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Rose Finn Apple Potatoes with Shaved Celery, Buttermilk and Dill

Poole's: Recipes and Stories from a Modern Diner

I am not a fan of the standard southern potato salad. This is...not that. There are no pickles, but vinegar in the water while boiling the potatoes keeps them slightly crispy, and gives them a tang. The celery provides a nice crunch. It's a definitely a more upscale, fancy-restaurant version of potato salad!

I could not find the type of potatoes suggested, but a waxier potato like red skinned or Yukon golds will work just fine.

This seems to be the same recipe:

Countertop Crème Fraîche instructions are included in this video:

Serving Size1/8 recipe
Carbohydrates12g (4g sugar, 3g fiber)


[00:04]: hello
[00:05]: and welcome to cooking the books with
[00:06]: heather today we're going to be working
[00:08]: from the pool's diner cookbook again
[00:10]: still trying to use up some buttermilk
[00:12]: and we found
[00:14]: this rose thin apple potatoes with
[00:16]: shaved celery buttermilk and dill
[00:18]: recipe here we're going to use it's
[00:21]: basically potato salad
[00:24]: but different we could not find
[00:28]: the rose fin apple variety but she says
[00:31]: it's
[00:32]: like a combination of yukon gold and red
[00:35]: potatoes
[00:36]: we had these um fingerling potatoes that
[00:39]: i think are like yukon golds that we got
[00:40]: from our produce box
[00:42]: we're gonna use those we have a couple
[00:43]: of yukon golds to
[00:45]: to make up the right amount the first
[00:47]: thing we got to do is
[00:48]: slice the potatoes we're not going to
[00:50]: peel them but we're going to
[00:52]: slice them into 1 8 inch
[00:56]: coins basically with the
[00:59]: skin intact i'll probably cut off the
[01:02]: ends especially where they're a little
[01:04]: you know yucky and not use that part and
[01:06]: then just
[01:08]: cut them i'm going to put them in this
[01:10]: colander because the next thing we do is
[01:11]: rinse them
[01:13]: if you can hear or if the lights flicker
[01:16]: it has
[01:17]: just started raining here a lot
[01:20]: so you know summer in north carolina
[01:22]: this happens all the time
[01:24]: lighting guy was not happy about it but
[01:25]: so i'm going to cut these in
[01:27]: 1 8 inch slices
[01:31]: coins she says you could use a
[01:35]: mandolin i
[01:39]: am not that confident in my ability
[01:42]: to um choose the
[01:46]: thickness on my mandolin i usually just
[01:50]: use it when i want things really really
[01:52]: thin
[01:53]: so i'm going to do this
[01:56]: with a knife and do my best
[02:01]: all right so we've rinsed our potatoes
[02:03]: and we've cut them all up rinsed them
[02:05]: they're in the pot big pot we're gonna
[02:08]: add
[02:09]: some apple cider vinegar this will help
[02:12]: apparently help it um not
[02:17]: fall apart when you cook it got quite a
[02:20]: lot of kosher salt
[02:22]: and now i'm going to add three quarts of
[02:24]: water
[02:25]: and then we're going to bring these to a
[02:27]: boil over high heat
[02:29]: reduce it to a simmer and boil it until
[02:31]: they are just done
[02:32]: she says 20 to 25 minutes they shouldn't
[02:35]: be falling apart but they should be
[02:36]: tender
[02:37]: and the skin should stay on it's as thin
[02:40]: as these are i'm a little
[02:41]: concerned about that but we'll be back
[02:43]: and
[02:44]: show you what it's like when those are
[02:46]: done second
[02:48]: i'm gonna add the water so now um
[02:51]: while my potatoes are cooking i'll
[02:52]: probably have to go over there and turn
[02:54]: it down because they haven't quite come
[02:54]: up to a boil yet
[02:56]: i'm gonna chop up the herbs and um
[02:59]: make the sauce basically the dressing
[03:02]: for our potato salad i have
[03:05]: some green onions here
[03:08]: and these need to be finely chopped so
[03:11]: i'm going to slice them and then just
[03:13]: sort of
[03:13]: run my knife through them until i think
[03:15]: they are finely chopped
