The author and cook, Heather

Rich Beef Stock

Poole's: Recipes and Stories from a Modern Diner

Stock is usually easy (if time consuming), but I did have to order some of the ingredients of this online to be able to find them.

After I used what I needed for the recipe I made this for, I was able to freeze 12 small (~1/2 cup) containers, so I've been using it for sauces!

Serving Sizeper cup
Carbohydrates17g (3g sugar, 4g fiber)


[00:03]: hello and welcome to cooking the books
[00:05]: with Heather today we're going to be
[00:08]: doing a recipe that we have to do for
[00:10]: another recipe that we're planning to
[00:12]: make we're going to be making rich beef
[00:15]: stock so you'll probably see this on a
[00:18]: Tuesday and then the next day you'll see
[00:19]: the recipe that we're making this for
[00:21]: and this is going to take us a while we
[00:25]: planned on making the other recipe today
[00:27]: as well but then we realize it's gonna
[00:29]: take about ten hours ten hours plus to
[00:33]: make this stock so maybe a little bit
[00:36]: less we'll see so we're working out of
[00:39]: the pools diner cookbook again actually
[00:41]: Kristensen and I am going to go ahead
[00:44]: and get started
[00:46]: cause for beef soup bones which in my
[00:51]: local grocery store I can find in the
[00:53]: freezer so that's what I did I'm sure
[00:55]: you can use any sort of beef bones that
[00:59]: you might have available I wish that I
[01:02]: had opened that a little bit better but
[01:04]: I'm going to transfer these two this is
[01:06]: the roasting pan I used for the beef
[01:11]: short ribs and I am going to just use
[01:15]: this pan she says any rimmed baking
[01:17]: sheet and I've coated it with a neutral
[01:21]: vegetable oil just so everything doesn't
[01:23]: get super super sticky and they work
[01:26]: frozen this is still a little bit frozen
[01:32]: but they've been out of the freezer for
[01:34]: a while you can see there's not a lot of
[01:36]: meat but a little bit of meat a little
[01:39]: bit of connective tissue and mostly bone
[01:42]: so now I use I'm supposed to paint or
[01:48]: coat these with a double concentrated
[01:52]: tomato paste I found this in my local
[01:55]: grocery store excuse me it comes in a
[01:59]: tube you can keep it in your
[02:02]: refrigerator for awhile after you open
[02:04]: it and just use it a little bit to put
[02:06]: in you know sauces or
[02:09]: what X eats or whatever where you need a
[02:11]: little bit of tomato paste and I'm
[02:14]: supposed to coat these with this and I
[02:19]: am making a mess but oh well what is new
[02:23]: and I've got my oven on 400 convection
[02:31]: for these to go in when we're done with
[02:35]: this okay so these are all covered on
[02:39]: the top side I'm not going to worry
[02:43]: about the bottom because that would
[02:44]: mostly just stick to the pan but some of
[02:47]: it is gonna stick to the pan and we're
[02:49]: gonna deglaze it when we're done so let
[02:51]: me put this away we're gonna transfer
[02:54]: this to the oven and it's gonna roast
[02:56]: for 25 minutes so so now I have 25
[03:02]: minutes to prep my vegetables I've
[03:04]: washed the celery and the carrots I'm
[03:07]: not going to peel the carrots I'm just
[03:09]: gonna tip and tail them and I'm gonna
[03:13]: trim the celery so we've got carrots
[03:17]: celery onions she called for only two
[03:20]: onions but I've got three because mine
[03:22]: were small and two whole heads of garlic
[03:25]: so I'm gonna prepare those as instructed
[03:28]: while we wait probably won't see all of
[03:31]: this because it's gonna be a lot but
[03:32]: maybe not fast forward we'll see
[03:42]: okay so I've got everything all chopped
[03:45]: up and separated into bowls in the order
[03:47]: that they go in so the garlic and the
[03:50]: onions go into the pan at the same time
[03:51]: and so do the celery and the carrots so
