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Pork and Dumplings with Stewed Tomatoes and Butterbeans

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I'm often looking for something different to do with leftover pulled pork, and this is a great option! If you haven't made the pork shanks recipe, you could add some chicken broth and maybe a little white wine instead of the leftover cooking liquid from that recipe and it would be fine. The dumplings (basically ricotta gnocchi) are much easier to make than they seem.

Pork shanks recipe:

Roasted garlic butter recipe:

Serving Size1/8 recipe
Carbohydrates36g (13g sugar, 2g fiber)


[00:00]: [Music]
[00:05]: hello and welcome to cooking the books
[00:06]: with heather
[00:07]: this week we're going to be taking the
[00:09]: leftover pork
[00:11]: from the pork shank that we made
[00:14]: previously
[00:15]: and we're going to be using a different
[00:17]: recipe and we're going to be making
[00:19]: pork and dumplings with stewed tomatoes
[00:21]: and butter beans
[00:23]: now i have to admit um
[00:27]: i'm making a few substitutions in this
[00:29]: recipe i'm not making the stewed
[00:31]: tomatoes from the book
[00:32]: uh because it's not tomato season and i
[00:36]: just didn't feel like making a whole
[00:37]: bunch of it but we had the pork so i'm
[00:39]: gonna go ahead and use some canned
[00:40]: stewed tomatoes
[00:42]: and add some onion to that because her
[00:44]: recipe
[00:45]: um for stewed tomatoes include some
[00:48]: onions so i'm gonna doctor those up a
[00:50]: little bit
[00:51]: uh so it won't be exactly right but i
[00:53]: think it'll be close enough
[00:55]: um and i could not find
[00:59]: the pasta flour the
[01:02]: super fine the double zero flour that
[01:04]: she calls for
[01:06]: for the dumplings so i'm just gonna be
[01:08]: using regular
[01:09]: all-purpose flour and i'm sure it'll be
[01:11]: fine
[01:13]: doing what we can in this time so
[01:17]: first thing is we're going to make
[01:19]: dumplings
[01:20]: this is uh they seem to be basically a
[01:23]: ricotta gnocchi
[01:25]: it's a ricotta base with some flour and
[01:27]: some eggs and some salt and that's about
[01:29]: it
[01:30]: i've never made pasta homemade pasta
[01:33]: before
[01:34]: but i have made gnocchi i don't know
[01:36]: remember if i've made ricotta gnocchi
[01:38]: but i've made like a sweet potato no not
[01:40]: sweet potato
[01:40]: butternut squash gnocchi delicious um
[01:44]: so to get started we're going to
[01:47]: mix our ricotta which i've already
[01:49]: measured out
[01:50]: with some salt and
[01:54]: eggs so mostly yolk but
[01:57]: there is i'm gonna do one
[02:01]: whole egg here
[02:04]: and then the rest are just the yolk so
[02:07]: the way i do that
[02:08]: is just with the shell and hopefully it
[02:11]: will
[02:13]: crack
[02:16]: of course this one is not
[02:19]: didn't super cooperate but still works
[02:25]: so i'm just going to leave
[02:28]: the white in this bowl
[02:32]: and dump the yolk getting a little bit
[02:34]: of the white is okay there is egg white
[02:37]: in this recipe it's not going to be a
[02:38]: big deal
[02:42]: so
[02:46]: there we go now our first step
[02:50]: i want to go wash my hands because
[02:51]: they're all eggy one second
[02:53]: so our first step is just to mix this
[02:56]: thoroughly
[02:60]: i'm gonna call that i'm gonna call that
[03:02]: pretty thoroughly mixed the next step is
[03:05]: to pass
[03:05]: all of this through a fine mesh sieve
[03:09]: i guess to make sure it's all broken up
[03:11]: and smooth as possible
[03:13]: so i have clean up a little bit
[03:16]: so i have this larger bowl here with the
[03:20]: largest sieve that i have and i'm just
