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Scotch Eggs

Outlander Kitchen

I've always loved scotch eggs, but I've never made them myself before I tried this recipe. If you like hard boiled eggs, and you like sausage, you'll definitely like these. And they were much easier than I expected, for such an impressive end product!

I chose the baked option, because I don't love to fry things at home, and they were still crispy on the outside, thanks to the panko bread crumb coating. But, I do think that the egg yolk would have been a touch less done (which I prefer) if I had fried them instead. I'll have to try that next time to verify. Maybe next time I'll make my own sausage, too! There's a recipe in the same book that sounds good.

You could definitely make this lower carb, replacing the flour with something like a nut flour and the bread crumbs with pork rind crumbles. I haven't tried this myself, but it seems like it could work out -- let me know if you try it! (Actual carb count is probably lower than the number below, considering the calculator assumes you use all of the flour and bread crumbs, which I did not.)

The author has this recipe on her website here:

Serving Size1 egg, not including any oil for frying


[00:05]: hello and welcome to cooking the books
[00:07]: with heather on this episode we're going
[00:09]: to be making scotch eggs from teresa
[00:13]: carl sanders um outlander kitchen
[00:15]: cookbook i've never made these
[00:18]: but i've eaten them before and i really
[00:21]: like them so why not um
[00:24]: we're gonna start by basically hard
[00:27]: boiling some eggs
[00:28]: um
[00:29]: my water in here is cold i'm going to
[00:32]: add
[00:33]: the eggs here she has a large saucepan
[00:38]: and it's for these eggs which is way
[00:40]: more space than i need but it might be a
[00:45]: the method here is not the method i
[00:47]: usually use but it does rely on the
[00:49]: water
[00:51]: um
[00:51]: remaining hot after you take it off the
[00:53]: heat so let me make sure that we have i
[00:56]: need a little bit more i need about an
[00:58]: inch of water over
[01:00]: the top of the eggs so i'm going to put
[01:02]: a little bit more water in here
[01:04]: so they have a ton of room in here
[01:06]: there's a ton of what seems like extra
[01:08]: water i'm sure it'll be fine
[01:11]: the method here i'm not going to really
[01:12]: show you the method but i'm going to
[01:14]: tell you what i'm going to do because
[01:16]: it's kind of boring we're going to bring
[01:18]: this to a full
[01:20]: rolling boil over high heat
[01:23]: then we're going to
[01:25]: remove it from the heat
[01:27]: put the lid on
[01:28]: and set a timer for seven minutes
[01:32]: so we'll see you when those seven
[01:34]: minutes are over oh yeah i have one egg
[01:36]: over here for something else we'll talk
[01:37]: about later we're not boiling that one
[01:39]: so
[01:41]: a little over seven minutes
[01:43]: because we have to bring it to a boil
[01:46]: while my eggs are
[01:48]: sitting in the hot water cooking
[01:50]: um
[01:51]: i'm going to go ahead and deal with my
[01:53]: sausage so if you didn't know a scotch
[01:55]: egg is a hard-boiled egg egg covered
[01:57]: with
[01:58]: a layer of sausage and then either
[02:01]: baked or fried usually fried
[02:04]: i think we've decided to bake ours today
[02:06]: just to keep from frying because you
[02:08]: know that's
[02:09]: the thing i dislike the most about um
[02:13]: cooking
[02:14]: uh i just don't love to fry things in my
[02:16]: house so
[02:18]: we're just gonna bake them and see how
[02:19]: they turn out
[02:21]: uh you can use whatever sausage you
[02:24]: prefer
[02:26]: um i am going for sort of a breakfast
[02:28]: vibe so i've got some just regular
[02:30]: store-bought breakfast sausage and i'm
[02:33]: going to measure out the amount that she
[02:35]: says for each that you need for each
[02:38]: um
[02:39]: [Music]
[02:40]: egg to cover each egg
[02:45]: and
[02:45]: since i have a scale here i'm going to
[02:47]: be a little bit picky about it if i
[02:49]: didn't i would just take the amount that
