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Malted Slaw with Roasted Tomatoes

Poole's: Recipes and Stories from a Modern Diner

Coleslaw has never been one of my favorites. I'll eat it if it's on my plate, but I make it rarely, and even more rarely will I actually follow a recipe. Will this recipe change my mind?

For the mayo, this is the same basic recipe as the cider mayo (, but with the cider vinegar switched with malt vinegar instead.

This is one of the recipes available in google books preview:'s%20diner%20malted%20slaw%20with%20roasted%20tomatoes&f=false

Serving Size1/8 of recipe
Carbohydrates7g (4g sugar, 3g fiber)


[00:01]: [Music]
[00:04]: hi guys welcome to cooking the books
[00:06]: with Heather today we're cooking out of
[00:09]: the pools diner cookbook and we're
[00:11]: making malted slaw with roasted tomatoes
[00:14]: this recipe actually includes two other
[00:17]: recipes you should have seen before this
[00:20]: the roasted tomatoes recipe it's
[00:22]: relatively quick well it takes a while
[00:26]: but it's pretty easy and then also it
[00:29]: uses basic malt mayo I didn't make
[00:32]: another recipe for that because it's
[00:33]: exactly like the basic cider Mayo which
[00:36]: we all already have a recipe for except
[00:40]: show you guys I made it directly in this
[00:44]: jar this time with an immersion blender
[00:46]: it was so much easier so much easier so
[00:49]: much less cleanup so I'm probably going
[00:51]: to do that from now on instead of using
[00:53]: the actual big food processor so if you
[00:54]: have an immersion blender I love them
[00:57]: they're great they're not expensive if
[00:59]: you don't have one I would suggest
[01:00]: getting one the first step with the
[01:11]: malted slaw with roasted tomatoes is to
[01:14]: actually brine the cabbage so I'm gonna
[01:17]: make a brine here and of course after
[01:19]: that I've got some water here and some
[01:26]: just kosher salt that's all been pre
[01:28]: measured and so we're going to try and
[01:32]: get that all dissolved I'm gonna get
[01:39]: this was cold from the tap water but not
[01:41]: super cold but now we add some ice to it
[01:44]: to make sure it stays cold and that
[01:46]: makes the cabbage stay nice and crisp
[01:54]: just put this over here because next we
[01:58]: have to prepare the cabbage and the way
[02:00]: she suggest we do it is to quarter this
[02:04]: this I've already measured out this
[02:06]: cabbage just a little bit more than the
[02:09]: recipe calls for so I'm going to be kind
[02:14]: of ruthless when it comes to getting rid
[02:18]: of the pieces that are not cooperating
[02:22]: so we quarter it and cut out the heart
[02:36]: after that we use this mandolin which I
[02:40]: have already set up here go ahead and
[02:44]: put these just right here and when I got
[02:51]: the mandolin my husband bought me this
[02:53]: cut proof glove in order to keep myself
[02:58]: keep me from cutting myself because this
[03:01]: is super sharp so what I'm gonna do is
[03:06]: take this and slice it I've never
[03:17]: actually used the southern way is
[03:25]: generally this is not gonna cooperate
[03:29]: it's generally either shredded on a box
[03:35]: grater or can use the what's called a
[03:41]: Collard chopper and that will help you
[03:49]: get it
[03:51]: to where you need it without having to
[03:55]: use one of these things so when this is
[03:58]: all threaded it goes into the brine so
[04:06]: I'm gonna keep doing that with the rest
[04:09]: of this and that was really messy and I
[04:34]: don't enjoy that probably won't do it
[04:36]: that way again but now I'm gonna this
[04:39]: needs to sit for 20 minutes and I'm
[04:40]: gonna get set up to make the dressing
[04:44]: and then cut up the other ingredients so
[04:49]: the next step for our malted slaw with
[04:51]: roasted tomatoes is I'm gonna go ahead
[04:52]: and while the cabbage is browning I'm
[04:54]: going to go ahead and make the Mayo make
[04:57]: sure that we're gonna mix everything
[04:58]: with one thing I'm not going to show you
[05:01]: guys how to do is this is toasted celery
[05:04]: seed it's just like the toasted
[05:06]: peppercorns that I made for the pimento
[05:08]: cheese recipe except they're much much
[05:11]: smaller and they did not take long to
[05:13]: toast at all as soon as it started being
[05:15]: fragrant it kind of smoked a little bit
[05:17]: I took it off I think maybe 30 seconds
[05:19]: and then it got a little bit darker in
[05:22]: the pan so there we go with that we're
[05:27]: gonna add some salt
[05:32]: and pepper and then we're going to add
[05:48]: the zest of half a lemon so I've done
[05:51]: this before it goes better if you do it
[05:54]: upside down
[06:12]: I'd say that's about half mustard and
[06:31]: then the basic malt me Oh that I've pre
[06:35]: measured here all right it's all mixed
[06:54]: up that's gonna be the dressing the next
[06:59]: step I'm gonna go ahead and slice up the
[07:02]: other bits and pieces that we need to go
[07:05]: into this law so I'm going to clean up
[07:08]: and get ready for that so besides the
[07:12]: cabbage draining it and drying it the
[07:19]: only thing we have left to do for this
[07:21]: is to chop up some green onions
[07:24]: it calls for nine which is generally I