[03:22]: going to
[03:25]: put all of this through there in batches
[03:28]: if i must
[03:31]: and force it through
[03:37]: it's probably going to be a batch of
[03:39]: because you don't want too much in there
[03:40]: at once
[03:41]: so you just sort of
[03:48]: stir and stir and stir and force it
[03:51]: through
[03:52]: that's not too bad it's pretty much the
[03:55]: same thing we did with the roasted
[03:57]: garlic
[03:57]: for the roasted garlic butter which we
[03:59]: are also i believe going to be using in
[04:01]: this recipe
[04:03]: for the sauce
[04:06]: okay so now we have this mixture that we
[04:08]: pass through the sieve
[04:10]: we're gonna add a measured amount of
[04:12]: flour to it
[04:14]: so like i said this is supposed to be
[04:15]: double zero
[04:17]: flour used for pasta whatever i'm just
[04:20]: using
[04:20]: all purpose
[04:23]: i maybe should have sieved it but i
[04:26]: didn't and now it's too late
[04:32]: i'm just gonna mix this thoroughly and
[04:35]: just
[04:36]: fyi that was a whole milk ricotta cheese
[04:38]: not a part
[04:39]: skin or anything so
[04:42]: anyway um all right it's still pretty
[04:47]: uh sticky but i think that's okay i
[04:50]: think that's what we're going for for
[04:51]: this
[04:52]: we're going to be putting it down on a
[04:54]: heavily floured surface so i'm getting
[04:56]: ready for that
[04:58]: you're supposed to pipe this i don't
[05:01]: have a piping bag with a three-quarter
[05:03]: inch round tip
[05:06]: we're just going to use a uh a plastic
[05:09]: zip top bag
[05:10]: so i'm gonna get that put this in here
[05:12]: and be right back
[05:14]: so i have um just turned the top
[05:18]: of the zip top bag down so i don't get
[05:20]: it on the zip top
[05:22]: area my scissors cut it open when it
[05:25]: comes time but i'm just gonna
[05:27]: scoop all this in there
[05:31]: it says a heavily floured surface and
[05:32]: you're going to be sort of rolling
[05:35]: um the lengths of dough in the flour so
[05:39]: i'm going to use a lot of flour here i
[05:40]: think
[05:42]: so i've got a baking rack just to
[05:45]: put them on when they're done because
[05:47]: i'm going to roll them all out
[05:49]: and get them ready before we cook them
[05:53]: you can do most of this in advance so
[05:56]: you can do the
[05:58]: dumplings up to like two days in advance
[05:60]: you can have the butter beans cooked and
[06:01]: the
[06:02]: the stewed tomatoes ready and then you
[06:04]: can put it all together and at the end
[06:06]: it only is only supposed to take about
[06:07]: 10 minutes to get all together
[06:09]: we'll see if that's right but this part
[06:11]: will take a while
[06:13]: so i've got my bench scraper
[06:18]: kitchen scissors i'm going for a
[06:21]: three-quarter inch
[06:22]: opening so i'm gonna
[06:26]: see
[06:30]: it's probably that's probably about good
[06:33]: she says eight inch lines
[06:46]: i'm gonna do two at once just to
[06:50]: see because the next thing we do
[06:57]: is kind of roll these in the flower
[06:60]: to get them covered it's not too bad
[07:05]: not too hard all right
[07:08]: and then i'm gonna put these a little
[07:10]: closer together
[07:13]: so we cut these into one inch
[07:16]: pieces i'm going to cut them in one inch
[07:19]: pieces i'm going to scrape them up and
[07:20]: put them on my baking sheet and i'm
[07:22]: going to keep
[07:22]: doing this until we're done with this
[07:29]: dough
[07:42]: good enough
[07:50]: they're very sort of soft
[07:54]: so i'm trying to be careful but
[07:58]: it's not too bad they get a little
[08:01]: sticky on the ends where they're cut she
[08:03]: says to use a sharp knife