[03:17]: and i'm going to put them just in the
[03:19]: bowl that i'm going to put everything
[03:20]: together
[03:21]: in when i'm done
[03:25]: and i've got a measuring cup to
[03:29]: sort of guide myself
[03:32]: make sure i'm not over or under doing
[03:37]: the um green onion
[03:40]: if i have too much i can always use it
[03:42]: for something else
[03:50]: all right now let's measure this i think
[03:52]: it's probably about half a cup but if
[03:54]: it's not i do have more and it looks
[03:57]: like i will need more
[03:59]: let's see
[04:12]: all right i'm gonna get probably one
[04:15]: more
[04:16]: green onion and mince it up and add it
[04:18]: to that i think
[04:20]: that will be enough all right
[04:24]: he was right it was basically a whole
[04:29]: bunch of green onions
[04:36]: which means i'm not sure i'm going to
[04:38]: have enough bill but because we need
[04:40]: about half of that
[04:42]: in chop still so i'm gonna pull off
[04:46]: the stems the big stems but otherwise i
[04:50]: don't really care
[04:58]: once again finely chopped fresh dill
[05:05]: okay so i'm gonna call this enough dill
[05:10]: basically all i've got try to get as
[05:13]: much out off of my board and
[05:18]: into the bowl okay
[05:23]: now i'm going to clean up a little bit
[05:25]: and gather the rest of the ingredients
[05:27]: for my dressing so i've gathered the
[05:30]: rest of the ingredients that i need
[05:32]: now for the basically the dressing for
[05:36]: the potato salad
[05:38]: and it's all it's a lot um
[05:41]: so we have the countertop creme fraiche
[05:43]: which we have made previously and i just
[05:45]: made a fresh batch
[05:47]: so this is the countertop creme fraiche
[05:49]: which you make with just
[05:51]: heavy cream and buttermilk and we've
[05:54]: made it before
[05:55]: i will link that below and hopefully up
[05:59]: there
[06:01]: so you could also use
[06:05]: sour cream i might let this go a little
[06:07]: bit longer on the
[06:09]: um on the countertop just because it's
[06:11]: still a little bit
[06:12]: thin but it's fine for this
[06:15]: uh and i need uh something to mix this
[06:18]: with
[06:19]: and i forgot the dijon mustard
[06:23]: all right and so there's that
[06:27]: and the other thing that we've made
[06:29]: before um
[06:32]: that i have that i'll put a link
[06:35]: here and probably below is the basic
[06:39]: cider mayo i made this uh with
[06:42]: the immersion blender i'm pretty sure
[06:46]: i did that with for
[06:49]: one of the mayo's from here
[06:53]: one of the recipes i just made that
[06:57]: a few minutes ago so there we go
[07:01]: all right we have um
[07:04]: she says sea salt i'm just going to use
[07:06]: my kosher salt
[07:08]: have some sea salt but whatever we will
[07:12]: put all this away and clean those spoons
[07:15]: in just a minute
[07:16]: we also have buttermilk quite a lot of
[07:19]: buttermilk this seems like it's going to
[07:20]: be a relatively thin sauce because there
[07:22]: is
[07:25]: so much buttermilk but there we go
[07:29]: all the buttermilk
[07:33]: and then we have
[07:36]: some dijon mustard
[07:42]: i hope i'll be able to get enough out of
[07:44]: there
[07:46]: we'll see
[07:52]: that's fine
[08:02]: that's good so and now this is the part
[08:06]: that i was dreading the most
[08:11]: i have to microplane a shallot
[08:18]: not a fan not a fan at all
[08:21]: of using of grating any kind of onion
[08:24]: and this is going to suck but you get to
[08:27]: watch
[08:27]: be right back all right so i have one
[08:29]: shallot
[08:31]: it's kind of a big one it was my last
[08:33]: one so we'll get as much as we can
[08:35]: out of this
[08:38]: we're just
[08:42]: luckily i have never actually hurt
[08:44]: myself that badly on a microplane
[08:46]: because if i was going to i would
[08:52]: my husband says now it's all murphy's
[08:54]: law i have said that so i'm going to
[08:56]: hurt myself
[08:57]: that's all right i'm getting a tetanus
[08:58]: shot tomorrow anyway
[08:59]: [Laughter]
