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Poole's Piecrust

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I realized when using this the THIRD time I didn't blind bake this properly. After you remove the pie weights and parchment, you're supposed to continue baking it for 15 minutes. 🤦🏼‍♀️ It was much more thoroughly baked when I did that!

This recipe makes four single crusts. Stay tuned to see how we use it!

The recipe for this is included here:

Recipe videos using this crust:

Homegrown Tomato Pie:

Buttermilk Chess Pie with Grilled Peaches:

Serving Sizefor 1 crust, 1/4 of the recipe
Carbohydrates133g (11g sugar, 6g fiber)


[00:03]: welcome to cooking the books with
[00:06]: Heather today we're gonna be making sort
[00:09]: of a base recipe this is a pie crust
[00:12]: recipe and it is separate from all the
[00:14]: other recipes in the pool's diner
[00:16]: cookbook so luckily this makes four pie
[00:21]: crusts so we're going to use it for a
[00:24]: few different things but we'll put this
[00:26]: video up by itself so you can mix and
[00:29]: match however you want but so let's get
[00:33]: started it's an all butter pie crust so
[00:38]: we have a lot a lot of butter because
[00:40]: like I said this is for pie crusts we
[00:44]: have some salt we have our flour already
[00:47]: all-purpose flour already measured out
[00:48]: we have some salt and we have some sugar
[00:52]: and I'm just gonna give these a mix with
[00:55]: a whisk kind of breaks up any lumps in
[01:00]: the flour and gets the sugar and the
[01:02]: salt mixed up not in the recipe I just
[01:05]: wanted to do it that way so and then
[01:07]: we're going to add all of our butter
[01:11]: which is cold and unsalted and cut into
[01:15]: cubes and then we're gonna sort of get
[01:20]: it mixed up into the flour a little bit
[01:22]: with my hands and then this all together
[01:28]: goes in the freezer for 30 minutes so
[01:32]: we'll be back in about 30 minutes so now
[01:36]: our mixture has been in the freezer for
[01:39]: a little more than 30 minutes and all we
[01:41]: have to do now is use two butter knives
[01:43]: and basically cut this up until the
[01:50]: butter is the size of about a pea
[01:53]: they makes particular tools for this
[02:00]: kind of thing
[02:03]: and we have one but this is the method
[02:06]: that she suggests and honestly I never
[02:08]: think that tool works very well anyway
[02:11]: and this is how I've done it since I was
[02:14]: a kid making my first high priest ever
[02:17]: all by myself so I'm gonna keep doing
[02:21]: that until we get to the pea size and
[02:24]: then we'll see what's next
[02:27]: then I've started hurting my arms
[02:29]: hurting my hands this is a lot and I've
[02:31]: been kneading bread dough so I got out
[02:33]: my pastry cutter and we're gonna try
[02:37]: that see if it helps I'm gonna call this
[02:46]: good because the next step is actually
[02:48]: getting my hands in there and sort of
[02:51]: stretching the pieces of butter
[02:55]: between your hands and to ribbons and so
[02:59]: that will help break up any of the the
[03:02]: larger chunks I have and with everything
[03:06]: being frozen my hands won't warm it up
[03:09]: too much just because it's really chilly
[03:11]: in there so just kind of doing that
[03:16]: before hands
[03:19]: okay I'm gonna call this done and now we
[03:23]: need to start adding water ice water by
[03:25]: the tablespoon this is way more than it
[03:27]: will need but we just threw some ice and
[03:30]: some water in here and it's been hanging
[03:31]: out the whole time so I'm just gonna mix
[03:35]: that in with my hand and you're supposed
[03:41]: to just mix enough in until you can sort
[03:43]: of pinch it together like a pie dough
[03:45]: and it's take sticks together so so I
[03:53]: think I'm about there and I'm gonna turn
[03:55]: it out onto my countertop just because
[03:58]: the bowl is getting unwieldy and I've
[04:05]: tried not to overwork it but you know
[04:11]: with occasionally pinching to see if it
[04:13]: if it holds together so first you bring
[04:21]: it together into a ball
[04:28]: don't want to need it really but bring
[04:33]: it all together and this is more like so
[04:36]: if you if you watched my tomato pie from
[04:40]: deep run roots video this is a different
[04:45]: method for pie crust and this is more
[04:48]: like I would expect it to look like it's
[04:50]: still got a hydrate in the refrigerator
[04:53]: or in the freezer or whatever so it can
[04:56]: be a little crumbly at this point but
[04:58]: that one was a little bit too crumbly
[04:60]: with her recipe she had exact
[05:02]: measurements and didn't tell you to sort
[05:05]: of estimate or use however much you
[05:08]: think you needed to until it got to a
[05:09]: certain stage or as in here she said 2/3
[05:12]: of a cup although I'm pretty sure I used
[05:15]: a lot more than that I didn't measure
[05:19]: and then just go by feel so I think with
[05:23]: pie crust going by feel is probably
[05:26]: better just cuz everybody's flour is
[05:29]: differently hydrated and depending on
[05:32]: where you are in the world and all that
[05:33]: so now we're supposed to divide it into
[05:38]: four roughly equal pieces and form these
[05:45]: into disks
[05:51]: and then I'm gonna wrap it in plastic
[05:52]: wrap you let it go in the refrigerator
[05:56]: for at least an hour or you can freeze
[05:58]: these for I think up to six months she
[06:00]: says so might be a little over actually
[06:04]: depending it's a little bit sticky but
[06:07]: hopefully it will hydrate and be fine
[06:10]: so I'm gonna get all of these into a
[06:13]: roughly a disk-like shape and then wrap
[06:19]: them in plastic wrap and put them in the
