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Milan Mule

Poole's: Recipes and Stories from a Modern Diner

This drink uses a ginger-jalapeño simple syrup, which isn't exactly hard but does add some extra time before you can actually have your first drink. If you don't like spicy drinks, removing all of the seeds and white membrane in the jalapeño leaves the flavor but not much spice.

Other versions of this recipe use limoncello and ginger beer with mint, but we loved this one!


Serving Size1 cocktail
Carbohydrates20g (15g sugar)


[00:00]: [Music]
[00:04]: hi and welcome to cooking the books with
[00:07]: Heather on this episode we're going to
[00:09]: continue continue our cocktail series
[00:11]: and we are making a Milan Mule out of
[00:15]: the plain Steiner cookbook this requires
[00:19]: a little advance work because you're
[00:21]: making a jalapeno ginger syrup so that's
[00:27]: our first step and I was going to show
[00:29]: you how to peel ginger I think I use
[00:31]: ginger on a recent recipe and did not
[00:34]: show you how to peel it so I'm just
[00:35]: going to show you how easy it is we're
[00:37]: gonna roughly chop this so I don't
[00:39]: really care
[00:41]: it'll be easier to peel if I have sort
[00:44]: of pieces that don't have little arms
[00:48]: yeah and we're gonna wanna say we're
[00:51]: gonna roughly chop it so I can do that
[00:53]: first just to make my life a little bit
[00:56]: easier on the peeling so all you really
[01:02]: need to do to peel ginger is to use a
[01:04]: spoon and I'm going to peel it onto this
[01:07]: paper towel just so that I don't have
[01:12]: mess all over the place and you just
[01:14]: sort of scrape it off with the spoon it
[01:17]: comes off very easily and you just do
[01:21]: that until it is entirely peeled so I'm
[01:26]: going to do that we're going to chop it
[01:29]: up and I'm going to put it into my
[01:32]: opinion where I have already the sugar
[01:36]: measured and then we're gonna deal with
[01:39]: a jalapeno so let me get this done and
[01:46]: we'll be back in just a minute
[01:47]: so the peeling part it's quite a bit of
[01:52]: ginger to peel so my assistant came in
[01:55]: to help me for a minute but we got it
[01:56]: all peeled and now I'm just chopping up
[01:60]: roughly adding it into the pan with my
[02:08]: sugar and now because I have to do with
[02:13]: jalapeno I'm gonna put on gloves because
[02:16]: I don't like to touch my face or my eyes
[02:20]: or whatever with my hands after this and
[02:26]: because then it hurts because they're
[02:28]: spicy we get stuff one means this is
[02:32]: about twice as big as I need so I am
[02:39]: going to only use about half she says to
[02:44]: only remove about half of the seeds I
[02:48]: don't like my anything super spicy so
[02:53]: yeah I think that's about half so I'm
[02:56]: gonna try not to put any seeds in this
[02:58]: but I'll leave in a little bit of the
[03:02]: ribs which is also kind of spicy I'm
[03:04]: just going to slice this up and put it
[03:14]: in with our ginger and the only the
[03:18]: other thing that goes in here is water
[03:20]: it's equal parts water and sugar like
[03:25]: etcetera uses a lot for drinks so we
[03:28]: tend to keep a plain simple syrup on
[03:30]: hand but it'll last a while in the
[03:32]: refrigerator and I'm just gonna deseed
[03:35]: this while I have my gloves on to put it
[03:37]: in the refrigerator
[03:37]: oh so I'm probably not gonna show you
[03:40]: this part we bring this to a boil and
[03:42]: simmer it for thirty minutes and let's
[03:45]: see
[03:49]: yep so bring to a boil we simmer it for
[03:54]: 30 minutes and then you take it off of
[03:56]: the stove you let it you strain it
[03:60]: through a fine mesh sieve and then
[04:04]: you're done with this we'll show you
[04:06]: that part when we get to it but I'm not
[04:07]: going to show you this simmering it for
[04:09]: 30 minutes that's gonna be boring so
[04:11]: we'll be back when it's all done I just
[04:14]: want to take a quick video to show you
[04:16]: what it looks like when I've got it
[04:18]: simmering it is just barely simmering I
[04:20]: don't want it to really reduce or
[04:22]: anything just want to infuse the flavor
[04:23]: I misled you a little bit earlier so we
[04:27]: do we did have to simmer this for half
[04:31]: an hour on the stove but then you also
[04:34]: let it sit for another half hour off of
[04:37]: the heat before you strain it so it's
[04:40]: now been an hour and we are ready to
[04:42]: strain and I just have measuring cup
[04:45]: here because it'll be easier to pour out
