The author and cook, Heather

Rum Punch with Preserved Lemon

Outlander Kitchen

If you've ever had a hot toddy, this is quite a bit like that. Warm, soothing and lemony...but this is also salty. The preserved lemon, even after rinsing, definitely provides an unexpected hit of salt. It's best not super hot, because the strong alcohol content will assault your nose even before it hits your mouth.

Since we didn't have a whole party to help us drink this, we stored the leftovers in the fridge (where I suspect it would last practically forever) and heated up a cup whenever we felt like we needed it. Fall is definitely cold and allergy season, so we used it to soothe our itchy throats.

If you like it a little sweeter, a spoonful of sugar should dissolve nicely in the warm liquid, and offset a little of the salt.

My editor missed the part where I forgot the freshly-grated nutmeg and added it at the end -- I'd say that's optional, and might actually be better if you just top each cup with it, if that works in your situation.

I can't find this recipe exactly online, but the NYT has a very similar recipe, if you swap out the fresh lemon zest with preserved instead. You can find that here: