The author and cook, Heather

Short Crust Pastry

Outlander Kitchen

I am not great at pie crust. I swear, I never get them quite right. Even though I had the same problem here that I usually have with pie crust recipes (meaning, there never seems to be enough water in them for the flour to actually come together into a dough), this one turned out the absolute BEST I've ever made myself. Even the re-rolled scraps turned out crispy and flaky, and were delicious sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and baked until brown. I had to fight the kids for them.

We'll post how we used this dough in our next video!

The author has a google doc for this recipe linked from her website (I found it here:

(TBA later, my tool for this is not currently working.)

Serving Size1 crust -- 1/2 recipe
Carbohydrates150g (5g fiber, 7g sugar)


[00:00]: [Music]
[00:05]: hello and welcome to cooking the books
[00:06]: with heather
[00:08]: today we're going to be working once
[00:09]: again from uh teresa carl sanders
[00:12]: outlander kitchen cookbook
[00:14]: and
[00:15]: we are making
[00:17]: short crust pastry now this recipe will
[00:20]: be
[00:22]: sort of standalone because it can be
[00:23]: used for several different things in
[00:25]: this book we do have another recipe that
[00:28]: we'll be publishing probably after this
[00:31]: one
[00:32]: maybe the day after hopefully where we
[00:34]: were going to use this we're going to
[00:36]: use half a recipe of this but i'm going
[00:37]: to make a whole recipe because
[00:40]: you can keep it in the freezer for she
[00:42]: says up to a month
[00:46]: or the refrigerator for a couple days so
[00:48]: i'll find another use for a half recipe
[00:50]: at some point
[00:52]: so this short crust pastry is basically
[00:55]: just pie dough
[00:57]: this one is a little bit different in
[00:59]: that it has
[01:01]: an egg yolk in it which uh
[01:04]: seems like it's more like a what the
[01:06]: french would call a patsu cray it's got
[01:08]: some
[01:09]: sugar in it
[01:11]: although you could use it for both sweet
[01:13]: and savory recipes it's not that sweet
[01:15]: it's just got kind of a little bit of
[01:17]: sugar in it um
[01:20]: so
[01:21]: whatever this
[01:22]: i don't know if the british usually put
[01:24]: an egg yolk in
[01:26]: short crust pastry or if it's usually
[01:28]: more like the american version which is
[01:30]: um
[01:31]: you just pie dough which doesn't usually
[01:33]: have
[01:35]: an egg yolk in it
[01:36]: anyway
[01:38]: let's get
[01:39]: started i have uh measured all-purpose
[01:43]: flour in this bowl you can do this
[01:46]: with a food processor i have decided i'm
[01:48]: going to do it
[01:50]: the manual way although i'm usually a
[01:52]: food processor kind of person
[01:55]: that's okay
[01:57]: we're adding
[01:58]: sugar this is just plain granulated
[02:00]: sugar
[02:01]: and kosher salt
[02:04]: so it's got both sugar and salt in it
[02:07]: and we're just going to mix this up i've
[02:08]: got a fork
[02:10]: i just want to get that
[02:13]: mixed up throughout
[02:14]: and now we're going to be dealing with
[02:16]: some butter this is going to be a entire
[02:18]: and entirely
[02:20]: butter crust
[02:21]: so i've been keeping that in the
[02:23]: refrigerator to keep
[02:25]: cold because you want your fat to be
[02:28]: cold
[02:29]: for
[02:30]: pie crusts usually
[02:33]: i've got some
[02:34]: unsalted butter here
[02:36]: that has just been in the refrigerator
[02:39]: i don't know if you'll be able to do
[02:40]: this right out of the freezer
[02:42]: but i will try it
[02:44]: um we're going to be grating this butter
[02:46]: again we've done this a couple times we
[02:48]: did it
[02:49]: um i think originally for
[02:52]: a biscuit dough for um
[02:56]: strawberry
[02:58]: shortcakes so
[02:60]: you can i'll link that up there and i
[03:02]: don't know if the other one will come
[03:04]: out before this or not because
[03:08]: reasons um
[03:10]: but if it does i'll go ahead and link
[03:11]: this link it here
[03:13]: as well
[03:14]: but i'm just grating
[03:16]: this butter in it gives us sort of a
[03:20]: an easy starting point to have small
[03:22]: pieces of butter
[03:27]: so you don't want a tiny tiny grater
[03:31]: probably the medium holes on a box
[03:33]: grater would be fine but this is
[03:36]: this one's great for
[03:39]: great
[03:40]: this one's great for uh this application
[03:42]: where you're putting it into a bowl
[03:45]: but i do need to be careful not to rate
[03:48]: my fingers into the bowl
[03:51]: that is possible
[03:53]: i would use
[03:56]: all right no blood i would usually use i
[03:58]: was about to say i would usually use my
[04:00]: cut proof glove
[04:03]: but
[04:06]: with butter
[04:07]: i don't know anyway so i'm just going to
[04:09]: put these little bits into the bowl
[04:10]: because we're going to deal with this a
[04:11]: little bit
[04:13]: more later
[04:16]: open up the other
[04:19]: it's a lot of butter and i think one of
[04:21]: the
[04:22]: other differences between different
[04:24]: types of pastry is the
[04:27]: ratio of fat to flour i don't know all
[04:30]: of the details but i was just reading up
[04:32]: about short crust pastry because that is
[04:33]: not something
[04:35]: we usually call it
[04:37]: here in the united states but i you know
[04:40]: i watch the british baking show great
[04:42]: british baking show and so i hear a lot
[04:43]: about you know short crust pastry
[04:46]: from
[04:47]: that
[04:48]: but i never really knew the differences
[04:50]: so
[04:52]: but it's basically the same as pie dough
[04:54]: from what i read
[04:56]: if you know better please
[04:57]: feel free to tell me in the comments and
[04:59]: let everybody else know
[05:01]: there we go and now i'm just going to
[05:02]: get all of this
[05:04]: butter
[05:06]: off the grater
[05:08]: and so now i'm going to work this in
[05:11]: with my fingertips to sort of get all of
[05:13]: the butter covered with flour
[05:15]: and um they should be pea sized lumps so
[05:23]: so now we make a well
[05:26]: in the center here
[05:28]: [Music]
[05:29]: and
[05:31]: i need to put this aside briefly i'm
[05:35]: gonna have to wash my hands a bit right
[05:37]: so this this is ice water i filled this
[05:41]: with i put some ice in this filled it
[05:43]: with cold water and left it in the
[05:44]: refrigerator just to make sure it stayed
[05:45]: cold
[05:46]: and then i just took the ice out and
[05:48]: made sure i had the right amount
[05:50]: um and we're going to first i'm going to
[05:53]: add
[05:54]: some lemon juice this is just freshly
[05:57]: squeezed lemon juice and i have not
[05:59]: measured that so i need to do that now
[06:02]: there we go you can use vinegar here too
[06:06]: probably just about any vinegar you want
[06:07]: there's such a little bit in it it
[06:09]: probably doesn't really matter
[06:11]: and um
[06:14]: i'm going to add this is the egg yolk i
[06:17]: talked about i made scrambled eggs this
[06:19]: morning so i just put the white in with
[06:21]: a bunch of other eggs
[06:23]: so that's not a big deal so i would
[06:26]: go ahead and use it up
[06:27]: and we're gonna
[06:29]: mix this up together
[06:32]: just using the same fork so i don't have
[06:34]: this to clean
[06:38]: all right
[06:40]: now
[06:42]: we're going to put
[06:44]: all of this
[06:46]: into our well
[06:48]: in our
[06:51]: mixture here
[06:53]: and
[06:54]: we're going to work this in with our
[06:56]: fingertips
[06:58]: to make a shaggy ball
[07:01]: so
[07:12]: because this is
[07:15]: not really a ball
[07:19]: and it's not
