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Roasted Garlic Butter

Poole's: Recipes and Stories from a Modern Diner

This is used in the book to finish sauces more than once, but I'm sure it would be great just slathered on butter. I rolled it up in plastic wrap and stuck it in the freezer so it would keep longer.

I's mostly butter. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Serving Sizeper tablespoon


[00:04]: hello and welcome to cooking the books
[00:06]: with Heather today we're going to be
[00:08]: making another sort of back pocket
[00:10]: recipe I forget what she calls these
[00:12]: this is a roasted garlic butter from the
[00:17]: pool designer cookbook we need this for
[00:19]: another recipe that we're making and but
[00:22]: it will keep in the refrigerator or the
[00:24]: freezer and roasted garlic is delicious
[00:29]: so I'm gonna get right started a whole
[00:32]: of my oven can vent on convection 375
[00:36]: and what we do now is we have three
[00:40]: whole heads of garlic and we sort of say
[00:44]: tips and the tails off so you can see
[00:49]: the clothes right nothing cutting
[00:56]: through the root end con sucks
[01:06]: well that didn't work very well
[01:10]: you do not worry about saving more I'm
[01:15]: gonna kind of put this together as well
[01:18]: as I can and just put it in my small
[01:24]: casserole dish I tried to find one that
[01:26]: would fit all of them without too much
[01:31]: extra room and do the same thing with
[01:35]: the other two the goal with this is to
[01:42]: be able to squeeze all of these cloves
[01:44]: out later that one went a little bit
[01:55]: [Music]
[02:03]: there we go all right so all we have to
[02:07]: do here is to drizzle it with a little
[02:10]: bit of neutral vegetable oil
[02:23]: just trying to get it on the garlic
[02:26]: itself but it smells it will go down
[02:28]: into the dish fine and I need to get my
[02:34]: aluminum foil so she wants you to very
[02:36]: tightly cover this so I'm going to put
[02:37]: aluminum foil on it and then put the lid
[02:40]: on so I'm putting the aluminum foil on
[02:46]: the lid will help it stay tightly in
[02:50]: place we put this in our preheated oven
[02:53]: for an hour and 15 minutes I will be
[02:57]: back then my garlic was in the oven for
[03:03]: an hour and 15 minutes and I took it out
[03:05]: and let it sit just like it was for a
[03:07]: little bit and then I uncovered it and
[03:09]: put it on this plate cool just until
[03:11]: it's cool enough for me to handle you
[03:12]: don't want to be too cold or it probably
[03:13]: won't puree very well but now we're
[03:16]: going to squeeze all of these out of
[03:18]: there paper I have some of them that are
[03:20]: separate but that one's pretty dark I'm
[03:25]: not sure my output in there we're going
[03:28]: to puree this and then strain it so
[03:32]: it'll be anything that doesn't puree or
[03:37]: strain will be taken out so it's a
[03:39]: little dark it's okay right now just
[03:42]: trying to get all of these garlic cloves
[03:44]: and none of the paper
[03:48]: none of the skin and finish that
[03:57]: that was really messy my garlic stuck to
[04:01]: my fingers a lot and I hope that this is
[04:07]: enough to puree well and this processor
[04:09]: seems like you need kind of a smaller
[04:11]: one for it maybe I do have a small bowl
[04:13]: that fits in it but I didn't think about
[04:14]: that anyway we're gonna process this
[04:17]: until it's smooth and I'll probably stop
[04:19]: and wipe down the sides a couple times
[04:21]: this is loud
[04:23]: so my sound editor will deal with that
[04:27]: this did not work very well this was
[04:30]: just not enough stuff for a large food
[04:32]: processor but the next step is to push
[04:36]: it through a fine-mesh sieve so I'm
[04:38]: gonna try to see how much is left when
[04:44]: I'm when I do that and how many chunks I
[04:49]: end up with we'll see we'll see how this
[04:50]: works out so I've got my eye mesh sieve
[04:57]: and a bold catch the bits I'm just gonna
[05:01]: get as much as I can I feel like I've
[05:03]: lost a lot of it and it'll be hard to
[05:07]: get all of it into the the sieve but
[05:16]: there we go get as much as I can
[05:25]: basically as soon as I turned it on it