[08:04]: but i think my bench scraper probably
[08:07]: works
[08:07]: just as well as a knife
[08:10]: honestly for that so just keep going at
[08:14]: this point
[08:15]: all right so i made about a whole sheet
[08:18]: pans worth of dumplings
[08:20]: ricotta gnocchi whatever you want to
[08:22]: call them and next we're going to
[08:25]: get some water boiling on the stove
[08:27]: salted of course
[08:28]: and we're going to cook these
[08:32]: see at the stove our water is boiling
[08:35]: we've salted the water
[08:37]: and we're going to drop these just a few
[08:40]: at a time
[08:40]: in here so that they don't stick
[08:44]: and hopefully they're not going to stick
[08:46]: to the baking dish
[08:50]: or each other since i put them sort of
[08:54]: willy milly on there and we're going to
[08:56]: cook them for about
[08:57]: three minutes each batch and i have a
[09:01]: prepared baking sheet over here
[09:04]: with um lined with paper towels
[09:15]: to put them on when they
[09:18]: are done
[09:28]: i think that's almost
[09:32]: enough for this batch just don't want to
[09:34]: don't want to spend too long putting
[09:36]: them in there so that the first ones get
[09:37]: way overcooked or anything
[09:42]: since these are a fresh dough they don't
[09:44]: take that long to cook thus the sort of
[09:46]: three minutes and i have um sort of
[09:49]: something with a big
[09:51]: big spoon with a bunch of holes in it to
[09:53]: take them out
[09:54]: with so i'm just gonna
[09:58]: wait until i think they're all done
[10:01]: they mostly will start floating
[10:03]: generally when they're done
[10:05]: um so most of them are starting to come
[10:07]: to the top you can see
[10:11]: i'm just gonna wait about three minutes
[10:13]: about two more
[10:19]: um and so we're going to let them cool
[10:21]: on this baking sheet
[10:23]: and then when we're all done with
[10:25]: everything
[10:27]: we're going to put them in a bowl and
[10:28]: toss them with oil so that they don't
[10:30]: stick together
[10:32]: and then they'll be ready for us
[10:33]: whenever we're ready to put them in the
[10:35]: sauce they've all sort of started
[10:38]: floating
[10:40]: around the sides so i would say they're
[10:42]: pretty much done at this point
[10:44]: i'm going to give them another 30
[10:46]: seconds or so
[10:47]: because that'll be the sort of three
[10:49]: minute mark just
[10:51]: just to be sure
[10:54]: as long as they don't start falling
[10:55]: apart we're fine
[11:03]: all right i'm gonna start taking them
[11:04]: out
[11:09]: i'm just putting them sort of separately
[11:13]: on the paper towel lined baking sheet
[11:21]: and keep doing this again and again and
[11:24]: again and again
[11:25]: until they are all cooked
[11:31]: so one batch down while this batch is
[11:35]: cooking
[11:35]: i'm going to go ahead and start taking
[11:37]: some of the first ones up and putting
[11:39]: them in the bowl
[11:40]: just because i don't have a whole lot of
[11:41]: space they're sticky at this point
[11:45]: uh so they're kind of sticking to the to
[11:48]: the
[11:50]: paper towel but not too bad but i'm
[11:52]: going to get a layer in here and add a
[11:54]: little bit of the oil
[11:55]: and then another layer and a little bit
[11:58]: of oil
[11:59]: and that kind of thing just to
[12:04]: just so they won't stick to each other
[12:08]: too badly kind of feel like i should
[12:12]: have put some oil in the bowl but i
[12:13]: didn't so oh
[12:38]: all right we're done with the dumplings
[12:42]: um i need to just finish letting them
[12:44]: cool off and transferring them to my
[12:46]: bowl with the oil
[12:47]: um we're gonna clean up a little bit and
[12:49]: be back here to