[07:20]: coming together at all
[07:23]: so like usual i feel like i need more
[07:26]: water here
[07:27]: um
[07:29]: it's just not like she says that there
[07:31]: may be loose flour but there's a lot of
[07:33]: loose flour and none of it
[07:36]: like it's
[07:38]: i don't think this is gonna be enough
[07:40]: i'm gonna get a little bit more water in
[07:42]: here cold water i'm gonna add it sort of
[07:45]: a tablespoon at a time
[07:48]: approximately as well as i can measure
[07:51]: that
[07:53]: a little another tablespoon
[08:04]: three tablespoons extra i've added so
[08:06]: far
[08:20]: we're supposed to be able to knead this
[08:22]: quickly and lightly into a ball and it's
[08:24]: just
[08:26]: almost
[08:27]: maybe
[08:28]: i don't want to work this too much but
[08:34]: all right
[08:35]: going two more i think that makes
[08:38]: six tablespoons of water extra
[08:43]: anyway
[08:47]: all right
[08:50]: it's at least kind of starting to
[08:52]: hold together a little bit more
[08:54]: we're going to see if we can make this
[08:55]: into a ball so
[08:57]: pour all of your mixture including any
[09:00]: extra flour
[09:02]: onto
[09:05]: the counter
[09:07]: and
[09:10]: supposed to try to knead this
[09:12]: quickly and lightly
[09:15]: into a ball
[09:20]: oh that's great
[09:23]: okay let's just
[09:27]: see what we can do there
[09:29]: i don't know exactly how much that was
[09:31]: but
[09:32]: i dumped it out so we're gonna use it
[09:36]: you're not supposed to work
[09:37]: pie dough
[09:39]: all that much so
[09:42]: i'm doing all of the wrong things here
[09:45]: but
[09:46]: all right i think i think this will be
[09:48]: okay
[09:49]: and so now
[09:55]: it's definitely um
[09:59]: yeah
[10:00]: i think it's gonna be
[10:02]: wet enough at this point have enough
[10:04]: water
[10:05]: now i need to form this into
[10:07]: two balls
[10:09]: roughly the same size
[10:14]: basically split it in half
[10:16]: which is part of the original recipe
[10:18]: although she says it does make a
[10:21]: um
[10:23]: 1 12 inch
[10:26]: pie slash tart
[10:29]: now
[10:30]: now it's a little wet on the outside
[10:32]: because of that water that i
[10:34]: spilled
[10:36]: but oh well
[10:41]: i'll just
[10:44]: go one way and then the other and oh my
[10:46]: goodness
[10:48]: so we're supposed to make this a disc
[10:52]: about one inch thick
[10:58]: okay those are about the same
[11:01]: now
[11:02]: i'm going to wrap these
[11:05]: in
[11:07]: plastic wrap
[11:08]: and put them in the refrigerator for at
[11:10]: least 30 minutes so
[11:15]: we'll be back in about 30 minutes to see
[11:16]: if i completely mess this up or not
[11:21]: my short crust pastry dough has been in
[11:24]: the refrigerator for about an hour
[11:26]: i stacked them so they didn't chill very
[11:29]: well i just want to make sure they were
[11:30]: pretty chilled um they're they seem
[11:32]: pretty soft i might have gotten too much
[11:36]: water in them
[11:38]: anyway we're gonna roll them out now
[11:41]: and i'm going to lightly flour
[11:45]: maybe not so lightly but i'm going to
[11:46]: flour my
[11:50]: work surface here
[11:52]: and take just one of these i don't need
[11:54]: both of them for the recipe i'm doing
[11:57]: but
[11:58]: take this out
[12:01]: put it
[12:03]: on my work surface
[12:05]: and put a little more flour just more
[12:08]: all-purpose flour on top
[12:11]: and flower my pen a little bit i'm
[12:14]: trying to roll this out to 1 8 of an
[12:16]: inch thick
[12:18]: going in all the directions um
[12:22]: for what i'm making it does not have to
[12:24]: be perfectly round so that's good
[12:26]: because i'm also not very good at that
[12:29]: um
[12:30]: but it does say
[12:32]: 1 8 inch
[12:34]: thick
[12:37]: so
[12:39]: i have been looking at some
[12:42]: different
[12:43]: um
