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Marinated Avocados with Apples, Blue Cheese and Almonds

Poole's: Recipes and Stories from a Modern Diner

While we were unable to find daikon radishes (or any radishes, for that matter, quarantine shopping and all) this was still delicious and a hit with the whole family. I LOVE this dressing, and it is very stable for a vinaigrette, likely due to all of the mustard.

Serving Size1/4 recipe, if all dressing used
Carbohydrates68g (43g sugar, 13g fiber)


[00:00]: [Music]
[00:04]: hello and welcome to cooking the books
[00:06]: with Heather today we're going to
[00:08]: continue working out of the pools diner
[00:10]: cookbook here and we're gonna make one
[00:12]: that I think the kids are gonna love I
[00:14]: really hope they do we're gonna make
[00:16]: marinated avocados with apples blue
[00:19]: cheese and almonds and they love apples
[00:23]: they love avocados they don't love blue
[00:26]: cheese they like almonds so hopefully
[00:28]: this will be good I'm sure it will be
[00:32]: good and hopefully it'll be good for
[00:33]: them so first we're gonna make a
[00:35]: dressing for this salad I don't know why
[00:38]: it's called marinated avocados you don't
[00:40]: actually really marinate anything in
[00:43]: this you but you do make a dressing and
[00:45]: it's different than the standard
[00:46]: vinaigrette dressings but I've already
[00:49]: got my shallot chopped and they are
[00:52]: marinating in cider vinegar that has to
[00:55]: happen for like 15 minutes so I went
[00:57]: ahead and got that started and I have a
[00:60]: timer set so that'll probably go off
[01:01]: soon and I'm gonna continue chopping my
[01:05]: ingredient just to let you know I have
[01:08]: some marcona almonds here that I've
[01:10]: chopped up I have some creamy blue
[01:14]: cheese that I have Wade but haven't
[01:16]: crumbled which I'll do when I put it in
[01:18]: the bowl and I'll probably lick my
[01:20]: fingers there's my timer it's been
[01:22]: sitting for at least 15 minutes that's
[01:25]: good I have some grainy mustard in this
[01:31]: measurement measure container thingy
[01:35]: whatever and that goes in the dressing
[01:40]: as well as well as well as a little bit
[01:43]: of Dijon mustard I don't know why you
[01:45]: get both and also some sorghum which we
[01:52]: used for our pork recipe recently and
[01:56]: that's one of the reasons why we're
[01:57]: making this because we had a bunch of
[01:58]: sorghum and wanted to use up now I'm
[02:00]: going to slice some red onions now this
[02:03]: calls for
[02:06]: half of a small one I'd say this is kind
[02:08]: of a medium onion so I might use a
[02:12]: little bit less than half try and gather
[02:17]: my trash over there now this recipe also
[02:22]: calls for daikon radish there were zero
[02:28]: radishes to be had at the grocery store
[02:31]: when my husband went it is you know
[02:35]: special times right now but I'm gonna
[02:38]: slice this thinly so I have my bowl to
[02:42]: put all of my ingredients in that we're
[02:44]: going to add the dressing too and let
[02:46]: them get them coated and that includes
[02:50]: these onions so I'm just going to go
[02:53]: ahead and put that in here and those
[02:57]: I'll just put away in the refrigerator
[03:01]: another thing that I need to prepare for
[03:04]: this is this is a Pink Lady Apple I've
[03:08]: already poured it you can see I'm going
[03:11]: to cut it in half and then I'm going to
[03:13]: cut it in slices oh well I didn't core
[03:15]: it that long ago and I already got
[03:17]: pretty brown so I'm glad I didn't slice
[03:18]: it up early I think they use a mandolin
[03:22]: for this but I'm just going to cut it as
[03:25]: thin as I can
[03:28]: there's my apple now I'm gonna go ahead
[03:31]: and make my dressing and hopefully get
[03:33]: that in there before the apples Brown
