The author and cook, Heather

Garden and Gun Club

Poole's: Recipes and Stories from a Modern Diner

This is a bourbon drink for people who don't like sweet drinks. If you want to take the edge off, a little simple syrup will do the trick.

Serving Sizeserves 1
Carbohydrates19g (3g sugar)


[00:04]: hello and welcome to cooking the books
[00:06]: with Heather today we're going to do
[00:08]: another cocktail recipe out of the pools
[00:11]: diner cookbook we're going to be making
[00:13]: the garden and gun club today this is a
[00:16]: bourbon drink bourbon is our favorite
[00:21]: liqueur honestly just realized I forgot
[00:27]: a knife for my for my lemon first thing
[00:33]: I need to do for this is to juice a
[00:36]: lemon
[00:38]: it takes 3/4 ounce of fresh lemon juice
[00:42]: which we find you can usually get from
[00:45]: less than one lemon I'm going to be
[00:47]: making a double batch so my husband and
[00:50]: I can both have one another thing I'm
[00:54]: gonna be doing a little bit differently
[00:56]: is I'm going to be serving this in a
[00:59]: standard highball glass with ice she
[01:05]: suggests you serve this in a martini
[01:07]: chilled martini glass they're really
[01:14]: hard to drink from and much easier to
[01:17]: spill so I'm just gonna do my bourbon
[01:21]: drink in a highball glass with a huge
[01:25]: chunk of ice as usual so not entirely as
[01:30]: the recipe suggests but so we are
[01:35]: combining the ingredients in our shaker
[01:38]: then we're gonna fill it with ice and
[01:42]: then shake it
[01:46]: strain it forgot the strainer I'll get
[01:50]: that in a minute anyway so we're going
[01:55]: to combine the lemon juice
[01:59]: Oh almost exactly right for a double
[02:05]: batch from one lemon that will be
[02:09]: perfect next is why does my shaker not
[02:20]: have a one ounce okay
[02:23]: anyway next we we need to put in some
[02:26]: Cointreau which is an orange flavored
[02:29]: liqueur it is very expensive there are
[02:37]: other orange flavor liqueurs that you
[02:40]: can use probably but this one calls
[02:43]: specifically for front-row so I bought
[02:47]: it because I couldn't find any other
[02:49]: liquor cabinet we also have some dry
[02:53]: vermouth
[02:59]: we aren't big people but I think we've
[03:03]: relatively recently bought this you're
[03:05]: supposed to start in the refrigerator
[03:06]: after you open it but I never have and
[03:09]: it's not that old so I'm not too worried
[03:11]: about because it is a I think it's sort
[03:16]: of a wine based liqueur it's not super
[03:20]: alcoholic so there we go and then
[03:27]: bourbon this is my favorite bourbon or
[03:31]: one of my favorite Bourbons I like I
[03:33]: like the flavor of it a lot but you can
[03:35]: use whatever you want and need to
[03:40]: remember double batch
[03:44]: all right back I just wasted bourbon
[03:51]: party phone okay all right and the last
[03:59]: ingredient is orange bitters now I'm
[04:02]: using an orange and fig bitters from
[04:07]: crude bitters which is local to us I
[04:10]: know that actually uses them a lot in
[04:13]: their drinks and it's orange and fig and
[04:16]: I'm sure it will be fine
[04:17]: you can order from them online and I
[04:23]: don't know what a dash is with this okay
[04:30]: I'm not usually you know you have the
[04:32]: bitters or in sort of a shaker bottle
[04:34]: and that's you know a - so three dashes
[04:38]: I'm gonna put like six drops in here
[04:41]: maybe ish I don't know because it is in
[04:45]: a little medicinal put a tin we'll see I
[04:54]: don't know if that's a lot or a little
[04:57]: so now I'm gonna go fill this up with
[05:01]: ice so I have ice my strainer magically
[05:05]: appeared for me even though I went
[05:07]: looking for it it's been a day and so
[05:11]: now I'm gonna shake it and try not to
[05:13]: lose any more
[05:22]: super-cold I think we're good not very
[05:29]: good at this I'm going to do this where
[05:36]: you guys can see it strain it into these
[05:40]: glasses roughly have any and then we
[06:07]: garnished with a strip of orange peel
[06:15]: and that is it that's the drink
[06:18]: well let's know what we think
[06:22]: [Music]
[06:29]: so we actually do like this drink we
[06:32]: were a little concerned that there's no
[06:34]: there's a lot of different liquors and
[06:38]: lemon juice but there's no simple syrup
[06:40]: in it we usually you know sweeten our
[06:42]: bourbon drinks a little bit with simple
[06:43]: syrup and there the vermouth is a dry
[06:46]: vermouth not a sweet vermouth but it's
[06:49]: really good you get get a lot of the
[06:52]: orange in it from the bitters I guess
[06:54]: and the lemon juice helps bring that out
[06:57]: yeah really enjoy it it's something I
[06:60]: would definitely make again oh there's
[07:02]: also the culantro for the orange so
[07:04]: you've got orange bitters and Cointreau
[07:06]: so it is very orange flavored maybe the
[07:10]: Cointreau helps with the with the
[07:12]: sweetness of it too because it is I
[07:13]: think a bit of the sweeter but not super
[07:18]: sweet anyway if you enjoyed watching me
[07:22]: make this please come back next week
[07:24]: watch me make something else and you
[07:27]: know give me a thumbs up thanks
[07:31]: [Music]