[02:51]: she says and divide it up roughly
[02:53]: into the number of eggs that i'm doing
[02:55]: so
[02:56]: [Music]
[03:02]: all right so now we have our balls of
[03:04]: sausage
[03:05]: and
[03:07]: i'm gonna wash my hands put this away
[03:10]: and uh
[03:12]: be back when my eggs are done in about
[03:15]: four minutes
[03:17]: so my eggs sat there for about seven
[03:18]: minutes in the really hot water and
[03:20]: before i
[03:22]: put them in ice water to cool them down
[03:24]: i am going to shake this around a bit to
[03:27]: crack the shells a little just to make
[03:29]: it easier
[03:30]: um
[03:31]: to peel them hopefully
[03:41]: there you go have a little cracks in it
[03:42]: i'm gonna just put some ice in
[03:45]: here and then i'm going to cover it in
[03:48]: cold water
[03:50]: so we're going to wait for these to be
[03:52]: cool to the touch so
[03:56]: while we let these cool i'm going to
[03:57]: prepare the
[03:59]: breading ingredients
[04:02]: so we have a standard breading
[04:04]: station sort of thing here we have some
[04:07]: flour
[04:08]: with some kosher salt and a little bit
[04:10]: of cayenne pepper and i'm just gonna mix
[04:12]: this stuff all together with my fork
[04:23]: there we go
[04:26]: we have
[04:27]: one other egg for an egg wash with just
[04:29]: a little bit of water
[04:38]: and then in this one we have some panko
[04:40]: bread crumbs just these are plain um
[04:43]: unseasoned ones
[04:45]: uh because the seasoned ones are usually
[04:47]: like italian seasoned and i think that
[04:49]: wouldn't go very well with the rest of
[04:51]: the vibe i'm working on here um i didn't
[04:54]: put quite as many as the recipe calls
[04:56]: for in here because my bowl would have
[04:57]: been really full but because this is
[04:59]: unseasoned you don't add anything to it
[05:01]: i can add more of these if i turn out to
[05:03]: need them no problem
[05:05]: so this is all ready
[05:07]: um
[05:08]: and now i need to peel my eggs
[05:11]: these are
[05:12]: perfectly cool to the touch and the
[05:14]: cracks will give you a great place to
[05:15]: sort of start
[05:17]: peeling them
[05:18]: and
[05:21]: hopefully they won't be too
[05:23]: too messy
[05:25]: but
[05:26]: if they are
[05:28]: this is a very forgiving recipe because
[05:29]: we're going to cover those up
[05:32]: [Music]
[05:44]: okay
[05:45]: eggs are all peeled
[05:47]: i've got a baking sheet lined with
[05:50]: parchment paper just so they don't stick
[05:52]: too badly
[05:54]: and
[05:55]: it is time to
[05:57]: wrap them in sausage
[05:59]: and then
[05:60]: [Music]
[06:03]: coat them in their
[06:06]: breading
[06:07]: so i'm going to start with
[06:09]: basically making this into a patty
[06:16]: in our hands
[06:21]: and then
[06:22]: taking an egg
[06:24]: and
[06:26]: okay that sausage
[06:28]: uh trying to wrap this all around
[06:32]: without leaving i'm gonna try not to
[06:33]: leave too many um
[06:36]: spaces
[06:38]: air air bubbles because i think that
[06:40]: might be bad but
[06:43]: whatever
[06:45]: i've got
[06:47]: that i'm gonna go ahead and do this part
[06:49]: for all of them i think
[06:51]: before i
[06:53]: do the rest just because i think that
[06:55]: i'm gonna get it all over my hands
[06:58]: well i've already got all this all over
[06:60]: my hands but whatever
[07:01]: this is just how i decided i'm gonna do
[07:03]: it
[07:04]: [Music]
[07:11]: okay so
[07:13]: all of them are wrapped
[07:15]: and my hands are gross and
[07:17]: i'm just going to keep
[07:19]: working with this as it is so
[07:21]: first
[07:23]: cover it in flour
[07:28]: get it
[07:29]: not too much but nicely coated
[07:33]: and then
[07:35]: egg
[07:37]: so the flour helps the egg to stick
[07:41]: to the meat and then the egg
[07:45]: helps
[07:46]: the bread crumbs to stick
[07:48]: it's much more helpful if you keep one
[07:50]: wet hand and one dry hand so i'm trying
[07:53]: to do all of this with just one
[07:56]: hand
[07:60]: get it nicely coated
[08:02]: the panko will help us um since we've
[08:05]: decided to bake these instead of frying
