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Goat Cheese and Bacon Tarts

Outlander Kitchen

I absolutely love goat cheese and my husband hates it, so this recipe was for me. He still ate his fair share of them, though!

My only nitpick around this recipe is that there were too many poppy seeds for my liking. The "filling" is really easy to put together, you can use frozen puff pastry (or make your own if you have the time, like we did last week:, and the fried sage is the most fiddly thing (even though it's super quick and not hard at all, just something I think most people haven't done before.)

This would be a very easy and impressive hors d'oeuvre to make for a party. Even better, they're about two bites each, so no plate necessary.

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[00:00]: [Music]
[00:04]: hello and welcome to cooking the books
[00:06]: with Heather on this episode we are
[00:09]: going to use the blitz puff pastry that
[00:11]: we made uh from Teresa Carl Sanders
[00:15]: Outlander kitchen cookbook and we're
[00:17]: going to be making goat cheese and bacon
[00:20]: Tarts um the first thing I'm going to do
[00:22]: before I handle my pastry or anything
[00:24]: I'm going to go ahead and get my bacon
[00:26]: crisping
[00:28]: so I've got some thick sliced bacon here
[00:31]: and she says to slice it
[00:34]: um across in quarter inch
[00:39]: um thick
[00:41]: uh strips so
[00:44]: [Music]
[00:52]: so my bacon is all
[00:56]: sliced up I'm going to take a little bit
[00:57]: of time to sort of separate these pieces
[00:60]: as I put them in the pan but I've got
[01:02]: sort of a medium uh fry pan Skillet
[01:05]: whatever on on the stove and it's going
[01:08]: to be at medium heat so I'm going to
[01:11]: turn that on like right now I don't have
[01:13]: it preheating
[01:14]: um but we're going to I'm going to kind
[01:18]: of pull these apart because sometimes
[01:20]: they do tend to stick together as I put
[01:22]: them in there and then
[01:24]: um
[01:25]: we're just going to cook them until
[01:26]: they're crispy so
[01:29]: okay so my bacon is cooking it's going
[01:31]: to take a little while
[01:34]: um
[01:34]: started about five minutes ago and it's
[01:36]: barely cooked so
[01:38]: um
[01:39]: what I'm going to do is get the rest of
[01:41]: the it's not really a filling it's more
[01:43]: of a topping in this bowl and just it'll
[01:46]: be ready for the for the bacon
[01:51]: um so we've got some goat cheese here
[01:52]: because yes it is a goat cheese and
[01:56]: bacon tart so
[01:58]: I think this is actually this is a
[02:00]: little more than I need so one second
[02:03]: I'm just gonna weigh it out here
[02:07]: rather than guesstimate
[02:16]: okay so I've weighed out what I need in
[02:18]: this bowl and I'm just going to put the
[02:20]: rest in a bag in the refrigerator
[02:22]: we've got the goat cheese we've got our
[02:24]: bacon still frying and all we need to
[02:27]: add to this is uh some lemon zest it's
[02:31]: quite a bit of lemon zest but yeah
[02:33]: there's very few ingredients in this
[02:35]: surprisingly
[02:37]: and we've got some poppy seeds
[02:40]: white a lot of poppy seeds
[02:42]: and we're gonna put a little bit of
[02:43]: olive oil in here
[02:50]: I'm gonna go ahead and get this sort of
[02:52]: mixed up and then we'll add the bacon
[02:54]: when it is
[02:56]: done and cooled a little bit
[02:59]: but I
[03:01]: I think I'm gonna have a little bit of a
[03:03]: time getting the getting this all mixed
[03:06]: up so
[03:08]: [Music]
[03:18]: I think this is as good as I'm gonna get
[03:20]: for right now
[03:21]: um that goat cheese will get a little
[03:23]: bit easier to stir as it comes a little
[03:25]: bit closer to room temperature so I'm
[03:26]: gonna let that happen while we finish
[03:30]: frying the bacon
[03:32]: while that's finishing I'm going to go
[03:33]: ahead and get set up to roll out my
[03:37]: dough
[03:38]: um
[03:39]: and this I'm just going to set aside
[03:43]: and let it come up to a little bit more
[03:46]: room temperature so that we can stir it
[03:48]: a bit more
[03:50]: I did just start my oven it is
[03:54]: preheating at uh 400 Degrees
[03:59]: um and one other thing I want to talk
[04:02]: about I didn't end up needing myself
[04:03]: with those back uh while we're here is
[04:06]: we have some fresh Sage leaves I don't
[04:09]: know that I have the number that she
[04:10]: said but uh some of them are really big
[04:13]: and we can
[04:14]: cut them in half or or break them in
[04:17]: half when we're ready to use them we're
[04:19]: going to fry these in some butter and
[04:22]: some olive oil uh
[04:25]: while our puff pastry is baking so I'm
[04:30]: gonna move these out of the way for
[04:31]: right now
[04:33]: um over by the stove and
[04:36]: get set up for rolling out my dough
[04:39]: so I'm going to lightly flour my counter
[04:42]: like I did when I was making this
[04:49]: and we're going for a 16 by 16 square so
[04:54]: I'm just
[04:55]: trying to make sure I have at least that
[04:58]: much
[04:60]: of this hit
[05:02]: um and this is my Blitz puff pastry that
[05:05]: has been in the freezer I made it
[05:10]: a couple weeks ago at this point just
[05:13]: because I've been planning on using it
[05:16]: that weekend and
[05:17]: life happened so
[05:21]: uh this is half of that recipe so just
[05:24]: one piece
[05:27]: here it's a little bit on my bowling pin
[05:30]: and
[05:33]: okay
[05:34]: I'm gonna move this because otherwise I
[05:37]: will in fact knock it over I'm positive
[05:41]: I'm going to be trying to roll this out
[05:45]: um
[05:46]: just into a 16 inch square so I'm not
[05:50]: going for a particular thickness I mean
[05:52]: I want it to be
[05:54]: evenly evenly rolled out but
[05:58]: I guess we'll see the thickness when we
[05:60]: get the size but I have to keep checking
[06:01]: my bacon
[06:07]: bacon was done at about
[06:10]: 18 minutes so
[06:12]: [Music]
[06:24]: I'm gonna call this Good
[06:27]: vaguely Square almost the right size but
[06:31]: now we need to let this rest and cover
[06:34]: it with our plastic wrap which I don't
[06:36]: think will actually cover it I'll need
[06:39]: to get another piece
[06:40]: and we're going to let it rest for 10
[06:43]: minutes
[06:45]: so this will keep it from drying out
[06:47]: while it rests she says if you don't do
[06:51]: this step it will kind of shrink up on
[06:53]: itself
[06:54]: so while this happens while this is
[06:57]: resting I'm going to mix the bacon into
[07:00]: the
[07:02]: um
[07:03]: rest of the filling
[07:11]: so we have our bacon all nice and crispy
[07:13]: and drained on a paper towel
[07:16]: I'm just gonna put this in with
[07:18]: everything else
[07:25]: do our best to mix that up I might need
[07:27]: to get a regular like
[07:31]: I'm gonna try with this one
[07:36]: all right that was definitely easier to
[07:39]: mix
[07:41]: with this spoon now I'm gonna just put a
[07:45]: um
[07:47]: put a cover on this plastic wrap or
[07:49]: something and put it in the refrigerator
[07:50]: to wait until we are ready for it
[07:54]: while I am continuing to let this rest
[07:56]: I'm going to go ahead and make my egg
[07:57]: wash I have just an egg and a little bit
[07:60]: of cold water
[08:02]: and I'll lightly beat these together and
[08:04]: we're going to use this on our pastry
[08:07]: to help it brown nicely
[08:11]: foreign
[08:13]: our timer has gone off and I am ready to
[08:17]: go ahead and
[08:20]: make some rounds now
[08:23]: she says to use a three inch round
[08:24]: cutter
[08:26]: and that you're supposed to get 36
[08:29]: rounds out of a 16 by 16
[08:33]: um
[08:34]: piece of dough
[08:36]: and the math didn't work for me
[08:39]: so I decided I wouldn't mind if it's you
[08:42]: know a little bit smaller and to get the
[08:44]: 36 honestly I don't care either way but
[08:47]: I decided I would go with
[08:49]: a two and a half inch round cutter so
