The author and cook, Heather

Basic Cider Mayo

Poole's: Recipes and Stories from a Modern Diner

How easy is it to make your own mayo? Let's find out!

This is one of what she calls her "back pocket" recipes, used in a couple of upcoming recipes, so I separated it out for you.

You can find the full recipe included here:

Serving Size1/8 recipe, approximate
Carbohydrates40g (3g sugar, 3g fiber)


[00:03]: today I'm making the basic cider Mayo
[00:07]: from the pools diner cookbook it's one
[00:10]: of the sort of base recipes that a lot
[00:12]: of other recipes use and it's just a
[00:14]: basic Mayo recipe and then just put all
[00:16]: of the ingredients except for the oil
[00:18]: into the food processor emulsify it and
[00:22]: then we add the oil and continue almost
[00:26]: fine so that is got all my ingredients
[00:29]: already laid out and I'm just going to
[00:33]: get the egg yolk separated from the
[00:37]: white food processor
[00:41]: I need a teaspoon of Dijon mustard and
[00:50]: this using Grey Poupon which is salt
[01:05]: says to you sea salt I'm just using the
[01:07]: standard diamond pistol kosher salt that
[01:11]: I always use for cooking and this is the
[01:16]: cider vinegar and then all we have to do
[01:27]: [Music]
[01:33]: spatula because I'm innocent heaviness
[01:35]: and stuff step step to the side you can
[01:42]: make this without food processor it's a
[01:49]: lot easier with it that I'll mix up I'm
[01:59]: using grapeseed oil because that's whole
[02:07]: vegetable just takes some very small
[02:15]: amount
[02:20]: [Music]
[02:47]: mixed in see how it's doing to that a
[02:50]: little bit of egg yolk that wasn't quite
[02:53]: mixed in this is a KitchenAid mixer that
[02:58]: we got we got married almost 17 years
[03:03]: ago so a workhorse never made repairs
[03:31]: Melissa five and didn't seem like it was
[03:34]: thick enough but it certainly is a nice
[03:37]: Mayo consistency I'm gonna let it go
[03:39]: just a minute a little bit more after
[03:41]: this after I wipe it down this last time
[03:43]: and we'll have our basic cider Mayo I
[03:49]: have a mason jar that I played
[04:07]: all right so it's all done sick and put
[04:17]: this into a mason jar think you guys
[04:19]: need to see that so do okay so I'm going
[04:23]: to put this in a mason jar I have
[04:25]: already prepared washed out
[04:50]: thickened up and it's homemade
[04:54]: maintenance
[04:58]: this is using several recipes I believe
[05:01]: first one we're going to make is pimento
[05:04]: cheese that includes this I think it she
[05:09]: also uses this Mayo for her deviled eggs
[05:18]: off the blade I don't think it uses the
[05:24]: entire recipe for mentos cheese so we'll
[05:28]: just have maybe a Pekinese for something
[05:32]: else maybe we'll make that ice
[05:41]: there we go
[05:43]: basic cider man