[04:46]: and I know that my fine mesh strainer
[04:50]: fits right into it so I'm just going to
[04:53]: strain out the solids that's one of the
[04:56]: reasons I wasn't super picky about the
[05:01]: the ginger skin making sure we got every
[05:08]: single bit of it off because we're just
[05:09]: straining it out so there we go we have
[05:15]: our jalapeno ginger syrup for our Milan
[05:21]: mule but we do need to chill this
[05:24]: completely before we use it so I'm going
[05:28]: to put in our first Rider and we'll come
[05:30]: back and make the drink tomorrow I have
[05:34]: my recipe right here for the Milan Mule
[05:36]: that we're going to make from the syrup
[05:39]: we made yesterday it's been chilling in
[05:41]: the refrigerator so we're good for this
[05:45]: now and I'm going to pay very careful
[05:49]: attention to the amounts because I will
[05:51]: probably get it wrong if I don't so
[05:53]: already I have a shaker and I'm going to
[05:58]: do this in the glass part so you can see
[06:01]: but we're going to muddle
[06:03]: some basil leaves mine kind of went a
[06:10]: little mint so I think I'm gonna I think
[06:13]: I'm gonna deal with that amount right
[06:15]: now this is called a mud water bus you
[06:21]: can use the back of a wooden spoon she
[06:23]: says like that you just kind of want to
[06:28]: get it broken up a little bit to get the
[06:31]: flavor in there so there we go that's
[06:36]: probably good and now I'm gonna measure
[06:39]: all the ingredients into the glass and
[06:43]: I've got a little that has
[06:46]: measurements on both sides for different
[06:48]: things so be using both sides so that's
[06:52]: gonna be fun and probably gonna spill my
[06:54]: lemon juice this is lemon juice fresh
[06:57]: lemon juice almost an entire lemon and
[07:01]: yes I did spill oh well and then we have
[07:06]: the syrup that we made that this had
[07:17]: ginger and jalapeno in a simple syrup is
[07:20]: basically what this is and she
[07:26]: specifically calls for Tito's vodka for
[07:29]: this that's what we usually have in the
[07:31]: house anyway so there we go and then
[07:45]: I've got some ice in here I'll go ahead
[07:49]: and pour into there whatever and shake
[07:58]: it up
[08:04]: I'm not going to do this one-handed
[08:06]: because I will drop it or and my drink
[08:08]: will go all over all right and I forgot
[08:18]: to get my glass I think I'm supposed to
[08:21]: do this a different way yes yes I am
[08:24]: I've made a huge mess I usually make my
[08:27]: husband make my drinks oh well let me
[08:32]: clean this up a little bit you get my
[08:34]: glass so I got my glass I've got a nice
[08:37]: fancy ice cube one large cube they're
[08:42]: much easier than the spheres and they
[08:45]: still provide the same kind of job and I
[08:48]: got my strainer because you're supposed
[08:50]: to strain this out I assume so you can
[08:54]: not get any muddled bits of basil so
[09:02]: left some of them in there but all right
[09:05]: and then you garnish with another basil
[09:09]: leaf mine like I said we waited a little
[09:12]: bit too long and got a little bit manky
[09:14]: but it's still pretty and there is my
[09:17]: drink let you know how it is
[09:29]: on this episode of cooking the books
[09:31]: with Heather you watch me make the Milan
[09:33]: Mule from the pool steiner cookbook it's
[09:37]: a cocktail in the cocktail section with
[09:41]: vodka and jalapeno ginger syrup I was a
[09:45]: little afraid that it might be kind of
[09:47]: spicy and I'm not a huge fan of spice I
[09:51]: like the flavor of the of a chili but
[09:54]: when it gets too hot I can't really
[09:55]: taste anything else this is not that I
[09:59]: did leave out more of the seeds than she
[10:02]: said but I can taste the jalapeno for
[10:06]: sure I can taste the ginger I can taste
[10:08]: the basil it's sweet enough without
[10:11]: being too sweet it's a really good drink
[10:15]: in fact I'm glad that we have quite a
[10:17]: lot of this syrup left over and we can
[10:20]: have more of these so if you are into
[10:25]: cocktails if you like jalapeno and
[10:28]: ginger if you like the flavor even if
[10:30]: you don't like the spice you can sort of
[10:32]: tailor the spice level when you put your
[10:34]: jalapenos in whether you take out all of
[10:35]: the seeds like I did or leave half of
[10:39]: them in like she suggests I think if
[10:43]: you'd like those flavors you will love
[10:45]: this drink it was awesome thanks for
[10:49]: watching me make this this week and if
[10:53]: you liked watching me make it come back
[10:56]: and watch me make something else
[10:59]: [Music]