The author and cook, Heather

Scotch Broth at Cranesmuir

Outlander Kitchen

I thought I liked lamb. I certainly like lamb chops, and I very much enjoy it in middle eastern cuisine. But in this recipe...not so much. I guess now I know why my father turned up his nose at mutton, which was a staple food for him growing up in Scotland.

The good news is, you can very easily swap out the lamb for beef, and that is definitely what I will do when the cooler weather rolls around again...eventually. (The summer has hit hard here in NC already, so I can't even think about eating hot soup any time soon.) And the author assures us that it will still be authentic; the Scots had lots of cows, especially before the rising.

I liked the combination of vegetables, which was a little different than the standard mire poix mix of celery, carrots, and onions, but I might throw the kale in a little earlier next time. We like our greens kind of soft in the south.

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Serving Sizeserves 6, generously
Carbohydrates21g (5g fiber, 5g sugar)