[08:07]: them they'll they should still turn out
[08:08]: pretty crispy
[08:10]: because panko itself uh is is really
[08:14]: crunchy so
[08:17]: i'm gonna keep doing that with the rest
[08:19]: of these
[08:21]: [Music]
[08:34]: okay my hands are really gross
[08:37]: i'm going to clean this up a little bit
[08:38]: and then i'm probably going to use my
[08:40]: clean hands to sort of round them out a
[08:42]: little bit just to make sure they look
[08:44]: pretty
[08:45]: um
[08:47]: but other than that we're ready
[08:48]: we're going to put them in a 400 degree
[08:51]: oven that i've had preheated until it's
[08:54]: light golden and crispy she says 25 to
[08:56]: 30 minutes um
[08:59]: we'll see how long it takes us
[09:01]: um
[09:02]: if you're gonna fry them she says three
[09:04]: inches of oil uh
[09:07]: turning them at 350 degrees sort of the
[09:09]: usual frying temperature
[09:11]: and turn them occasionally about
[09:14]: three minutes
[09:16]: i would say maybe three minutes per side
[09:20]: as you turn them um but yeah that'll be
[09:23]: it
[09:24]: for this out like i said i'll show you
[09:26]: what they look like when they come out
[09:27]: of the oven and we'll let you know what
[09:29]: we think of them in just a minute
[09:38]: on this episode of cooking the books
[09:40]: with heather you watched me make scotch
[09:42]: eggs from
[09:43]: teresa carl sanders outlander kitchen
[09:46]: cookbook
[09:47]: to clarify this is her first outlander
[09:49]: kitchen cookbook there is an outlander
[09:50]: kitchen 2 cookbook which i don't yet
[09:53]: have
[09:54]: just to clarify
[09:56]: um
[09:57]: so these were
[09:58]: not very difficult in my opinion
[10:02]: boiling eggs uh using prepared sausage
[10:06]: and then um
[10:08]: just some panko on the outside
[10:10]: uh
[10:11]: not really really not hard
[10:14]: we baked them so that made them
[10:16]: even easier than frying because you guys
[10:18]: know i hate to fry
[10:21]: but i do think frying might make a
[10:24]: slightly better end product it would be
[10:27]: a little crispier on the outside
[10:29]: a little browner
[10:31]: and you probably could
[10:33]: uh avoid overcooking your egg because
[10:36]: i'm pretty sure that the hard-boiled
[10:38]: eggs were not super hard when we first
[10:41]: finished them but baking them in the
[10:43]: oven until the outside looked brown and
[10:45]: everything was good i think they got a
[10:46]: little bit
[10:47]: more done than they were originally
[10:50]: but that's okay with me i don't i don't
[10:52]: hate a an overdone
[10:55]: yolk
[10:56]: i would prefer that to be done than for
[10:58]: the white to be at all runny so
[11:01]: so if that makes a difference to you i
[11:03]: think you could probably manage that
[11:05]: better frying
[11:07]: than
[11:08]: in the oven
[11:11]: my husband absolutely loved it
[11:13]: we used a breakfast sausage and he
[11:16]: finished up the batch having them for
[11:18]: breakfast uh
[11:20]: you know
[11:22]: just before work because all he had to
[11:23]: do was heat it up
[11:24]: so that was good
[11:26]: i didn't i didn't particularly love the
[11:28]: sausage that we used it wasn't my
[11:30]: favorite i'm a little picky about
[11:31]: breakfast sausage and all that i could
[11:33]: find at that time was one that's not
[11:35]: really my favorite um
[11:37]: but that's something that you can
[11:38]: control right you can
[11:40]: pick whichever sausage you like
[11:42]: fresh sausage not a smoked
[11:45]: you don't want that um
[11:47]: and and if you pick something you like
[11:51]: you're gonna like it more than if you
[11:52]: pick something you don't like obviously
[11:54]: so um
[11:56]: yeah
[11:57]: i will
[11:59]: eventually hopefully get around to
[12:01]: making the sausage that she has in this
[12:04]: book and we'll see how much i like that
[12:06]: one
[12:07]: so
[12:09]: anyway if you like scotch eggs if you
[12:11]: want to make something kind of
[12:12]: impressive uh
[12:14]: this is an easy way to go
[12:16]: and uh if you enjoyed watching me make
[12:19]: this
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