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Poole's Cure

Poole's: Recipes and Stories from a Modern Diner

A flavorful, effective cure for pork!

Recipe here:

Serving Sizeper 1/4 cup
Carbohydrates13g (12g sugar)


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[00:04]: hello and welcome to cooking the books
[00:07]: with Heather today we are making a cure
[00:12]: recipe out of the pools diner cookbook -
[00:15]: so that we can make another recipe
[00:17]: tomorrow so this is just a salt salt and
[00:23]: sugar mixture that we're going to put on
[00:25]: meat let it rest sort of a sort of cure
[00:27]: it and before we cook it so first off we
[00:33]: have salt it's a lot of salt this is
[00:38]: gonna be way more than we need for our
[00:39]: recipe but we've already gone ahead and
[00:41]: haft it so not too much I have regular
[00:44]: white sugar and I've gone ahead and
[00:49]: zested some orange you know that in
[00:54]: there before I have to deal with other
[00:59]: ingredients I've got a little bit of
[01:04]: chili flakes let go in here it's not a
[01:09]: lot so it shouldn't be very spicy and
[01:12]: then we have garlic we have a fresh bay
[01:17]: leaf and we have some time now I'm
[01:20]: probably not gonna measure my time we
[01:24]: need quite a bit of it and this is what
[01:26]: I have so this is what's gonna go in but
[01:29]: I just need to slice this up before we
[01:31]: put it in here just so it all gets
[01:32]: incorporated so I'm going to slice up
[01:35]: the garlic and the bay leaf and then
[01:39]: pick the time and we'll be right back to
[01:42]: word up
[01:55]: now in case my editor cuts this out I
[01:59]: was not too picky about this
[02:03]: I left a few of the small stems because
[02:06]: it's going in the food processor anyway
[02:08]: so but I picked off the leaves of time
[02:13]: and now we're supposed to just pulse it
[02:16]: until it is fragrant I'm just gonna try
[02:18]: to get most of the stuff mixed up and
[02:20]: you know the garlic pieces and the bay
[02:24]: leaf pieces not super not super big yeah
[02:29]: that's my plan see how it goes I'm gonna
[02:36]: call that good it seems like there's no
[02:38]: big pieces of anything in here and this
[02:40]: is the cure we'll show you what we do
[02:42]: with it in our next video probably she
[02:47]: does say that this will keep in the
[02:48]: refrigerator for about a month in a you
[02:51]: know closed container because there are
[02:53]: some fresh ingredients in here the the
[02:55]: salt and the sugar will help keep those
[02:57]: from molding or doing anything like that
[02:59]: but you know they are fresh and they'll
[03:01]: dry out and whatever so we're gonna go
[03:04]: ahead and put it in a bag or a container
[03:06]: and put it in the refrigerator and use
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[03:23]: this
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