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Pork Ribs with Mustard Sorghum Sauce

Poole's: Recipes and Stories from a Modern Diner

A simple sauce and an easy way to cook ribs inside. If you like your ribs a bit more tender, you can definitely cook them longer before you sauce them!

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Serving Size1/4 recipe
Carbohydrates19g (15g sugar, 1g fiber)


[00:04]: hello and welcome to cooking the books
[00:06]: with Heather today we are going to be
[00:09]: making pork ribs with mustard sorghum
[00:14]: sauce yes that is correct out of the
[00:18]: pools diner cookbook this is a
[00:25]: relatively simple recipe she says that
[00:28]: in her opinion she doesn't like ribs
[00:32]: SuperDuper tender so it's an actually a
[00:35]: very relatively short cooking time on
[00:39]: this but it does take a long time in the
[00:42]: refrigerator before you cook it to cure
[00:45]: because you put this pooled cure that we
[00:49]: made and I'll link that below and put a
[00:53]: put a hopefully put a little card up
[00:56]: here for you we made this earlier today
[00:59]: it's been in the refrigerator it has
[01:01]: some fresh ingredients in it and she
[01:03]: says okay her recipe is for two racks of
[01:06]: ribs and these are st. louis-cut ribs
[01:08]: which are very meaty and they're the
[01:09]: ribs we usually use anyway instead of
[01:11]: baby back which are sort of let's meet
[01:13]: more bone she says to only use two
[01:18]: tablespoons for two racks of ribs I'm
[01:21]: not sure that that will be enough
[01:26]: so we'll see I'm gonna see what I think
[01:30]: about you know one tablespoon on this
[01:32]: one records and then we're going to wrap
[01:35]: it with this plastic wrap and you can
[01:37]: see that I have grossly underestimated
[01:40]: the size of the rack of ribs
[01:45]: compared to my pan and my plastic wrap
[01:50]: so I'll be using more classic wrap than
[01:53]: this when I'm done but let's get it
[01:55]: rubbed and cured this needs to sit in
[01:58]: the refrigerator for like 12 hours it
[02:00]: will probably be more like 18 or so for
[02:06]: us because I'm not gonna get up at 3 in
[02:09]: the morning
[02:10]: to cure these for 12 hours before I cook
[02:14]: them at 3 o'clock tomorrow to have
[02:16]: dinner at like 5 or 6 so there it's
[02:21]: happening now so let's get get it go
[02:25]: I've got a tablespoon now this is both
[02:31]: salt and sugar in this rub in this cure
[02:35]: I'm just gonna and I this does not look
[02:41]: like enough at all so I think we're
[02:44]: gonna make the executive decision to put
[02:47]: more on here we're doubling it right now
[02:54]: and I haven't even hit the other side
[03:01]: because you really usually you want it
[03:03]: on both sides let me verify yeah rub all
[03:09]: over with the cure so I don't know how
[03:12]: she's getting two tablespoons to cover
[03:17]: two whole racks of ribs and I think I'll
[03:23]: probably go with about 1 tablespoon on
[03:25]: this side though cuz you know it's the
[03:30]: bone side there's it's probably gonna
[03:33]: get a less flavor on this side than the
[03:36]: other side from from that's on it so
[03:41]: that's my personal opinion
[03:45]: alright yeah we now when my husband does
[03:49]: this he smokes a lot of meat these are
[03:53]: not gonna be smoked they're definitely
[03:55]: an oven recipe he takes the silver skin
[03:58]: off and trims it up and makes it look
[04:00]: nice and that's not mentioned in this
[04:03]: recipe she may just that may just be a
[04:07]: thing that most chefs believe that you
[04:10]: know you'll know to do but since it's
[04:12]: not in the recipe and I don't like to do
[04:14]: it I was going to make him do it I'm
[04:17]: just not gonna do it so I see a few
[04:22]: places where there's not
[04:24]: any rub that I can see so plus some of
[04:27]: the guys suck on my hands
[04:28]: anyway so we didn't do that and I'm now