[08:53]: mine might bake up a little bit
[08:55]: faster
[08:57]: so we're gonna cut those
[08:60]: and the Cutter's not super round but
[09:02]: that's okay we're gonna put these on
[09:06]: our
[09:09]: baking tray lined with parchment
[09:14]: and I will see how many I get I was also
[09:17]: not perfect about
[09:21]: um
[09:23]: the size of my
[09:28]: pastry either so you know
[09:32]: [Music]
[09:44]: okay that'll have to do
[09:46]: um
[09:47]: I guess I'll have to get another pan out
[09:49]: and make that ready but first I'm going
[09:52]: to go ahead and brush these with the egg
[09:54]: wash
[09:56]: thank you
[09:59]: and get them in the oven so get these
[10:02]: ones baking
[10:04]: so they're going to go into our 400
[10:06]: degree oven on the top middle rack so
[10:11]: mine has
[10:12]: four my oven has four rack settings and
[10:15]: I've got it on the next to highest one
[10:19]: and they're going to bake for 12 to 15
[10:23]: minutes basically just until they are
[10:25]: puffed and golden and done and then
[10:28]: we're going to let them cool so
[10:31]: um I'm gonna get these in as soon as I
[10:34]: am done painting all of them
[10:37]: and get another rack another sheet pan
[10:40]: going here
[10:42]: all right I'm gonna since mine are
[10:44]: definitely a little bit smaller I'm
[10:45]: going to set my timer for 12 minutes and
[10:47]: check them then and we'll see
[10:50]: I'm gonna call these done I do feel like
[10:53]: they shrunk up a little bit in the oven
[10:56]: I mean compared to that that was the
[10:58]: puffing
[11:00]: um but I think they look pretty good
[11:02]: they definitely look smaller than hers
[11:04]: but
[11:05]: certainly couldn't have gotten 36 out of
[11:09]: the batch with her with a three with a
[11:12]: larger
[11:14]: um
[11:14]: Circle cutter let's see I got like 31
[11:18]: out of this but I'm gonna go ahead and
[11:21]: um cook the other batch mine were done
[11:24]: at 12 minutes so I'm gonna cook these
[11:26]: about 12 minutes as well what we do now
[11:28]: is just let these cool completely
[11:32]: um
[11:34]: on the sheet and I'll probably
[11:36]: be able to combine them once they're all
[11:38]: cooked because I mean they're pretty
[11:42]: pretty cute little little Puffs and
[11:44]: they're brown on the bottom too
[11:47]: um
[11:48]: they smell pretty good it's got a nice
[11:50]: little puff there so I'm pretty pretty
[11:53]: excited about that can't wait to taste
[11:55]: them
[11:56]: um
[11:57]: there's one more thing we need to do
[11:58]: before we are ready to sort of put
[12:00]: everything together and I think I'm just
[12:03]: going to show you a little bit of that
[12:05]: on one camera so
[12:08]: um while we wait for these to cool and
[12:09]: everything else I'm going to go ahead
[12:10]: and do that and show you what we need to
[12:12]: do there and then we'll go come back
[12:14]: here and put it all together and
[12:17]: um when everything else is done it only
[12:18]: takes about five more minutes so
[12:21]: uh we'll show you the next step in just
[12:24]: a second so the butter has started to go
[12:27]: poppy poppy poppy bubbling up a little
[12:29]: bit so I'm ready to put some of my sage
[12:32]: leaves in here
[12:34]: and get them frying so we're going to
[12:37]: fry them
[12:38]: until they're crispy I guess and then
[12:42]: move them to
[12:44]: this
[12:47]: paper towel on a plate and they
[12:49]: shouldn't take very long because they're
[12:51]: you know pretty thin I'm trying to keep
[12:53]: them as flat as I can but
[12:56]: I say Julius had seen better days so I'm
[12:58]: gonna go ahead and do this and not burn
[13:00]: them and
[13:01]: I'll show you what they look like when
[13:02]: I'm done I've got all of my uh tart
[13:06]: shell rounds here they're not very round
[13:09]: but that's okay I've got my
[13:12]: filling does she call it a filling I
[13:15]: don't know whatever it is right here and
[13:17]: I've got some
[13:19]: some spoons and we're gonna see how easy