[03:55]: that's why they're separated into two
[03:57]: bowls and they're just roughly chopped
[03:60]: on the celery and the carrots they're
[04:02]: gonna cook for a really long time so
[04:05]: we'll be back when our meat is done
[04:08]: roasting so the bones aren't done
[04:12]: roasting yet but we can go ahead and get
[04:16]: the vegetables started in the stockpot
[04:18]: so that's what I'm gonna do
[04:21]: I've got the oil neutral vegetable oil
[04:24]: you don't or anything super flavorful
[04:26]: here on medium heat on the stove in a
[04:30]: pot that will hold at least six quarts
[04:32]: of water plus all this stuff so it's my
[04:35]: largest pot stockpot and I'm gonna heat
[04:40]: this up and when it's done when it's
[04:42]: ready we put in the garlic and the
[04:45]: onions I think my oil is hot enough I'm
[04:48]: gonna go ahead and add the onions and
[04:50]: the garlic
[04:51]: she says cut side down now yes this
[04:55]: garlic so has paper on it but we're
[04:57]: gonna strain all that out as long as
[04:58]: your garlic isn't hasn't started getting
[05:02]: moldy or anything it's not gonna hurt
[05:04]: anything to have the paper in there you
[05:08]: probably leave the paper for the onions
[05:11]: on as well but I don't much care for
[05:16]: that stuff so I didn't I went ahead and
[05:21]: took it off and she says cut side down
[05:25]: for the onions too but there are so many
[05:27]: cut sides it doesn't matter to me pick a
[05:31]: cup size and we're gonna leave these
[05:37]: undisturbed like two minutes
[05:41]: so I'm try and see if I can fit it all
[05:44]: in one layer if it doesn't
[05:56]: all right palm tree is driving me crazy
[06:00]: it's got all my garlic and onions in
[06:03]: there in a single layer and we let it
[06:05]: sit undisturbed for two minutes and let
[06:08]: it get round okay let it go for about
[06:15]: three minutes because it wasn't super
[06:17]: hot when I put in there and now supposed
[06:19]: to stir and then let it cook for another
[06:28]: three minutes until the onions are
[06:31]: caramelized which is kind of broken my
[06:34]: pink takes a lot longer than that care
[06:35]: blossoms especially at this level of
[06:37]: heat but more followers yep so another
[06:44]: three minutes before we add anything
[06:46]: else
[06:48]: these have a few caramelized bits it's
[06:51]: been another three minutes but I'm gonna
[06:53]: let this echo stop I'm gonna let this go
[06:60]: while I take care of the bones which is
[07:04]: next my timers just gone off so I'm
[07:08]: going to take this out of the oven
[07:22]: and I'm gonna transfer the bones to a
[07:26]: plate she says a cutting board but it
[07:28]: happen to have a plate ready
[07:33]: I'd rather watch the plate finish
[07:35]: cutting go go and while the pan is still
[07:46]: very much put in about a quarter of a
[07:50]: cup of the red wine that recipe calls
[07:52]: for and use a spoon to kind of be blaze
[08:01]: it get up all of the the bits that
[08:07]: caramelize on the edges of that roasted
[08:14]: potato stew tomato paste and meat
[08:18]: mixture and scrape up all the bits and
[08:31]: it will get incorporated into the wine
[08:34]: and then we'll add that into one stock
[08:37]: in just a minute
[08:38]: most of it there's some on the edge
[08:41]: order that I won't be able to go
[08:47]: like that pretty good
[08:51]: now I'm going to add my celery and my
[08:57]: onions or carrots celery carrots I'm
[09:00]: using garlic and they're going to cook
[09:02]: for about six minutes
[09:03]: thank you just to sort of let things get
[09:06]: brown it for about six minutes these
[09:15]: have been going for about six minutes
[09:16]: I'm not real happy about where they are
[09:18]: my husband mentioned while we were off
[09:20]: camera that we feel like the medium is a
[09:22]: little bit higher than our medium that's
[09:24]: sort of carried through several recipes
