The author and cook, Heather

Atholl Brose for the Bonnie Prince

Outlander Kitchen

Irish cream is probably my favorite liqueur. We always have it on hand, and we like it in coffee, hot chocolate, in cocktails, and sometimes even just over ice. So when I saw this recipe for Atholl Brose, which looks like Scotland's version of Irish cream, I felt like it was made for us. I'm just surprised it took us this long for me to actually make it!

The first step for this recipe is making your own oat milk! I'm sure you could substitute unsweetened oat milk from the grocery store for something very similar. The homemade oat milk does tend to separate over time, which may not happen with the industrially-produced oat milk, but I stored this in a blender bottle and just gave it a shake before pouring.

If you prefer a sweeter liqueur, you can certainly add more honey (or other sweetener) to suit your tastes. I never managed to try this in anything, though I am sure it would be just as good as Irish cream in coffee or hot chocolate!