The author and cook, Heather

Buttermilk Chess Pie with Grilled Peaches

Poole's: Recipes and Stories from a Modern Diner

I tried to make this for a quick dessert when friends were dropping by. That failed spectacularly! It takes some time, but it's worth it in the end.

You can find the crust recipe video here:

I was able to find this recipe on the google books preview for this book:'s%20diner%20%22buttermilk%20chess%20pie%22&f=false

Serving Size1/8 pie, filling only
Carbohydrates42g (22g sugar, 1g fiber)


[00:03]: hi guys and welcome to cooking the books
[00:06]: with Heather today we're gonna make
[00:08]: buttermilk chess pie with grilled
[00:10]: peaches from the pool's diner cookbook
[00:13]: I've already made the pie crust so that
[00:16]: should be a separate video if you
[00:17]: haven't seen it already it should be
[00:19]: linked down below but now we're gonna
[00:22]: make the filling for the pie crust and
[00:25]: let's get right to it alright so first
[00:30]: we're gonna mix together some dry
[00:32]: ingredients we've got sugar
[00:35]: we've got brown sugar and then here in
[00:41]: this this small bowl we have flour
[00:46]: playing all-purpose flour we have corn
[00:50]: not corn flour cornmeal it's yellow
[00:54]: cornmeal and then we have a little bit
[00:55]: of salt get all that out and so we're
[01:07]: just gonna mix this up a little bit so
[01:09]: it's it's incorporated all right and now
[01:20]: we're gonna need once I get all right we
[01:25]: need two whole eggs and two egg yolks so
[01:32]: what I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna get
[01:34]: the whites in this bowl but I'm gonna
[01:36]: crack two whole eggs and then I'm gonna
[01:44]: show you how I separate the a the the
[01:47]: yolk and the white of course this one
[01:50]: did not separate very nicely but we can
[01:53]: still we just will manage it so you use
[01:57]: the shell to strain it some people use
[02:02]: their fingers some people use a specific
[02:04]: tool but this is how I always do it
[02:07]: that one was a little
[02:08]: better and since we are using some
[02:12]: whites it doesn't really matter if we
[02:14]: get some extra white in the bowl all
[02:21]: right no show oh good
[02:26]: and we don't need these whites so now
[02:33]: we're just gonna whip these up together
[02:42]: all right and then oK we've got some
[02:52]: butter that has been melted this is
[02:55]: unsalted butter melted and it's been
[02:57]: cooled to room temperature so it's not
[02:58]: gonna curl my eggs but we're gonna whisk
[03:00]: it in for it gradually so it gets
[03:05]: incorporated nicely all right
[03:17]: butter out and now we're gonna add the
[03:21]: rest of our wet ingredients today we're
[03:24]: gonna add some vanilla extract
[03:36]: here we go we've got the some lemon zest
[03:44]: and lemon juice my lemon was pretty
[03:46]: large but fine a lot possessed and some
[04:00]: buttermilk because buttermilk chess pie
[04:11]: figure I have the spatula out might as
[04:16]: well use it we're going to whisk in the
[04:22]: dry ingredients here which is mostly
[04:24]: sugar but also some flour we have our
[04:40]: perfect pie crust so it's not completely
[04:43]: done but it is par baked and we have our
[04:47]: buttermilk chess pie mixture and we are
[04:54]: just going to we're just gonna put this
[04:58]: in here and that is it
[05:00]: and we're gonna bake it let's hope it
[05:04]: all fits yeah it's so we bake this at
[05:09]: 325 which is the same temperature we par
[05:12]: baked the crust at 450 minutes all right
[05:18]: 40 to 50 minutes and then we let it cool
[05:21]: for at 1 hour so we'll show you what it
[05:24]: looks like when it's all done right this
[05:26]: pie is topped with some grilled peaches
[05:29]: so I've got my grill she says a charcoal
[05:33]: grill which I don't have but also you
[05:35]: can use a grill pan or a cast iron pan
[05:38]: if you want I'm just gonna have my grill
[05:41]: on high heat here and you put them cut
[05:43]: side down
[05:45]: they've also they've already had they've
[05:48]: been covered with olive oil and
[05:49]: then sprinkled with a little bit of salt
[05:51]: let's put them cut side down until they
[05:55]: are charred about four minutes she says
[06:01]: sir just go let these go until they're
[06:04]: charred then we're going to turn over
[06:06]: let them go for a couple minutes on that
[06:07]: direction and then they'll be done and
[06:09]: ready for the next step
[06:13]: these peaches have been on the grill for
[06:15]: four minutes and despite my extreme
[06:20]: desire to touch them I love John so
[06:22]: we're gonna see how they look not super
[06:28]: charred on that one but we're gonna turn
[06:30]: it over and let it do it for a couple
[06:31]: minutes on that side I think some of
[06:33]: them this one got a good the char on
[06:35]: some parts
[06:40]: [Music]
[06:41]: so we're gonna let those go for a couple
[06:43]: minutes on that side and some of them I
[06:45]: might move to a hotter spot on the other
[06:47]: side and get a little bit more charm but
[06:50]: other than that I think we're just about
[06:51]: done with these we are going to be
[06:54]: removing the skin after they cool off a
[06:56]: little bit because we don't generally
[06:59]: like to eat the peach skin my husband
[07:02]: doesn't like the texture of it and then
[07:07]: we're gonna be dicing them up as a
[07:08]: garnish to our pie
[07:17]: on this episode of cooking the books
[07:21]: with Heather we made buttermilk chess
[07:22]: pie with grilled peaches from the pool's
[07:26]: diner cookbook and this was a really
[07:32]: good pie the I chest pies can be kind of
[07:38]: sweet but the lemon and this really
[07:40]: elevated that and it was the sweetness
[07:43]: was actually a good complement to the
[07:45]: grilled peaches peaches are a little bit
[07:46]: of a 10 year fruit not SuperDuper sweet
[07:51]: so that was good
[07:53]: we did have a little bit of a problem my
[07:56]: pie crust wasn't white my pie crust my
[07:59]: pie crust was a little underdone in my
[08:01]: pie was lightly under baked when I
[08:06]: finished it so it just needed a little
[08:13]: more time and it was it's just it was
[08:14]: really kind of hard to tell if it was
[08:16]: just that I think the the let's see the
[08:23]: recipe says to watch the edges of the
[08:25]: crust and and cover them if they need to
[08:27]: with foil if they start to darken that
[08:29]: was not a problem for me but to bake it
[08:32]: until just set so it's kind of hard to
[08:36]: tell if it was just set because it just
[08:39]: it was just difficult it wasn't like it
[08:42]: wasn't easy to tell it was just set but
[08:45]: all in all the recipe itself for just
[08:49]: the buttermilk chess pie and the grilled
[08:51]: peaches was pretty easy didn't take a
[08:54]: lot of extra equipment it just you just
[08:58]: sort of whisked everything together and
[09:00]: and put it in there and grilling the
[09:03]: peaches did certainly add an extra
[09:05]: flavor so it was pretty recommended my
[09:08]: co-workers enjoyed it we took the
[09:10]: leftovers to work with us and so all in
[09:14]: all good recipe I make it again if you
[09:19]: enjoyed this this recipe if you enjoyed
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[09:24]: back next week and
[09:25]: see how we made another bye
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