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Roasted Tomatoes

Poole's: Recipes and Stories from a Modern Diner

This is another bonus recipe; what Ashley Christensen calls a back pocket recipe, something that is used for other things.

Look out for the coleslaw recipe these are used in coming soon!

I can't find the recipe online, but there aren't really any measurements that matter much here. Olive oil, salt, and tomatoes.

Serving Size1/3 of recipe, approx. 1 cup
Carbohydrates9g (4g sugar, 5g fiber)


[00:01]: [Music]
[00:04]: hi guys today on cooking the books with
[00:08]: Heather we're going to make roasted
[00:10]: tomatoes we're having some friends over
[00:13]: tomorrow and I was going to make malted
[00:16]: slaw with roasted tomatoes so first I
[00:19]: have to make the roasted tomatoes it's
[00:23]: not Spade Oh season it's the beginning
[00:25]: of actually sort of mid spring not even
[00:28]: summer yet our Tomatoes our tomato
[00:31]: plants have little tiny tomatoes on them
[00:32]: so these are not the best tomatoes but
[00:37]: this recipe is meant for this kind of
[00:40]: tomato it will sort of intensify the
[00:42]: flavor and make them taste better than
[00:44]: they do so it's a very simple recipe but
[00:47]: it takes a while so all I have to do now
[00:53]: is to cut these roma tomatoes in half so
[00:58]: I'm going to do that ok so I haven't
[01:06]: tomatoes all cut in half and all we have
[01:09]: to do is put some olive oil and some
[01:13]: salt on them and toss it around together
[01:17]: and there's no measurement for the salt
[01:21]: just to salt them generously the salt I
[01:25]: use is kind of less salty it takes up
[01:29]: more space for the amount of salt so I'm
[01:31]: gonna be very generous and then
[01:39]: just toss them around it's a little bit
[01:46]: misleading the picture on in the book
[01:50]: actually has time on them which I'm sure
[01:52]: would be fine and would give it a little
[01:53]: bit of a different flavor but there's no
[01:55]: time in the recipes so I'm going to put
[01:58]: these now on to prepared babies
[02:06]: they have parchment paper on them and
[02:09]: we're going to put them in cut side up
[02:14]: and give them a little space that's
[02:21]: about half
[02:39]: so I'm just gonna take the leftover
[02:41]: olive oil and just sort of drizzle it on
[02:48]: I've got my oven heated to 300 degrees
[02:52]: and they're gonna go in like this for
[02:54]: two hours cut side up when that's done
[02:59]: we're gonna take it out and flip them
[03:01]: over and they go in for like another
[03:03]: half an hour so we'll come back after
[03:07]: two hours these Tomatoes have been in in
[03:14]: the oven it was actually a convection
[03:16]: oven at 300 which I realized before
[03:18]: they'd been in for more than a couple
[03:20]: minutes so that's good if you don't have
[03:21]: a convection oven 325 they've been in
[03:25]: for two hours in about 15 minutes just
[03:27]: because you know life so I'm gonna turn
[03:30]: these over and then they go back in the
[03:34]: oven for another 30 minutes so after 30
[03:41]: minutes we take them out and then we let
[03:42]: them cool for about 30 minutes and then
[03:45]: we peel them so I'm going to put these
[03:49]: back in the oven turn over the other
[03:51]: other ones the other pan and get those
[03:54]: in the oven
[03:55]: and we'll be back here in about 30
[03:58]: minutes
[03:59]: okay these were in the oven for another
[04:03]: 30 minutes cut side down and they've
[04:05]: been out for about 30 minutes so now I'm
[04:08]: just gonna peel them and I'm gonna put
[04:09]: them in this mason jar and cover them
[04:13]: with olive oil they'll keep that way in
[04:15]: the refrigerator for quite a while I
[04:17]: think she says a few weeks and I won't
[04:21]: need all of these for the recipe that
[04:22]: I'm gonna make so might as well keep
[04:26]: them
[04:29]: peels are sticking a little bit around
[04:31]: the edges but nothing too bad I'm just
[04:37]: gonna peel them and drop them right in
[04:54]: okay they're all peeled some of them
[04:57]: were kind of stubborn but I'm gonna wash
[04:59]: my hands and then I'm gonna cover that
[05:01]: with olive oil I think we're just trying
[05:10]: to cover this in oil to you know keep
[05:12]: the air out sort of just barely covered
[05:19]: in oil I'm gonna use some of them
[05:20]: tomorrow for my slaw some coleslaw and
[05:27]: then there's also a really tiny little
[05:30]: sort of footnote recipe for a roasted
[05:34]: tomato relish which if I should have a
[05:39]: lot left over which we might make later
[05:40]: with that so this is what she calls one
[05:43]: of her back pocket recipes to kind of
[05:45]: make it and use it she also suggests Oh
[05:49]: putting them on BLTs probably good when
[05:53]: there's not you know really great
[05:54]: Tomatoes available in tomato season to
[05:57]: have a BLT with this would be probably
[05:59]: pretty good so thanks for watching if
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