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Baked Apple Sangria

Poole's: Recipes and Stories from a Modern Diner

I'm a fan of sangria, but it's generally a summery drink. I also like the warm spices usually used in baked apples, so I expect this to be a keeper!

I found a recipe that uses this one as inspiration here:

Serving Size1/8 recipe
Carbohydrates36g (30g sugar, 2g fiber)


[00:04]: hello and welcome to cooking the books
[00:06]: with Heather on this episode and
[00:09]: probably for a few episodes in a row
[00:12]: we're going to be doing something a
[00:13]: little bit different we're going to
[00:14]: we're still working out of the two books
[00:17]: that we've been working from pools diner
[00:18]: and deep run routes but we're going to
[00:20]: be doing beverages mostly cocktails
[00:23]: there are some non-alcoholic beverages
[00:25]: I'm not sure if we're going to make any
[00:28]: of those right now because I'm not sure
[00:29]: the ingredients are in season for any of
[00:32]: those but so we're gonna be doing some
[00:36]: cocktails and for today we're going to
[00:38]: be making baked apple sangria and it has
[00:41]: to sit in the refrigerator for three
[00:44]: days before you drink it so we're
[00:45]: getting started tonight the first step
[00:49]: will be to a core and quarter the apples
[00:56]: so I'm just going to show you how I do
[00:57]: that I do this a lot because my kids eat
[01:03]: apple is a lot in their lunch so and
[01:06]: this is how I oh and this is sorry about
[01:12]: that and this is how I cut them for them
[01:15]: to have lunch
[01:16]: so I've quartered them so that the core
[01:20]: is in the middle and I just sort of cut
[01:22]: the seeds out like that all done I've
[01:25]: got one bad spot in this Apple I'm gonna
[01:28]: cut it out and they go into a bowl for
[01:36]: now so I'm going to get all of my apples
[01:40]: cored and quartered and in my bowl
[01:47]: so the recipe does specifically call for
[01:50]: red apples I assume for the color that
[01:53]: they will bring to the to the sangria
[01:56]: we'll see I don't need these right now
[01:59]: but I'm gonna go ahead and do use my whi
[02:01]: peeler it's a vegetable peeler it's in
[02:03]: the shape of hawai and get two two-inch
[02:08]: long sections of orange zests and none
[02:11]: of the white stuff or as little as I can
[02:16]: possibly get and there we go
[02:20]: we'll use those in a little bit but
[02:22]: that's all I need from that Orange I'm
[02:24]: gonna add some sugar to the apples and
[02:27]: toss them around sugars not really doing
[02:45]: much to them right now but hopefully in
[02:47]: the oven it'll help the juices come out
[02:49]: and it'll provide some sweetness let's
[02:53]: see I'm gonna bring my baking pan over
[02:60]: here so I've got my oven on 350 degrees
[03:04]: convection or 375 without convection and
[03:11]: we're going to put our apples on a
[03:13]: baking sheet with all of the sugar
[03:16]: doesn't say for these to sit or anything
[03:20]: so hopefully that is good and then we
[03:25]: add the cinnamon stick broken in half
[03:30]: and one whole star anise and this goes
[03:37]: in the oven for 15 minutes
[03:41]: I believe until the apples are golden
[03:46]: brown and juicy so
[03:50]: that's what we're gonna do we'll be back
[03:52]: in about 15 minutes okay so our apples
[03:56]: taught have been these are great hot
[04:04]: pads what they do eventually and you do
[04:08]: eventually feel it so this has been in
[04:10]: the oven for 15 minutes
[04:12]: you're not even all of the sugars
[04:14]: dissolved but we need to put this
[04:15]: immediately into a container so that we
[04:23]: don't lose all of the sugar and juices
[04:26]: as it congeals and gets you know hardens
[04:33]: and this becomes impossible to get off
[04:34]: of here so excuse the owl now it's very
[04:40]: hot whoo excuse the angles here trying
[04:46]: to get as much of this off of here as I
[04:48]: can the good thing is sugar washes off
[04:54]: generally singing easily so if it does
[04:57]: stick which it looks like it is going to
[05:06]: don't do this if you don't have some
[05:08]: countertops
[05:10]: so yeah okay I just trade it out there's
[05:17]: no way I can't get all this off of here
[05:23]: but okay attempted to put some of the
[05:28]: other stuff on here yeah this part is a
[05:35]: little difficult I don't know if they
[05:38]: didn't have enough juice or what but
[05:40]: Honey Crisp were the only apples that my