[13:22]: this is we're gonna spoon this on top
[13:25]: basically put
[13:27]: um a teaspoon-ish on top of each
[13:30]: and then we're gonna top that with
[13:35]: some
[13:37]: fried
[13:40]: Sage
[13:41]: so
[13:43]: and just get this going
[13:46]: um it's not super easy but whatever
[13:49]: these are a little bit smaller but they
[13:52]: seem like they'll be great for a single
[13:55]: bite
[13:56]: [Music]
[14:10]: okay so I have put
[14:13]: a little bit of stuff on all of them and
[14:16]: now I'm just going to
[14:18]: top each one with some of my fried
[14:23]: Sage
[14:26]: and
[14:28]: so I've got my oven heated to 300 so I
[14:33]: turned it down after I took the second
[14:35]: batch out
[14:36]: and these are going to go in the oven
[14:39]: just for about five minutes just to kind
[14:41]: of warm everything up
[14:44]: [Music]
[14:45]: um
[14:48]: so and then they will be ready to eat so
[14:54]: um
[14:55]: didn't use quite all of my mixture but
[14:58]: that's okay I will
[14:60]: I think it'll be great on like some
[15:02]: toast or something I don't know I like
[15:04]: goat cheese a lot not all of my family
[15:07]: does but I will be happy to eat goat
[15:11]: cheese and bacon on something else
[15:15]: so
[15:21]: now she said to um
[15:24]: cut the big ones in half lengthwise
[15:26]: before you fried them but I think this
[15:29]: is going to be fine for me if you want
[15:31]: it to be prettier you know for guests or
[15:35]: something that might be
[15:37]: a better way to go so these can go in
[15:40]: the oven for about five minutes and
[15:42]: we'll show you what they look like and
[15:44]: tell you what we think of them after
[15:45]: that
[15:47]: foreign
[15:51]: [Music]
[15:55]: books with Heather you watched me make
[15:57]: goat cheese and bacon Tarts from Theresa
[16:00]: Carl Sanders Outlander kitchen cookbook
[16:03]: and
[16:05]: this was an interesting recipe I
[16:08]: personally really like goat cheese
[16:11]: um
[16:13]: I'll talk about the puff pastry in that
[16:15]: video because this is the first thing
[16:17]: we've used this puff pastry on but you
[16:19]: can use stuff from the freezer if you
[16:22]: have it or if you do not feel like
[16:24]: making puff pastry making that time
[16:27]: investment that was the only thing that
[16:29]: took any time honestly for this recipe
[16:32]: was making the puff pastry but you can
[16:35]: use it from the store I don't care
[16:38]: um
[16:39]: I love goat cheese I feel like
[16:43]: I would have cut back on the
[16:46]: poppy seeds just a little bit they're
[16:48]: just kind of a lot of them in there for
[16:50]: me
[16:52]: um but it didn't need any uh salt
[16:55]: because the bacon salted it up nicely
[16:58]: the lemon was a nice hint of you know
[17:01]: another flavor in there but other than
[17:03]: that they were very very simple my
[17:05]: daughter did not love the fried Sage but
[17:08]: I think it makes some really pretty
[17:10]: um it and it really didn't take all that
[17:13]: much effort to fry the sage in a small
[17:15]: pan took a few minutes not too bad at
[17:17]: all
[17:18]: so if you're looking for something for
[17:20]: uh you know some some hors d'oeuvres for
[17:23]: a party which we'll be able to you know
[17:26]: do again soon I swear
[17:28]: um
[17:29]: these are a good option that don't take
[17:32]: that long as long as you don't have to
[17:34]: make the puff pastry yourself or have
[17:36]: already made the puff pastry I have
[17:38]: another half recipe that I'll figure out
[17:41]: something else to do with but these were
[17:43]: um these were good and I would eat them
[17:45]: again
[17:46]: my husband doesn't love goat cheese I'm
[17:49]: not sure he would eat them again but he
[17:51]: didn't hate them so that's that's good
[17:55]: um anyway if you enjoyed watching me
[17:57]: make this please give me a thumbs up hit
[17:59]: the Subscribe button and come back and
[18:01]: watch me make something else next week
[18:03]: [Music]