[03:35]: too badly so we start with these
[03:40]: shallots and they're vinegar that they
[03:42]: were sitting in it kind of mellows out
[03:47]: the shallots a little bit to do that
[03:48]: that's a standard vinaigrette thing to
[03:52]: do
[03:55]: all right so we're gonna add the
[03:57]: mustards and the syrup here
[03:59]: it's got my granny mustard I'm gonna
[04:06]: measure my Dijon mustard and if I don't
[04:14]: have quite enough I don't really care
[04:16]: honestly because I might not this is
[04:19]: almost the end I think that will be
[04:22]: close enough especially considering
[04:24]: there's a lot of other must as well
[04:30]: alright and now is the same thing
[04:35]: to measure my sorghum there we go so as
[04:44]: I said in my previous video I ordered
[04:47]: this online and it happens to be one of
[04:51]: her favorite brands so that's good and
[04:54]: then just dump this in here
[04:57]: we're gonna whisk this together to get
[05:01]: the emulsification started it with the
[05:04]: vinegars and vinegar and the mustard get
[05:08]: the sorghum mixed up in that I'm gonna
[05:18]: clean up just a little bit so now our
[05:21]: the base of our vinaigrette is all ready
[05:25]: here and we're going to just like the
[05:27]: other times that we've done this for her
[05:29]: it with the instructions in the book
[05:31]: we're going to whisk this in in a thin
[05:33]: string so and if I didn't say this is a
[05:41]: neutral vegetable oil so not olive oil
[05:44]: something with a neutral flavor I use
[05:46]: grapeseed oil as usual does this has a
[05:50]: lot of mustard in it I think it'll
[05:51]: probably hold the emulsion pretty well
[05:54]: so now to this I just need to add my
[05:58]: marcona almonds I
[05:60]: found these online because we couldn't
[06:04]: find them in the store and my husband
[06:06]: said we could not do without them or
[06:09]: substitute we are doing without daikon
[06:12]: raddish however he doesn't like crush
[06:14]: those almonds so now I'm going to
[06:17]: crumble in this she suggests a creamy
[06:20]: blue cheese crumbled so not one that you
[06:24]: that's like really really creamy that
[06:26]: you could like spread on bread but you
[06:28]: know I think we went with a gorgonzola
[06:31]: creamy gorgonzola blue and we're gonna
[06:35]: have way more of this vinaigrette than
[06:38]: we need for this but that means we can
[06:41]: have have it for our salads for she says
[06:45]: it keeps in the refrigerator for a week
[06:46]: I've had luck for much longer than that
[06:49]: but you know be careful and just so you
[06:52]: can see this is the kind of almond that
[06:55]: I bought they are in olive oil and salt
[06:58]: they are bride they were what I could
[07:00]: get delivered relatively quickly so got
[07:05]: all of our ingredients here and we need
[07:07]: to add a quarter of a cup of this
[07:12]: dressing that we made to our salad so
[07:17]: this is going to be super fun and
[07:22]: potentially messy
[07:29]: don't too bad I'm surprised
[07:32]: Oh actually I think I was probably
[07:33]: supposed to add some salt for that yes I
[07:38]: was supposed to add salt to that so
[07:39]: let's do that let's add this back in and
[07:43]: whisk it up a little bit more with salt
[07:45]: to taste so I'm gonna add a decent
[07:49]: amount not too much and then we're gonna
[07:55]: do all that messy stuff again and so now
[08:00]: we're just gonna put this on our arse on
[08:09]: our salad mixture and we're going to add
[08:13]: some extra salt to this because you know
[08:16]: that those other ingredients haven't
[08:18]: been salted and I didn't make the
[08:20]: vinaigrette very salty so we can use it
[08:22]: on anything and some pepper all right
[08:30]: and we're going to just set up get
[08:32]: everything coated really wish I cut the
[08:42]: apples in half or something so it would
[08:45]: be easier to eat but feel like that is a