[09:27]: but you know we'll do what it says but
[09:31]: the next step is to add some black dried
[09:34]: black trumpet mushrooms I couldn't I
[09:38]: didn't see these even at Whole Foods
[09:39]: online I didn't go into the store
[09:41]: because hey we're socially distancing
[09:44]: right now we do to the Ovid virus so I
[09:51]: ordered these online they were deliver
[09:53]: the kind of expensive there aren't a
[09:57]: whole lot of sources but I was able to
[09:59]: find them so you could probably use a
[10:02]: different kind of mushroom dried
[10:04]: mushroom but this is what I thought for
[10:07]: this is what I need so I'm going to add
[10:11]: I measured out the amount that it says
[10:15]: adding them and then stirring them in
[10:19]: get them coated
[10:27]: all right and now we add the roasted
[10:33]: beef bones into the pot it's not a lot
[10:45]: of juice because mush the bones we add
[10:49]: the liquid from this baking tray as well
[10:58]: one of these to scrape it out and tug it
[11:02]: with one hand
[11:09]: I get as many bits as I can so we're
[11:29]: adding the rest of the red wine from the
[11:32]: recipe I just used a red wine we don't
[11:37]: mind drinking but it's it's a blend it's
[11:39]: not and it's not sweet but you probably
[11:42]: just don't want a sweet red wine this
[11:43]: we're gonna add some black peppercorns
[11:48]: and I have a fresh bay leaf and she says
[11:55]: to kind of tear it up so there we go
[12:01]: and some thyme and now we are supposed
[12:09]: to let this cook until it is until the
[12:13]: wine is almost gone almost completely
[12:18]: evaporated 20 minutes I'm going to turn
[12:21]: it up a little bit and move back in
[12:25]: about 20 minutes this has been going for
[12:28]: at least 20 minutes probably more like
[12:31]: 25 and finally you know
[12:34]: a little bit certain that we have less
[12:39]: less line there in the bottom and I
[12:42]: turned the heat up pretty far just to
[12:44]: get a little bit more off before I start
[12:46]: adding water and because I want it to
[12:48]: come to a boil a little bit faster after
[12:50]: I add the water so now we have a lot of
[12:55]: water there's supposed to be six quarts
[12:58]: I have one quart yeah one port here it's
[13:04]: going to do this six times if it will
[13:06]: all fit but this is the largest pot I
[13:12]: want to use so we'll feel the filling up
[13:13]: as much as we can and count how much
[13:15]: fits so so that was four quarts which is
[13:20]: all that I could fit in here I'm gonna
[13:23]: let this come to a boil and then we're
[13:25]: going to cover it and let take it down
[13:28]: to a gentle simmer for six to eight
[13:34]: hours or overnight
[13:36]: so we'll probably go for about six and
[13:39]: if it needs more water I'll add a little
[13:40]: bit more we are going to reduce it later
[13:43]: so I'm not too worried about having less
[13:47]: but now I know that with everything in
[13:49]: here up to the rivets for the handles is
[13:53]: about four quarts so when she tells me
[13:57]: to reduce it maybe I can judge a little
[13:59]: bit better it's already coming up to a
[14:02]: boil so do you have it up pretty high so
[14:06]: I'm going to stir it up a little bit mmm
[14:09]: everything is all in in it submerged so
[14:15]: I think we're good
[14:17]: that's a little bit of garlic paper
[14:20]: there we go so when it comes to a boil
[14:24]: turn it down to a simmer put the lid on
[14:26]: and basically just leave it check on it
[14:28]: occasionally for six to eight hours and
[14:30]: we'll be back then my sock has been
[14:34]: reducing for maybe three hours at this
[14:39]: point I'm I still think it's more than
[14:41]: two quarts in there but it's 10 o'clock
[14:44]: and I'm ready to go to bed
[14:46]: just real talk so I'm gonna pull out the
[14:52]: large pieces of bone and put them on
[14:54]: this plate and any large bits that come