[06:23]: freezer the next thing we do is blind
[06:29]: bake them not all recipes require you to
[06:31]: blind bake your pie crust but I think
[06:35]: most of hers do so that will be next
[06:40]: this has been in the refrigerator for
[06:42]: over an hour I'm not sure exactly how
[06:44]: long it's been over an hour and now
[06:47]: we're going to roll it out and I hope it
[06:49]: rolls out well got we've got our well
[06:54]: floured countertop here put some on top
[06:60]: of it it still seems a little a little
[07:02]: uh little sticky but the goal is to roll
[07:07]: this out into an eleven inch circle
[07:12]: about an eighth of an inch thick
[07:27]: okay I think this will fit in my pie pie
[07:30]: pan so I've got that right here and I'm
[07:36]: going to roll this up a bit on here and
[07:46]: just that's not it all right move it all
[07:58]: right
[07:59]: that's better
[08:05]: all right they say to trim the overhang
[08:11]: to half of an inch and then crimp as
[08:14]: desired so I'm gonna do this with
[08:18]: scissors this is a lot easier than a
[08:21]: knife especially if your knives are not
[08:23]: necessarily all that show I'm just going
[08:27]: to guesstimate half an inch all right
[08:34]: it's about right you use a little bit of
[08:38]: this here where we have a little bit of
[08:43]: a break on the edge and I'm kind of fold
[08:48]: it under fold that half inch under and
[08:51]: pinch and try not to get it too thin in
[08:56]: any place this is just how I've always
[09:00]: pinched the edges there are lots of
[09:02]: different ways to make a pretty pie
[09:05]: crust but she says to freeze this
[09:08]: overnight we ain't got time for that um
[09:11]: I'm gonna go ahead and blind bake it as
[09:14]: is this is another place where you
[09:17]: really have to read the recipe all the
[09:19]: way through so yeah we're not going to
[09:24]: freeze this overnight next time the next
[09:27]: recipe I'll make sure to do that we
[09:30]: don't have time for that so I'm gonna
[09:33]: put a parchment paper in it and then my
[09:36]: my my pie beans which I sing ones I used
[09:40]: for the last pie that I made and we're
[09:43]: gonna bake it at 325 convection or 350
[09:47]: without convection for half an hour so
[09:50]: let me go ahead and get
[10:06]: as I said in my other the last pie made
[10:11]: video these are not special beans
[10:15]: they're just dried beans that I had on
[10:18]: hand one time when I needed to blind
[10:20]: bake a pie crust and so I just put them
[10:23]: in here and save them and use them every
[10:25]: time so put this in the oven and we'll
[10:28]: come back when it's done all right this
[10:29]: is our par baked pie crust you can tell
[10:32]: it is not entirely baked there's no
[10:34]: color really even on the edges there's a
[10:36]: tiny bit in some places but this is the
[10:40]: end result of the coolest pie crust
[10:42]: recipe this is basically for use in
[10:44]: other recipes in this episode of cooking
[10:47]: the books with Heather we made pie crust
[10:49]: and this is from the pools diner
[10:53]: cookbook by Ashley Christensen and we
[10:57]: use it now in two different ways
[11:01]: so the first pie crust I baked so this
[11:04]: this recipe actually is for for pie
[11:06]: crusts you can freeze them and use them
[11:11]: later so that was good we used them for
[11:14]: two recipes and the first time I baked
[11:17]: it I blind baked it exactly as the
[11:19]: recipe said and at the end my pie crust
[11:24]: was not at the end of the the end of the
[11:27]: pie when the pie was done my pie crust
[11:29]: the bottom crust was not completely done
[11:31]: it was still a little raw so when I used
[11:34]: it the second time I went ahead and
[11:36]: cooked it for like another 10 minutes
[11:39]: par baked it for another 10 minutes same
[11:41]: everything else but an extra 10 minutes
[11:44]: and that was a lot better so might be
[11:48]: just my oven not not quite right I don't
[11:51]: know I don't really check the
[11:53]: temperature probably should but so I
[11:57]: needed an extra about 10 minutes the
[12:00]: good thing about this recipe is that she
[12:03]: doesn't tell you
[12:04]: exactly how much water to use there's a
[12:08]: measurement but we ended up using a lot
[12:10]: more than that to get it to the right
[12:12]: consistency and I think that was good as
[12:16]: far as the flavor I think I needed a
[12:19]: little more salt the the crust just
[12:23]: didn't have a lot like it just needed a
[12:26]: little something
[12:27]: it wasn't bad it was flaky was it was
[12:30]: fine it just I think needed a touch more
[12:33]: salt and that might be because my kosher
[12:35]: salt might be slightly different than
[12:36]: her kosher salt and might need might
[12:39]: have less salt per per ounce or per per
[12:44]: not per ounce if you're my husband and I
[12:48]: had a huge discussion about ounces being
[12:50]: both weight and fluid ounces and that's
[12:53]: probably coloring my mind right now but
[12:55]: so for a teaspoon of kosher salt my
[12:57]: kosher salt might have less actual salt
[12:59]: in it than hers because of the crystals
[13:01]: take up more space maybe I don't know
[13:04]: anyway I felt like I needed a little
[13:06]: more salt in this recipe but all in all
[13:09]: it was nice to be able to make a large
[13:11]: batch and have extra pie crust so that
[13:13]: the next time I made it I didn't have to
[13:15]: go through to the trouble to make the
[13:18]: pie crust again so thanks for watching
[13:21]: cooking the books with Heather and if
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[13:28]: you'll see how we how we used the pav
[13:31]: crust
[13:33]: [Music]