[07:27]: think about a bunch this bunch has seven
[07:30]: but they're really large so I'm gonna
[07:35]: just go with these seven you're just
[07:39]: gonna take off the yucky bits on the
[07:41]: outside I've rinsed those first
[07:50]: so I'm gonna trim off
[08:14]: it could have some of the slippery stuff
[08:17]: on the outside the the membrane between
[08:19]: the layers you want to take that off
[08:21]: because your knife might just slip on it
[08:25]: so that's what I was doing there so
[08:29]: we're gonna slice these thinly on the
[08:31]: diagonal and just put them in the bowl
[08:33]: that we're gonna plan so to have
[08:34]: everything in
[09:02]: it's quite a bit of green onion and then
[09:06]: now we have our roasted tomatoes so you
[09:10]: should see a recipe before this one for
[09:12]: the roasted tomatoes all we I've I
[09:14]: roasted them off and then left them in
[09:16]: the refrigerator with olive oil so you
[09:18]: see that's why there's lots of olive oil
[09:19]: with this I'm not gonna bother draining
[09:21]: any of it whatever comes with it is fine
[09:23]: but we do need to quarter these I might
[09:29]: a little bit more than more chopping
[09:32]: than quarters because they're kind of
[09:34]: them are kind of big all done chopping
[09:44]: this tomatoes and you can tell I did
[09:46]: these last because they made my board in
[09:48]: my hands all messy and now I don't have
[09:50]: to clean it up cuz I'm done I'm just
[09:52]: ready to clean up in general we'll be
[09:55]: back in about ten minutes when the
[09:57]: cabbage will be done brining and we'll
[10:01]: drain it and get it ready to go in here
[10:05]: and put it all together so the cabbage
[10:07]: has been brining for about twenty
[10:10]: minutes and I've had a little taste and
[10:11]: it does actually taste a little saltier
[10:13]: so that's a good tip maybe to season
[10:16]: your your slaw a little bit better my
[10:20]: first step we have to drain this and run
[10:23]: it through the salad spinner my first
[10:25]: step is going to be to dump all this
[10:28]: through here into the sink a little
[10:34]: concerned about how much I'm gonna lose
[10:37]: from this because it's so thinly sliced
[10:39]: and the strainer is the salad spinner
[10:44]: has really small well relatively large
[10:46]: bowls so
[10:53]: trying to get as much water out of this
[10:55]: as we can I'm spin that one more time I
[11:16]: see if we get any more out a bit more
[11:32]: but not too much so I'm gonna just dump
[11:33]: this in our bowl with the rest of the
[11:36]: ingredients we already prepped and do
[11:41]: the next batch so that's all of the
[11:44]: ingredients and then all we have to do
[11:51]: is add the dressing over here I just
[11:59]: kept it in the refrigerator a while
[12:02]: while we waited for the cabbage to
[12:06]: finish use the loud noises and put this
[12:15]: on here and toss it all together
[12:30]: all right
[12:33]: I think that's it for our slaw all done
[12:38]: I'm gonna assist a servant immediately
[12:40]: but I'm gonna put it in the refrigerator
[12:41]: because we're just not quite ready to
[12:42]: eat yet but it should be fine
[12:44]: keeping there for a little while all
[12:47]: right we'll let you know how it is in
[12:49]: just a minute
[12:51]: [Music]
[12:58]: okay
[12:59]: we made the pooled Steiner cookbook
[13:02]: version of malted slaw with roasted
[13:03]: tomatoes for our Memorial Day gathering
[13:07]: and it was actually really good the the
[13:16]: roasted tomatoes were pretty easy
[13:18]: there's a separate recipe for those but
[13:20]: it really it was just time honestly for
[13:22]: those I was a little skeptical about
[13:26]: brining the cabbage but it really gave
[13:30]: it much a much better flavor
[13:32]: it wasn't like just plain cabbage and
[13:36]: then some dressing on it the cabbage
[13:38]: actually had the salt flavor which
[13:40]: brought out the flavor of the cabbage I
[13:43]: will say cutting it on a mandolin was
[13:47]: difficult and I probably need a lot more
[13:51]: practice before that is something that I
[13:54]: can do on a regular basis however I
[13:56]: think mine was also also set a little
[13:58]: bit thin compared to what the picture
[14:00]: has on it
[14:03]: and I can probably cut cabbage easier
[14:08]: than that just with a knife in that sort
[14:10]: of thin strips because I do that a lot
[14:14]: we like cabbage so we cook it relatively
[14:17]: often and I'll slice it like that a lot
[14:21]: but all in all it was good it was not
[14:24]: too difficult and not too messy if you
[14:27]: don't count the mess from the slicing of
[14:31]: the cabbage but whenever you cut up
[14:32]: cabbage there's a little bit of a mess
[14:33]: so I probably won't use the mandolin
[14:37]: again the roasted tomatoes are good I
[14:40]: still have yet to use them in something
[14:41]: else maybe we'll make a BLT with those
[14:43]: sometime this week yeah it was good it
[14:47]: was not too difficult it was definitely
[14:49]: a different kind of slaw than you know
[14:51]: our usual southern style chopped up saw
[14:56]: so everybody else loved it we liked it
[14:59]: the kids even ate some so that was all
[15:01]: good
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