[12:50]: make the butter beads
[12:53]: butter beans are next the next step in
[12:56]: this recipe is to cook the butter beans
[12:58]: now she calls for fresh
[12:60]: we had some we had blanched and frozen
[13:03]: last summer in the freezer which is good
[13:05]: because it's not quite bean season here
[13:07]: in north carolina
[13:08]: i measured out the amount of uh butter
[13:11]: beans that she calls for and added the
[13:13]: waters like two cups of water basically
[13:15]: to cover it
[13:16]: and we're going to bring this to a boil
[13:18]: there's no salt in this
[13:20]: no seasonings at all currently we're
[13:23]: going to bring it to a boil and boil it
[13:24]: for
[13:24]: 25 to 30 minutes until they're pretty
[13:26]: much done
[13:28]: before we season it at all so i'm gonna
[13:31]: go ahead and start bringing that up to a
[13:32]: boil
[13:34]: so in the end they're going to be going
[13:36]: to hold their shape
[13:37]: but be tender throughout
[13:40]: when that happens we are going to drop
[13:44]: in
[13:44]: a small sachet which is also in the book
[13:48]: not making a video about that it's
[13:50]: really just
[13:51]: um bay leaf
[13:55]: peppercorns thyme and
[13:58]: a garlic clove she has a large sachet
[14:01]: recipe in there as well it's supposed to
[14:04]: be in
[14:06]: cheesecloth i still don't have
[14:08]: cheesecloth
[14:10]: forgot about it whatever but i did have
[14:12]: these little uh
[14:13]: tea bags that i got
[14:16]: for my husband to make spice cider so
[14:20]: you put the mulling spices in and then
[14:22]: you don't have to worry about straining
[14:23]: it out
[14:23]: you can make it on a single cup basis
[14:26]: and it's sort of the perfect size for
[14:28]: this small
[14:29]: sachet so
[14:32]: when this is done when they are tender
[14:34]: throughout
[14:36]: um about 25 or 30 minutes
[14:39]: turn off the heat i'm probably not going
[14:41]: to show you this part because it's super
[14:42]: easy
[14:42]: turn off the heat drop this in put in
[14:45]: the salt
[14:47]: that the recipe calls for for this step
[14:51]: it's a little wet put in the sachet
[14:54]: and the salt and you let it go at room
[14:57]: temperature to cool
[14:58]: to cool to room temperature and by that
[15:01]: by that time we'll probably be about
[15:02]: ready for
[15:03]: putting it in the rest of the dish so
[15:07]: um yeah right now we're going to cook
[15:10]: the butter beans
[15:12]: and then we're going to season them
[15:14]: after they're done cooking i
[15:16]: think like most beans the goal here is
[15:19]: to let them get tender
[15:21]: because sometimes salt keeps beans from
[15:24]: from getting tender
[15:26]: when you're cooking them we don't
[15:28]: usually have that problem with this
[15:30]: kind of fresh bean but we're gonna
[15:32]: follow the recipe we're gonna do it the
[15:34]: way she says
[15:35]: and that's what we're gonna do right now
[15:37]: so when the butter beans were done
[15:39]: i added the sachet and the salt and let
[15:42]: it sit until it
[15:43]: cooled to room temperature and because
[15:47]: i'm not using
[15:48]: her stewed tomato recipe
[15:51]: i used some canned stewed tomatoes that
[15:53]: we go to the grocery store which also
[15:54]: have celery in them which whatever
[15:57]: so this was me sort of faking the
[15:60]: flavors in her soup tomatoes
[16:02]: i uh grabbed the sachet
[16:05]: you can kind of see here out of this
[16:08]: after we strained them
[16:10]: and put them in with the stewed tomatoes
[16:12]: and also i sauteed some
[16:14]: minced onion minced yellow onion uh
[16:16]: first and so i've just
[16:17]: been letting those kind of hang out and
[16:19]: get a little bit of those flavors so