[08:49]: good coating of the ingredients here all
[08:56]: right so now we're gonna leave this beet
[08:57]: and
[08:58]: [Music]
[09:02]: get this off my board so I have my
[09:06]: plates that I planned to serve it on and
[09:12]: avocados each plate gets half an avocado
[09:15]: and I'm supposed to do these special and
[09:21]: it out cut it cut it in slices but not
[09:27]: all the way and fan it out and let's see
[09:29]: how that works and I'm hoping that they
[09:31]: are good because you know I have a cava
[09:33]: kados they could be good it could be bad
[09:37]: hard to tell these have been in the
[09:39]: refrigerator since I thought they look
[09:42]: pretty good since I thought they were
[09:43]: done a little earlier than we needed
[09:45]: them and then so you leave them there
[09:48]: refrigerator and they will last a little
[09:50]: bit longer so this one is good try and
[09:55]: get that out well it's not great but not
[09:59]: bad and put breast a little bit avocado
[10:04]: in chips why not
[10:06]: [Music]
[10:09]: take off the yucky Brown bit on the
[10:12]: outside and there we go and I'm gonna
[10:19]: try
[10:24]: that one went a little bit better and it
[10:27]: looks a little bit nicer I'm going to
[10:29]: try to cut this the way she says but I
[10:34]: haven't had much luck with that
[10:35]: and already
[10:41]: my little thicker than I intended it
[10:46]: will be delicious
[10:48]: even so when you get these at the
[10:52]: restaurant they're just beautiful it's
[10:59]: not bad I think that's pretty it's not
[11:02]: quite as paper-thin as hers but it's
[11:05]: pretty so now I find a place to put all
[11:07]: of these so now all I have to do is I
[11:13]: want to give this another little mix and
[11:15]: then divide it relatively evenly on top
[11:21]: of my pallet Otto's so I'm trying to get
[11:27]: my hands all separated so they're not
[11:31]: select the one they were next to that's
[11:34]: a bet all right and just sort of give
[11:40]: each one some of that got quite a bit a
[11:48]: little bit for me that is that is the
[11:53]: dish but one thing she does say to
[11:57]: garnish it with a thin drizzle of extra
[11:60]: virgin olive oil so
[12:10]: there we go that's it we'll let you know
[12:14]: how it tastes
[12:23]: on this episode of cooking the books
[12:26]: with Heather you watch me make I'm gonna
[12:28]: read this from the book marinated
[12:30]: avocados with apples blue cheese and
[12:32]: almonds from the pool steiner cookbook
[12:34]: we left out one ingredient because we
[12:37]: couldn't find it easily but other than
[12:42]: that it was relatively easy to find we
[12:44]: did have to order something online the
[12:46]: sorghum for the dressing for the
[12:49]: vinaigrette I love that vinaigrette
[12:52]: it's very shelfs very stable not shelf
[12:56]: stable but in the refrigerator it does
[12:58]: not separate there's so much mustard in
[13:00]: there that it stays emulsified which is
[13:03]: great I've used it on some salads since
[13:06]: then it's delicious really love it
[13:09]: highly recommend it and because it was
[13:13]: apples and almonds and avocados
[13:16]: everybody in the family loved it we ate
[13:19]: all of it we will we will probably do a
[13:22]: variation of this kind of salad again
[13:25]: and again and especially now that we
[13:29]: have the dressing in the refrigerator
[13:31]: that'll last us for you know it'll
[13:34]: probably last at least a couple weeks in
[13:36]: the refrigerator I don't know if she
[13:37]: says how long but it's vinegar I have
[13:42]: good luck with keeping vinaigrettes in
[13:45]: the refrigerator without bad things
[13:48]: happening anyway so we give this four
[13:52]: thumbs up from this family and it was
[13:56]: pretty easy not difficult so if you
[13:60]: enjoyed watching me make this please
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