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Dark Chocolate Pecan Pie

Poole's: Recipes and Stories from a Modern Diner

Pecan pie is one of my family's favorites, and adding chocolate and bourbon can only make it better, right? Let's find out.

I managed to find this recipe on the google books preview for the book:'s%20diner%20dark%20chocolate%20pecan%20pie%20recipe&f=false

Serving Sizefor 1/8th of the recipe, filling only
Carbohydrates58g (1g fiber, 38g sugar)


[00:03]: hi everybody today on cooking the books
[00:06]: with Heather we are working from the
[00:08]: pools diner cookbook and we are making
[00:10]: dark chocolate pecan pie yes I do say
[00:14]: pecan not pecan that's just how we say
[00:17]: it around here there's not a picture in
[00:21]: the book of this but the first step for
[00:24]: this pie is to melt the chocolate over a
[00:29]: double boiler so we've already done that
[00:31]: and my video guys gonna put that in
[00:33]: right here other than having our pie
[00:37]: crust already pre baked and cooled the
[00:40]: first step for this recipe is to melt
[00:44]: the chocolate in a double boiler now I
[00:48]: don't have an actual double boiler but I
[00:50]: have a saucepan here with about an inch
[00:54]: of water and then this glass bowl which
[00:57]: is heat proof on top of it I like the
[01:01]: glass because I can see how the water is
[01:04]: doing underneath it if it's boiling if
[01:05]: it's not boiling if I've turned it down
[01:07]: too far that kind of thing so now we're
[01:10]: just gonna kind of stir this up
[01:13]: she's roughly chop the chocolate I
[01:15]: didn't bother to actually chop it I just
[01:18]: came in bags and like it was wrapped in
[01:23]: like a clear plastic bag so all I did
[01:25]: before I open the bag was kind of break
[01:27]: it up and hit it against the countertop
[01:28]: until it was kind of small and so now
[01:32]: we're just gonna melt it over a double
[01:35]: boiler shouldn't take too
[01:38]: [Music]
[01:41]: that's interesting
[01:45]: it's kind of spitting out around the
[01:47]: bowl right now but it's melting pretty
[01:50]: quickly so that's good and when we're
[01:52]: done melting this we have to let it cool
[01:54]: before we can use it so because we're
[02:01]: going to be mixing it with eggs so we
[02:02]: have so we have it all ready to go
[02:07]: [Music]
[02:13]: all right that's all melted I'm gonna
[02:16]: turn it off take it off and let it cool
[02:18]: down a bit while we prepare the rest of
[02:20]: the ingredients for the pie filling and
[02:24]: we also have some melted butter that has
[02:27]: been cooled maybe a little bit too much
[02:30]: to room temperature so I've reheated my
[02:35]: butter a little bit because it was
[02:37]: getting solid room temperature right now
[02:39]: is a little bit a little bit cold so now
[02:45]: we're gonna go ahead oh also we have to
[02:48]: have the pie crust which we've done
[02:51]: before there's a video down below the
[02:54]: pool's pie crust you have to have that
[02:56]: pre baked and cooled and when I was
[02:58]: doing it this time I realized that the
[02:59]: two previous times I've done it
[03:01]: I missed a second baking step I think I
[03:05]: did anyway I'll go back and look at it
[03:06]: but and add a note to the description in
[03:10]: that video but you first bake it with
[03:12]: with the pie beans and then you bake it
[03:15]: another 15 minutes after you take those
[03:18]: out which I don't remember doing before
[03:20]: so you learn when you read it again you
[03:25]: learn okay so I've got the pie crust
[03:28]: already ready over there and it looks a
[03:31]: lot better and a lot more like it will
[03:33]: be completely done this time which is a
[03:35]: problem I had before so now we're ready
[03:38]: to go ahead and make this pie filling so
[03:43]: I have some eggs
[03:57]: [Music]
[03:59]: and we're going to whisk these with the
[04:03]: sugar there's no indication of how long
[04:13]: we need to whisk this so I think it's
[04:15]: just to sort of get it mixed and now I'm
[04:17]: going to add my melted and then cooled
[04:19]: butter because you don't want to
[04:23]: scramble your eggs and I'm going to add
[04:31]: my melted and cooled chocolate which
[04:36]: also might be a little bit cool at this
[04:38]: point but we'll see this is 70% dark
[04:46]: chocolate and I am using I am using this
[04:51]: the dairy dark chocolate it is a local
[04:56]: chocolate maker they roast the beans
[04:60]: grind the beans and make the chocolate
[05:02]: right here in my hometown
[05:12]: we're gonna add the rest of the
[05:14]: ingredients now we have some corn syrup
[05:17]: which is traditional for a pecan pie in
[05:23]: this area apparently it's not required
[05:27]: but it is what actually person since mom
[05:30]: does as I say and so that's why she
[05:32]: includes it here we have some bourbon
[05:36]: this is optional but I'm including it we
[05:41]: have some vanilla
[05:51]: and just a pinch of salt and that is it
[05:57]: for this part of the pie crust do it all
[06:01]: mixed up I'm gonna clean this part up
[06:05]: and bring over the pie crust so I can
[06:07]: show you how we put it all together okay
[06:12]: so I have my pie crust here it puffed up
[06:16]: a lot when I baked it the second time