[09:07]: now she didn't tell me that i had to do
[09:09]: this
[09:13]: that's salty
[09:16]: um i was going to go over the potatoes
[09:19]: and salt and hopefully we'll be fine
[09:21]: she didn't tell me i have to do this
[09:23]: over the bowl but i decided that i was
[09:24]: going to
[09:30]: however the next step is to microplane
[09:34]: the zest off of a lemon and you are
[09:37]: supposed to do that
[09:38]: over the bowl so you don't lose any of
[09:41]: the
[09:42]: lemon oils
[09:45]: onions fall apart when you try to
[09:47]: microplane them because they
[09:49]: onions onions have layers
[09:52]: and those layers like to fall apart as
[09:54]: we have already seen
[09:56]: potentially into
[09:59]: your bowl now do this over the bowl
[10:06]: um i think all of the zest
[10:10]: but you want to you know not get any of
[10:13]: the white part just the lovely
[10:15]: yellow bits all right
[10:24]: all right so i'm going to mix that up
[10:26]: and now there's one other thing we can
[10:28]: add at this point
[10:30]: um yes i'm messy one other thing we can
[10:33]: add at this point
[10:34]: that i've already sliced up so
[10:37]: earlier i thinly sliced
[10:41]: this celery and just put it in the
[10:44]: refrigerator in a bag
[10:45]: so i wouldn't have to do it later i
[10:48]: think she says
[10:50]: paper thin so some of them are not so
[10:53]: paper thin
[10:54]: but it's the best i can do so we're just
[10:56]: going to mix this up together
[10:58]: and when our potatoes are
[11:01]: done and cool we will add them to this
[11:05]: so what i'm gonna do is just put this in
[11:07]: the refrigerator
[11:09]: um until our potatoes are done and looks
[11:12]: like they've got about
[11:14]: less than two minutes so basically it
[11:16]: took us about the same amount of time to
[11:19]: put this together as it did for the
[11:21]: potatoes to
[11:22]: cook so i'm gonna put this in the
[11:24]: refrigerator
[11:26]: and when we get the potatoes out we're
[11:28]: going to drain them
[11:29]: and put them on a baking sheet to cool
[11:32]: spread out on a baking sheet to cool and
[11:35]: we'll be back with you
[11:36]: when that's all done our potatoes were
[11:39]: done
[11:40]: and i drained them but did not rinse
[11:42]: them
[11:43]: she makes point do not rinse them and
[11:45]: then i just
[11:46]: put them on this baking sheet to cool to
[11:48]: room temperature
[11:49]: they are cool now and so i've got the
[11:52]: dressing that we made and i'm just going
[11:54]: to
[11:55]: um put all of these potatoes
[11:58]: into the dressing
[12:01]: hopefully not too much extra water
[12:06]: they did uh keep their texture like
[12:10]: she says something about how the um
[12:13]: vinegar will keep let them keep a snappy
[12:16]: texture
[12:17]: and they really did they are definitely
[12:20]: done
[12:21]: a fork goes through them with no problem
[12:24]: even the biggest
[12:24]: thickest ones that i cut but
[12:29]: and you can definitely taste the vinegar
[12:30]: on the potatoes
[12:33]: which hopefully will go well with the
[12:35]: dish but we'll see um
[12:42]: all right got all the potatoes in there
[12:45]: and now we're just going to sort of fold
[12:48]: them into the dressing
[12:54]: with the celery and everything
[12:58]: and before i fold
[13:01]: everything perfectly i'm gonna give it
[13:05]: a few cranks of pepper peppermill
[13:15]: mix that up and then
[13:20]: this goes into the refrigerator for
[13:26]: about an hour before you eat it
[13:29]: just so you know let all the flavors
[13:31]: marry and she says it will keep in a
[13:33]: lidded container in the refrigerator for
[13:35]: up to three days
[13:37]: um i'm just going to put it in like this
[13:40]: uh before we eat it and i'll transfer
[13:43]: it to a nicer container for serving but
[13:46]: it's going to go in like this
[13:47]: in the refrigerator for one hour
[13:58]: on this episode of cooking the books
[13:60]: with heather you watched me make
[14:02]: rose fin apple potatoes with shaved