[05:42]: store had a big bag of so that's what I
[05:45]: got okay so starting with my orange peel
[05:50]: already in there because that needed to
[05:51]: go in anyway and now we add all of the
[05:55]: other ingredients so we've got a full
[05:56]: bottle of she calls for a crisp white
[05:59]: wine
[05:60]: I got a Pinot Grigio so I'm just going
[06:03]: to pour it in and now I'm gonna stir it
[06:14]: up a little bit now that there's a
[06:17]: little liquid to dissolve everything and
[06:22]: let everything move around all right and
[06:26]: then we need one ounce of simple syrup
[06:32]: so this simple syrup is sugar equal
[06:36]: parts sugar and water we generally keep
[06:38]: it in the refrigerator for drink making
[06:42]: purposes so we're going to add that
[06:48]: we're going to add some triple sec which
[06:51]: is an orange flavored liqueur it is
[06:56]: definitely on the cheaper side compared
[06:59]: to something like quench oh it's also
[07:01]: orange flavored I don't know if there's
[07:04]: a specific brand that's like the good
[07:06]: one they all were relatively cheap I
[07:09]: just chose sort of a mid-range one and
[07:11]: some brandy
[07:15]: and this is just what we had already in
[07:22]: our cabinet it's a little more than
[07:25]: California and to this all we have to
[07:32]: add is some ginger beer
[07:36]: she says a dry ginger beer I could only
[07:39]: find one ginger well one alcoholic
[07:42]: ginger beer in my grocery store so
[07:46]: that's the one we got I don't know how
[07:48]: dry it is I've only had it in mixed
[07:51]: drinks I don't really love ginger beer
[07:53]: but so we can stir this all up and we're
[07:57]: gonna let this sit for three days
[08:00]: covered in the refrigerator so I'm gonna
[08:02]: put my lid on and put it in the
[08:05]: refrigerator and okay I've done
[08:10]: something wrong already so when you
[08:16]: serve it you serve some of this with
[08:18]: ginger beer in it so that's on me too so
[08:25]: you keep the the fizz but a will we'll
[08:31]: see how it turns out this way and I'll
[08:35]: let you know after we taste it in three
[08:38]: days our sangria has been in the
[08:41]: refrigerator for three days as requested
[08:44]: and we're supposed to strain it at this
[08:46]: point and ruvé the solids and just use
[08:50]: the liquid I'm not planning on straining
[08:52]: it because this this pitcher actually
[08:57]: won't let most of the solids through and
[08:59]: if I get like the star anise or
[09:02]: something I'll just remove it but and
[09:07]: more probably gonna finish this tonight
[09:08]: so it says to add three ounces to an
[09:14]: ice-filled wine glass and fill to the
[09:16]: rim with ginger beer so we have the same
[09:19]: ginger beer that we already added in
[09:20]: here incorrectly but so I'm just going
[09:25]: to these are pretty big wine glasses
[09:28]: and wine glasses are all different sizes
[09:31]: so this is very very difficult to judge
[09:37]: like I don't know what size their wine
[09:39]: glasses are versus ours anyway suck ice
[09:42]: in our wine glasses I'm going to just
[09:47]: pour about around at the glass and add
[09:55]: the ginger beer probably not all the way
[09:58]: up to the rim remember we already had
[10:02]: some in there but it would be flat by
[10:04]: now so this will just add a little bit
[10:07]: of a little bit of carbonation back to
[10:13]: it and taste it tastes good I can
[10:20]: definitely taste the cinnamon taste the
[10:24]: ginger beer getting a little bit of
[10:27]: Apple it's pretty sweet I like it I do
[10:30]: think the recipe requires a little bit
[10:35]: of decision making that is perhaps not
[10:41]: entirely contained in the book for
[10:45]: example bake them for until they're
[10:48]: golden-brown and juicy about 15 minutes
[10:51]: that's gonna be different for different
[10:52]: apples and different sized apples I
[10:54]: probably should have baked mine a little
[10:56]: bit longer but whatever it's still
[10:59]: really good and it's a great sort of
[11:02]: winter sangria which is you know unusual
[11:05]: usually think of sangria as more of a
[11:06]: summer drink because it's light it's
[11:10]: refreshing it's not super alcoholic so
[11:12]: you can drink it in the summer when it's
[11:14]: warm but I would highly suggest you try
[11:19]: it out if you like apples and cinnamon
[11:22]: and those kinds of flavors as always if
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