[06:18]: without the pie beans in so I'm hoping
[06:19]: everything fits in here like it's
[06:21]: supposed to
[06:23]: we have pecans which she says just to
[06:26]: arrange in layers these are chopped
[06:29]: usually I chopped them pretty finely
[06:32]: with a chopper but I bought some chopped
[06:34]: pecans and I'm not going to bother
[06:37]: making them smaller than this so and now
[06:43]: we just pour this on top just pour it
[06:46]: over let's hope it all fits
[07:13]: this is pretty full already I feel like
[07:18]: if I try to make sure it gets all up in
[07:22]: underneath the pecans to try and fit
[07:27]: more in they're all going to rise to the
[07:30]: top anyway as it bakes if it's anything
[07:34]: like any other pecan pie I've ever made
[07:36]: so this is a bit a bit much filling for
[07:46]: this it is the exact amount that she
[07:53]: said yeah that's all I am comfortable
[07:58]: putting in there we're gonna call that
[08:00]: full I've got a little bit left in my in
[08:04]: my bowl but this will be good so I've
[08:07]: got it I've got my oven heated to 325
[08:10]: convection and you're supposed to cook
[08:13]: it for about an hour until it's pretty
[08:16]: much set but a little bit wobbly in the
[08:19]: very middle but you really have to watch
[08:24]: since we've pre baked the crust you have
[08:26]: to watch the the edges of the crust and
[08:29]: cover those either with a pie shield or
[08:32]: just aluminum foil if you don't have one
[08:35]: of those which I don't
[08:36]: if they start browning too much so we'll
[08:39]: let you know how it goes okay so as you
[08:43]: can tell this puffed up
[08:44]: quite a bit I cook the extra filling
[08:48]: with a little a few extra pecans in a
[08:50]: little dish - this is what it looks like
[08:55]: when it's done it will fall down as it
[08:57]: cools and it'll be fine but I think I
[08:59]: got just about as much as I possibly
[09:01]: could in that pie shell so that's it
[09:13]: on this episode of cooking the books
[09:16]: with Heather we made the dark chocolate
[09:19]: pecan pie from the pool's diner cookbook
[09:21]: here there's no good picture of it sorry
[09:25]: you should see my pictures however and I
[09:29]: have to say it was it was not as
[09:32]: chocolatey as I would have expected my
[09:37]: husband apparently disagrees I really
[09:40]: did
[09:41]: taste the the bourbon and I really
[09:43]: enjoyed that flavor in the pie I think
[09:46]: for me I like a really chocolatey pie
[09:49]: this is sort of a light chocolate flavor
[09:52]: even though I mean it's got dark
[09:54]: chocolate in it but with all the other
[09:56]: stuff and it's sort of a lighter
[09:57]: chocolate flavor not super fudgy
[09:60]: chocolatey that's just not this pie but
[10:03]: if you enjoyed that that's great we had
[10:08]: a little bit too much filling in our pie
[10:10]: for the pie crust and it just didn't it
[10:14]: had extra which we gladly ate separately
[10:19]: cooked and ate separately it did not set
[10:24]: up perfectly I did cook it a little bit
[10:27]: longer than the recipe called for and it
[10:31]: was not too particularly when I took it
[10:33]: out but it did not set up in the middle
[10:36]: perfectly our usual recipe has a little
[10:39]: bit of flour in it I think that helps it
[10:41]: set up this one did not it was still
[10:46]: tasty nobody complained and I did learn
[10:50]: in this recipe when I was blind baking
[10:54]: the pie crust I've been doing it wrong
[10:56]: the previous few times I made it so that
[10:59]: but the pie crust was fully done this
[11:02]: time it was not it was not at all raw
[11:06]: which is good which is you know as it
[11:08]: should be
[11:10]: and it did not get too Brown around the
[11:13]: edges without I didn't have to worry
[11:15]: about covering those with foil or
[11:17]: anything it was brown but not too Brown
[11:18]: it was a little bit tough which may be
[11:21]: you know my
[11:23]: I'm not great with pastry but I didn't
[11:28]: have to make it this time because the
[11:29]: original recipe makes for crust so I
[11:32]: still even have one left in the freezer
[11:34]: now so well I figure out what we're
[11:36]: gonna make with that but we really
[11:40]: really enjoyed the recipe we really
[11:43]: enjoyed the pie we took it with us to
[11:47]: our Thanksgiving where we you know there
[11:49]: was a very large spread of desserts and
[11:52]: we came home with you know one large or
[11:56]: two small pieces so we were able to have
[11:59]: a little bit extra but that you know it
[12:03]: got mostly eaten so that was good and it
[12:06]: was you know didn't really require any
[12:08]: extra equipment once your I mean we've
[12:10]: got the hopefully you've got the pie
[12:12]: crust already made like we did
[12:13]: everything else was just sort of mix up
[12:17]: some stuff by hand and you're all good
[12:19]: so it's pretty easy I think not
[12:22]: including the pie crust which is always
[12:24]: hard for me um I hope you enjoyed this
[12:28]: episode of cooking the books with
[12:29]: Heather and if you did please hit the
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[12:34]: already and come back next week and
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