The author and cook, Heather

Beer Can Michelada

Poole's: Recipes and Stories from a Modern Diner

We're just not into beer-flavored beer. But if you are..this seems like a good alternative to a bloody mary, maybe?

Serving Sizeserves ~10; does not include beer!
Carbohydrates3g (1g sugar)


[00:04]: hello and welcome to cooking books with
[00:06]: Heather today we are again working out
[00:09]: the pool's diner cookbook and I'm gonna
[00:11]: be modifying this recipe a little bit
[00:13]: just because of things that we couldn't
[00:17]: find or didn't want to keep in-house but
[00:19]: this is a another alcoholic drink called
[00:23]: a beer can michelada my husband and I
[00:27]: are not I've never either one of us have
[00:29]: ever had this before and we didn't
[00:30]: really want to make a huge batch so I'm
[00:32]: gonna make half the batch if you're
[00:34]: following on with the book yeah this is
[00:38]: gonna be a smaller amount just because I
[00:40]: only bought one beer the whole recipe
[00:42]: says it will work for 10 12 ounce beers
[00:48]: and you're supposed to open your beer
[00:51]: take a swig and then put the mixture
[00:54]: that I'm about to make in it this is a
[00:59]: very large beer we're gonna I'm going to
[01:01]: deal with something a little bit
[01:02]: different but this also calls for a beer
[01:06]: flavored beer my husband and I are
[01:09]: neither one of us really drink this kind
[01:12]: of beer very often so it didn't want to
[01:14]: keep a lot in the house in case we
[01:15]: didn't like it but NC State is our alma
[01:19]: mater and they made this New Belgium
[01:21]: made this for us for you know our
[01:25]: University so I picked up one of those
[01:28]: this should be pretty easy quick to come
[01:31]: together recipe I've already juiced some
[01:34]: limes and have that ready and we're just
[01:37]: going to put it all into a Cui's bottle
[01:39]: as suggested so I'm gonna just add
[01:43]: everything into the squeeze bottle the
[01:46]: next thing is werster soft not a huge
[01:49]: fan of word for sauce but you know with
[01:53]: beer sure maybe
[02:01]: and then she calls for Tabasco sauce
[02:06]: which we did not have in you know on
[02:10]: hand but we do have Texas peat which is
[02:12]: a similar kind of hot sauce so we're
[02:15]: going to use that and we had this a lot
[02:25]: of leftovers from the huge bottle I
[02:27]: bought to make our eastern North
[02:29]: Carolina barbecue sauce so just needed a
[02:33]: lot of it for that more than a small
[02:34]: bottle so we still have quite a bit of a
[02:37]: big bottle left and then the other only
[02:39]: other ingredient is Tallulah it's
[02:42]: different kind of hot sauce the only
[02:43]: thing I noticed that's different about
[02:45]: it is that it also includes some spices
[02:49]: I bought this special because it's not
[02:53]: one that we keep in the house and that
[02:59]: closed up little spicy not too bad and
[03:04]: just sort of shake this up get it mixed
[03:08]: up together this is from what you can
[03:14]: tell this is pretty much what it looks
[03:15]: like in the book so that should be right
[03:21]: now after you take a swig and pour your
[03:24]: stuff in you're supposed to put some
[03:27]: salt and black pepper on the mouth of
[03:30]: your can since I'm not doing that I'm
[03:33]: going to have a little wedge of lime
[03:36]: juice from a previous use has been the
[03:41]: refrigerator for a while so I am using
[03:43]: my previous margarita skills and hoping
[03:48]: that we can get a little bit of salt and
[03:50]: black pepper I've got that on this plate
[03:57]: we'll stick to the lime juice there we
[03:59]: go
[03:60]: salt ahem there we go
[04:08]: got a couple of beer glasses from local
[04:13]: breweries here and now I'm gonna pour at
[04:19]: this point you would take a swig and
[04:21]: pour this in yes we're supposed to pour
[04:28]: down the side I don't think a lot of
[04:31]: beer honestly I mean I know what I'm
[04:34]: supposed to do
[04:45]: I want to get my husband more than me
[04:54]: [Music]
[04:55]: I'm gonna taste mine and then we'll take
[04:58]: pretty pictures of his alright there's
[05:02]: no indication of how much you should put
[05:04]: in here you take a big swallow and then
[05:06]: you put this in so sure that might be a
[05:16]: bit much I don't know right whatever so
[05:21]: there we have it that is the beer can
[05:25]: michelada I am going to taste mine it
[05:29]: looks weird
[05:30]: I'm sure in a beer can you wouldn't
[05:33]: notice it but I'm going to taste my for
[05:35]: you
[05:35]: [Music]
[05:42]: it's mostly like beer with some salt all
[05:47]: right we'll see what my husband thinks
[05:50]: oh yeah
[05:52]: [Music]
[05:59]: as you can see I have a little bit my
[06:04]: husband had you know a good little bit
[06:06]: of his not our thing we are not fans but
[06:10]: we're not fans of a general this kind of
[06:15]: beer beer flavored beer so that probably
[06:18]: I mean we weren't sure we would like
[06:21]: this we tried it anyway not our thing
[06:25]: but it was really easy to put together
[06:26]: and this is something that you like you
[06:29]: can do it yourself at home so I do
[06:33]: recommend probably doing it in the beer
[06:35]: can because it does not look that
[06:38]: appetizing in a glass so if you enjoyed
[06:43]: watching me make this please give me a
[06:45]: thumbs up and come back next week and
[06:47]: watch me make something else
[06:51]: [Music]