[14:05]: celery buttermilk
[14:06]: and dill it's a really long name and i
[14:08]: didn't even i
[14:09]: even have the rose fin apple potatoes
[14:13]: because they are apparently very
[14:16]: difficult to find and especially outside
[14:19]: of whatever their season is
[14:21]: and so i don't even know where i could
[14:24]: maybe find them ever
[14:27]: sure you know a restaurant chef
[14:31]: has connections and deals with the
[14:33]: farmers and all that and maybe if i went
[14:35]: to the farmer's market i could do that
[14:36]: but
[14:37]: whatever i used i think yukon gold's
[14:39]: instead
[14:40]: which was a fine substitution um which
[14:44]: you know and she said you can sub your
[14:46]: favorite potato and it's fine
[14:48]: um so the thing about this recipe oh it
[14:52]: does
[14:53]: so it requires you to slice the celery
[14:56]: very thinly i did not use a mandolin
[14:58]: although she suggests it
[14:60]: i thought it was fine without that
[15:02]: slicing the potatoes was not all that
[15:04]: difficult
[15:05]: because those are you know not super
[15:07]: thin
[15:09]: the thing about this recipe that made it
[15:11]: a lot different
[15:12]: than a standard potato salad is that the
[15:15]: potatoes are
[15:16]: cooked with a lot of vinegar and that
[15:19]: gives them
[15:20]: a very different texture than
[15:24]: the usual potato salad potato texture
[15:27]: which is a little
[15:28]: mushier these tasted a little
[15:32]: pickled because of the vinegar and had
[15:36]: a a crisper
[15:41]: texture than usual now
[15:46]: i'm not a fan of potato salad of
[15:48]: traditional potato salad
[15:50]: my husband likes it my kids are you know
[15:54]: yes or no depends actually they don't
[15:55]: like mushy potatoes at all
[15:57]: my daughter liked this potato salad
[15:60]: better than a traditional potato salad
[16:01]: probably because of the texture i think
[16:03]: they
[16:03]: don't like a mushy potato texture
[16:08]: so that what and they like pickles they
[16:10]: like uh you know a
[16:12]: vinegary flavor and it wasn't
[16:15]: super overpowering but it was definitely
[16:18]: there so
[16:20]: my daughter actually liked it my husband
[16:23]: who likes traditional potato salad
[16:24]: traditional southern
[16:25]: potato salad did not like it at all
[16:29]: and because i don't
[16:33]: eat a lot of potato salad we didn't even
[16:36]: finish this batch and ended up throwing
[16:37]: away the rest of it because it does make
[16:39]: a rather large batch
[16:40]: um so it was not our favorite recipe
[16:46]: like i said i don't like potato salad in
[16:48]: general
[16:50]: but i i preferred this potato salad to
[16:52]: another
[16:53]: to the standard potato salad so take
[16:56]: take that
[16:57]: you know as you will
[16:60]: um that's just our perceptions
[17:04]: it was it was not super difficult
[17:08]: just like all of these
[17:13]: all of the recipes in the pools diner
[17:15]: cookbook there are specific techniques
[17:17]: that sometimes are
[17:19]: you take a little more time than you
[17:21]: generally
[17:22]: would do in your standard you know
[17:25]: evening meals but
[17:29]: if you like uh a potato salad that is a
[17:33]: little bit on the you know
[17:36]: i hate to say elevated potato salad but
[17:38]: you know a
[17:39]: non-traditional potato salad i thought
[17:42]: it was really good
[17:43]: and i think you should try it if it's
[17:45]: something that you think you would like
[17:48]: if you are a super fan of a traditional
[17:50]: southern potato salad
[17:52]: you probably won't like this and it
[17:53]: might not be worth the effort
[17:56]: but it was pretty easy
[17:59]: and i would make it again but for
[18:03]: more people which we will maybe
[18:06]: eventually
[18:08]: be able to have more people
[18:13]: at a party at a potluck
[18:16]: i miss those days anyway if you enjoyed
[18:20]: watching me make this
[18:21]: please give me a thumbs up hit subscribe
[18:23]: and come back and watch me make
[18:25]: something else next week