[14:59]: with it is fine because we have to
[15:02]: strain this and we also have to cool it
[15:10]: before I can go to bed so is the other
[15:18]: bone all right I'm gonna call that good
[15:30]: bones and I've got a large stainless
[15:34]: steel bowl that I'm gonna put in the
[15:36]: sink and put ice and water around it
[15:41]: probably freezer packs we have a bunch
[15:43]: of sort of disposable ones that we can
[15:47]: use and put back anyway that's what
[15:49]: we're gonna do and I'm going to ladle
[15:53]: this move it as close as possible so I
[15:56]: don't rip through a sieve into this bowl
[16:06]: we try to catch most of the solids in
[16:09]: the sieve and then we're going to fill
[16:22]: it overnight I will probably be fat it
[16:26]: there probably isn't gonna be a whole
[16:27]: lot of fat because there wasn't a whole
[16:29]: lot of meat or fat on the bones but
[16:32]: we'll see I don't know if the recipe
[16:35]: tells you to do that but I usually when
[16:37]: it's cold ice I skim the fat off the top
[16:41]: because it just get rises to the top and
[16:43]: then it chills when it's chilled it's
[16:45]: really easy to take off
[16:48]: all right that is most of the large
[16:53]: pieces it smells a really good cooking
[16:58]: but you do need to remember there's no
[16:60]: salt in this so if you taste it right
[17:03]: now it probably wouldn't taste very good
[17:06]: if you're looking for just some beef
[17:09]: broth to drink if you're you know on a
[17:13]: liquid diet or anything like that you
[17:15]: probably want to add some salt to this
[17:17]: just for flavor it's gonna empty this no
[17:28]: it's getting kind of heavy and I think
[17:30]: it's gonna break my skin so I'm gonna
[17:33]: take out as much of this as I can but
[17:53]: usually what you want from your stock is
[17:56]: for it not to be very salty so that if
[17:59]: you want to concentrate it for whatever
[18:01]: you put it in you don't make it too
[18:04]: salty so make just make your stock
[18:09]: unsalted and then salt it when you add
[18:12]: it to a dish all right wish me luck
[18:19]: oh all right that is all hopefully we
[18:31]: have two forts I think we have two
[18:33]: courts in there at least I'm gonna let
[18:35]: this drain and then throw you can just
[18:39]: throw away all of these vegetables
[18:40]: there's nothing else you can get from
[18:42]: these they've given everything to the
[18:45]: stock at this point and fill this in
[18:51]: water you want to do that before you put
[18:53]: it in the refrigerator because it will
[18:54]: not chill fast enough you don't want
[18:59]: yucky things growing in your stock and
[19:03]: I'll let you know how it is when we're
[19:06]: done I I'm not planning on using this
[19:08]: stand alone we're making it for a recipe
[19:13]: actually so I'm probably not gonna just
[19:15]: taste it stand alone honestly I will
[19:18]: freeze it in a small like 1/2 cup
[19:22]: containers whatever we have left half
[19:25]: cup to one cup because I find that if
[19:29]: I'm making a sauce like a pan sauce
[19:31]: that's you know one or two of those is
[19:33]: plenty for a pan sauce to be made in you
[19:37]: know if I'm doing a weeknight meal it's
[19:39]: great to have this there but it's an
[19:42]: awful lot of work so this actually was a
[19:45]: hard work but it takes a really long
[19:48]: time so it kind of have to just be
[19:52]: around the house for a while and ready
[19:55]: to babysit it and a few extra steps
[19:58]: often I'll just sort of throw things in
[20:01]: the water boil it and be done with it
[20:04]: but the roasting and the browning a few
[20:08]: extra steps but I think they're worth it
[20:09]: for the flavor and will let you know how
[20:13]: the final dish turns out if you enjoyed
[20:17]: watching me make this please give me a
[20:20]: thumbs up and come back and see what we
[20:23]: did with this probably tomorrow thanks
[20:27]: [Music]