[05:27]: all just immediately went to the sides
[05:29]: and stuck so I think it's a smaller food
[05:36]: processor would be better for a smaller
[05:40]: what you know a relatively small batch
[05:42]: like this I assume she makes huge
[05:44]: batches at the restaurant and maybe this
[05:47]: is not the problem but now I'm just
[05:52]: trying to force as much through as I can
[05:58]: it's not going very well I'm getting a
[06:09]: smaller spatula to scrape as much off
[06:15]: the bottom as I can something that
[06:24]: helped more go through I hope I think
[06:30]: I'm gonna leave that in there it seems
[06:33]: like all relatively large bits that that
[06:35]: won't go through and scrape the bottom
[06:38]: again and then I'll be done
[06:40]: this step now I'm gonna soak this and
[06:45]: clean up and set up with now the stand
[06:49]: mixer to mix this with butter be right
[06:53]: back in the mixer I now have the
[06:57]: unsalted butter that this calls for and
[06:60]: I'm going to add in my garlic puree and
[07:08]: I've had the butter sitting out for a
[07:11]: while and I cut it into like tables -
[07:14]: boom tight sighs - hope it come to room
[07:18]: temperature a little bit faster we'll
[07:20]: see hopefully this will come together
[07:23]: pretty well we'll see
[07:29]: but more loud so this has been a few
[07:34]: minutes she says about five just until
[07:36]: it's thoroughly incorporated I've wiped
[07:39]: down the edges a few times and now I'm
[07:42]: just going to take it and pack it into
[07:46]: this plastic container and it will keep
[07:50]: in the refrigerator she says for three
[07:53]: days up to two weeks in the refrigerator
[08:00]: in like three months in the freezer
[08:02]: we're planning on using it in a recipe
[08:05]: tomorrow so I don't really have any idea
[08:15]: what else to use it for besides that
[08:18]: recipe I mean we could probably put this
[08:20]: on bread and toast it and anywhere you
[08:25]: want garlic and butter you can add this
[08:28]: and it's a good garlic flavor but
[08:30]: remember there's no salt in this recipe
[08:32]: so if you do a garlic bread you'll
[08:35]: definitely want to add probably some
[08:37]: finishing salt or some Parmesan cheese
[08:39]: which is salty something like that to
[08:42]: give you a little bit of saltiness right
[08:45]: now I've tasted it a few times because
[08:47]: it you know ends up on my fingers and it
[08:49]: is definitely sort of sweet garlic right
[08:53]: now because there is no salt but it's
[08:55]: delicious roasted garlic and it smelled
[08:58]: so good while it was in the oven so good
[09:04]: I'm just gonna put this in here for
[09:06]: right now since we are planning on using
[09:08]: it but if you wanted to freeze it
[09:12]: I would probably wrap it up in plastic
[09:15]: and make a log I'm sure there are lots
[09:18]: of tutorials on YouTube about how to do
[09:21]: that with a compound butter but that
[09:23]: will just make it a little more
[09:24]: accessible if you want to use small
[09:28]: smaller amounts of it than having it all
[09:31]: frozen like this where it's hard to
[09:34]: to take out just the amount you need for
[09:38]: a recipe when it's in a log you can kind
[09:41]: of place it off but there you have it
[09:48]: roasted garlic butter as I said I feel
[09:54]: like for the size batch that this is a
[09:58]: regular food processor is not a great
[10:01]: choice certainly spiring in the food
[10:03]: processor is not a great choice it's a
[10:06]: little fussy having to get out the food
[10:10]: processor and the mixer you could
[10:14]: probably do it slightly differently I
[10:17]: don't know you know if you just if you
[10:20]: just put the butter in the food
[10:21]: processor and blended it all up I don't
[10:24]: know if that would affect the end
[10:25]: product probably would I'm guessing it
[10:27]: wouldn't be quite as light and fluffy
[10:29]: and you may have more little bits of
[10:32]: garlic those bits that we tried to get
[10:35]: out through the sieve but that's it for
[10:40]: this recipe if you enjoyed watching me
[10:43]: make this please give me a thumbs up and
[10:46]: come back next week and watch me make
[10:48]: something else
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