[16:20]: we'll be as close as possible without
[16:22]: actually making the recipe
[16:23]: if i do end up making the recipe
[16:25]: hopefully i'll remember to come back
[16:27]: and link it down below but let's do
[16:30]: tomatoes
[16:31]: and now we're going to put this all
[16:32]: together so what i'm going to do is
[16:34]: put the butter beans in here
[16:38]: and i'm going to take the sachet out
[16:41]: because i think we're done with that now
[16:44]: that string there we go just put that
[16:48]: there
[16:48]: so that's done oh and now we add
[16:52]: some of the cooking stock
[16:55]: from the pork that we are using the
[16:58]: leftover pork shanks
[16:60]: um so i saved some cooking stock i
[17:02]: thought i saved way more than i
[17:04]: should but a lot of that turned out to
[17:06]: be sort of
[17:08]: fatty bits and so or like it
[17:11]: rose to the top and it was kind of
[17:12]: congealed and i'm not sure about it
[17:14]: being actually the cooking liquid what
[17:16]: liquid whatever
[17:17]: i froze it it separated i used mostly
[17:20]: the um
[17:21]: the liquid part not the the fat that
[17:24]: floated to the top maybe right maybe not
[17:26]: i don't know
[17:27]: um but now we're going to let this come
[17:30]: up to a simmer on
[17:33]: medium-low heat shouldn't take too long
[17:36]: because the tomatoes were already
[17:38]: simmering
[17:42]: i think after that we just add all the
[17:44]: other stuff
[17:45]: into here give me one second all right
[17:48]: this is starting to get bubbly
[17:50]: and the next thing i need to do is stir
[17:53]: in
[17:54]: roasted garlic butter um so we made that
[17:57]: before
[17:57]: i'll link it down below uh so i've got
[17:60]: roasted garlic butter and we've got some
[18:02]: plain butter here that will go in later
[18:05]: i'm gonna put this
[18:06]: back in the refrigerator because it's
[18:09]: supposed to be cold because we're gonna
[18:10]: sort of mount the sauce with it
[18:13]: um okay so it's my roasted garlic butter
[18:17]: and we're gonna stir this
[18:18]: until it's completely incorporated
[18:19]: before we add anything else
[18:23]: all right looks pretty much incorporated
[18:25]: to me and now we add
[18:26]: the dumplings and the pork so this is a
[18:29]: leftover pork shank
[18:30]: i kind of pulled it apart into
[18:34]: um bite-sized pieces and
[18:37]: made sure i took out any bits that i
[18:39]: didn't want to eat
[18:40]: some were a little big but that's okay
[18:43]: um
[18:44]: and we add the dumplings
[18:49]: which there we go good thing they're not
[18:51]: all stuffed together in one pile
[18:55]: and those were both those were both in
[18:57]: the refrigerator
[18:58]: so we need to just basically bring
[19:01]: everything
[19:01]: up to temperature at this point she says
[19:04]: about four minutes
[19:06]: since mine were in the refrigerator i'm
[19:08]: thinking it might take a little bit
[19:09]: longer but we'll we'll do it until it
[19:10]: gets sort of bubbly
[19:12]: just fold this in might need to get a
[19:16]: different
[19:16]: yeah i think i'm gonna need a different
[19:18]: implement
[19:21]: so now we're just waiting until this
[19:23]: heats up
[19:26]: and that's almost the dish um i am gonna
[19:29]: go
[19:30]: get my parmesan out because
[19:33]: she suggests that you serve this with uh
[19:35]: finely grated parmesan cheese on top
[19:38]: sounds good to me so everything is warm
[19:41]: now
[19:41]: um starting to bubble through
[19:45]: all of the stuff it's it's really not as
[19:48]: juicy as i expected
[19:49]: but the last step here well two steps
[19:52]: first take it off the heat and we add
[19:56]: cold unsalted butter