[12:44]: i'm supposed to also be making sure that
[12:46]: this isn't sticking while i do this so i
[12:48]: might need to add some more flour i also
[12:51]: like to turn it over sometimes so anyway
[12:55]: um i've been looking at some
[12:57]: rolling pins that include
[13:00]: uh
[13:04]: little things at the end that will that
[13:06]: stick up a certain distance that helps
[13:08]: you get
[13:10]: everything a
[13:16]: standard width
[13:19]: um but i just have never
[13:24]: bought one of those i might now my
[13:27]: husband was making pasta and
[13:30]: did not like our current
[13:33]: um rolling pin situation so i guess
[13:36]: we'll see so
[13:42]: but
[13:44]: so this is
[13:47]: as far as i'm going to go
[13:48]: for this video
[13:51]: because everything after it is going to
[13:52]: be
[13:53]: the next video
[13:55]: so
[13:56]: this is my shortcut crust pastry i will
[13:58]: let you know how it is in the next video
[14:01]: which when it's out i'll link it up here
[14:04]: but um if i think it rolled out pretty
[14:06]: well i don't think it is
[14:08]: too too wet so that's good but i did
[14:12]: have to use
[14:14]: probably something like double the
[14:17]: amount of water
[14:18]: um
[14:19]: and that seems to happen to me all the
[14:21]: time i don't know if our house is just
[14:23]: dry or
[14:25]: what's going on but or if i just am
[14:28]: really bad at
[14:30]: pie crust
[14:31]: i don't know
[14:33]: anyway
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[14:41]: watch what i use this for
[14:43]: on this episode of cooking the books
[14:44]: with heather you watched me make short
[14:47]: crust pastry from
[14:49]: theresa carl sanders outlander kitchen
[14:52]: cookbook
[14:54]: i'm not the best uh pie crust maker
[14:58]: i don't think i've ever made one that i
[15:01]: really really
[15:02]: liked that i thought was sort of light
[15:04]: and crispy and perfect
[15:06]: this surprisingly considering i think i
[15:09]: messed it up
[15:10]: i added way too much water there near
[15:12]: the end
[15:13]: um when my it all kind of spilled
[15:16]: i always end up needing more water but i
[15:19]: think i added way too much water here
[15:21]: but
[15:23]: uh it was really light really crispy um
[15:26]: and so what i did i used them for
[15:28]: another recipe which you'll see
[15:31]: later a little bit later um but i had
[15:34]: leftovers had little little bits of
[15:36]: leftovers and so what i did she suggests
[15:39]: to sort of um put an egg wash on your
[15:42]: little extras and
[15:43]: uh roll them and and toss them in
[15:46]: cinnamon sugar and i
[15:47]: did not do the egg wash but i kind of
[15:49]: made sure that the cinnamon sugar stuck
[15:51]: to it and since it was
[15:53]: a little a little extra uh
[15:55]: damp
[15:57]: uh it did stick pretty well and i
[16:01]: baked those off
[16:03]: until the the crust was done and those
[16:05]: were absolutely delicious very flaky
[16:07]: very you know crumble crunchy and it was
[16:11]: really good
[16:12]: and
[16:13]: when we made them into what we made it
[16:16]: also was was really good and ended up
[16:18]: baking up perfectly
[16:20]: even though i screwed this up
[16:22]: and
[16:23]: added way too much water
[16:25]: and i did this by hand didn't use my
[16:28]: food processor though there are
[16:29]: instructions to do that um
[16:32]: it turned out
[16:33]: really well i kind of like the grating
[16:35]: the butter uh
[16:37]: step that's not too difficult and um
[16:42]: it kind of means you work the dough less
[16:44]: so maybe that's why
[16:46]: i don't know but it turned out really
[16:48]: well so
[16:50]: so if you enjoyed watching me make this
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[16:56]: how we use this short crust pastry
[17:00]: next time
[17:01]: [Music]