[04:32]: going to wash my hands so I can wrap
[04:35]: this up and we'll be done for tonight
[04:41]: so yeah we will I'm gonna wrap this up
[04:45]: leave it on this tray in case it leaks
[04:49]: in the refrigerator and we'll see you
[04:55]: tomorrow afternoon when we're ready to
[04:56]: cook it our ribs have been in the
[04:60]: refrigerator overnight about 18 hours I
[05:04]: guess which is more than called for I
[05:07]: have rinsed them off rinsed off the Cure
[05:09]: as much as I possibly could
[05:11]: patted it dry with paper towels and I
[05:14]: have a my baking dish underneath here my
[05:20]: sheet pan and I have this is sort of
[05:23]: extra wide heavy-duty aluminum foil to
[05:25]: wrap it up in my oven is preheated to
[05:29]: 250 convection or 275 without convection
[05:33]: and so we need to lightly salt this at
[05:36]: this point and I did use a little extra
[05:39]: cure so I am going to lightly salt it
[05:43]: because there was a lot of salt in the
[05:45]: cure so I'm going to solve this I've got
[05:48]: this meat side up currently and then I'm
[05:52]: going to turn it over and cook it meat
[05:54]: side down that's not something that she
[05:56]: says in in the recipe but that's just
[06:00]: how we generally do it
[06:06]: there was no pepper in the Cure so you
[06:11]: can be heavy with that now I'm going to
[06:13]: flip it over it's very heavy and a
[06:16]: little slippery all right
[06:31]: salt and pepper again
[06:48]: we're gonna wrap this up tightly with
[06:54]: the with the aluminum foil and the way
[06:60]: I'm gonna do that is to hold these get
[07:04]: it very well in the in the center so
[07:10]: have my taller side towards me anyway
[07:35]: goes into the oven for two hours and
[07:38]: we'll be back the ribs have come out of
[07:43]: the oven about a half an hour ago so you
[07:45]: roast them at a really low temperature
[07:47]: for two hours but then you let them rest
[07:50]: for half an hour still wrapped in the
[07:53]: foil and everything before you finish
[07:57]: them right now we're gonna make the
[07:60]: sauce and the sauce is a mustard sorghum
[08:02]: sauce so first we have Dijon mustard I
[08:05]: have a little bitty little bitty whisk
[08:07]: and a little bitty bowl here cuz I'm
[08:11]: making a half batch of this the recipe
[08:14]: is for two two racks and we're only
[08:19]: doing one and then this is sorghum and I
[08:22]: accidentally got the same brand that she
[08:29]: says she likes which is the muddy pond
[08:31]: sorghum sorghum is a liquid sweet sweet
[08:37]: nurse sort of like molasses it actually
[08:41]: tastes a little bit like honey to me I'm
[08:43]: not sure I've ever had it that I am
[08:45]: aware of before this but
[08:49]: anyway I ordered it online and it you
[08:53]: know and that's all I'm good placement
[08:56]: clean that off so now I'm going to mix
[08:60]: that with the Dijon mustard and that is
[09:02]: it for the sauce so that'll be
[09:08]: interesting but it's you know a little
[09:11]: sweet a little mustard all mixed
[09:15]: together and I'm gonna get the ribs one
[09:21]: second so at this point the ribs are
[09:26]: warm but not hot I'm going to use this
[09:31]: oil on the pan and first I'm going to
[09:39]: drain off the accumulated liquid into
[09:44]: this bowl here and she does not tell you
[09:48]: do this but this is me keeping cleanup
[09:53]: up to a minimum so I can use the same
[09:55]: oil and all that just came from the pork
[10:03]: there was no added liquid alright so now
[10:09]: I'm going to open it up see the bowings
[10:14]: have started to amita sort of the coal
[10:18]: awakens owns it is cooking a little bit
[10:23]: and we're going to roast these with the
[10:27]: sauce on my oven has the broiler on
[10:30]: heating I'm going to turn these over
[10:32]: since my hands are already messing might
[10:35]: as well we're gonna I'm gonna sauce just
[10:39]: this side just the neat side instead of
[10:41]: the other side too she doesn't tell you