[19:59]: and stir gently until it is
[20:02]: combined this is sort of um should sort
[20:05]: of emulsify
[20:06]: with the sauce
[20:10]: and make it nice
[20:14]: a lot of her recipes end up with this um
[20:19]: you have to be kind of careful with this
[20:20]: one because of the dumplings they're
[20:22]: really
[20:24]: pretty soft dumplings
[20:27]: you can see the cold sauce the cold
[20:30]: butter is melting pretty quickly so it's
[20:34]: warmed up
[20:36]: i think it took more like 10 minutes or
[20:39]: so
[20:40]: to get completely warm
[20:45]: with everything being pretty cold
[20:53]: all right
[20:57]: just kind of making sure i don't see any
[20:59]: help there's no that's dumpling
[21:01]: it's hard to tell the dumplings from
[21:02]: pieces of butter sometimes but i think
[21:05]: i'm not seeing any pieces of butter
[21:07]: so um the last thing to do
[21:10]: is to season with some lemon juice and
[21:18]: i think i got lucky with the seeds on
[21:20]: this one and they mostly got in the
[21:21]: other half
[21:22]: thankfully so there's that
[21:26]: i'm just gonna stir it up a little bit
[21:29]: and we're gonna call it done uh serve it
[21:33]: with parmesan on top in uh big bowls
[21:38]: that's it we'll let you know how it
[21:40]: turned out
[21:50]: on this episode of cooking the books
[21:52]: with heather you watched me make
[21:53]: pork and dumplings with stewed tomatoes
[21:56]: and butter beans
[21:57]: from ashley christensen's pool's diner
[21:60]: cookbook
[22:01]: um so i was a little afraid
[22:04]: of the dumplings because really they
[22:07]: were sort of like a gnocchi
[22:10]: ricotta gnocchi but they actually went a
[22:13]: lot better than i expected they weren't
[22:15]: that difficult
[22:16]: um even though it did kind of require
[22:20]: sort of the sieving
[22:24]: the ricotta mixture that was but
[22:27]: it went okay it wasn't as hard as it was
[22:29]: to do the
[22:30]: um the roasted garlic butter
[22:35]: and then it's just you know
[22:38]: making them rolling them all out it
[22:40]: didn't take that long it was kind of
[22:42]: kind of therapeutic get into a
[22:46]: a rhythm of it and it was okay um
[22:50]: so that was that was actually a lot
[22:52]: better than i expected um
[22:54]: and then everything else was really easy
[22:57]: uh
[22:58]: didn't require any special equipment
[23:01]: really um yeah it was
[23:05]: really pretty good and like i said i
[23:07]: didn't use
[23:08]: her stewed tomatoes but i think we got
[23:11]: the gist of the dish and everybody
[23:13]: everybody liked it um my husband
[23:17]: would have preferred maybe a little bit
[23:19]: of a spicier sauce
[23:21]: for the the dumplings but that's you
[23:23]: know that's him
[23:24]: he likes spicy and we did i think we had
[23:27]: some
[23:28]: ricotta gnocchi from a local restaurant
[23:31]: recently that did have sort of a uh it
[23:34]: was it was just the gnocchi with some
[23:36]: sauce and the sauce was a little bit
[23:37]: spicy it's kind of a spicy tomato sauce
[23:39]: which he enjoyed
[23:42]: i enjoyed too um
[23:45]: but i think i think all in all it was a
[23:47]: good use of the leftover
[23:49]: pork and it was a nice
[23:52]: hearty dish maybe a little bit better
[23:55]: for a cooler weather than we have right
[23:57]: now
[23:59]: but it was really good and it was
[24:02]: less time intensive than i expected
[24:06]: and then some of the recipes have been
[24:10]: and it wasn't very fiddly so yeah
[24:13]: we enjoyed it i hope if you decide to
[24:15]: try it you enjoy it too
[24:17]: and if you enjoyed watching me cook this
[24:20]: please give me a thumbs up
[24:21]: subscribe and come back and watch me
[24:23]: make something else next week