]: right now is making the cornmeal crust
[02:18]: and so this has to sit in the freezer
[02:23]: for like an hour something like three
[02:26]: separate times another purveyor or the
[02:27]: freezer three separate times but it's
[02:30]: fairly simple
[02:31]: other than that oh I forgot I almost
[02:35]: forgot my salt let me get that but I
[02:37]: have regular all-purpose flour and some
[02:40]: fine ground cornmeal it's what I had in
[02:43]: the cabinet because we're not going to
[02:46]: Percy store right now because we are
[02:49]: currently in social distancing mode
[02:52]: because of kovat so not a bad time to
[02:55]: make a recipe like this I guess if you
[02:57]: have all the ingredients at the house so
[03:10]: so cue my cornmeal and flour I'm just
[03:14]: going to add the salt that it requires
[03:19]: and I'm going to whisk this up so you
[03:22]: know incorporate it and break up any
[03:25]: lumps this is sort of a sifting step
[03:30]: when I don't want to get the sifter
[03:32]: which is most of the time this is what I
[03:34]: do
[03:35]: generally all right so I've done that
[03:39]: and now I just add the butter I'm gonna
[03:46]: I've got my butter cut up into little
[03:51]: squares I'm just going to add it and
[03:56]: sort of make sure they're broken up and
[03:59]: then this whole thing I'm gonna toss it
[04:03]: up a little bit but it goes into the
[04:05]: freezer for an hour so I'm sure a little
[04:09]: bit more would not be amiss but I think
[04:12]: the point it for this is to make sure
[04:14]: everything is as cold as possible so the
[04:18]: butter doesn't melt and you get the
[04:19]: flaky as crust you possibly can so I'm
[04:23]: going to rinse off my hands put this in
[04:27]: the freezer and the weave back in about
[04:29]: an hour the crust mixture has been in
[04:31]: the freezer for about an hour and now
[04:35]: we're going to make it kind of like we
[04:36]: did the pie crust there's a little blood
[04:39]: on my dish but that's right
[04:40]: the pool's pie crust and we're going to
[04:43]: pulse it in the food processor
[04:47]: [Music]
[04:49]: until it breaks up and then we're gonna
[04:52]: add water so so now we're going to pulse
[04:60]: this
[05:01]: and while pulsing until it's about
[05:05]: pea-sized the butter is pea-sized pieces
[05:07]: that was unsalted butter by the way so
[05:09]: we're gonna pulse it until it's in
[05:11]: pea-sized pieces and we're going to
[05:12]: start drizzling in a tablespoon of water
[05:15]: at a time until when it's pinched it
[05:18]: sticks together it's always more water
[05:19]: than she says for me for some reason
[05:22]: whatever so we're gonna pulse this
[05:25]: started to go and now I'm going to start
[05:33]: putting in a tablespoon of ice water at
[05:36]: a time I'm not trying to make this tiny
[06:06]: piece they kind of come together but
[06:09]: it's still really dry
[06:35]: alright that's feeling a little bit yeah
[06:38]: a little bit more almost sticky but not
[06:43]: quite when I stick it together but it
[06:44]: feels like it will hold its shape I'm
[06:47]: gonna call that done so now I'm gonna
[06:49]: clean off my work surface and I'm gonna
[06:54]: put down some plastic wrap
[06:56]: cuz when it's done we're going to sort
[06:57]: of shape it into a disc wrap it in
[06:60]: plastic wrap and put it in the
[07:01]: refrigerator overnight at least an hour
[07:04]: up to overnight I know I know you're the
[07:29]: the pace just out and press it together
[07:31]: into a disc my pastry chef back there
[07:39]: doesn't think that this is done that it
[07:41]: needs another tablespoon of water all
[07:44]: right we're gonna add another tablespoon
[07:45]: it is sort of coming together but I do
[07:49]: tend to make things a little well I feel
[07:53]: like my flour tends to be a little extra
[07:56]: dry so so we're gonna put another
[08:04]: tablespoon in when I squeeze it I swear
[08:15]: it feels like dough like a pie dough so
[08:17]: we'll see we'll see so I'm gonna just
[08:20]: sort of form this into a disc and wrap
[08:23]: it with this plastic wrap and probably
[08:25]: another sheet just to make sure I have a
[08:27]: good seal because the refrigerator tends
[08:33]: to dry things out so don't want it dry
[08:35]: out for sure I think I think this is
[08:38]: gonna be good
[08:39]: I think this is gonna be fine all right
[08:42]: so that's our crust or I'm gonna put it
[08:45]: in the refrigerator like I said
[08:48]: overnight but it should be at least an
[08:52]: hour so you'll be back tomorrow to show
[08:59]: you what's next
[09:03]: my crust has been in the refrigerator
[09:05]: overnight its next day the evening I'm
[09:10]: hoping to eat this today oh my goodness
[09:13]: so we're gonna roll out the pie crust so
[09:18]: oh yeah first I need to put down snow
[09:21]: flour this is just rolling out crust
[09:23]: just like always I think she says a
[09:27]: quarter inch thick so hopefully our
[09:31]: crust is good and vibrated four inch
[09:52]: thick and wish me luck all right I'll
[10:09]: let my sleeves here get a little bit of
[10:12]: flour on the top and move that out of my
[10:20]: way so I don't roll all over it all
[10:22]: right it's still pretty cold but it
[10:27]: seems to be staying together so that's a
[10:29]: good thing I really only need it to be
[10:33]: about eight inches round because of the
[10:39]: dish that I'm cooking it in but we're
[10:43]: gonna cut it to fit so you're supposed
[10:49]: to cut around four clip paper half an
[10:52]: inch smaller than the diameter of the
[10:56]: dish that you're planning to cook it in
[10:58]: I've got my dish here so I did the I did
[11:07]: the standard about to make a snowflake
[11:09]: when you were a kid thing folded it into
[11:12]: any
[11:12]: put the point in the middle sort of cut
[11:15]: around it and then just trimmed until I
[11:18]: had a nice relatively round bit of
[11:22]: pastry or a bit of parchment and now I'm
[11:25]: going to cut my pastry using this as a
[11:28]: template using my pizza wheel let's try
[11:37]: not to move this once I start cutting I
[11:42]: think this will be okay so now we have a
[11:52]: rough start bowl here and this is pastry
[11:57]: we won't be using for this I don't know
[11:60]: I'll see if I can think of something to
[12:02]: do with that I need to transfer this
[12:04]: onto the parchment onto a sheet pan so I
[12:12]: have my sheet pan and put my parchment
[12:15]: down and then hopefully this will move
[12:20]: it seems pretty sturdy I think I'm gonna
[12:23]: put it bottom side up cuz that would be
[12:28]: the pretty side you probably brush some
[12:34]: of that off later anyway and then put it
[12:39]: on top of my parchment there we go now
[12:45]: this goes into the freezer for another
[12:46]: hour
[12:49]: [Music]