[10:43]: to do both sides so I'm gonna wash my
[10:46]: hands
[10:48]: so we have our ribs and our soft and I'm
[10:51]: just gonna use this silicone brush to
[10:53]: paint it on the ribs are completely done
[10:57]: at this point so I'm not really
[10:59]: contaminating my sauce with this I
[11:03]: probably use most of it I don't know I
[11:06]: think that is plenty so could I just say
[11:12]: that these are growing under the broiler
[11:14]: for about five minutes just until they
[11:18]: caramelize the sugar and the sorghum
[11:21]: will sort of terrible eyes and I'm gonna
[11:23]: have to keep an eye on it so it doesn't
[11:25]: burn they were in for just a few minutes
[11:29]: and I got a little brown a little brown
[11:33]: on the top and now I'm going to transfer
[11:37]: them to this cutting board they're lost
[11:46]: one rib bones bone is coming out so
[11:50]: that's good
[11:51]: and she says to slice these in single
[11:55]: bone segments for serving so I guess
[11:58]: I'll do that and that is it so we'll let
[12:02]: you know what we think of them
[12:16]: on this episode of cooking the books
[12:18]: with Heather you watched me make pork
[12:20]: ribs with mustard sorghum sauce from the
[12:23]: pool's diner cookbook Ashley
[12:25]: Christensen's cookbook and it was also
[12:28]: it was a really simple recipe it takes
[12:32]: some time got to do things overnight let
[12:35]: things rest that kind of thing but it
[12:37]: was very simple nothing special really
[12:41]: required it did use the pool's cure
[12:44]: which we have in another recipe that
[12:48]: you'll probably see right before this
[12:50]: we've used that for a couple of other
[12:53]: recipes too in fact we it's been a
[12:58]: little while since we made this couldn't
[13:01]: find where I told you guys what we
[13:05]: thought about it so we're having to redo
[13:07]: it now so my husband is making some pork
[13:11]: ribs just like this well not just like
[13:14]: this but he used the pool's cure for
[13:17]: them and then he smoked them and then
[13:20]: now we've got them in a sous-vide so
[13:22]: it'll be interesting to see how that
[13:24]: turns out because that was one of the
[13:26]: things about this recipe she likes her
[13:29]: ribs to be a little meteor a little not
[13:34]: as tender fall apart I don't want to say
[13:36]: tougher I wouldn't say they were really
[13:38]: tough they were cooked fine they tasted
[13:43]: good but we prefer our ribs a little
[13:47]: more tender than that so we're using the
[13:53]: same general method but trying are the
[13:55]: same spices and everything but trying a
[13:58]: different method husband loves to smoke
[13:60]: things so we used the smoker and now
[14:02]: we're still eating and we're trying some
[14:05]: new things so hopefully that will go
[14:07]: well but also the sauce was very easy
[14:10]: but we did not love the sauce it was
[14:15]: good
[14:16]: I thought the sorghum was a
[14:18]: a good sweetener Teesri sauce I would
[14:20]: love to try that in a more traditional
[14:24]: probably tomato-based barbecue sauce
[14:28]: that we generally enjoy on our ribs
[14:31]: we just didn't prefer the mustard based
[14:36]: sauce it's just not our thing but it was
[14:40]: good and I would I would eat it again I
[14:42]: just probably won't make it again so
[14:46]: yeah if you'd like mustard sauce it's a
[14:49]: super simple sauce as long as you can
[14:51]: find the sorghum but like I said you can
[14:54]: order it online yeah so if you love it
[14:58]: definitely make this other than that if
[15:00]: you like your ribs on the the the meteor
[15:04]: side like she does it's a good method if
[15:06]: you don't have a grill or something else
[15:09]: another smoker that you know you
[15:11]: normally would make ribs on you can make
[15:13]: them just fine in the oven in your house
[15:16]: so all that said if you enjoyed watching
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